WWE Raw Results – January 3, 2011

The first RAW of the year starts with video of Nexus attacking Cena again. After it was over Punk came out, grabbed a chair, almost hit Cena, but then sat down in the chair and put the Nexus arm band on. All of Nexus, minus Wade, were in unity.

Cole talks about Cena likely being on RAW due to injuries sustained from Nexus. Punk’s joined Nexus, but who’s leading them? Plus, it’s unusual for the WWE Championship to be defended in a Falls Count Anywhere Match, but it will be tonight between Miz and JoMo and it’s next!

Music and pyro.

Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWE Championship – Miz w/ Riley Vs. JoMo

As Miz comes down to the ring, Cole states that King isn’t there due to injuries at the hands of Miz last week. Video of this attack. Josh is on announce with Cole. Huge heat for Miz, then JoMo’s music hits. He comes out with a huge smile on his face, then makes his slo-mo way to the ring.

JoMo removes his coat on the ramp, Miz meets him and they fight. Blows between them, then Riley attacks JoMo. JoMo fights him off, then back to Miz. Riley to his feet and grabs JoMo form behind. Miz rushes them, but JoMo ducks and Riley takes a huge clothesline on the ramp! JoMo slams Miz to the ramp for two. An upper cut to Miz, then up the ramp and Miz into the back of the stage. Riley attacks, but JoMo works him over, then slams him on the metal at the bottom of one of the WWE on the side of the stage. Clothesline to Miz, then JoMo climbs! He gets to the top of the logo, balances as the ref holds it below to stabilize it. JoMo flies down on both of them. JoMo pins for two. They replay JoMo’s flying beauty.

JoMo, Miz in hand, to the ring. Miz sent on, but JoMo eats a back elbow for two. Miz stomps JoMo, then slams him back first into a corner. Miz sits JoMo up top, then punches him. JoMo seems to be a rag doll as Miz sets up for a superplex. JoMo fights back, sends Miz flying back, then came at Miz with a missile dropkick for two. JoMo continues to beat Miz down in an opposite corner. JoMo rolls Miz up for two. JoMo’s slingshot spin kick to Miz’s jaw. JoMo’s running knee and JoMo pins, but Riley breaks it up. Outside Riley into the barricade and breaks it apart a bit. Riley set up on the barrier, further around. JoMo runs and hit’s a great high knee dropping Riley to the mat. Miz looks on, totally freaked out at what JoMo just did. The ref calls for medical (didn’t see the X thrown) for Riley.

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Out by the stage Miz sets up a metal railing at an angle, and wants to suplex JoMo onto it. JoMo reverses, then Miz reverses and JoMo hit’s the rail with his feet, then his back. Miz pins for two. JoMo face down on the stage. Miz slams JoMo down, then a knee, but Miz only gets two. “Miz sucks!” chants. Miz hits a running snap mare onto the ramp for two! Miz pulls JoMo down the ramp, JoMo into a barrier face first. Miz nails JoMo with a taped milk crate to the head for two. “Tables” chants. Miz sends JoMo back in and Miz looks ready to end it. Kicks at JoMo’s head, Miz yelling, ‘you’re no better then me!’

JoMo up and starts fighting back. They exchange blows. JoMo gains control with a couple clotheslines and a back kick for a long two. Russian leg sweep to Miz. JoMo lines up for starship pain, but Miz moves, JoMo lands on his feet. Miz grabs JoMo with a neck breaker into a backbreaker in what Cole calls ‘vintage’ Miz! Miz only got two from it. Miz stalks JoMo as he rises. Miz grabs him for the SCF, but JoMo counters. Miz rushes JoMo in a corner, but JoMo moves and Miz into the corner post shoulder first. JoMo up and hits starship pain, hurting his own guts. JoMo only gets two. Miz and JoMo struggle around, Miz gets two. Miz hits an elbow, but JoMo comes back with another of those wild kicks. Miz ends up outside.

There’s a table there that I don’t remember seeing before, but JoMo sets up Miz on it. JoMo up on a corner, goes for starship pain, but Miz moves and JoMo through the table. Miz pulls himself over onto JoMo who kicks out at the last moment. Cole screams about poor officiating and a slow count. Josh takes Cole down a notch.

Both men struggle, but it’s Miz who’s up first. Miz grabs JoMo and hits the SCF, on the floor, and gets three.

Winner – Miz

Cole who had just ripped on JoMo’s not making the three of what would have been good officiating, but now he’s talking JoMo up big time. They show video clips with Josh narrating. JoMo still on the floor glares up at Miz who holds his strap and stares down at him from the stage.

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Phoenix Suns in the front row.

Stanford backstage with Miz and Riley. Miz says that match proves that he’s still WWE Champ! Miz is still WWE Champ! And he’s awesome! His championship reign will go down as him being the best technical wrestler, most rugged brawler, most popular, most charismatic, the most must-see Champion in history of this company because he’s the Miz and he’s – Riley says awesome!

Cole and Josh talk about Natalya and Melina. They show how Melina slapped Natalya a few weeks ago. Then, last week Natalya looked for answers, but Melina tried to attack her again. Natalya got the upper hand and Melina fled.

