WWE NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool II Results – January 13, 2020

WWE NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool II Results – January 13, 2020

Your hosts are Andy Shepherd, William Regal, and Tom Phillips.

Andy asks Regal about being back in Blackpool and being back home. Regal says his career started here. The first UK tournament was here and now they are back for Takeover.

Tom is asked about calling his first NXT UK Takeover. He says it means a lot to be in Blackpool for the first time. He talks about the matches on the show.

They run through the card.

We see Piper Niven, Toni Storm, and Kay Lee Ray arriving at the building earlier today.

We have a video package for the NXT UK Women’s Title Match.

Regal is asked about using psychological tactics to gain her advantage and will she do it tonight. Regal says he sees a lot of qualities he used in his career in Kay Lee Ray. She is in everybody’s head and that is something that he can applaud.

Andy brings up Toni challenging Rhea Ripley at World’s Collide and whether she is focused. Tom says that Piper Niven is the only one with a one track mind. Tom asks if Toni is trying to bite off more than she can chew. Regal says these three were close friends but one little thing can change everything. This has become a bad dynamic.

Andy asks Tom if Piper is the only one focused on this match. Tom brings up the footage from Prime Target and how they talked about not recognizing the people that they have become.

We see Trent Seven and Eddie Dennis arriving earlier today.

Andy asks Regal why has Eddie focused on Trent Seven. Regal says they have known each other for a while and he is a very cerebral competitor. Regal says he knows what is going through Eddie’s mind. He wants to make a statement against someone everybody in the UK loves.

Tom is asked if this is a must win match for Trent. Tom says that Noam Dar has exposed some things about Trent even through Trent won the match.

Andy says that some say that Tyler Bate and Jordan Devlin could steal the show and they have a history in this building. Regal says that both men have changed since that first meeting in NXT UK. Regal says that loss has to have gotten to Jordan. They are not at the peak of their careers and he says that this match is what he is looking forward to seeing.

We see what happened when Jordan Devlin tried to surprise Tyler Bate after his match against Noam Dar. Tom mentions the mind games that Jordan has gone through. Andy asks Regal if they have overlooked Jordan Devlin in NXT UK. Regal says Devlin has been given opportunities, but Jordan feels that he needs bigger opportunities. He cannot complain after tonight and he has to prove himself tonight.

We take a look at the NXT UK Tag Title Match with a video package.

Regal is asked if a match with this much brutality is needed. Regal mentions he was only in one WWE ladder match and he says it is a career shortening match. One of the people in the match lost his face. He says he is not the same. Regal says he understands Johnny Saint’s point. You have to end it and this is how you do it.

Andy asks Tom who is the favorite in the match. Tom says that taking the big risks might help Andrews and Webster. You have the issues between Galluls and Imperium. He suggests that Gibson and Drake may take advantage of the situation.

We go to commercial.

Andy and Regal talk about the feeling of being in Blackpool. William says this building is the greatest atmosphere in the world.

We see Imperium arriving at the building earlier today.

We have a video feature for the WWE UK Title match.

Andy asks Regal about this match and how it was a year in the making. Regal talks about how Joe was taken out of the top of his game and his whole existence is about beating WALTER. Regal is going to look forward to the two of them smashing the hell out of each other. Tom is asked if the pressure is really on Joe or not. Tom asks if WALTER is focused because of World’s Collide. Joe is a different challenge than Tyler Bate. Joe will bring a more physical fight today. Andy mentions that WALTER has not faced someone like Joe before. Regal agrees that they will match each other blow for blow and strike for strike. Regal says this is a perfect match featuring two pros and they will fight until the last man cannot move. Tom says WALTER has looked human when Joe has gotten his hands on him. There is something that bothers the champion and we have not seen that since. Regal says that he does not believe Joe will leave that ring until every drop of energy has been used.

Andy asks if the winner of the match will prove who is dominant in NXT UK. Tom says that you also have to look at the tag title match.

We are in Blackpool, England and your announcers are Tom Phillips and Nigel McGuinness.

