WWE Raw Results – February 26, 2018

WWE Raw Results – February 26, 2018

Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw. There is a recap video of Elimination Chamber. We are in Anaheim, California and your announcers are Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Jonathan Coachman.

Alexa Bliss and Mickie James make their way to the ring.

We see what happened in the Women’s Elimination Chamber as well as in the match between Asuka and Nia Jax from last night.

Alexa says it was an historic moment.  When you thought it was impossible, she amazes herself.  You do not know how amazing it was to retain her title in the first ever Women’s Elimination Chamber Match.  She defied the odds and set the standard for being the Women’s Champion.  They will talk about her victories for the next ten, twenty, or fifty years.  They will say that February 25, 2018 was when she changed the game then, now, and forever.

Alexa says she wants to give credit where it is due.  Mickie showed why she is a six time champion and a future Hall of Famer.  Alexa says she has learned so much from her and everyone in the locker room could learn from her.

Alexa has something to say about Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville.  They have a bright future, but not while she is champion.

Sasha Banks and Bayley.  When it comes to Bayley, she had some harsh words and she doesn’t want to be that person, but she will say it.  Bayley is a sad situation.  Alexa says she took advantage of Sasha’s biggest asset, her ego and she beat The Boss.

Alexa says that is why she is going to Wrestlemania as she points at the sign and says it feels good to do it.  She will feel as good at Wrestlemania when she breaks Asuka’s streak.  Alexa reminds us that Nia got her hands on Asuka.  Alexa says she cannot wait to finish the job that Nia started at Wrestlemania.

Asuka makes her way to the ring and she is in the mood to fight.

Alexa points out that Asuka is acting like she is 100% healthy, but that is not true because Nia crushed her.  Alexa says she wished that Nia won so she could be in the Women’s Title Match like she deserves to be.  One tiny mishap and she loses.  Nia deserves to be in the title match.  Alexa speaks slowly so Asuka can understand.  Alexa tells Asuka to wipe that smile off her face before she does.

Nia Jax’ music plays and she makes her way to the ring.

Asuka takes care of Alexa and Mickie but Nia with a body block on Asuka.  Nia picks up Asuka for a vertical choke but Asuka counters with a triangle.  Alexa and Mickie attack Asuka, but Bayley and Sasha Banks come to the ring and Bayley and Sasha take care of Alexa and Mickie.  Sasha and Bayley are taken down by Nia and then Asuka gets in a few shots on Nia but Nia takes care of Asuka.

Match Number One:  Bayley, Asuka, and Sasha Banks versus Nia Jax, Mickie James, and Alex Bliss

Bayley and Mickie start things off and Mickie with a wrist lock and side head lock.  Mickie with a shoulder tackle.  Bayley sends Mickie into the turnbuckles a few times.  Bayley with a slam and elbow drop for a near fall.  Bayley with an Irish whip but she runs into an elbow.  Mickie with a head scissors and running forearm for a near fall.  Nia tags in and connects with a forearm.  Nia with a head butt.  Alexa tags in and she punches Bayley after Bayley connects with a kick.  Alexa kicks Bayley in the corner.  Alexa chokes Bayley in the corner.  Bayley hot shots Alexa on the turnbuckles and then Bayley sends Alexa into the turnbuckles.

Bayley gets a near fall.  Bayley with a sliding clothesline for a near fall.  Sasha makes the tag and she gets a near fall with a rollup.  Sasha with a double knee drop for a near fall.  Alexa with forearms but Sasha takes Alexa to the mat and gets a near fall with a rollup.  Sasha with an Irish whip and she is sent to the apron.  Sasha with a forearm and a slingshot double knee drop into the corner.  Sasha goes to the floor and Mickie checks on her.  Sasha with a baseball slide to both women and then Nia with a running shoulder tackle to Sasha.

Alexa picks up Sasha and brings her into the ring for a near fall.  Alexa slams Sasha’s head into the mat and Alexa stomps on the back of Sasha’s neck.  Alexa with a reverse chin lock.  Alexa with a knee and she sends Sasha into the ropes.  Alexa with kicks and Sasha falls to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Nia with a reverse chin lock on Sasha but Sasha with a jaw breaker.  Nia prevents Sasha from making the tag and sends Sasha into the turnbuckles.  Nia with a head butt.  Mickie tags in and she snap mares Sasha and kicks Sasha for a near fall.  Mickie with a reverse chin lock.  Sasha with punches but Mickie sends Sasha into the turnbuckles.  Alexa tags in and she kicks Sasha.  Alexa gets a near fall.  Alexa with a clothesline.  Sasha with a suplex and both women are down.