Melina, Fox and Maryse out to Melina’s music, all in black with metallic accents.

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Melina & Alicia Fox & Maryse Vs. Natalya © & Eve & Brie Bella

Natalya in hot pink, Brie in turquoise and Eve in white and gold are in the ring.

Maryse pushes Brie and there’s lots of hair pulling as they go down. They roll around and fight under the ropes until Maryse rolls out. Brie follows. Maryse in and Brie tries to follow, but Maryse slams Brie’s head down. Brie sold well for virtually nothing. Maryse slaps Brie down, then hangs her on the middle rope. A big running knee to Brie’s back. Brie then gets sent flying out. The twins change out, Nikki coming out from under the ring, Brie sliding under.

Maryse outside, grabs Nikki, slides her in. mikki kicks Maryse in the gut, slams her down for two. Fox breaks it up. A newly red headed Fox tags in, as does Natalya. Fox eats clotheslines. Snap mare to Fox, then a low drop kick to the back of Fox’s head. Natalya slams Fox, then sets up for sharpshooter, Melina rushed in. She stops dead when Natalya drops Fox. Natalya runs the ropes, Melina grabs her ankle, but this doesn’t give Fox any time to recover. Suplex from Natalya to Fox. Again Melina on the apron, hangs Natalya up on the top rope.

Melina tags in, Natalya still holding her head, but gets to her feet, spins around and hit’s a killer clothesline on Melina. Eve tags in. a kick to Melina’s gut, then a sweet swinging neck breaker to Melina and Eve pins her for three.

Winners – Eve & Bellas & Natalya ©

Highlights of the match, mostly Natalya taking Melina down, then Eve taking her out. The faces celebrate in the ring as Melina back up the ramp holding her head.

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Jimmy & Jey Uso Vs. Kozlov & Santino w/ Tamina

The Usos in the ring. Kozlov leads the way for Santino with Tamina on his arm. She’s in a very pretty, but simple strapless purple dress, hair down, hoop earrings.

Kozlov slams Jimmy to the mat. “Santino!” chants. Jimmy grabs Kozlov around the waist, Kozlov reverses it into a leg hold until Jimmy screams for release in the ropes. Both tag out. Side headlock on Jey. He gets free and drops Santino with a back elbow. Jimmy tags in and they double team Santino by stomping him down. Santino goes to work on Jimmy, then tags in Kozlov. Kicks to Jimmy, then Kozlov sends him flying across the ring. Jimmy’s arms are locked in front of him and he head butts Jimmy. Jimmy up on his shoulder, but with the ref distracted Jimmy got free and tagged out. Jey flies off the top with a chop for two, and then keeps Kozlov on the mat with a headlock. Kozlov hit’s a kneeling body drop. Kozlov free and tries to fight back, but Jimmy tags in. Jimmy does all he can to keep Kozlov from tagging out, but can’t.

Big punches from Santino, then a nice hip toss, then his flying and saluting head butt. He pins but Jey breaks the count. Kozlov rushes in and Jey pulls the top rope down, but Kozlov ducks his head too low and gets caught up, all entangled and looks like a turtle on his back balancing on a high wire. Finally Jey clotheslines Kozlov from the ring. Santino sets up for the cobra, but a Samoan drop ends that. Jey pins for three.

Winners – Kozlov & Santino w/ Tamina

Tamina in to check on Santino. Jimmy mouths off to Tamina and Kozlov rushes in to take him out. Kozlov then takes Jey out from the apron. Santino and Tamina set up for the cobra together. They double cobra Jimmy.

Cole announces that the breaking news is that Tough Enough is returning. Josh talks about how he was on the first season of Tough Enough and how great it was and instrumental to his sitting right there with Cole.

Backstage Punk’s heading for the ring.

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Punk out to the ring, all smiles, Nexus armband. He waits for the heat after his music ends. He thanks them for it. He says he wants to start of by saying how much he loves being in Phoenix. He’s already had a busy day. He spent a big part of it looking backstage for Cena. He looked in the locker rooms. He even looked in the parking lot and the funny thing is, he can’t see John Cena – of course with the hand in front of his face.

Big heat for Punk. Cena’s not here tonight. He’s not here because of Punk. Last week before they went off the air he promised a huge surprises and he delivered in spades. It’s what he does and he’s a man on his word. He’s also a three time WHC. That make him a leader of men. Which is why Nexus came to him and begged him to be their new leader. So, last week, he let them. Video of Nexus scavenging on Cena. Then Punk stomped out, hit a GTS on Cena, but not slam him with the chair. Then the arm band went on. More heat for Punk and he soaks it up. Hustle, Loyalty and Respect? Three words Punk lives his life by. “Cena” chants from the women and children. But to Cena that’s a phony catchphrase. It’s what he expects from himself and Nexus. What he expects from Cena is for him to stay home. This is a fight Cena can’t win. He’s taking over Nexus and Monday night RAW!