Match Number One: Eddie Dennis versus Trent Seven

Dennis goes for a running boot as the bell rings but he misses. Seven with a power bomb for a near fall. Seven with chops and then he gets Dennis to flinch so Seven with a DDT. Seven with a running chop into the corner and he puts Dennis on the turnbuckles but Dennis escapes and hits a Razor’s Edge. Dennis kicks Seven and Seven with punches. Dennis knocks Seven to the mat with a forearm. Dennis with a hard Irish whip and cravate. Seven with punches but Dennis with knees and a back elbow.

Dennis gets a near fall. Dennis with more kicks to Seven’s back followed by forearms. Dennis gets a near fall. Dennis sets for a suplex and he hits it and gets a near fall. Dennis with chops to Seven but Seven with chops of his own as he traps the arm. Seven gets Dennis to flinch but Dennis escapes the DDT. Seven avoids a clothesline and hits a dragon suplex and it sends Dennis to the floor. Seven with a suicide dive and DDT on the floor. Seven goes up top and misses a twisting moonsault when Dennis moves. Dennis misses a running boot and Seven misses a clothesline. Dennis with a uranage for a near fall.

Dennis sets for a Razor’s Edge but Seven gets to his feet. Seven misses a clothesline and Dennis with a forearm. Dennis goes for a suplex but Seven counters with an Emerald Frosion for a near fall. Seven gets Dennis on his shoulders for a burning hammer but Dennis gets to the apron. Dennis with a forearm from the apron and Dennis exposes the turnbuckle and he tries to remove the pad. Seven stops Dennis with a forearm. The turnbuckle pad comes off and they fight on the turnbuckle. Seven with a superplex for a near fall.

Seven grabs Dennis and Dennis sends Seven into the exposed turnbuckle. Dennis acts shocked that it happened and denies any guilt. Dennis sets for a Razor’s Edge into the turnbuckle and the referee stands in the way. Dennis decides to avoid the turnbuckle and he sends Seven into a security member against the ringside barrier. Dennis brings Seven back in and gets a near fall. Dennis picks up Seven and he hits the Neck Stop Driver for the three count.

Winner: Eddie Dennis

We see Gallus getting ready for their matches in the back.

Match Number Two: WWE NXT UK Women’s Championship Match: Kay Lee Ray versus Toni Storm versus Piper Niven

Storm attacks Ray before the bell rings and then the referee starts the match. Ray sends Storm into the ringside barrier and then Niven with a suicide dive onto Ray. Niven with a cannonball to Storm against the ringside barrier and then to Ray against the ring steps. Storm is sent into the ring and then Ray keeps Niven from returning. Storm with a double leg take down to Ray and Niven with a back senton onto both women and Niven gets a near fall on Ray. Ray backs Niven into the turnbuckles and Ray with a punch. Storm hits Ray from behind when Ray poses. Storm kicks Ray and then she punches Niven. Storm with a punch to Ray. Storm goes for Storm Zero to Ray but Niven with a cross body to Storm.

Ray with a super kick to Niven and then Ray kicks and chokes Storm. Storm with a German suplex to Ray. Ray with a scorpion kick and a DDT. Ray gets a near fall on Storm. Ray kicks Niven and chokes Storm in the corner. Ray with a chop and Niven with a punch to Ray. Ray with a forearm to the back. Ray sets for the Gory Bomb but Niven counters. Ray sends Niven into Storm and Niven with a palm strike to Ray. Ray with a super kick to Niven and Storm with a German suplex to Niven. Ray with a gourdbuster to Storm. Niven with a Saito suplex to Ray and all three women are down.

Niven and Storm go back and forth with forearms and Ray pushes Niven into Storm. Ray with a kick to Storm and she chokes Storm in the corner. Ray goes to the floor and looks under the ring. Ray gets a chair and brings it into the ring. Ray kicks Storm and then puts the chair against the throat. Ray does the same to Niven. Ray kicks Storm and then puts the chair on Storm’s throat and then Niven with a POUNCE to knock Ray off Storm. Storm grabs the chair and then falls to her knees. Storm holds the chair and looks at Niven. Niven tells Storm to hit her while Ray watches from the apron. Storm drops the chair and she kicks Ray. Niven brings Ray into the ring and then Storm with a suicide dive onto Ray.