Bayley refuses to make the tag when Sasha crawls to the corner.  Mickie with a waist lock but Sasha counters into a rollup for a near fall.  Asuka tags in and she hits a drop kick followed by strikes.  Asuka with a running hip attack to Mickie followed by a round kick to Nia to send her to the floor.  Mickie with a kick in the corner but Asuka with a pop up knee and a series of round kicks.  Nia is knocked off the apron with a hip attack and Asuka with a kick for a near fall that is broken up by Alexa.  Bayley with a belly-to-belly suplex to Alexa.  Asuka with a cross arm breaker along with a knee bar and Mickie taps out.

Winners:  Asuka, Bayley, and Sasha Banks

We take a look at John Cena’s comments on Raw Talk.

We go to commercial.

We are back and John Cena makes his way to the ring.

John looks at the Wrestlemania sign and then he says last night he failed.   In a moment of failure and in the finale of it all, he was rushed into a room and put in front of microphone and he was demoralized.  Failure is tough.  You can tell that you go through failure alone.  He knows where he is at.  A person’s character is not judged on when you rise to the top.  You are judged when your back is against the wall.  That time is now.

He says he spent five minutes last night feeling sorry for himself and then he moved forward.  John says he will figure it out and he is talking about his Road to Wrestlemania, as he points to the sign.  John says he thought it would be the Royal Rumble, but he failed.  He did not give up.  He thought it would be the Elimination Chamber, but he failed.  No one else will come into the ring in front of everyone and say ‘I Failed’.

When you say you failed, the disappointment is on you.  It is your fault and you go through failure alone.  Failure made John who he is today.  You can stay down or get up and John says that he is up because he figured it out.  John says he has to do something he should have done a long time ago.

John says he will put out a Wrestlemania challenge . . . to the Undertaker.

Thirty nine Wrestlemanias between the two of us and we have never stood face to face in the ring.  If you want Wrestlemania, that is Wrestlemania.  That match is not happening.  John says he does not make the matches.  He says that match is not happening because that match is impossible.  Now you understand the disappointment of failure.  You can stay down or get up.  John says his road to Wrestlemania goes through Smackdown.  John will go to Smackdown, not to beg, but to do whatever it takes to earn a spot at Wrestlemania.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Bray Wyatt makes his way to the ring.

Match Number Two:  Bray Wyatt versus Heath Slater (with Rhyno)

Bray attacks Rhyno before the bell and then Slater with punches.  Wyatt with a cross body tackle to Slater and then he hits a uranage on Rhyno.  Bray drops the mat and does the crab walk.  Bray with a clothesline into the corner followed by punches.  Bray dances around with Slater and then hits Sister Abigail.

Bray takes a mic and he relaxes in the corner.  He tells Matt to look at what he made him do.  He made him hurt these innocent men.  You led them to slaughter.  The great war is far from over.  You will face him again.  He will make sure that Matt’s woken eyes are shut forever.  Bray tells Matt that he is coming for him.  He tells Matt to run.

Miz walks in the back as we go to commercial.

Miz says we are on the road to Wrestlemania and it stops in Anaheim?  We are 45 minutes away from Los Angeles, a city with star power and entertainment industry cache.  He could see Jennifer Lawrence while trying to pitch his next movie to Michael Bay.  Anaheim is a glorified suburb.  You could stand in line with someone dressed like Donald Duck.  Kurt Angle takes his stars for granted.  In 62 days, he will become the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time.  In 62 days, there will be no argument.  He will be the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time.  Not Shawn Michaels, me.  Not Bret Hart, me.  Not Pedro Morales, me.  Not Edge, Roman Reigns, or anyone else.  Miz says he is bigger than anyone.  His star shines brighter than any supernova.   He stars with his wife in Miz and Mrs.

All of these accolades and he is treated like any other Superstar.  Miz says he is treated worse.  He doesn’t have merchandise.  Look for his t-shirts.  Miz says his face is not on any promotional merchandise.  Miz says he should be going to the main event of Wrestlemania so he could be the first Intercontinental and Universal Champion.  Yet, Kurt Angle forced him to start the Elimination Chamber match with two men who should not be there.  Kurt handed Finn Balor and Seth Rollins an opportunity they did not deserve.  Miz says he is sick of the disrespect.

Miz says his dream will live on at Wrestlemania because he has the title.  Miz tells everyone to take a good look at this because this is the most prestigious and honorable title in all of WWE.  Since he has this title, this prestigious title he walks into Kurt Angle’s office and he wants to know what the Intercontinental Champion is doing at Wrestlemania.

Miz says Kurt Angle told him that your opponent might determine who you face at Wrestlemania.  Miz says he asked ‘might’.  Miz says he has carried Raw for the last year on his back.  He made this title more relevant than the Universal Title.  Miz says that he has been here for 12 years and might is all you are going to give him.  He does not care who comes out because they are going to get a beating.

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring.

Match Number Two:  Seth Rollins versus Miz in a Non Title “Might Mean Something For Wrestlemania” Match

They lock up and Miz with a side head lock and shoulder tackle.  Rollins with a hip toss and snap mare but he misses the running kick when Miz moves out of the way.  They lock up again and Miz backs Rollins into the corner.  Miz misses a punch and so does Rollins.  Rollins with a shoulder tackle and he blocks a hip toss.  Rollins with a knee and snap mare and this time he hits the running kick to the chest and he clotheslines Miz over the top rope to the floor.  Rollins sets for a suicide dive but Miz moves out of the way.

Rollins goes to the floor and Bo and Curtis try to block for him.  Miz misses a punch and Rollins sends Miz into the ring.  Bo distracts Rollins on the apron and Miz knocks Rollins off the apron and Seth hits the ringside barrier. Miz hot shots Rollins on the ringside barrier.  They return to the ring and Miz gets a near fall.  Miz with elbows to the collarbone and upper chest.  Miz with a reverse chin lock.

Rollins with a jawbreaker but Miz with a knee to the midsection.  Miz sets for kicks to the chest but he misses the round kick.  Rollins with a rollup for a near fall.  Rollins with chops.  Miz avoids a kick and then he back drops Rollins over the top rope to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Miz with a punch.  Rollins punches back.  They go back and forth with punches.  Miz with a kick and Rollins with punches, chops, and kicks.  MIz sends Rollins to the apron and Rollins with a forearm.  Rollins sets for a springboard clothesline and he hits it.  Rollins with Slingblade and a boot in the corner followed by a Blockbuster for a near fall.  Rollins goes up top and Miz rolls to the other side of the ring.  Miz sends Rollins into the ropes and Miz hits a DDT for a near fall.  Miz with a running drop kick into the corner and then he hits a second one.  Miz with an Awesome Clothesline and then he goes to the turnbuckles.

Rollins crotches Miz and sets for a superplex and Miz blocks it.  Miz sends Rollins to the mat and Rollins leaps up and hits a Superplex into a Falcon Arrow for a near fall.   Rollins sets for a super kick and he hits it.  Rollins goes for Black Out but Axel grabs the leg.  Rollins avoids a Skull Crushing Finale and gets a near fall with a rollup.  Rollins with a suicide dive to Axel and then he sends Miz to the floor.  Rollins with a suicide dive onto all three men at ringside.

Rollins with the V Trigger and then he goes up top and hits a frog splash three quarters of the way across the ring for the three count.

Winner:  Seth Rollins

After the match, Finn Balor makes his way to the ring, with his full entrance.

Seth leaves the ring.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three:  Finn Balor versus Miz (with Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas) in a “Maybe Mean Something for Wrestlemania” Match

Bo and Curtis attack Balor and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner:  Finn Balor (by disqualification)

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson come to the ring to help Balor and attack Bo and Curtis.  Anderson sends Curtis to the floor while Miz and Balor are in the ring.

Kurt Angle tells Miz that he will face Finn Balor and Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson are banned from ringside.  There will be a winner or Miz does not go to Wrestlemania.

Match Number Four:  Miz versus Finn Balor in a Non Title Match

Miz with an Awesome Clothesline and DDT for a near fall.  Miz with punches and a kick to the head for a near fall.  Miz sends Balor to the floor and Balor with chops and then he sends Miz into the ring steps.  Miz is sent into the ring by Balor and Miz kicks Balor.  Miz with a boot to the head.  Balor with a near fall.  Miz with a DDT for a near fall.  Balor with a forearm and Miz with a knee and a flying knee for a near fall.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Miz with a sleeper.

Seth is watching the match from the back.

Balor with a jaw breaker but Miz with a punch.  Balor with a Pele Kick and both men are down.  Miz runs into boots in the corner and Balor with running forearms and a double leg take down and double stomp.  Balor with a chop in the corner.  Balor with an Irish whip and running chop into the corner.  Balor with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot.  Balor with an enzuigiri and then Balor with a standing elbow drop for a near fall.  Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale but Balor counters with a rollup for a near fall.

