WWE Raw Results – December 6, 2010

RAW this week starts with a recap of Miz’s ego last week, Cole worshipping the ground he walks on. King ripped Miz apart for beating Orton after he’d been beaten down by seven others. King, thanks to the GM, got a TLC Title Match. Then on to their match where King managed to hold his own, look good and had a shot until Cole got involved. King and Miz on the top of the ladder. King ate gold, Miz won.

King, on announce welcomes everyone to RAW. “Jerry” chants. Punk gave King HUGE props saying he’d have done it if not for Cole. Then Cole out on stage. He says with the deepest remorse he tries to explain his actions last week. He’s been wrestling with it all week. He doesn’t know why he did what he did. “You suck!” chants. Cole yelled that they don’t understand! How traumatic it was for him. The hate mail he’s received. How could they write those hurtful things about him. But he won’t apologize for how he feels about Miz. When Miz started, Cole was the only one who supported him. When Miz won the Title it was as if his own son had won the Title. Cole into the ring. “You suck!” chants. Cole looks to King, and said last week when it was all going on last week. Miz was down, King was climbing and he got caught up in the emotion of the moment. Because of that, that’s what he deeply, deeply regrets.

King said he expected and apology. Cole cost him the WWE Championship. Cole says he regrets that. He regrets his actions of last week. King’s never made a mistake before? Cole says he made a mistake! King says this might be a mistake, but he thinks he needs to go to the ring and finish what he started last week. Cole all upset, tells King to wait. Let’s talk about this like adults. Let’s not be children. The way King acted rang a bell. The way King just reacted made Cole realize that King’s as much at fault for what happened last week as Cole is! Huge heat from the fans. Cole demanded to be heard out. They’re supposed to be broadcast journalists. They’re supposed to report on the news, not make the news, okay? King made the news, last week King was the headline. He had to be Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler one more time, he had to be it one more time to steal the spotlight. He couldn’t let Miz have his one moment, King had to steal it from him. The more Cole thinks about this, he doesn’t owe King an apology, King owes Cole an apology.

King says he’s going to go to the ring and give Cole what he thinks Cole deserves. The fans love this!

Ding-Ding! Punk says he guesses he’ll handle this. Off comes his headset and he goes to the podium with a huge smirk. He opens the laptop and says hello. He’s all nervous as he’s really wanted to do this. He has received an email! And I quote! “I’m ordering a cease and desist on any physicality between Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. A violation of this order will result in termination. What I would like right now is for Jerry to get in the ring and shake hands with Michael.”

Cole is all thrilled, puts out his hand and shakes the air. King’s not thrilled. King up on the apron, then into the ring. Cole is trying to act magnanimous and a real snot. Cole holds his hand out while King contemplates. Finally King shakes Cole’s hand. Cole tries to walk away, King hasn’t let go. King says to Cole, no physicality, but, you know, he thinks there’s someone in the back who might want to say something to you.

Orton’s music and he comes out really quickly. King refuses to let go of Cole, even though he tries to escape a couple times. Orton right into the ring and finally King lets Cole go, but stands in the corner keeping guard. Orton tells Michael to send a message to his favorite Superstar, the Miz. He doesn’t blame Miz for cashing in the briefcase when he did. If roles were reversed, he’d have done the exact same thing. As a matter of fact, Miz and him are a lot alike. The only difference is Orton’s proven he has the ability to back it up in the ring. Cole should keep rooting for the Miz as injured knee or not, he’s taking the Title back from Miz, tonight.

Miz’s music, Cole did a little ‘thank God’ at that moment, but King still won’t let Cole leave the ring. Miz, arrogance flying high, comes to the stage with Riley in tow. Randy used to be so original, so willing to stand on his own. But now he’s sounding like everyone else doubting Miz. They were in the same MITBLM this summer, the only difference is Miz won and Orton lost. Now he’s left standing in the middle of that ring with nothing more than tough talk and an injured knee. While Miz stands on that stage the new WWE Champion. As far as Orton winning back his Title tonight? Yeah, that’s not going to happen. The RAW GM has told him that since he defended it last week, he doesn’t have to defend again until the TLC PPV in two weeks, against Orton. The good news is that Orton’s knee will be all better. The bad news is that Orton’s going to lose, again.

