WWE RAW Results – August 8, 2022

WWE RAW Results – August 8, 2022

Kicking off this weeks Raw with a recap of the return of Bayley, Iyo Sky & Dakota Kai at Summerslam last Saturday and their attack on Becky Lynch last week on Raw.

Dakota Kai, Iyo Sky & Bayley come to the ring. Bayley says ding dong and asks fans why they aren’t happy to see her since they’re happy to see them. She says that the fans need them. She says they are there to shake up the women’s division and says that fans couldn’t have possibly enjoyed watching Becky Lynch dress up weekly and seeing Bianca BelAir as Raw Women’s Champion. They said that’s why they had to make a statement and to light a fire under the women’s division. She asks why she was the one who saw potential in Kai & Sky and asks how she was the only one to see it.

Alexa Bliss & Asuka’s music hits and they come to the ring. Raw Women`s Champion Bianca BelAir follows them and they all head to the ring.

Bliss tells them not to get to ahead of themselves as the crowd cheers Belair on. She says they aren’t winning the Women’s Tag Team Title tournament because they will have to face Alexa Bliss & Asuka. She says they will beat the hell out of them. BelAir says she is hungry and says the 3 of them have no problem dealing with them. Bayley agrees to have a 6 woman tag team match, but not in Cleveland. She challenges them for a match at Clash At The Castle and BelAir accepts.

BelAir, Bliss & Asuka attack Bayley, Sky & Kai. BelAir & Bayley go into the crowd as officials try to break them up. The other women follow Bayley & BelAir into the crowd as Bliss delivers a crossbody off the barricade.

Seth Rollins vs. Angelo Dawkins

Seth Rollins & Angelo Dawkins lock up. Rollins deliver a kick to Dawkins’ midsection, followed by a dropkick. Dawkins delivers a flying shoulder as Rollins rolls to the outside. Dawkins comes out of nowhere and pushes Rollins over the commentary desk.

After the break, Dawkins has the upper hand and delivers a forearm. Rollins sends him into the middle turnbuckle. Rollins provokes Montez Ford and Ford grabs a chair. He gets into the ring and looks to fight Rollins before the referee sends him to the back. Dawkins sends him to the outside and he goes flying over the top rope. Dawkins delivers a Fallaway Slam, followed by a Silencer. He goes for a pin, but Rollins kicks out. Dawkins sends Rollins to the mat with a powerbomb, then goes for a pin but Rollins kicks out. Rollins sends Dawkins into the steel steps, then hits the Pedigree for the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins 

After the match, Rollins delivers a Curb Stomp to Dawkins. Ford makes the save.

We then head to a video of the feud between Edge, Judgment Day and the events of last week’s Raw.

We head backstage to The Mysterios then Edge walks in and says they have Rey’s back in his match tonight. He apologizes to Dominik & Dominik pushes him. Rey breaks it up and Dominik says he can’t believe Rey is taking his side.

After the break, Kevin Patrick is standing by with The Miz & Tommaso Ciampa. Miz says there is nothing good about a guy that sides with a celebrity hack like Logan Paul. Ciampa says that Harley Race, the first ever United States Champion, believed in him and he’s dedicating his match and gear to Race. Ciampa says it will be his moment and says Lashley will feel his sacrifice. He says he will feel his pain.

Ezekiel vs. Kevin Owens

The bell rings and Owens wastes no time going after Ezekiel. He delivers some kicks, then sends him into the ring post and the commentary desk. Owens delivers a pop up power bomb to Ezekiel into the apron. The referee checks on Ezekiel and calls medical personnel come to the ring with a stretcher as Owens stands in the ring and laughs as we head to a break.

Winner: No One (Match Never Got Started)

After the commerical break we see Ezekiel being rolled away from ringside on a stretcher.

Judgment Day then comes to the ring.

Finn Balor says Edge & Rey Mysterio think they should fear them. They say they can’t even get on the same page. He says fear isn’t real and is a product of the imagination. He says Rey will find out he is danger. Damian Priest says he wants to lay Edge out. He challenges Edge to a match in two weeks in Edge’s hometown of Toronto Ontario Canada. Priest says that while Edge started Judgment Day, he will end him in front of his family and friends.

Backstage, we head to Rey & Edge. Rey says he can’t find Dominik and he’ll come to his senses.

