WWE Personality Talks About Being Disappointed With Big E’s Main Event Push

During an appearance on the Throwing Down w/ Renee & Miesha podcast, WWE personality Peter Rosenberg talked about Big E’s main event push:

“When he won the title, and I told him this the other day, I admitted this to him, ‘I was in this awkward position of when you won the title, everyone was so hyped up, and I didn’t like the way you got it. I didn’t think it made sense. I thought it was really rushed.’ They were just one night like, ‘Big E is cashing in tonight.’ It was promoted and here’s the time. They literally ran a commercial break between him cashing in and the match. Can you do any more to suspend any sort of disbelief about what the cash in is?”

“The funny thing is, all these ‘smart wrestling fans’, they’re all like, ‘We know wrestling so well’, but when someone wins a title, they think that’s the only thing that matters. But how they get the title, and what happens once they have the title, is more important for their long term story. As you saw with the way Big E was tossed from The Rumble, they obviously at this moment don’t have any real plans. That’s how it felt to me.”

It was recently noted that people within WWE were “really upset” about Big E losing his main event push.