Orton says that’s a great plan, the only problem with that plan is where’s the seven guys who will come down to the ring and beat Orton down before the match. Orton tells Miz not to look to Riley as he doesn’t even count as one. Riley, face spray tanned to Jersey Shore – though he seemed to forget his hands, laughs hysterically, then asks for Miz’s mic. Riley says it’s pretty funny coming from a guy on one leg. Since Miz won’t lower himself to face Orton, he has five minutes, so he challenges Orton to prove that even Orton can go A-Ry. Orton says he doesn’t know what Riley just said, but he accepts. Miz says there’s one more thing to tell Randy. The GM said Miz can pick the type of match they’re going to have. He’s going to think long and hard, because just like Miz, that decision will be awesome! Orton looks forward to his decision. And for anyone who thinks Orton’s too injured to compete. There is one thing, injured knee or not that he can still do very well. King pushes Cole toward Orton, Orton hits his RKO! Orton poses, but then turns and glares up at Miz who smirks like he hasn’t a worry in the world.

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During the break refs and trainers helped Cole from the ring. King says it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Josh has joined them on announce.

Mixed Tag Match – Ted DiBiase & Maryse Vs. Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella

Ted and Maryse out to the ring. Backstage mikki knocks on Bryan’s locker room door. He opens with Brie on his arm. Nikki wants to be Bryan’s partner, but Brie already is. They head off leaving Nikki looking a bit scorned. They pose in the ring as she can’t keep her hands off him

Ted and Bryan lock up, Bryan’s pushed off into a corner as Nikki walks out to the ring. Side headlock on Ted. They muscle around, then Ted runs the ropes into a hip toss. Bryan runs the ropes, then dropped hard to the mat. At this time on announce they were bantering about Bryan having his own locker room. Josh accidentally calls Punk The Miz! Punk calls him on it and Josh owns up to the kerfuffle.

Maryse takes the tag, so Brie in. A couple drop kicks and Brie gets two. Punches to Brie, then slams her to the mat by her hair. Maryse yells at Ted, then tries to clothesline Brie, but gets rolled up herself. Ted rushes in and pulls Brie off by her ankle. Bryan did NOT like that Ted touched Brie, rushes in and nails a sick drop kick on Ted, slamming him back into a corner very hard. Ted flops to the mat, then rolls out to the floor with a thud. The ref throws Bryan out, Maryse also argues. The Bellas swap out. Nikki rolls Maryse up for three.

Winner – Bryan & Bellas

Bryan holds the ropes for Nikki and the twins seem fine, but in the ring Ted gets in Maryse’s face. Maryse puts her hand up in his face and stomps off. Up on stage, a Bella on each arm, Bryan looks very happy!

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Video – recap of R-Truth challenging any member of Nexus in the ring. McGillicutty was going to, but Cena beat him down backstage. During the Nexus tag match, Cena to the front row. After the match Cena takes Slater apart through the announce table with an AA. Wade in the ring ranted at Cena. Cena taunted Wade who sent Gabriel, Otunga and Husky backstage to take out Cena. Cena and other faces take Gabriel apart in a big way.

King talks about interviewing Wade by satellite for safety. Punk says he has question for Wade. Otunga on the monitor, Wade’s on his way to the arena. Josh asks for their strategy for stopping Cena. Otunga says he’s not telling that! He and Wade might not always see eye to eye, but Wade has a plan. Cena’s trying to pick them off one by one. They have to stay united. When Cena enters the arena tonight, it will be the last time we see Cena!

Knock-Knock! Otunga says it’s his food, so this is over. He slams the door open, but it is his food. What took so long, he’s sorry. The food is cold and Otunga throws him out. He’s told he has to pay. He throws him out. Knock-knock! Otunga slams it open, but it’s Cena! Cena attacks, but then Husky in and on Cena. Otunga flees, locking the door. Cena finishes on Husky, then goes out after Otunga.

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DH Smith Vs. Tyson Kidd

Smith in the ring. Kidd out on the stage, then a huge scary guy comes out. Kidd stops him, then they head to the ring together. Smith looks a bit nervous. This big guy goes over the top rope. Kidd then talks him down. He goes out over the top. Bell.

Smith on Kidd with punches. Kidd runs the ropes, holds on and kicks Smith in the face. Kidd lands on the apron, still holding onto the top rope with his elbows. He stands and Smith flings Kidd back in over the top. Kidd moves out of the way off a Smith leg drop. Kidd kicks Smith in the chest. Smith into a corner, many blows. Then Smith in the center of the ring with arms pulled back, knee in the back. Smith up, but a kick to the gut. Clotheslines to Kidd, then a belly-to-belly sends hid flying.

