WWE NXT Review – February 6, 2024

WWE NXT Review – February 6, 2024

Kicking off this week’s NXT with Carmelo Hayes sets the chair up and sits on it as boos rain down from the crowd. He picks it back up and says not yet before saying that it’s not time yet and heading to the back.

We then head over to a video recapping what happened at Vengeance Day.

Back at ringside Baron Corbin & Bron Breakker are standing next to their Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Cup.

Breakker asks Alicia Taylor to introduce them properly, and she does so as The Wolf Dogs. Corbin takes objection to Taylor calling them The Wolf Dogs but says that won’t ruin their celebration. He says they dominated and no one in WWE can stop them. He asks Breakker how his face is after falling into the top rope on Sunday and Breakker says stuff goes wrong when you’re running at 23 miles an hour. He tells Corbin he wouldn’t have made it over the top rope if he hadn’t given it a boost. Corbin and Breakker then call NXT Tag Team Champions The Family out to the ring.

Nathan Frazer and Axiom instead appear for their Tag Team match.

Tag Team Match
Nathan Frazer & Axiom vs. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade

Axiom & Edris Enofe lock up to get this match started before Enofe lands a dropkick and a back elbow but Axiom responds with one of his own and follows it up with a dropkick.

Nathan Frazer tags in and lands a kick then delivers a tope suicida to Enofe on the outside as Malik Blade does the same to Axiom on the other side.

Blade then delivers a clothesline to Frazer back in the ring off the top rope as we go to a break.

After the break Frazer & Axiom double team on Enofe before Axiom hits a kick to his spine and a boot to his head then hits a German suplex. Frazer becomes legal and hits a twisting neckbreaker then follows it up with a double back elbow and trips Enofe.

He lands a standing moonsault, then tags Axiom back in before Frazer ascends to the top rope but Enofe knocks him down by crashing into the top rope and tags in Blade.

Blade hits a clothesline to Axiom and a dropkick to Frazer but Frazer ascends back up to the top rope & hits a crossbody but Blade rolls through and hits a fallaway slam.

Blade hits a clothesline to Axiom then follows it up with a pair of powerbombs then Enofe tags in and connects with an elbow drop off the top rope.

He goes for a pin but Frazer breaks up the fall then sends Blade crashing into the middle turnbuckle but Enofe catches him with a jumping knee and climbs back up to the top.

Axiom catches him with an enzuigiri then tags Frazer in & Axiom hits a Spanish Fly to Enofe & Frazer follows it up with a Phoenix Splash.

He goes for a pin but Blade sends Axiom crashing into the pair to break up the fall as we go to a 2nd break.

After the 2nd break Blade ascends to the top rope but Frazer meets him up there and connects with a superplex then transitions into a Brainbuster as Axiom lands a kick on Balde’s head.

Frazer climbs back up and looks for a Frog Splash but Blade gets his knees up before Axiom follows suit but Blade gets his boots up and lands a dropkick.

Enofe then tags in, and double teams on Axiom with Blade then Blade & Enofe ascend to the top rope but Frazer pushes Blade off.

Enofe looks to land an elbow drop but Axiom rolls out of the way then Frazer tags in and tags back out to Axiom.

Frazer hits Phoenix Splash to Enofe & Axiom follows it up with Golden Ratio for the win.

Winners: Nathan Frazer & Axiom

After the match The Wolf Dogs attacks Frazer & Axiom then The Family appears and The Wolf Dogs challenge Tony D’Angelo & Stacks to an NXT Tag Team Titles match next week & The Family accepts.

We then head backstage and see NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov pull up to the Performance Center. He explains he’s looking for Carmelo Hayes to get some answers out of him as we go to a break.

After the break Ilja Dragunov says he went to war with Trick Williams on Sunday. He says he not only respects Williams but he likes him. He says despite that he couldn’t allow him to slay The Mad Dragon. He says Williams gave him everything he had and if anyone were to beat him, he would be a worthy NXT Champion. He then calls out Carmelo Hayes and says he’s been accusing him of things he didn’t do over the past few months. He says everything sees Hayes’ true colors now and he couldn’t stand Williams reaching new heights in NXT. He then calls him down to the ring and calls him a traitorous son of a b*tch.

Hayes doesn’t appear and Dijak does instead. He asks Dragunov why he’s obsessed with Hayes & Williams and says he saw what he did at Vengeance Day. He says he’s willing to bet Dragunov saw what he did to Joe Gacy at Vengeance Day and calls them both a couple of winners. Dragunov tells Dijak that tonight isn’t the night for him to do this, and Dijak says Dragunov must be feeling a little regular tonight standing in the ring with a broken nose. He says he learned what it means to break a man who thinks he’s unbreakable by defeating Joe Gacy & Dragunov advises Dijak to step aside. He says Dijak will suffer like he never has before when their paths cross again.

