WWE Old School Raw Results – January 6, 2014

WWE Old School Raw Results – January 6, 2014

The show opens up with Ric Flair making his way to the ring! Flair welcomes us to Old School Raw. Flair says that when he heard that Old School Raw was happening tonight, he knew he would be here. Randy Orton’s music hits. Randy and Flair hug in the ring, and Orton grabs a mic. Randy says that he has the utmost respect for Ric, and that he can not thank him enough for putting him under Ric’s wing. Randy says tonight is not only about the Legends, but it is also about him. He then asks Ric to leave since he has something on his chest.

Randy says that he is facing Cena at Royal Rumble, and that the Authority didn’t tell him about the match when it was made. He says that he beat Cena within an inch of his life at TLC and asks the Authority to reverse their decision. Ric says that the World champion doesn’t take days off and that if he wants to be the man he should face “the man”. Orton says that someone always has had his back and that Ric is the most overrated superstar of all time. He warns Ric to leave now or he will hurt him. Ric says that him and Triple H handpicked him because he had all the potential but he also had immaturity. Ric questions if he is really a man and Orton says he will show him. Cena comes down to the ring.

Cena says Orton has sunk to a new low. Instead of settling his problem with him or the Authority, he tries to pick a fight with Flair. Cena says that he has no resume close to Ric and if he wants to fight, then he should fight him. Orton leaves with Cena and Flair in the ring. Orton raises his titles as Cena and Flair celebrate in the ring.

We are shown a video package of Daniel Bryan joining the Wyatt Family. We are told Bryan, Harper, and Rowan will face The Uso’s and Rey Mysterio after the commercial break.

The Uso’s and Rey Mysterio vs The Wyatt Family

Harper and Jimmy Uso start this match off. Harper takes the early momentum, but Jimmy fights back with a right hand. Daniel Bryan is tagged in, with Jimmy tagging in Rey. Bryan starts off with aggressive knees to Rey, but Rey throws Daniel to the outside as we cut to commercial. We return with Rowan in control over Jey. Uso tries to fight back but Rowan hits a fallaway slam and tags in Bryan. Bryan hits multiple kicks with the crowd still firmly behind him. Rowan is tagged back in and continues the beating on Jey. Jey however hits a big superkick and tags in Rey. Rey begins his comeback on Rowan, and follows it with a 619. Jimmy is tagged in and goes for the splash but misses. Bryan tags himself in but Harper then tags himself in. Jimmy rolls up Harper for the win!

Winners: The Uso’s and Rey Mysterio

The Wyatt’s try to attack after the match but the faces escape. The Shield will be on Pipers Pit and CM Punk will face Roman Reigns tonight. We head to commercial break.

We return and are told that Batista is officially been entered into the Royal Rumble match.  We are shown a replay of Sandow winning last week, with Great Khali’s shoulders being up. We go backstage and are told that there will be a rematch with a special referee. The choices for the fans are Bob Backlund, Sargent Slaughter and Arn Anderson. Kane comes in and threatens Brad Maddox for talking behind his back last week, and if he wants Kane to get fired, he will return as the monster and destroy him.

Big E is making his way to the ring from the back and runs into numerous legends, including Ted Dibiase. We go to commercial as Big E is in action next.

Ryback is at ringside for the next contest.

Big E Langston vs Curtis Axel

Axel starts off in control, keeping Big E grounded. Big E tries to fight back but Axel hits a dropkick. Big E falls to the outside and Axel follows. Big E gains control and throws Axel into the ring. Big E is distracted by Ryback but still hits a clothesline on Axel. Big E hits the Big Ending for the 3 count.

Winner: Big E Langston

Big E celebrates and stares down Ryback from the ring. We are shown Roddy Piper in the back as Pipers Pit with The Shield is up next.

We return from commercial with Roddy Piper making his way to the ring for Pipers Pit. Piper says this is Old School Raw and that he was Old School before Old School was cool. The Shield interrupt and make their way down to the ring. Ambrose grabs a mic and asks who gave Piper a live microphone. Ambrose says that Piper should be lucky they weren’t their in his prime because he wouldn’t make it to “112” years old. Piper grabs a mic and says that he took the mic, no one gave it too him. Piper says the only person who can match him on the mic is CM Punk. Rollins breaks them up and says that Piper is jealous that Ambrose is a better U.S champion.

Piper says that Ambrose and Rollins can’t beat Punk, but then says to Roman that if he can, it has to make him better than them. Reigns says to Piper that he will beat CM Punk and that if Piper touches him again he will break him in half. The Shield are about to attack Piper but Punk and The New Age Outlaws make the save! The faces stand tall as the Shield retreat!

We are shown a video package of Brock Lesnar’s return last week on Raw. We head to commercial as we are told Brock Lesnar will be here tonight.

Sin Cara vs Alberto Del Rio

Sin Cara starts off with a couple of roll ups that lead to consecutive 2 counts. Sin Cara continues to try and shake Del Rio off his game but Del Rio begins to keep Sin Cara grounded. Del Rio puts Cara in a headlock and continues to beat him down. Sin Cara gets some offense with a springboard elbow and a hurricanrana. Sin Cara goes for the Senton but misses and gets a kick to the head by Del Rio. Del Rio goes for the cover and gets the 3 count.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio grabs the microphone and says that they should be talking about him when they think Royal Rumble, and not Batista. Del Rio says that he will throw Batista over the top rope, and will win the Royal Rumble match. He promises everyone will talk about Del Rio after the Royal Rumble is over. We go to commercial break.

We return and are told that Jerry Lawler is doing fine now and is in the back with the other legends enjoying the show. We go to the back with Bryan with Harper and Rowan. Bryan says that he wants to contribute and that he has been a tag team champion with a monster. He says he wants to tag with Harper or Rowan next week, but Bray says he will tag with him.

The Real Americans vs The Brotherhood

Goldust and Swagger are starting the match off. Goldust takes control early and Swagger tags in Cesaro. Goldust keeps the advantage and tags in Cody. Cody tries to work the arm but Cesaro throws him over the ropes. Cody hangs on and gets in the ring and hits a clothesline. Goldust is tagged in but is taken down by Cesaro. Swagger is tagged back in and beats down Goldust in the corner. Cesaro is tagged back in and puts a headlock on Goldust. Swagger is tagged in and hits a big elbow on Goldust. Cesaro is tagged back in and puts Goldust in another headlock.

Goldust fights out with a big boot and hits a hurricanrana. Cody is tagged in and hits a missile dropkick for a 2 count. Cody hits a rollup on Cesaro for a 2 count and then hits a disaster kick on Swagger. Cesaro takes advantage of the distraction with an uppercut. The Real Americans are in control as we go to commercial.

We return with Swagger in control over Cody. Swagger hits a scoop slam and a Swagger Bomb. Cesaro is tagged in and hits the leapfrog footstomp. Swagger is tagged back in and continues to isolate Cody. Cesaro is tagged in but Cody throws him to the outside. Cody tries to tag in Goldust but Cesaro knocks Goldust off the apron. Cesaro tags in Swagger and locks in the ankle lock. Cody holds on for a long time until Goldust breaks it up. Cody makes the tag and Goldust begins his comeback. Goldust hits a double cross body and hits Swagger with a powerslam. Swagger tries to roll up Goldust but only gets 2. Goldust hits the Final Cut for the 3 count.

Winners: The Brotherhood

We go backstage with DDP and Booker T. DDP says that Booker should do DDP Yoga but Booker says he doesn’t need it. Booker tries to stretch but he has trouble doing it. DDP tries to help and Ron Simmons comes in and says “DAMN”.

Damien Sandow vs The Great Khali w/ Special Referee Sgt. Slaughter

Sandow starts with some punches but Khali takes control with kicks in the corner. Khali hits a chop in the corner, and does the same on the opposite side of the ring. Sandow retorts with multiple kicks, and begins to argue with Slaughter. Khali hits a big boot and a couple of clotheslines, and follows it with a chop to the head. Sandows foot was on the rope and Khali gets the 3 count.

Winner: The Great Khali

Sandow argues with the Sgt. Slaughter and is put in the cobra clutch. We go to the back with Brock Lesnar making his way to the ring. We go to to commercial break.

We return with Brock Lesnar making his way to the ring. Paul Heyman grabs a mic and says that Old School to Brock Lesnar does not mean giving these Legends there last “hoorah”. Brock Lesnars idea of Old School is when there is one man who reigns supreme. Paul Heyman says Bruno Sammartino reigned supreme, Hulk Hogan reigned supreme, Stone Cold reigned supreme, and that everyone wanted a piece of “the man”. Paul Heyman says one man will reign supreme after the Royal Rumble, and it will be Brock Lesnar.

Paul says no one in any sport can say they are greater than Brock Lesnar. Brock proved this when he destroyed Mark Henry last week. Paul says anyone who walks down that ramp to face Brock Lesnar, will always be a loser. Mark Henrys music hits and makes his way to the ring. Brock and Mark begin to brawl in the ring! Brock puts Mark Henry in the Kimura Lock and breaks his arm!