Back elbow to Smith in a corner, then Kidd climbs. Smith up and lifted Kidd before supersplexing him from the top. Into another corner, Kidd reverses things on Smith and rolls him up for the three.

Winner – Tyson Kidd

Kidd leaves the ring quickly and all smiles. Smith’s had enough and goes out after him. One blow from Smith, then that huge guy is there. He grabs Smith and slams him back into the barrier. Smith sent back into the ring. The huge guy gets Smith up and lands a monstrous clothesline. Kidd in and talks this huge guy up as the stand over Smith.

Gabriel and Slater are all worried talking to Wade. They don’t like what’s happening. Gabriel’s not sure he wants to defend his Title, his neck still hurts! Otunga rushes in and says Wade’s plan didn’t work! Wade blames it on Otunga’s execution. Wade tells Gabriel and Slater to worry about defending their Title. They go off. Wade says later he’s going to the ring and calling out Cena, learn something about taking care of business. Otunga tells Wade he’d better or he might have a mutiny on his hands. Wade stomps off, Otunga nods and smirks.

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Fatal 4 Way Elimination Tag Title Match – Santino & Kozlov Vs. Usos (Jimmy & Jey) with Tamina Vs. Yoshi & Henry Vs. Nexus (Gabriel & Slater)

Santino and Kozlov out to the ring. The Usos out with Tamina. Yoshi bounces out with Henry. Slater out looking nervous, Gabriel working over his neck, trying to stretch.

Gabriel tries to direct traffic. Arm bar from Gabriel to Yoshi. Yoshi reverses into a hammer lock. Yoshi tries for a shoulder block, but Gabriel stays standing. Yoshi ducks a kick. Chops to Gabriel, then a spinning heel kick for two. Gabriel gains a little control and tags in Slater. Arm drags to Slater and Yoshi keeps working the arm. Henry tags in, so Slater runs and tags in an Uso. They both dropped off the apron, so Henry drags Jey in by his hair. Henry works him over, then tags in Yoshi.

Arm bar on Jey, but then Yoshi is slammed into their corner. Jimmy tags in and punches on Yoshi. Punk and Josh argue, King has to bring them back to the match. Jey tags in and they double team the heck out of Yoshi. They baseball slide into Henry’s feet, knocking him to the floor. Jey slams Yoshi, shoulder slams Yoshi on the mat. Jey runs the ropes and Slater runs in and pins Yoshi for three.

Eliminated – Yoshi & Henry

An Uso in on Slater. They tag back and forth, working over Slater. Jey pins Slater for two. Jimmy in and they double team, but only two on Slater as Gabriel breaks the count. Jimmy slams Slater, but Slater moves before the flying head butt. Slater fights back, but Kozlov steals a tag as he runs the ropes. Jimmy sends Slater flying out and Kozlov slams him down. Kozlov pushes Gabriel down, then slams both Usos around. Kozlov pins one of the Usos for three.

Eliminated – Usos

Tamina is torn between the boys and Santino. Tamina over to stay with Santino. Gabriel gains control over Kozlov by working his leg. A strange face buster on Kozlov for two. Kozlov slammed back and Slater tags in. Slater stomps Kozlov, the ref backs Slater off, so Gabriel chokes Kozlov. Slater runs the ropes and pushes Slater away.

Santino tags in, snap suplex on Slater! Santino floats over, but is then taken down. Gabriel tags in. slayer holds Santino for a back kick from Gabriel for two. Tamina looks worried. Chinlock on Santino. “Santino” chants trying to from in the crowd. Gabriel on Santino, but then a sweet, fast arm drag! Gabriel kicks Santino down for two. Slater tags in, but distracts the ref for Gabriel to choke Santino. Then Slater in to choke Santino with a foot.

– Commercial

Gabriel with a front facelock on Kozlov. Kozlov trying to get to Santino. Gabriel kicks at Kozlov, then tries for a cheap pop on Santino, but Santino punches him. Santino tags in and gets Gabriel with a ton of punches. Santino does a little of R-Truth’s break dancing to duck under a clothesline. Nice hip toss from Santino and then he slams down on Gabriel with a head butt. Kick to Gabriel, then a stunner, but Slater breaks the pin attempt. Kozlov in and takes Slater out as well as himself.

The fans go wild, Cena’s on the apron. Gabriel rushes Cena and swings wildly. Gabriel turns right into the cobra for three.

Winners & new Tag Team Champions – Kozlov & Santino

At announce they talk about the purple blur from under the ring. A big kiss from Tamina, then all three of them do Santino’s trumpeting celebration in the ring.

