WWE NXT Star Responds to Controversial Tweets Regarding Sasha Banks

WWE NXT star Amari Miller received a lot of criticism from fans for her comments against Sasha Banks.

It all began when Miller praised AEW’s Athena, formerly Ember Moon in WWE, on Twitter and said her next career goal is to become the NXT Women’s Champion.

She posted the following: “Shoutout to Ember Moon being the first and only African American @WWENXT Womens Champion…NXT goal! Let’s make it 2!!”

Miller was promptly reminded by fans that Banks was the first African American NXT Women’s Champion. Amari responded by saying, “No thanks:) Sasha is German and black I said African American:).”

When fans expressed frustration over this, she posted a picture of Banks’ Wikipedia page, which noted that she is African American and of German ancestry.

She wrote, “For everyone on Twitter Fully Black NXT champion(Ember Moon). Im aware what I posted. Sasha is great and legendary for sure let’s never forget!”

Miller later deleted her Twitter account, however today she made a comeback and issued the following statement:

“I didn’t mean bad intentions with what I had said but I do want to apologize. I meant something super well and it came across horribly. I want to sincerely apologize to everyone.

I also have to understand that posting on a social media platform can sound one way to me,as I’m typing and can come across totally different but that’s lessons learned for sure. People make mistakes and people grow and that is exactly what this experience was for me.”

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