WWE Raw House Show Results (11/07/10) – Nottingham, England

PWMania reader RK Williams sent in the following report:

I attended the Nottingham stop on the Raw World Tour last night with my four friends. The show was exactly the same as the other Raw shows that have taken place before on this tour. The event did not last long at all, only 2.5 hours however it was a lot of fun.

– R-Truth b. Alex Riley. Truth entered with his “What’s Up” theme. The crowd were really into it.

– Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov b. The Usos. Before the match the RAW GM emailed Justin Roberts to inform him that before the bout there would be a dance-off. Only Santino/Kozlov danced, the Usos attacked afterwards. Santino delivered a double Cobra to get the win.

– Ezekiel Jackson b. Zack Ryder. The match was a squash and exactly mirrored their match on RAW recently.

– Goldust b. Ted DiBiase. This was a good, solid bout.

– Daniel Bryan b. William Regal to retain the United States Title. This was a very old-school WRESTLING match, full of chain wrestling and fore-arms. After the match, William Regal said that in 27 years of wrestling, Daniel Bryan is the best wrestler he’s ever faceb. Frankly the crowd did not “get” the match and were unfamiliar with Daniel Bryan, such a shame. Towards the end of the match, Bryan played the role of the heel, taunting the crowd somewhat etc.

– Randy Orton b. Wade Barrett to retain the WWE Championship. Once the referee was down, Barrett ordered for John Cena to come and referee this match which he dib. Barrett wanted Cena to hit Orton with a chair but Cena refuseb. Whilst Cena’s back was turned, Orton nailed Wade with the belt for the three count. Before the bout, Wade spoke about how the boos that he was getting were hardly a hero’s welcome. He said that you’re either Nexus or against us.

– Eve & the Bellas b. Maryse, Tamina & Alicia Fox.

– Sheamus b. John Morrison in an entertaining and very good match.

– John Cena b. The Miz w/ Alex Riley. We had everything, from the MITB briefcase to both sets of steel stairs being useb. Before the match, Riley told the story of how he works for the Miz and what he actually does. The match was typical WWE booking with Miz looking amazing and then Cena coming alive in the final five minutes to deliver the AA.

Biggest Pops:
– John Cena
– Randy Orton
– John Morrison
– Santino/Kozlov

Biggest Heat:
– Wade Barrett
– The Miz
– Sheamus
– Daniel Bryan (mid-match)

WWE returns to the Trent FM Arena on the 17th of April with the WrestleMania Revenge Tour.