– Commercial

Video recap of Cena climbing form under the ring and distracting Gabriel so Santino could hit the cobra for three.

Justin announces the 2010 KOTR. Out comes Sheamus in a very Celtic stylized robe, red leather crown with tall horns and long shillelagh/scepter. Video of Sheamus beating JoMo to win KOTR last week. Sheamus says it’s good to be King, then sits in his throne in the center of the ring. When he won KOTR last week, he didn’t just win a Tournament, he restored credibility to the crown of the WWE. He’s far superior to all the peasants in this arena. He’s a greater fighter than everyone in the Universe. He’s the one who ended the career of HHH, King of Kings. He kicked him off his throne and became the new high King.

It’s funny, the last great High King of Ireland was a guy named Brian Boru. He was a man who conquered for glory and fought for Ireland. He was feared and respected all across the land. But in the end, with at the Battle of Clontarf, he was defeated. But that won’t happen to him. His reign will live forever. He’s better than the best and will forever be remember, not as the cartoon character of Ronald McDonald as we all portray him as, or some puny, scrawny Conan O’Brien, but as the greatest high King in history!

JoMo’s music cuts him off. He comes out shaking his head with a big grin. If Sheamus was going this rout, why not go big? How about some goblins? Of maybe some elfs standing guard of the High King? Maybe some gnomes to be his lookouts. Or a half man, half goat things? JoMo walks to the ring as he talks. He stops, gives a little girl his glasses, then continues on about it having the face of a man, legs of a goat. It will be great. It could escort him to the ring, take his robe, they could hang out afterwards!

JoMo into the ring as Sheamus tells JoMo he can see through his jokes. He’s jealous. Sheamus’ been two time WWE Champion, which JoMo will never be. He’s jealous Sheamus’ KOTR and JoMo’s not. He’s jealous Sheamus’ done more in WWE in two years than JoMo’s done in his entire career. He’s jealous that Sheamus’ is simply he better man. JoMo says Sheamus’ had achieved more than him, more accolades. Sheamus is KOTR, but JoMo beat Sheamus at SS (nothing about their match in September). Yes, Sheamus beat him last week, so they’re tied.
So he’s telling Sheamus that he’s the better man. Sheamus laughs and says JoMo’s a funny man. If his sense of humor was matched by his athletic ability, it would be JoMo wearing the crown right now. But, unfortunately for JoMo, he’s not and he isn’t. He wants JoMo to call Sheamus the High King of the WWE. What he wants JoMo to do most is set an example to his subjects in the WWE Universe. He wants JoMo on his knees and bow to his King! JoMo says he’s not going to do that. They say in this business there’s no guarantees. But he guarantees JoMo will never bow down to Sheamus. Sheamus slaps JoMo and yells for JoMo to get down on his knees.

JoMo attacks Sheamus. Sheamus squirps out of the ring, removes his crown and robe, then slides back in behind JoMo. JoMo nails Sheamus in the gut with his own shillelagh, then slams Sheamus into his throne, flipping it over and again sending Sheamus flying from the ring. JoMo stands in the ring yelling out at Sheamus.

– Commercial

Natalya Vs. Melina

Natalya out to the ring, all smiles, but in black and gray, no pink to be seen other than in her hair. Lay-Cool are at announce. Michelle says they’re there because Cole invited them. They nastiness flew between them and King in a big way! Michelle says they can’t keep Lay-Cool off RAW, every there loves them. Melina out to the ring in red as Lay-Cool rip on her too.

Natalya extends her hand and they shake. Side headlock takeover to Melina. Natalya gets Melina up for a delayed, did squats, then hit the suplex. Punk yelled at everyone to shut up and watch the match! Natalya pinned for two. Melina kicks Natalya through the ropes, then slammed Natalya back onto her knees for two. Michelle says all the Divas don’t like them, because they all fear Lay-Cool. King says it’s not fear. Punk says that they are ‘very beautiful people.’

Melina locks body scissors on Natalya in the center of the ring. Melina moves the hold so she basically has Natalya in a full nelson, but with Melina’s legs! They’re bum to bum and Melina keeps trying to pin Natalya that way. Melina releases, then kicks her in the back. Melina screams and rushes Natalya, but Natalya nails a killed clothesline.

Natalya picks up Melina and slams her back into a corner. Double kick to Natalya’s chest. Melina goes for a kick, but Natalya grabs the leg. Natalya throws the leg down, Melina lands in a split. Low drop kick to Melina’s face. Natalya sets up for the sharpshooter. She locks it on and Melina has to tap out.