Niven goes to the apron and hits a cannonball onto Ray. Storm sends Ray into the ring and Niven keeps Storm from getting back into the ring. Ray goes up top and hits a swanton onto Niven and Storm and Ray’s leg hits the ringside barrier. Storm is sent back into the ring and Ray goes up top. Storm with a head butt to stop Ray and she follows with a forearm. Storm sets for a superplex but Niven comes under for a sit out power bomb on Storm. Ray with a swanton to break up the cover. Niven blocks a rana and hits a power bomb on Ray. Niven with a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Ray tries to get to the floor but Niven pulls Ray back into the center of the ring. Ray escapes a slam attempt and Ray with the Gory Bomb but Storm stops the referee from making the three count by grabbing the hand.

Ray with a suicide dive to Storm. Niven with a Destroyer and Storm kicks Niven. Storm with Storm Zero but Niven breaks up the cover. Storm punches Niven and then she sets for Storm Zero on Ray and drops Ray onto Niven. Storm sets for Storm Zero on Niven but Niven blocks it and Storm counters into a Pedigree for a near fall. Storm goes up top and hits a frog splash. Ray with a super kick to Storm and Ray pins Niven.

Winner: Kay Lee Ray

We see Imperium getting ready for their matches later tonight.

We see Travis Banks in the crowd.

Match Number Three: Tyler Bate versus Jordan Devlin

Tyler makes sure that Jordan hears the crowd cheering for him before they lock up. They lock up and Devlin pushes Bate on a break and connects with a head butt. They lock up and Devlin with a wrist lock. Bate with a wrist lock take down but Devlin maintains the wrist lock. Bate with a monkey flip but Devlin holds on to the wrist lock. Bate with a reversal and take down. Devlin goes for Devil Inside but Bate counters with a take down. Devlin with a jackknife cover. Devlin with a kick to the midsection and a side head lock. Bate with a monkey flip into the ropes. Bate with a back body drop. Bate presses Devlin over his head and slams Devlin to the mat.

Bate with a drop kick that sends Devlin over the top rope to the floor. Devlin with a uranage and then an Asai moonsault for a near fall. Devlin with punches to Bate. Devlin with a knee to the midsection and Devlin gets a near fall. Devlin with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Devlin with an elbow to the nose and then he chokes Tyler in the ropes. Deviln with a butterfly suplex and then he mocks Tyler by posing like him. Devlin kicks Bate. Devlin kicks Bate in the head and tries for Devil Inside but Bate blocks it and Bate sends Devlin over the top rope to the floor.

Bate with a plancha. Bate sends Devlin back in and Bate goes to the turnbuckles. Bate goes for a cross body but Devlin gets the knees up with a jumping gutbuster for a near fall. Devlin with a forearm to the lower back. Devlin stands on Bate’s throat. Devlin sets for a surfboard and Devlin adds a chin lock to add more pressure to the back. Devlin releases the hold. Bate with a rollup for a near fall. Bate and Devlin both go for cross body presses at the same time and both men go down.

Bate goes to the turnbuckles and hits a European uppercut. Devlin is caught in the corner by Bate and Bate with an exploder. Bate sets for a shooting star press and Devlin gets his knees up so Bate stops. Bate with a kick and then he hits a shooting star press for a near fall. Bate misses a splash into the corner. Devlin goes for a slingshot move and Bate catches Devln on his shoulders. Bate with an airplane spin and he goes into Mach 2 after refueling and dhe sends Devlin hard to the mat. Bate has trouble gaining his balance but he gets Devlin up for a brainbuster and gets a near fall.

Devlin blocks a Tyler Driver 97 and hits a flip rana for a near fall. Bate gets a near fall with a rollupo. Devlin blocks a victory roll attempt and Devlin with a German suplex for a near fall. Devlin is sent to the apron by Bate but Devlin with a slingshot cutter and Bate goes to the apron. Devlin with a slingshot cutter onto the apron. The referee makes his count and Devlin kicks Bate in the chest and returns to the ring. Bate pops into the ring right before the referee can get to ten.

Devlin with kicks and Bate blocks Devlin and connects with a forearm. They go back and forth. Devlin with a jab to Bate and then they go back and forth with punches. Bate goes for Bop but Devlin with a punch and Bate comes off the ropes with a rolling kick. Devlin with a head butt to stop Bate from hitting Tyler Driver 97. Bate with a back body drop and then Devlin with a Spanish Fly. Bate with punches and both men are down. Devlin pulls Bate into position and Jordan goes to the turnbuckles. Bate crotches Devlin and puts Devlin on the turnbuckles. Devlin grabs Bate by the throat and Devlin hits a Spanish Fly followed by Devil Inside for a near fall.

Devlin with Kawada kicks and boots to the head. Devlin with a jab to Bate and then he sets for a Tyler Driver 97 but Bate escapes. Bate is sent to the apron and he gives Devlin a head butt and both men are down. Bate with a double jump tornado DDT and Tyler Driver 97 for a near fall. Bate goes to the turnbuckles and goes for a corkscrew splash and hits it for the three count.

Winner: Tyler Bate

We see Triple H, William Regal, and Johnny Saint giving Tyler Bate a standing ovation for his performance.

Match Number Four: WWE NXT UK Tag Team Championship Match: Gallus (Wolfgang and Mark Coffey) versus Imperium (Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner) versus Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson and James Drake) versus Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster

All four teams look around and they try to figure out who will make the first move. Gallus goes after Imperium while the other two teams battle. Gibson, Drake, Andrews, and Webster are in the ring while the other four are on the floor. Webster and Andrews double team Drake and then they knock Gallus off the apron. Webster with punches to Gbison. Gibson and Drake work over Webster and then send Andrews to the floor. Coffey and Wolfgang go after Gibson and then Wolfgang with a splash to Drake. Barthel sends Wolfgang into the ringside barrier. Aichner with a spinebuster to Coffey while Barthel kicks Coffey. Webster with a head sicssors to Barthell and Andrews with a satellite head scissors to Aichner. Webster and Andrews with moonsaults to Aichner. Webster kicks Barthel off the apron. Webster and Andrews are sent into the ropes but Drake and Gibson.

Drake goes for a ladder but Gibson brings out a few chairs instead. Gibson and Drake hit Webster and Andrews with chairs and then they knock Aichner and Barthel off the apron. Gallus stop Gbison and put Drake in the tree of woe. Coffey and Wolfgang put the chairs against Drake’s head and then Aichner and Barthel pull Woflgang and Coffey out of the ring and Imperium with a double drop kick to Drake’s head. Aichner and Barthel go for a ladder but Webster and Andrews with planchas onto Aichner and Barthel. Andrews and Webster put the ladder in the ring and Aichner throws Andrews over the top rope and then Barthel sends Webster to the floor. Gallus uses another ladder to knock Aichner and Barthel off the ladder.

Wolfgang tries to throw a ldder into Barthel but Barthel blocks him. Aichner with a belly-to-back suplex to Coffey. Webster with an elbow and reverse DDT to Barthel. Aichner Irish whips Webster at a ladder and Webster goes over it into the corner. Barthel with a drop kick into the ladder and it hits Webster in the ribs. Barthel catapults Webster into the bottom of the ladder. Andrews slides under a ladder carried by Aichner and Barthel and he kicks them. Drake and Gibson back Andrews into the corner and Drake with a drop kick to Andrews but he lands on the ladder. Coffey and Wolfgang kick Drake. Coffey with a choke slam to Gibson onto the ladder. Wolfgang with a catapult of Drake to Coffey for a Samoan drop on the ladder.

Gallus set up the ladder in the center of the ring and they climb but Imperium pull them off the ladder and Gallus is sent to the floor. Imperium is pulled to the floor and Aichner and Barthel are sent into the ring steps. Andrews and Webster climb the ladder. Webster with a DDT to Wolfgang and Andrews kicks Coffey away and Andrews with a shooting star press off the ladder. Barthel climbs the ladder but Andrews and Webster push it over. Webster is dropped onto the ladder and Aichner with a double jump moonsault onto Webster on the ladder.

Aichner and Barthel set up the ladder but Aichner is holding his arm against his side. Gibson with a double thrust to Aichner. Drake sets up a bigger ladder and Barthel kicks Drake. Wolfgang climbs the ladder and Coffey sets up a different ladder. We get more ladders in the ring as everyone but Webster is in the ring. Andrews wedges a ladder off the ropes. Webster gets a ladder and Aichner and Coffey fall off a far ladder. Andrews knocks Barthel off the ladders. Webster is knocked out of the ring and Andrews and Drake fight on the ladder hanging from the ropes. Gibson grabs Andrews’ leg to stop him. Gibson with forearms and he hits Ticket to Ride.

Drake climbs onto the ladder hanging off the ropes and Drake with a 450 off the ladder onto Andrews. Gibson tells Drake to climb the ladder. Gibson gets Drake on his shoulders as Gibson climbs the ladder. Aichner stops Gibson and he sends Gibson to the floor. Drake is at the top of the ladder but Aichner and Barthel hit the European Bomb on Drake. Aichner and Barthel remove the excess ladders from the ring. Coffey and Wolfgang push Aichner and Barthel off the ladders. Wolfgang with a forearm to Barthel and then they sandwich Aichner with the ladders. Gallus does the same to Barthel. Coffey with an enzuigiri to Drake followed by a power slam from Wolfgang. Coffey goes over the top rope onto Imperium.

Gallus with the enzuigiri and power slam combination to Gibson on the ramp. Gallus goes for suplexes of Andrews and Webster into the ring but Andrews with Stundog Millionaire and Webster with a tornado suplex. Andrews and Webster get a ladder and Wolfgang and Coffey play defense in the ring. Gallus are pulled to the floor. Wolfgang with knees to Webster and Coffey sends Andrews into the ringside barrier. Coffey and Wolfgang grab tables and put them across the apron and ringside barrier. Wolfgang with forearms to Webster while Coffey with forearms to Andrews. Andrews and Webster escape and Webster and Andrews put Coffey and Wolfgang on the tables but Coffey falls through the table. Webster goes up top and Andrews follows. Andrews and Webster with swantons off the ladder onto Wolfgang and they go through the table.

Andrews and Webster climb a ladder in the ring but Drake with a forearm to Webster. Andrews is hit in the back with a ladder by Drake and Gibson and Andrews falls to the mat. Drake and Gibson slam Webster over the top rope to the floor. Andrews has a kendo stick and Gibson begs for mercy but Andrews shows no mercy and he hits Gibson and Drake. Aichner and Barthel stop Andrews and Aichner with a brainbuster to Andrews. Barthel climbs the ladder and he has the belts but Coffey stops Barthel. Coffey tries for a German suplex off the ladder but Barthel with forearms. Aichner holds on to the ladder as Coffey falls off. Coffey with a forearm to stop Barthel. Aichner comes under and they set for the Euopean Bomb on Coffey but Coffey gets free and Wolfgang runs Aichner through the ladder in the corner. Coffey knocks Barthel off the ladder onto everyone on the floor. Coffey climbs the ladders and grabs the title belts.

Winners: Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) [Retain Championship]

We see Ridge Holland in the front row.

Match Number Five: WWE UK Championship Match: WALTER versus Joe Coffey

WALTER goes for a boot as the bell rings but Coffey gets out of the way. They lock up and go to a stalemate. They lock up and Coffey slaps WALTER on the break. WALTER with a forearm and sleeper but Coffey with a Saito suplex. WALTER goes to the floor. Coffey kicks WALTER off the apron and then Coffey with a flying shoulder tackle off the apron. Joe with punches but WALTER with a European uppercut. WALTER breaks the referee’s count and Joe with an Irish whip into the ringside barrier. Joe is back body dropped into the crowd but Joe with a shoulder tackle back into the ringside area. They return to the ring.

Joe with punches in the corner and the referee warns Joe. WALTER with a forearm but Joe with a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Joe goes to the turnbuckles and WALTER has a punch blocked. Joe with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Joe sets for a suplex but WALTER blocks it. Both men try for suplexes but neither can get their opponent up. Joe and WALTER exchange punches. Joe with a rolling elbow and a suplex for a near fall. Joe with a chop and WALTER is not happy. WALTER tells Joe to do it again and Joe obliges.