Rey Mysterio vs. Finn Balor

Finn Balor delivers a kick to Rey Mysterio’s midsection. Balor delivers some forearms, but Rey whips Balor into the corner. Rey sends Balor into the top turnbuckle face first, but Rey delivers. a hurricanrana to Balor. He rolls to the outside and Rey takes him down with a senton. Rey tosses Balor back into the ring, then knocks him to the mat. He delivers a hurricanrana to Balor, then looks for a cross body off the ropes but Balor ducks out of the way. Balor stomps on Rey, followed by a reverse DDT. He goes for a pin, but Rey kicks out. Balor hits a pair of duplexes and goes for a third one, but Rey reverses it into one of his own. Rey delivers a clothesline, followed by a dropkick to Balor’s forehead. He goes for a pin, but Balor kicks out. Rey delivers a couple right hands to Balor’s head, then sends Balor straight into the match. He goes for a pin, but Balor kicks out. He kicks Balor into the ropes, then looks for the 619 but Rey accidentally hits Priest after he pushes Balor into the the ring post.

Back from the break, Balor has the upper hand as the two men teeter on the top rope. Rey escapes pulls Balor down, sending him to the outside. He sends Balor into the barricade before tossing him back in and delivering a kick to his head. Balor is sent into the referee and knocks him down. Priest knocks Rey off the apron before Edge’s music hits and he takes him out through the crowd. Rey delivers a Code Red to Balor, then goes for a pin but Balor kicks out. The two men exchange forearms before Rey sends Balor into the ropes. Balor delivers a clothesline to Rey, then kicks him into the corner. He looks for the Coup De Grace, but Rey sends him into the ropes. Rhea Ripley appears at the top of the ramp, dragging Dominik out as he bleed from his forehead. Balor takes advantage, delivering a 1916 followed by the Coup De Grace for the win.

Winner: Finn Balor 

After the match Rhea Ripley & Balor stand tall over Dominik.

Backstage, Sarah Schriber is standing by with 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke & Tamina. Brooke says she’s defended her 24/7 Title a lot and they will beat Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky. Bayley, Sky & Kai walk in and she says Brooke doesn’t know what it takes to be a Women’s Tag Team Champion but she does because she was one half of the first ever Women’s Tag Team Champions. Tamina says she does and she’s not afraid to take them all on. Kai says they’ll see them soon as the trio walk off.

Quarter Final Match Of The Women’s Tag Team Title Tournament
24/7 Champion Dana Brooke & Tamina vs. Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky

Dakota Kai & Dana Brooke starts this match off. Brooke delivers an armdrag to Kai. Brooke tags in Tamina and she slaps Kai. Tamina delivers a suplex to Kai that sends her to the outside and tags in Brooke. Brooke delivers a crossbody off the top ropes.

Back from the break, Kai has the upper hand and has Brooke in a shoulder submission. Brooke escapes and Sky tags in. Sky delivers a double kick to Brooke’s face, then goes for a pin but Brooke kicks out. Sky delivers several kicks to Brooke in the corner, followed by the double knees to her chest. She goes for a pin but Brooke kicks out. Brooke manages to powerbomb Kai before Kai tags in Iyo Sky. Sky heads to Tamina & Brooke’s corner where Brooke manages to tag in Tamina. Tamina beats down Sky with right hands and kicks. She hits a superkick, followed by a Samoan Drop. She goes for a pin, but Kai breaks it up. Tamina & Sky climb to the top turnbuckle. Kai makes the blind tag and hits Tamina with a Scorpion Kick. Sky tags back in and hits the moonsault for the win.

Winners & Advances To The Semi Finals: Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky 

We head backstage to Bobby Lashley getting ready for his United States Title match.

After the break, we get a replay of the match between Kevin Owens & Ezekiel earlier tonight.

We head backstage to Kevin Patrick running up on Owens as he’s leaving the arena. He asks Owens why he attacked Ezekiel and he says that he wanted to prove Ezekiel isn’t who he says he is. He says he wanted to remind everyone of who he was and says Raw is the Kevin Owens Show.

We then cut to a video of the events from earlier between the Judgment Day & The Mysterio’s.

We head to the Doctors room where Dominik being checked on by a doctor.

We head to a video spotlighting the Legacy of the United States Title.

United States Title Match
Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Tommado Ciampa goes straight to work on Bobby Lashley, reigning down right hands. Lashley delivers a shoulder tackle to Ciampa, followed by a vertical suplex. He fires down right hands in the corner before Lashley delivers a back elbow. He gets Ciampa on his shoulder, but he deliver a chop block followed by a kick. Ciampa delivers a couple chops before Lashley fires back with a back elbow. Lashley sends Ciampa out of the ring, then gets him up on his shoulders. Lashley throws Ciampa into The Miz that sends us to a commercial break.

After the break Ciampa has the upper hand and kicks Lashley to the mat. Ciampa locks in a chin lock, but Lashley escapes. Lashley delivers a shoulder block to Ciampa, followed by a forearm and a shoulder in the corner to Ciampa’s midsection. Ciampa delivers a pump kick to Lashley’s face, but Lashley drops him to the mat. Ciampa manages to hit a reverse DDT, then goes for a pin but Lashley kicks out. The two men exchange forearms before Ciampa hits a DDT. He goes for another pin, but Lashley kicks out.

