WWE NXT Vengeance Day Review – February 4, 2024

WWE NXT Vengeance Day Review – February 4, 2024

Finals Of The 2024 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic
Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin vs. Trick Williams & Carmelo Hayes

Bron Breakker starts dominantly against Carmelo Hayes by dropping him with a shoulder tackle and while Trick Williams comes in he is also taken out with a shoulder tackle.

Baron Corbin tags in & Williams takes out both men with dropkicks as he & Hayes then take Corbin & Breakker over the top rope and to the floor.

Hayes tags back and takes the fight to Corbin, catching him with a flurry of punches.

Both teams end up in the ring as they each take each other out with Breakker coming out on top by launching Hayes into the air and catching him with a cutter.

Corbin then shows his strength by taking Hayes out with a clothesline which turns him inside out.

Breakker comes in and then drops Hayes with a lariat before connecting with a suplex but rather than going for the pin but he opts to do a few push ups.

Hayes almost catches Corbin out with a roll up when he tags in but that leads to Breakker returning as Corbin throws Hayes up as he gets caught and slammed to the mat by Breakker.

He then consistently stops Hayes from tagging to Williams but eventually it happens and he nails both Corbin & Breakker with big spinning kicks and then a flat liner to Corbin.

Williams jams his knee slightly but then connects with Book End to Corbin which gets a near fall.

Corbin hits a Deep Six onto both Williams & Hayes with Breakker then hitting a huge moonsault to the outside which wipes out both men.

The Wolf Dogs head to the top turnbuckle with a man each but Hayes & Williams fight back and drop them down.

Williams hits Corbin with a neckbreaker but Breakker then charges in with a Spear to Hayes to get the win.

Winners Of The 2024 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin (14:27)
Rate: 7

No DQ Match
Dijak vs. Joe Gacy

Dijak pulls out a nightstick to start while Joe Gacy also pulls out a weapon but neither man uses them as they end up just brawling instead.

Gacy launches Dijak out of the ring and then dives out to attack him again as he then starts pulling out a variety of weapons.

He takes too long though and Dijak attacks him only for Gacy to slam the bigger man onto the steel stairs repeatedly.

Dijak gets set onto a chair as Gacy then runs and launches himself off the stairs to hit a cannonball.

Gacy slams Dijak back onto the stairs before setting up a table outside the ring which he adds a ton of small toys onto but he’s not able to implement his plan as Dijak hits a spinning boot.

He places Gacy inside a trash can and repeatedly kicks him and then hits an elbow drop but Gacy continues to sit up even with the weapon on his head.

Dijak attempts to run at Gacy but he uses the can to his advantage as he spears Dijak.

He then tries to leap into the ring but Gacy pushes Dijak back out and he crashes through the table and toys.

However back inside the ring Gacy runs into a Chokeslam with Dijak planting him onto a chair.

They then fight up to the top turnbuckle with Gacy coming out on top by suplexing him down to the mat.

Gacy then wraps Dijak’s eyes with duct tape as he then starts unloading with kendo stick shots but Dijak then manages to hit Feast Your Eyes but he can’t find Gacy to get the pin.

He rips off the tape only to be DDT’d onto a chair as Gacy follows up with a splash but Dijak kicks out.

Gacy looks for Upside Down but Dijak hits him with a nightstick then hits another Feast Your Eyes for the win.

Winner: Dijak (11:56)
Rate: 7

6 Person Tag Team Match
The Family (NXT Tag Team Champions Tony D’Angelo & Stacks & Adriana Rizzo) vs. OTM (Lucien Price, Bronco Nima & Jaida Parker)

The Family turns up from behind and attacks their opponents as the fight unfolds early on.

Tony D’Angelo, Stacks, Lucien Price & Bronco Nima all brawl outside the ring while Adriano Rizzo & Jaida Parker brawl inside it.

Parker gets on top early by dropping down onto her opponent while she’s laying on the middle rope in the corner.