Winner – Natalya

Lay-Cool leave announce and stalks the ring. Layla in to grab Natalya’s legs, Michelle slams Natalya down. Melina was over by the stage, didn’t see it, didn’t go back. Lay-Cool talks smack to Natalya, then their music hits and they leave her on the mat.

– Commercial

Josh says there’s a reason he’s at announce. King then went on to explain, but went to video. Miz went on about being awesome. In the ring Orton said he might have an injured knee, but there’s one thing he can do well. Orton then hit the RKO on Cole. Josh says it looks like King might have given Cole a little shove. King says he can watch that all night long.

Backstage Riley is going on about Orton thinking he can beat Riley. On top of all that, he’s Miz’s apprentice and – Miz says that Riley is representing him out there. Miz is the most ‘must see’ WWE Champion in history. The whole world is obsessed with what he does. ESPN, MTV, TMZ, US Weekly have all been talking about how he won the WWE Champion. They’re treating it as the turning point in this company. Miz says Riley needs to beat Orton! Riley says the only way Orton makes it out of Louisville is on his hands and knees. After that Miz isn’t going to tell Orton what type of match they’re having, Miz will show him! Miz told Riley to get his Title and, let’s go.

Randy Orton out to the ring, limping only slightly. The fans are wild for him. Up on a corner posing, the flashbulbs going off as he poses in that famous way my daughter just loves!

– Commercial

Video of Nexus attacking Orton two weeks go. In that Orton’s knee was injured. Husky then attacked it again. Orton retained, but then Miz cashed in and won.

Randy Orton Vs. Alex Riley w/ Miz

Riley out with Miz in tow. Riley slides in, Miz stays outside.

They circle, Riley motioning at Orton. Miz touches Orton from behind, so he turns and Riley takes Orton down. Riley stomps that right knee.Riley slams Orton’s leg to the mat. Orton up with blows to Riley’s face in a corner. Riley grabs that leg and slams down. Riley pins for two. Elbow drop on that knee, then another. A third elbow drop and Riley locks on a hold. “Randy!” chants.

Orton up and free, gets Riley up and hits an Angle slam. Orton up, as is Riley. Blows back and forth, Riley stomps at him. Inverted atomic drop to Riley. One clothesline, then another to Riley. Riley wildly swings, Orton ducks, then hits his famous uber fast scoop slam. Riley rolls to the apron. Orton pulls him up and hits that sick DDT though the ropes. Orton pounds the mat, he’s read, but Miz slides in behind Orton and grabs him. Miz hits his SCF. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner – Orton via DQ

Miz demands a mic. Miz squats and says to Orton that he’s going to show him what the stipulation will be at their PPV Match.

Miz from the ring, looks under one side, then the next. Miz pulls out a table, pulls the legs, sets it up then chases the Jack Doane from the ring. Miz over, grabs Orton, pulls him up, readies for a SCF through the table, but Orton frees himself. Orton gets Miz up on his shoulder, but Miz frees himself before Orton can put him through the table. Miz calls to Riley who’s still prone on the mat. Miz stands on the ramp, strap over his shoulder and looks worried.

Orton picks up Riley, sets him up and power bombs Riley through the table. Miz never makes a move to help Riley. Miz stares, holds his strap, Orton glares out at him.

Backstage Wade heads for the ring. He stops, finger in Otunga’s face and tells Otunga to make sure he and the rest of the guys are ready, all right. Wade then struts off for the ring.

– Commercial

Wade stomps out to the ring, nose wrinkled like he’s smelling something bad. Wade into the ring, soaks in the heat. He says he’s about to admit to something he’d never had to admit to before in his life. Wade said he got it wrong. He assumed Cena was a man of his word. We all know the stipulation from SS was free or fired. Not free or show up on RAW whenever you’d like! Not free or turn up and attack Nexus at will. Not free or fired and Cena was fired. If Cena had one ounce of honor or integrity in his body, he’d never show his face there again. But that’s not how it turned out. Cena can attack the rest of Nexus as much as he wants. The problem is that the rest of Nexus can’t get him re-hired. The only person who can do that is Wade. Cena, with that being said, he invited Cena to the ring from wherever he’s hiding because there’s something he wants to get off his chest. “Cena” chants. Wade told him not to be shy.

