WWE Producer Jason Jordan Issues Statement Regarding George Floyd’s Death

WWE Producer Jason Jordan issued a statement on Twitter regarding the death of George Floyd and the ongoing protests:

“I have stayed off of social media for quite some time, but I can’t watch what is going on in the world and not say anything. I have had a rush of various emotions after seeing what has happened to George Floyd and our nation’s response to the tragic incident. I feel so much sadness and anger that another black man’s life has been unnecessarily taken by the very people whose job it is to protect ALL lives. I am also sad to see the negativity projected onto the officers that have and will continue to protect us. I am fearful for the state of our nation which I will be bringing my daughter into soon. I worry for her safety and the situations in which she will be exposed.

I love that as a human race we hove come so far in many ways but I hate that we have allowed history to repeat itself time and time again without reaching equality for all races and genders. It warmed my heart to see protestors coming together to stand up for justice and the common goal of our notion progressing towards viewing all humans as ONE race and having equality for all within it. Unfortunately, that feeling has now been clouded with sadness as violence has broken out in the some protests. A premise in which the protests were started is now being overshadowed and contradicted as innocent people and businesses are being harmed and burnt to the ground. I too feel the pain and sadness that is being conveyed in hopes to see the system change; however, I know we con find a better way to seek justice other than resorting to violence against the human race we are trying to unite! I truly believe we will find away to elevate our notion through love and empathy for all!”