Lucien Price then takes a cheap shot to Tony D’Angelo as Nima comes in and showcases his strength until Stacks comes in and catches Nima with a dropkick.

Both teams then end up inside the ring as The Family takes control beating down their opponents in the corner.

Rizzo gets launched into Parker with a cannonball with The Family then isolating Nima.

Scrypts causes a distraction on the outside though which allows OTM to take advantage with Price choking out Stacks as he & Nima then run and deliver forearms at the same time.

Stacks tries to fight out of OTM’s corner and while he almost reaches D’Angelo but Price pulls him back and sends him to the floor as Scrypts attacks him once again.

OTM looks for a double team but Stacks turns things around and D’Angelo comes in to clean house as Price gets dropped on his head while Nima then gets thrown across the ring as well.

D’Angelo tries to keep up the attack but gets slapped by Parker which leads to Rizzo charging in and sending her opponent out of the ring.

D’Angelo then launches Stacks over the top turnbuckle to hit their opponents and Rizzo then hits a big diving crossbody from the top rope to the floor to keep up the attack.

Scrypts tries to get involved again but he eats a clothesline while D’Angelo then goes on to hit Price with Forget About It for the win.

Winners: The Family (10:11)
Rate: 5

Women’s Title Triple Threat Match
Lyra Valkyria (c) vs. Roxanne Perez vs. Lola Vice

This is Vice’s Breakout Tournament Cash In.

Lyra Valkyria & Roxanne Perez exchange pinfall attempts to start the match but neither can get the 3 count then they continue to trade reversals.

Perez picks up the pace as Valkyria heads out of the ring and she catches with a forearm as Perez tries to dive outside the ring.

Valkryia follows that with a dropkick but inside the ring Perez gets on top with a Thesz press as she then attacks Valkyria in the corner of the ring.

She hits a forearm strike and then a Russian leg sweep before a springboard moonsault which results in a near fall.

Valkyria responds well by hooking the leg of Perez before hitting a German suplex before they head to the top turnbuckle with Perez coming out on top.

She sends Valkyria flying from the top turnbuckle and then hits Pop Rocks but Lola Vice then comes down to the ring with her Breakout Tournament contract and she cashes it in and turns this into a Triple Threat.

Vice catches Valkyria with a kick but Perez then gets a roll up only for Vice to respond with one of her own.

She then catches Perez with a choke hold as she starts fading in the middle of the ring but Perez bounces off the turnbuckles into a pinfall attempt to get out.

Vice nails a big kick to the face and then a triangle choke but Valkyria returns to the ring and breaks that up with a splash from the top rope but Perez breaks up the pinfall attempt.

Vice unleashes a flurry of kicks to each opponent as they sit in the corner which leads to Vice hitting hip attacks to each.

She tries again on Perez but she avoids it and she hits a Russian leg sweep/DDT combo to take down Valkyria & Vice.

Perez picks up the pace with a dive outside to each woman as she then heads to the top rope and hits a crossbody but Valkyria rolls through and hits Night Wish then a cover.

Vice breaks it up then almost steals the pinfall but Valkyria breaks it up. Vice then catches Valkyria with an elbow before trying to lock in the armbar, which Valkyria gets out of.

Perez then hits Pop Rocks to Valkyria but Tatum Paxley tries to come into the ring and accidentally takes out Perez so Valkyria drills Vice to the mat with Night Wish for the win.

Winner & Still Women’s Champion: Lyra Valkyria (13:30) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 7

North American Title Match
Oba Femi (c) vs. Dragon Lee

Dragon Lee attacks Oba Femi instantly sending Femi outside the ring before connecting with a suicide dive.

Femi instantly drops him onto the ring apron then slams Lee into the steel stairs.

He picks up Lee but he gets back into the ring and then hits a dropkick as Femi tries to get back into the ring.

Lee follows up with a sharp kick and then attempts a diving crossbody but gets caught.

Lee fights out of that though by kicking Femi into the turnbuckles as he then hits a stomp which Femi kicks out from.

Femi then just plants Lee to the mat and slowly starts picking away at Femi with kicks as he isolates Lee in the corner before launching him across the ring.

Lee then tries to slap the chest of Femi but that just angers Femi as he charges him over the top rope.

Lee beats the 10 count but is instantly hit with several backbreakers but he kicks out to keep himself alive in this match.

Lee then wraps himself around Femi to lock in a submission which takes Femi down to one knee but he powers out and then breaks the count by getting to the top rope with his teeth.

Lee keeps up the attack with an enziguri and a tornado DDT which is followed by a jumping knee but Femi kicks out.

Lee hits a powerbomb but that’s not enough to get the win then hits a knee strike on the apron but as he runs to try and jump into Femi he gets swatted in mid air by Femi.

Femi tries to slam Lee through the announce table but that is countered with a DDT on the floor.

Lee tries to get back into the ring Femi grabs his foot then launches him into the commentary chair.

Lee keeps fighting by reversing inside the ring to get a roll up but Femi kicks out then just runs through Lee.

He throws him across the ring and then pops him up for a Powerbomb for the win.

Winner & Still North American Champion: Oba Femi (10:56) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 6

NXT Title Match
Ilja Dragunov (c) vs Trick Williams

Ilja Dragunov comes out of the gate hot but he gets caught by Trick Williams but he misses with a dropkick but he quickly gets back on track then catches Dragunov with one which busts him open but Dragunov responds with a kick of his own and then lariat.

Dragunov slowly picks away at Williams with some chops in the corner and then some running boots.

Dragunov connects with a few German suplexes as he slows the pace down before hitting another running boot to send Williams outside the ring before another German suplex this time on the floor.

Dragunov follows it by planting Williams onto the ring apron with a Death Valley Driver as he takes firm control.

Williams scrambles back into the ring only to be hit with a missile dropkick from the top turnbuckle then a big clothesline but Williams kicks out of the pinfall attempt.

Williams remains defiant with a slap to Dragunov but that angers Dragunov and they then trade forearms and big boots.

Dragunov catches Williams’s leg and then just powerbombs him down to the mat but Williams responds with a kick to the face then a Codebreaker.

Williams fires up with more punches and kicks as he gets the fans behind him before he drops Dragunov with a clothesline.

Dragunov hits a few chops but a big right hand from Williams sends Dragunov over the top rope to the floor but Dragunov then drives him into the ring apron.

They fight on the apron as Williams drives Dragunov to the floor with a Book End but Dragunov responds with a knee strike.

Carmelo Hayes then gets into Dragunov’s face but he then gets hit with a forearm which sends Hayes into Williams clipping his knee by accident.

Inside the ring Williams catches Dragunov with a neckbreaker then drives down his elbow but his knee then gives up on him which allows Dragunov to hit a powerbomb then H Bomb.

He heads to the top rope to hit another H Bomb but Williams kicks out.

Williams then connects with a huge boot but Dragunov kicks out just in time.

Hayes then argues with the official but as Williams tries to attack Dragunov but he ducks it and Williams sends the official into Hayes as they both topple down.

Williams connects with Trick Knee but with no official it doesn’t get counted and as one official comes down it is too late and Dragunov kicks out.

Dragunov responds with a driving knee then another H Bomb. Dragunov goes to the top rope again but Williams gets his knees up.

They then charge into each other in the middle of the ring with Dragunov coming out on top with Torpedo Moscow for the win.

Winner & Still NXT Champion: Ilja Dragunov (17:58) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 9 (Recommend)

After the match Hayes chats with Williams but then attacks his knee from behind with a chop block. Hayes gets out a chair and starts attacking the injured area with a series of shots as he then sits on it and talks trash to Williams then leaves.