WWE Questions Fans On Kane & His Mask, WWE Trivia Segment On RAW

– WWE’s website has a new poll asking fans if Kane should go back to wearing a mask. With over 13,000 votes, 90% have voted for The Big Red Monster to bring his mask bask.

– Little Caesar’s Pizza is now sponsoring a weekly WWE Trivia segment on RAW. Before RAW went to a commercial tonight, they asked this question, Which WWE Legend is also a cousin to the Hart family – Roddy Piper, Hulk Hogan or Pat Patterson. They came back from commercial and the announcers revealed the answer – Piper.

  • The Mike (a.k.a Mikael)

    Kane should have one last main event run against Rollins leading to Payback in a mask. He deserves it and after over 20 years dedicated to WWE. He’d make a great trainer for the kids down in NXT

    • AH12345

      Good idea, Although I’d have Kane then have one more feud after Rollins, In order for him to go out with a win.

    • Yusei Asakura

      As far as Matches I wouldn’t say that’d be his last.

      Kane probably has a hell of a lot of gas in the tank considering He’s just being a Goon right now. But honestly IF he goes back to Masked Kane ..I’d have him still with the Authority ..and Let “kane” bring back Brock Lesnar .. not only to get back at Seth …but you know to also set a “personal” score.

      • The Mike (a.k.a Mikael)

        Well,I did say One last Main Event Run not one last run

  • Arvind

    Anyone else been seeing that Kane looks a lot more jacked up in recent weeks? I haven’t seen him that size since he was World Champ.

    • Ice Trey

      Yeah I noticed he was looking really good. Better than he has in years

  • RReigns15 #OneVsALL JoJo <3

    “Bring his mask bask”….. no comment!

  • Yusei Asakura

    Masked kane in a suit sounds awesome

  • Xx_Deadpool_xX

    Anyone who didn’t know piper was related to the harts ain’t a real fan and probably thinks he is from Scotland ….

  • Boss

    Yeah, lets do what was done a dozen times before and just keep repeating ourselves cause we can’t come up with something original. If Kane puts the mask on (again) then this has to be his FINAL RUN. He’s had a AMAZING Career that has lasted alot longer then anyone expected. But there’s nothing more for him to do than be a jobber. He deserves to go out better than that. I’m cool with a Kane vs Seth Rollins match. Title vs Career in the main event would be a helluva way to go out on.

  • soumik ray

    it doesn’t matter if he wears the mask back or not….wwe has killed his mysterious crazy scary monster persona….now he is not a unpinnable monster anymore…he’s a kid hugging corporate jobber now…