Brock makes his way to the ring and Big Shows music hits! Big Show gets in the ring and Brock Lesnar retreats. Big Show stands tall in the middle of the ring as Brock and Heyman walk away. Brock gets back in the ring with a Heyman distraction but Big Show manhandles him! Brock walks away for good as Big Show stands tall.

We are shown a replay of Flair, Orton, and Cena’s segment from earlier in the night. We head to commercial.

We return with a replay of Brock Lesnar breaking Mark Henry’s arm, and Big Show taking out Lesnar.

The Bella Twins vs Alicia Fox and Aksana

Alicia and Nikki start off the match, with Nikki taking control. Nikki hits a knee to the face and a monkey flip from the corner. Alicia throws Nikki to the outside and injuring Nikki’s leg in the process. Alicia begins to work the leg and tags in Aksana. Aksana hits kicks to the leg and some knees to the head. Aksana continues to work the leg in the middle of the ring.

Nikki fights back and tags in Brie. Brie starts her comeback and hits a knee to the head. Brie goes to the top rope and misses a missile dropkick. Aksana covers her for the 3 count.

Winners: Aksana and Alicia Fox

Too Cool is backstage and they are in action after the commercial break!

Too Cool vs 3MB

Sexay and Mahal start the match, with Mahal hitting knees in the corner. Sexay hits a missile dropkick and a running bulldog. Scotty is tagged in and hits a double elbow drop. Mahal brings Scotty into his corner and tags in Drew. Scotty hits a bulldog and gets ready to do the worm and he hits it! Scotty is distracted and Drew hits  a giant kick and continues the beat down. Drew hits a suplex but Scotty fights back. Scotty tags in Rikishi and Mahal is tagged in. Rikishi begins to clean house and double clothesline Drew and Mahal. Rikishi sits on Mahal and gets the 3 count for the win.

Winner: Too Cool

Too Cool celebrate after the match. We are reminded that Roman Reigns vs CM Punk is the main event for tonight’s Old School Raw.

We return and our told The Usos will face Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt. Justin Roberts introduces all of the legends one more time to the crowd. Bad News Barrett interrupts all of the legends. Barrett says he has some bad news; these attempts that the legends have at trying to have one final hoorah is pathetic and that him and everyone else will forget their names. Roman Reigns vs CM Punk is up next.

We return and are told that Big E Langston and Randy Orton will face off on Smackdown. Mean Gene comes out and introduce the New Age Outlaws. They introduce CM Punk.

CM Punk vs Roman Reigns

CM Punk and Reigns lock up, with Reigns pushing Punk to the ground. Punk and Reign lock up with Punk hitting a snapmare and headlock. Reigns gets out and hits a big shoulder block on Punk. We cut to commercial break. We return with Reigns beating Punk down on the apron. Punk fights back but Reigns throws him into the ring post. Reigns tries to win by countout, but Punk gets in at 7.

Reigns continues the beat down on Punk in the ring, working on the midsection. Punk fights back with some elbows but can not escape the grip of Reigns. Reigns hits a suplex and continues to beat down Punk in the ring. Reigns continues to hit Punk with multiple shots to the head, and follows them all with a giant elbow. Reigns begins to choke Punk while holding the rope, and lets go at five. Punk however fights back and hits a cross body from the top rope.

Reigns however locks Punk into a bear hug. Punk fights out with multiple elbows but runs right into a Samoan drop for a two count. Reigns goes for the Superman punch but misses. Punk begins his comeback and follows it with his running knee to the corner. Punk goes for the cover and gets a 2. Punk does it again and gets another 2. Punk goes up top for the elbow but Reigns hits him. Reigns goes up top and goes for the superplex but Punk holds on. Punk knocks Reigns off and hits the elbow drop.

Punk takes Rollins out on the outside and goes for a springboard on Reigns but is caught with a Superman punch. Reigns gets a 2 count and goes for the spear and is rolled up by Punk for a 2 count. Punk catches Reigns with a kick but only gets a 2. Punk goes for the GTS but can’t connect, and hits a running knee. Punk is distracted by Ambrose and is hit with a spear for a 3 count!

Winner: Roman Reigns

The Shield celebrate until Jake The Snake Roberts Music hits! The Shield is taken out by Punk and the Outlaws and Jake puts the Snake on Ambrose to close out Old School Raw!