Joe with another chop but WALTER shows Joe how it is done. WALTER with a forearm to Joe. They go to teh floor and WALTER wtih another chop. WALTER with a running boot to the head and WALTER returns to the ring. Joe with chops but WALTER with a slam and seated splash for a near fall. WALTER with a reverse chin lock followed by knees. WALTER grabs the ankle and applies a single leg crab. WALTER turns it into an STF and a head lock. Coffey gets to the ropes.

WALTER with forearms and a chop across the chest. Joe with European uppercuts but WALTER with a forearm and he works on the neck. WALTER with a forearm across the chest and he connects with another one. Joe blocks a forearm and connects with punches to knock WALTER to the mat. Joe goes up top and WALTER catches Joe and applies a Boston Crab. WALTER with the STF and elbows to the jaw. WALTER with a cravate and then he turns it into a crossface chicken wing. Coffey gets to the ropes and WALTER releases the hold.

WALTER with a chop. WALTER with another chop but Joe ducks a third and Joe with a clothesline. WALTER with a forearm. Joe and WALTER go for shoulder tackles but neither man budges. WALTER with a suplex for a near fall. WALTER with a rear naked choke but Joe gets WALTER on his back and falls back to get out of the hold. Joe tries to get WALTER on his shoulders and he does it. WALTER with punches to escape. Joe with a flying shoulder tackle to send WALTER into the turnbuckles. Joe with a deadlift German suplex for a near fall.

Joe with a punch and WALTER stops Joe on the turnbuckles. Joe gets away and hits a moonsault for a near fall. WALTER with a boot but Joe with a clothesline and WALTER responds with a chop. WALTER with another chop and a power bomb for a near fall. WALTER returns to the sleeper. Joe with a snap mare to escape and a flying shoulder tackle. WALTER goes for a running drop kick and Joe moves but the referee goes down. Joe with punches and a power bomb but there is no referee so he can cover WALTER as long as he wants but it won’t do anything for Joe.

Alexander Wolfe comes to the ring and he kicks Coffey. Wolfe tries to get WALTER to focus on things. Ilja Dragunov with punches and a kick to Wolfe. Ilja with Torpedo Moscow to Wolfe but Wolfe hits Coffey and Coffey falls to the floor. WALTER clotheslines Dragunov. WALTER with a running boot to Coffey on the floor. WALTER sends Joe into the ring steps. WALTER with a power bomb onto the apron. WALTER with a clothesline and a second referee finally makes his way to the ring but Coffey kicks out.

Dragunov and Wolfe fight to the back.

WALTER goes up top but Joe with a chop. Joe’s knee gives out as he tries to set for a superplex. WALTER with chops and Joe falls to the mat. Joe with a jumping uppercut and Joe hits an overhead belly-to-belly superplex. WALTER with a forearm and Joe fires back. WALTER and Joe with forearm and WALTER kicks the injured knee. Joe iwth punches and then he blocks a chop. Joe iwth punches that stagger WALTER. Joe is pulled back by the referee and WALTER kicks Joe in the knee. WALTER kicks Joe in the back of the leg and WALTER goes up top and hits a frog splash for a near fall.

WALTER sets for a power bomb but Joe blocks it Joe lands on his feet and hits a discus clothesline and he hits a second one. Joe gets a near fall. WALTER with a sleeper and Joe rolls through but WALTER holds on into a reverse chin lock. WALTER returns to the sleeper and WALTER with a kick to the back and a forearm to the back. Joe gets to the ropes to force a release of the hold. WALTER with a sleeper suplex and power bomb. WALTER with a chop to the back and WALTER with a power bomb and he goes for a rear naked choke. Joe taps out.

Winner: WALTER (retains championship)

After the match, Imperium stands in the ring.

From out of the crowd, the Undisputed Era attack Imperium. Strong drops Barthel on the ringside barrier while Fish spears Wolfe through the ropes. The Undisputed Era surround WALTER and he tries to fight them off but the numbers are too much. Fish and O’Reilly hit Total Elimination on WALTER. Cole with Last Shot to WALTER while WALTER is being held up.

We go to credits.

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