Miz with Reality Check for a near fall.  Balor with a back heel kick and then he hits a series of kicks to the chest.  Balor with a drop kick for a near fall.  Balor with a running drop kick to send Miz into the ringside barrier.  Balor with Slingblade and then he hits the running drop kick to send Miz into the turnbuckles.  Balor goes up top for Coup de Grace and hits it for the three count.

Winner:  Finn Balor

After the match, Seth is asked about Finn’s victory.  Seth says he does not know what he is trying to prove.  That is not how you make your mark.  You do what he does by wrestling 65 minutes last week.  Renee asks Seth what it means after Sunday night.  Seth says there are many roads to Wrestlemania and he knows how to get there.  He demands a match against Miz for the Intercontinental Title at Wrestlemania.

We take a look at Stephanie McMahon’s comments from Raw Talk after the Elimination Chamber.

Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle are talking in Kurt’s office.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring.

Roman looks around and he sees the Wrestlemania sign.  Roman says he is a man of his word and he said he would win the Elimination Chamber and he did.  When he says he is going to Wrestlemania and he can beat Brock Lesnar, he is telling the truth.  The truth is a funny word.  He says he doesn’t know why he is covering for this guy.  Roman says the truth is that Brock Lesnar is not here tonight.  Up until about 30 minutes ago, he thought Brock was going to be here but he didn’t show.  Nobody will say this back there, but Roman will say it.  Brock is an entitled piece of crap who hides behind his contract.

We are six weeks from Wrestlemania and the Universal Champion is not here.  Last night, we were in Las Vegas and Brock was there, but he was not at the Elimination Chamber.  He was taking pictures with Dana White.  Brock does not respect any of you and he does not respect anyone in the back.  Roman says they go all over the world and bust their ass but Brock shows up only when the money is right or the city is right.  It does not matter how big the town is, Roman says he will be there because he said he will be there.

Brock and Paul will come out and say they are businessmen, but Roman says he was born in this business.  He says he was taught at any early age that there is a fine line between business and respect.  Roman says he does not respect Brock Lesnar and he does not fear that bitch.

Roman says he is done speaking and he will go to the back to take his ass chewing like a man because he respects this place.

Braun Strowman says he may not have won the Elimination Chamber, but he saved everyone from Elias’ noise pollution.  He will perform a symphony of destruction.

Match Number Five:  Sheamus and Cesaro versus Titus O’Neil and Apollo (with Dana Brooke) in a Two Out of Three Falls Match for the WWE Raw Tag Team Titles

Fall Number One:  

Cesaro distracts Titus and Sheamus with a Brogue Kick for the three count.

Winner of Fall:  Sheamus and Cesaro

Fall Number Two:

Apollo helps Titus up and Cesaro faces Apollo.  Cesaro with a knee but Apollo with a kick and cross body for a near fall.  Apollo with a series of rollups for near falls.  Cesaro with a punch and Sheamus tags in.  Sheamus with an Irish whip but Apollo floats over and hits a drop kick for a near fall.  Titus tags in and he sends Sheamus into the corner but Cesaro is tagged in.  Titus with a shoulder tackle.  Titus picks up Cesaro and connects with a chop.  Apollo tags in and he sends Cesaro into the corner with a shoulder.  Titus with a slam and Apollo with a leaping elbow drop for a near fall.

Titus tags in and they hit a double shoulder tackle.  Titus with a hard Irish whip. Apollo tags in and he punches Cesaro.  Apollo presses Cesaro over his head and then he hits a standing shooting star press for a near fall.  Apollo kicks Sheamus off the apron and he hits a moonsault from the apron onto Sheamus and Cesaro.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Apollo punches Cesaro and tries to make the tag.  Apollo with more punches and then he back drops Cesaro over the top rope to the floor.  Sheamus tags in and he goes for a slam but Apollo escapes and he tags in Titus.  Titus with a shoulder tackle and clothesline.  Titus with punches in the corner followed by a biel.  Sheamus with a boot but Titus with a power slam.  Titus barks and hits a splash into the corner.  Titus with a power bomb for a near fall.  Apollo tags in and he hits a frog splash for a near fall.  Titus sends Cesaro to the floor and Sheamus sends Titus to the floor.

Apollo with a rollup for a near fall.  Apollo with an enzuigiri followed by a standing moonsault for a near fall.  Cesaro pulls Titus off the apron but Titus with a clothesline.  Sheamus hits Titus from behind and sends him into the ringside barrier.  Apollo with a pescado.  Cesaro tries to stop Apollo on the turnbuckles and Sheamus kicks Apollo to the mat.  Cesaro tags in and they hit the Spike White Noise for the three count.