Lashley deliver a Spear to Ciampa, then goes for a pin but The Miz gets Ciampa’s foot on the ropes. AJ Styles comes out of nowhere and delivers a forearm to The Miz before chasing him out of the ring. Ciampa takes advantage and rolls up Lashley, but Lashley kicks out. Ciampa exposes the turn buckle before Ciampa sends him into the exposed turnbuckle. He sends him into the ring post, then delivers a knee. He goes for the pin, but Lashley kicks out. Ciampa looks for the Fairy Tale Ending, but Lashley gets him up on his shoulders. Ciampa escapes and locks in the Silent Muffler. Lashley escapes and Ciampa sends him out of the ring. Ciampa hits Willow’s Bell, then goes for a pin but Lashley kicks out. Lashley sends Ciampa to the mat, then locks in the Hurt Lock for the submission win.

Winner By Submission & Still United States Champion: Bobby Lashley (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)

Back from break, we see AJ Styles & The Miz brawling backstage with one another. Commentary announce that a No Disqualification match between the two has been made official.

2 On 1 Handicap Match
Spencer Slade & Andrea Guercio vs. Omos

Omos sends them both to the mat. He sends them both into a corner before he gets Guercio up on his shoulders and slams him into the mat. He sends him across the ring before delivering a splash to both men in the corner. He sends Guercio into the corner and delivers a boot to Slade. He pins Guercio for the win.

Winner: Omos

Commentary announce an exclusive interview with Matt Riddle next week.

We head backstage to Kevin Patrick where he is with Seth Rollins. Patrick asks Rollins for his thoughts on Riddle’s interview next week and Rollins says he’s done with Riddle. Rollins says he will say Bro, dude, cool, Randy and says he is the gatekeeper of the wrestling industry. He says that Riddle flushes his potential down the toilet and says if fans don’t believe him then he should ask Dana White. He says that if Riddle has something to say next week, then he does too.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Chad Gable

Match starts off with a lock up. Ziggler & Gable push one another before they wrestle around the ring. Gable looks for a move, but Ziggler hits a Sunset Flip. Gable delivers a German suplex to Ziggler, then sends him into the corner. He delivers a series of kicks to Ziggler’s midsection before delivering a Dragon Screw. Gable delivers a chop, followed by a Monkey Flip. He goes for a pin, but Ziggler kicks out. Gable looks for a moonsault, but Ziggler moves out of the way and hits a DDt. He hits a DDT, then goes for a pin but Gable kicks out. Gable locks in an Ankle Lock, but Ziggler fights out of it. Gable locks it in again, but Ziggler escapes. Gable hits a powerbomb, then goes for a pin but Ziggler kicks out. Gable locks in the Ankle Lock again, but Ziggler escapes and hits the superkick for the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler 

Commentary announce that Alexa Bliss & Asuka will be facing Nikki ASH & Doudrop in a Quarter Final Match of the Women’s Tag Team Title Tournament next week.

No DQ Match
AJ Styles vs. The Miz

AJ Styles hits The Miz with a series of forearms. He drags Miz to the outside and sends his head bouncing off the commentary desk. Miz sends Styles into the apron, followed by the ring steps. Styles delivers a knee to Miz’s head, then tosses him back in the ring. Styles grabs a kendo stick and chair from under the ring, but tosses them aside before grabbing a table. Miz attacks him from behind and sends him back in the ring. He hits Styles with the kendo stick as he sits in the chair, but Styles tackles him and clotheslines him out of the ring. Styles sets Miz up on the Commentary desk, then looks for the Styles Clash before Miz tosses him off the desk and over the barricade into the crowd that takes us to a commercial break

After the commerical break Styles grabs a table from under the ring. He sets it up and looks to set up Miz on it. Miz beats him down with a kendo stick and tosses him back into the ring. Styles fights back and hits a Pele Kick on Miz’s head. Styles manages to grab the kendo stick as Miz pleads him not to use it. Styles starts assaulting him with it and delivers an atomic drop on the stick, followed by a Russian leg sweep. He goes for a pin but Miz kicks out. Styles rolls up Miz, but Miz kicks out. Styles hits the Phenomenal Forearm, then goes for a pin but Ciampa appears and pulls the referee out of the ring. Styles looks for the Styles Clash, but decides to send him through the table. He places him on the apron before Styles delivers the Phenomenal forearm to him through the table. Miz rolls him up, but Styles kicks out. Styles looks for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Miz tosses a chair at his face. He hits the Skull Crushing Finale, then goes for a pin but Styles kicks out. Miz hits Styles with the kendo stick, then then sends him into the corner with a chair previously set up. He hits the Styles Clash for the win.

Winner: AJ Styles 

After the match, something catches Styles attention and we’re shown security dragging away someone who appears to be Dexter Lumis.