Dijak clocks Dragunov but Dragunov fights back then they begin brawling and officials run down to separate them and hold them back.

We then head backstage to Thea Hail & Jacy Jayne celebrating the success of their Chase U calendar. Hail says she wants to watch Riley Osborne in his upcoming match but Jayne advises her not to do so in order to not come off as too desperate seeing as they already agreed to be valentines.

After the break we see Von Wagner & Mr Stone’s kid encourage Stone to compete in a Tag Team match against Noam Dar & Oro Mensah to seek retribution for Wagner losing his Heritage Cup match against Dar last week. Stone agrees.

Lexis King vs. Riley Osborne

Match starts off with a lock up before Riley Osborne lands a right hand but Lexis King hits a boot to his midsection and follows it up with a chop.

Osborne hits a few chops and sends King crashing out of the ring then flies over the top rope to take him down.

He gets him back in the ring before they find themselves on the apron and King sends Osborne crashing into the announce table face first.

King gets Osborne back inside and delivers a clothesline to the back of his head but Osborne responds with an uppercut and rolls King up but King kicks out and Osborne catches him with a bodyslam.

He ascends to the top rope but King knocks him down with a kick to his midsection and The Coronation from the top turnbuckle for the win.

Winner: Lexis King

There was a video vignette of Kelani Jordan.

After the break we head over to the women’s locker room and see Izzi Dame demand Brinley Reece give her the coffee she’s holding. James takes it from Reece and pours it into a trash can.

Back at ringside Carmelo Hayes is sitting on a chair in the middle of the ring once again. Fans chant You’re not Him at Hayes & Hayes says the villain is always the villain when the hero is telling the story. He questions why no one wants to hear his side of things then says he isn’t jealous of Trick Williams’ success. He says he wanted him to achieve the highest of highs and make his parents proud, and he had to be the one to take everything away from him to remind him of his place and show him what happens when you cross him. Hayes says Williams crossed him first and says they had an agreement. He says they agreed Williams would go after the North American Title while he went after the NXT Title but Williams started believing the people and his hype. He says Williams went behind his back and went after something that belonged to him and he knew what he had to do at that moment. He says he attacked Williams and would do it again.

Williams’ music hits but he’s nowhere to be found. Hayes begins laughing making it clear he orchestrated the whole thing. He says Williams isn’t coming back and says no one should be surprised. He reminds everyone that he’s a 2x North American Champion while Williams is a 2 day North American Champion then says nothing gets on NXT without being run by him. Hayes says Williams wanted to be like him so bad that he started copying his appearance and behavior. He says it was never a collaboration between them, as Williams was his hype man. He says that’s all it is and all it’ll ever be.

We then head over to a video with a message: Man has 3 faces one the world sees, one his family sees and the real one no one sees but reflects the evil he truly possesses.

There was a vignette of North American Champion Oba Femi.

Backstage Riley Osbourne met with Thea Hail & Jacy Jayne & Osbourne asked Hail if she was still down for their date to which Hail excitedly responded yes. Jayne told her to calm down.

Roxanne Perez vs. Lola Vice

Roxanne Perez hits a Thesz Press then rains down right hands but Lola Vice rolls out of the ring.

Perez then flies to level her then sends her crashing into the ring apron face first and ascends to the top rope once she gets her back in the ring.

She hits a crossbody then fires off right hands before Vice responds with rapid fire kicks and a hip attack then follows it up with a modified Scissor Kick.

Perez connects with an uppercut and a shoulder tackle then hits a 2nd uppercut to Vice in the corner and rains down right hands on her.

Vice hits a kick to Perez’s midsection but Perez delivers a kick across her face then Vice sends Perez crashing to the outside as we go to a break.

After the break Vice hits a pair of knees to Perez’s midsection before Perez rolls Vice up but Vice kicks out.

Perez then lands a dropkick and another uppercut in the corner then hits a side Russian leg sweep and a springboard moonsault.

She locks in a Crossface but Vice counters into a pinfall but Perez kicks out and hits an uppercut in the corner then looks for a 2nd one but Vice catches her in a Sleeper.

Perez makes her way up to her feet and breaks the hold by sending Vice crashing into the turnbuckles then looks to land Pop Rox but Vice avoids it and delivers a back elbow.

Tatum Paxley then runs down to ringside with Vice’s Women’s Breakout Tournament contract in hand.

Vice hits her with a spinning back heel kick to her head opening the door for Perez to hit Pop Rox for the win.

Winner: Roxanne Perez

Backstage Kelly Kincaid is with Meta 4 & she ask Heritage Cup Champion Noam Dar about Von Wagner & Mr Stone’s challenge but they were interrupted by No Quarter Catch Crew & they wanted a shot at the Heritage Cup.

Tag Team Match
Meta 4 (Jakara Jackson & Lash Legend) vs. Fallon Henley & Wren Sinclair

Lash Legend & Fallon Henley shove each other before Henley jumps on Legend’s before Wren Sinclair makes the blind tag in and Legend gets Henley off her back.

Sinclair looks to land a crossbody off the top rope but Legend catches her before Henley dropkicks Legend & Sinclair falls into a pin.

Legend kicks out then sends Sinclair crashing into the corner before Jakara Jackson tags in and delivers a back elbow then fires off right and left hands on Sinclair’s midsection.

She sends her head bouncing off the mat then takes a cheap shot at Henley on the apron.

Legend tags back in and delivers a forearm then Meta 4 double team on Sinclair before Legend hits a standing splash. Jackson tags in and hits a pair of boots to Sinclair in the corner.

Legend tags in and follows suit and Jackson tags back in & fires off more boots then locks in a shoulder submission. Sinclair makes her way up to her feet to escape and tags in Henley.

Henley hits an uppercut to Jackson and lands a right hand then follows it up with a Sling Blade.

Legend looks to pull Jackson out of the ring to help her but Henley prevents her from doing so. Legend overpowers her sending her crashing into the middle rope in the process.

Sinclair & Legend then become legal and Legend hits a powerbomb to Sinclair for the win.

Winners: Meta 4

Josh Briggs was speaking with Dion Lennox before Brooks Jensen. Jensen said that he was lost without him & Fallon Henley but Briggs told him that the world did not revolve around him. Briggs told Jensen to grow some balls and stand up.

After the break we head over to Ava’s office and see Jaida Parker request a singles match against Adriana Rizzo next week. Ava agrees but bans OTM & The Family from ringside. Ridge Holland then approaches Ava and asks to face all 3 members of Gallus at once. Ava agrees to give him one member at a time but should he lose to any of them then he can’t go on to face the next member. Holland agrees.

Non Title Match
NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov vs. Dijak

Both men waste no time firing off strikes on one another then Ilja Dragunov hits a German suplex to Dijak but Dijak sends him crashing into the top turnbuckle face first and jams his face into it.

He looks to do it a 2nd time but Dragunov prevents him from doing so and fires off chops.

Dragunov sends Dijak crashing into the mat then ascends to the top rope but Dijak trips him and delivers a boot sending Dragunov tumbling out of the ring.

He hits a right hand to his spine then feels a tap on his leg before Dijak gets Dragunov back inside and follows him after taking a look under the ring.

Dragunov delivers an open palm strike but Dijak clocks him as we go to a break.

After the break Dijak sends Dragunov crashing into the mat face first then gets him up on his shoulders and sets up for Feast Your Eyes but Dragunov catches his knee and hits a boot.

Dijak responds with a kick of his own before Dragunov hits a jumping kick and Dijak responds with a boot.

Dragunov connects with an enzuigiri and gets Dijak up on his shoulders but Dijak rakes his eyes.

Dragunov still manages to land a Death Valley Driver into the corner and ascends to the top then hits a senton and executes several rapid fire chops in the corner.

Dijak catches him with a sit out chokeslam and goes for a pin but Dragunov kicks out.

Dijak looks to land another chokeslam but Dragunov fights his way out with a headbutt and looks for Constantine Special.

Dijak catches him with a clothesline and follows it up with an elbow drop off the top rope but he grabs his elbow right after and Dragunov then hits a knee.

Joe Gacy slides out from under the ring and hits Dijak with a joke boxing glove. This opens the door for Dragunov to land H Bomb for the win.

Winner: NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov

After the match Carmelo Hayes appears out of nowhere and hits a chop block to Dragunov. He fires off right hands on him then grabs the NXT Title and hits Dragunov with it. He then holds the NXT Title above his head standing tall to close out this week’s NXT.

Next Week’s NXT

NXT Tag Team Titles Match
The Family (Tony D’Angelo & Stacks) (c) vs. 2024 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Winners The Wolf Dogs (Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin)

Tag Team Match
Meta 4 (Heritage Cup Champion Noam Dar & Oro Mensah) vs. Von Wagner & Mr Stone

Kiana James vs. Brinley Reece

Jaida Parker vs. Adrianna Rizzo