Winners:  Sheamus and Cesaro

After the match, Sheamus and Cesaro are interviewed in the ring.  Sheamus says they had their number tonight and it was zero.  Cesaro says two men walked into The Bar . . . Sheamus says nobody walks into The Bar and nobody gets up.  They run through the teams that have fallen to them.  Sheamus asks how does his hair look.  Sheamus mentions Jason Jordan and Cesaro asks ‘who’.

Sheamus says everyone wants to be part of Wrestlemania.  They are going to be punished because they are so dominant.  Who is there left if there is no one to beat.

It is time to announce the recipient of the Warrior Award, who will be inducted at the Hall of Fame.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Elias is in the ring.

Elias wants to know who wants to walk with Elias.  Elias says the feeling you are feeling is the feeling of being around greatness.  Last night did not go as he planned.  Elias says he has been down so many roads in his life and he will make it to Wrestlemania when people will know WWE stands for Walk with Elias.  Elias says he was not going to treat you to a performance and focus on his match.  Then he heard Braun call his music ‘noise pollution’.  You criticize him because Braun wants to be him.  Elias says that he is everything that you want to be.  What you did two weeks ago was noise pollution.  Every word uttered from Corey Graves’ stupid face, that is noise pollution.  Every time you open your mouths, that is noise pollution.

Match Number Six:  Elias versus Braun Strowman

They lock up and Braun biels Elias.  Elias goes to the floor.  Elias returns to the ring and he kicks Braun but Elias goes back to the floor.  Braun chases Elias around the ring and Elias with kicks and punches when they get back into the ring.  Braun with a clothesline.  Elias with boots to Braun but Braun with a double sledge to Elias followed by a biel.   Strowman with a splash into the corner.  Braun with a short arm clothesline.  Braun with a punch to Elias and then connects with a forearm to the chest.

Elias drops Braun on the top rope and he goes up top and hits a double sledge.  Braun with a forearm to send Elias to the floor.  Braun goes to the floor and he sends Elias into the ringside barrier.  They return to the ring and Elias goes back to the floor.  Braun stalks Elias as Elias crawls around the ring and he tries to go under the ring.  Braun pulls Elias out and Elias sprays a fire extinguisher in Braun’s face and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner:  Braun Strowman (by disqualification)

Elias sends Braun into the ring post and then he hits Braun in the midsection with the fire extinguisher.  Elias with punches but Braun grabs Elias by the throat and then he connects with an uppercut that sends Elias to the floor.

Braun knocks Elias down on the ramp.  They head over towards the announce table.  Braun tries to power slam Elias through the table but Elias rakes the eyes and runs away.

Braun chases Elias into the back and a limo shows up during the chase.

Braun says he is not finished with him.

We go to commercial.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon make their way to the ring.

Stephanie says last night was supposed to be the highlight of their executive careers, signing Ronda Rousey to WWE.  Due to the actions of one man, Kurt Angle, it all went wrong.  Stephanie says that Kurt started saying things that were not true.  Ronda believed Kurt and did things that might be okay in MMA, but not in the WWE.

We have a video package.

Stephanie says that Ronda acted out of savage instinct, the way she was trained.  Stephanie says she had to get physical with Ronda to remind her of the hierarchy.  Since Ronda signed her contract, Ronda reports to her.  That means that WWE owns Ronda Rousey.  As a good boss and manager, she needs to remind everyone of their roles and responsibilities.  It all starts with an apology from Kurt Angle.

Instead of Kurt Angle, Ronda Rousey makes her way to the ring and Stephanie and Hunter leave the ring

Kurt tells Ronda to stop and he wants to tell her one thing.  He tells her that coming to WWE was the best thing she could have done.

Ronda says she wants this more than anything, but she has never been slapped before in her life.  She refuses to be disrespected.  She is no one’s property.

Kurt says he understands why she is upset and this is a different world than she is used to.  Kurt says he needs this job.  Kurt tells Ronda that he lied last night.  He says he has had pneumonia the last few weeks and he does not know what he said.

Stephanie thanks Kurt for clearing the air and she reminds Ronda that they are not horrible people.  They understand why Ronda did what she did.  Now it is time to make Ronda the Superstar she needs to be.

Ronda says they have addressed everything, except for the slap.  If you want to put this behind us, you need to apologize to her.  If Stephanie does not apologize, she will rip Stephanie’s arm out of its socket.

Stephanie says she is so sorry and she reacted after her husband was put through a table.  Stephanie welcomes Ronda to WWE and she says we are all good.

Hunter punches Kurt and then he leaves the ring.

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