Cena, through the crowd, over the barrier as Punk calls for security saying they have a jumper! Cena into the ring as Nexus – Slater, Gabriel, Otunga and Husky out to the stage. Cena is all smiles. Wade says he’s allowed him out to that ring, but if Cena puts one foot out of line, so much as threaten Wade, Nexus will come down and beat Cena within an inch of his life. Wade smiles. “Cena!” chants

Wade says they can cheer all they want, it doesn’t help at all. He knows Cena has real problems understanding Wade, so he’ll say this real slowly. If Cena needs, he can read Wade’s lips. This is not going to work. Wade will never re-hire Cena! Cena says Wade is just so stupid. Dude, being fired is not that bad. Technically he’s not a WWE Superstar anymore, but he’s part of the WWE Universe! And he still has a lot of friends who are Superstars. He can buy a ticket to every show and tailgate with the WWE Universe! These guys are crazy! The best thing of all, he has so much time on his hands, so he can think about ways to make the lives of Nexus living hell! Hey, Justin, Heath, Cena cost them the WWE Tag Team Championships tonight, that had to Sting, right? At least they didn’t lose to Santino! Wait, at least they didn’t lose to the cobra! Oh, and Heath, Justin and McGillicutty who’s not even here because Cena whipped his butt so bad last week, how were those beat downs last week? Were they okay? David, Hasky, did they like the room service call at the hotel? See Wade, he’s content staying fired, buying a ticket to every RAW and making the lives of every Nexus member miserable! Fans love this!

So, Mr. Barrett, he doesn’t want to re-hire him? He could care less! If he’s done, Cena wants to go party with the fans! Wade stops him, says Cena can intimidate the rest of Nexus, but not Wade. Wade will indulge Cena. If he does decide to re-hire Cena, what assurances does he have that Cena won’t attack Nexus?

Cena says, in a little boy trying to impress voice, that he’d do so many things! It would be like he’d take twin beds and make them into bunk beds, he’d have so much rooms for activities! He could compete in matches, have his own talks show with a carpet and a lounge chair. And he, has a brilliant idea, he could compete for the WWE championship. The reason Wade hasn’t thought of it is because Wade doesn’t have the WWE Championship. But if Wade keeps him fired, all he has is time to buy a ticket and ruin their lives.

He’ll be straight with Wade, if he has the guts to hire him back, his attacks on them will stop, his attacks on Wade will not. He deserves payback and payback is what he will get! If Wade was a man of honor, of integrity, if Wade was a man of respect, he’d hire Cena back and they’d settle this in the ring, tonight! “Cena!” chants. If Wade doesn’t, Cena will get him. Here’s the sad thing for Wade, he never knows where Cena will get him, or when Cena will get him and it’s not just going to be once. Cena won’t stop. Every single day Wade’s in the WWE, his life will be a nightmare!

Wade asks who’s stupid? That sounded like a threat! Nexus, come down and extinguish this man! Now! They don’t move. Off comes Cena’s shirt. Come down to the ring, now! They still don’t move. Husky steps back, turns and walks to the back. Wade asked what on earth is he doing and demanded Husky come back! Slater turned and left. Wade tells Slater to turn around and orders them to the ring! Gabriel turns and leave. Wade tells him to get back there, now! Otunga, then turns and leaves. Wade tells him it’s a direct order!

Cena tackles Wade. Wade flees the ring, Cena right after him. Wade into the stairs shoulder first. Punk demands to know what Cena’s doing, he’s fired! King says Cena sure is fired up! Cena drags the stairs over to announce. Punk yells, “John, my diet soda! What are you doing?” Cena goes back over and grabs Wade. Cena slams Wade into the other stairs. Cena cleans off announce, then carefully presents Punk with his diet soda. Punk throws it off to the side. Cena over and grabs Wade. Cena gets Wade up on his shoulders, then walks to the stairs. He climbs up, but Wade wiggles off and runs for his life up the ramp and out back. Cena slides in the ring and poses as his music plays. King wonders if we’ve seen the demolition of Nexus? Cena slaps hands and hands things out to the fans in the front row. Cena gets over to Punk, removes a wrist band. Cena hands the band to Punk. Punk tosses that aside. Cena picks it up and gives it to a kid in the front row.

Backstage Wade is walking briskly, about running. He’s seething. Up to Nexus, spins Otunga around and demands to know what that was! When he gives an order, they follow it! Otunga says Wade might not be giving orders around here anymore. Consider this an ultimatum! Next week Wade hires Cena back or Wade’s out of Nexus! He asks if they’re kidding him? All of them step up, then walk away from Wade.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat