WWE Planning Double Turn?, ‘Broken’ Gimmick Update, UK PPV Rumor Killer

– WWE reportedly tested a double turn with Rusev and Tye Dillinger at a recent WWE live event in Raleigh, NC where Rusev worked the match as a babyface and Dillinger worked as a heel. The belief is that fans want to cheer for Rusev and a face turn would be a natural move. As for Dillinger, WWE is apparently toning down the “10” chants due to the fear that fans will chant it constantly like the “what” chants. The idea is that without the “10” chants to get him over, Dillinger’s character would be better off as a heel.

– Regarding the fight for the “Broken” gimmick, Matt Hardy is reportedly still fighting for the rights as he submitted new information to the USPTO with the help of an IP lawyer based in Nashville. The new information includes a poster featuring him as the “Broken” character for a CWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling show during his Expedition of Gold tour.

– There was a rumor going around that WWE was planning a PPV in Glasgow, Scotland for the next UK tour. This is not the case as it was simply meant to be a joke that some people ended up taking seriously.