Wade comes out, calls for them to cut his music. On his way down the ramp Wade tells Punk that he must correct Punk on two things. The reason Cena’s not there has nothing to do with Punk. Cena’s not there because Wade destroyed him this past week in their match in Pennsylvania. Number two, Punk’s not the leader of Nexus, Wade is. Punk can understand how Wade’s confused! Cena bounced 23 chairs of his head at TLC. Nexus needs new management! Wade stays Punk’s an hypocritical, manipulative waste of skin. Under Wade’s leadership, Nexus has dominated RAW, change the face of this show. Punk’s not a leader, he’s a liar. Punk lies about his lifestyle and about being straight edge! He lies to all these Cena flag waving morons! Punk is shocked. Let’s find out who’s the lair and who’s telling the truth. They should ask the members of Nexus. Wade likes this and calls out Nexus.

They all come out, led by Otunga. They line up on the stage, then head for the ring. Otunga tells them with all due respect, they both make good points.

Ding-Ding! Huge heat for Cole. And I quote, “Before things get out of hand. There will be three participants in a Number 1 Contenders Cage Match tonight. The winner of that match will face the Miz for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble. The three participants will be either Wade Barrett or CM Punk versus Sheamus versus Randy Orton.”

Wade says as leader of Nexus, he’ll be the man taking the third spot in that match. Punk laughs, then says okay, go ahead, he defended Wade when Cena brutalized him. He’s a talker, not a fighter. If he has to fight Wade to get that spot, take it. If Wade wins the Cage Match, he’ll have proven that he can lead Nexus and Punk will work for him. However, say Wade loses, then he’s out! Out of Nexus which leaves Punk to lead Nexus. Do they have a gentleman’s agreement. Punk extends his hand. Wade shakes and says it’s a deal. The camera pans up to show the cage above.

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Cole talks about King being out due to Miz last week. Josh then goes on about the earlier match between JoMo and Miz earlier. Video highlights of that fabulous match.

Alberto Del Rio Vs. R-Truth

Alberto Del Rio’s personal assistant is announced. Alberto drives out in a 1966 Ford Shelby Cobra Roadster (drool). Alberto grabs a mic from the passenger seat. Up on the ramp, mic in hand he introduces himself again, but we already know that. With his rich Mexican heritage, his destiny is to be the World Heavyweight Champion. His destiny is to destroy every single person in SD! and from RAW. The name Alberto Del Rio will be emblazoned in the heart and mind of the WWE Universe. His destiny is to win the RR and main event WM. You people, you’ve got no destiny. R-Truth’s music cut him off. R-Truth out with his original music. In the process of coming to the ring R-Truth seemed to elbow a little boy in the face at least once, if not more times. Into the ring and a cheap pop that the fans ate up! R-Truth says Alberto’s only destiny is to go back from where he came from. Truth is, he’s just the man to send him there, now let’s go. Alberto pulls his mic to his face and smiles, R-Truth slaps that smile from his face! What’s up?

Alberto with wild swings that R-Truth ducks. A couple blows to Alberto, then R-Truth floats over. Drop kick to Alberto, then he’s clotheslined from the ring. R-Truth flies out onto Alberto.

– Commercial

Alberto rushes R-Truth from a corner right into a scoop slam for two. R-Truth telegraphs and is kicked for it. Alberto slam back, driving his knees into R-Truth’s arm. Alberto gets two from it. Alberto continues to work R-Truth’s arm. Alberto pins again for two. Arm bar on R-Truth on the mat. R-Truth punches out, then blows to Alberto’s face. R-Truth tries to float over, but can’t through the arm pain. Alberto slams R-Truth down for two. Alberto drops knees to R-Truth’s elbow. A running stomp to R-Truth’s head. Alberto rolls R-Truth further into the ring and pins for two. Another hold on that left arm. R-Truth struggles to his knees, then to his feet. Blows to Alberto’s gut, but R-Truth fought back. R-Truth on the second rope, but moves before Alberto can land on his back. Alberto slides outside.

Alberto announcer helps him up. Alberto back in, but eats clotheslines. A hip toss to Alberto. R-Truth pins, but only gets two. Kick to Alberto’s gut as R-Truth set up for his finisher, but Alberto rolls to the apron. Alberto grabs that left arm, flying off the apron, pulling R-Truth’s shoulder into the post. Back in and Alberto locks on his cross arm breaker finisher. It takes a bit, but R-Truth finally taps out.

Winner – Alberto Del Rio

Alberto celebrates in the ring while his announcer calls the winner loudly. Video of the high points of the match, including the finisher. Alberto is still in the ring, all smiles. Outside his announcer seems to be talking smack to a fan or someone off screen.

– Commercial

Backstage Wade tells Nexus that they must all agree he’s the true leader of Nexus. Gabriel and Slater agree he’s done a lot. Otunga asks that they can’t work things out. Wade says Punk’s out for himself and will use them all for his personal gain. Punk comes in and asks if he’s talking about himself. Punk says he’s sure he speaks for them all. They’re pulling for Wade, wish him the best of luck. Wade leaves and Punk smirks. Punk then shakes Otunga’s hand and then hands of each of the rest of Nexus.

Backstage Orton on screen. Stanford says last year Orton beat Wade and Sheamus. Orton says last year means nothing to him. The only thing he took from last year was Miz cashing in and taking the Title form him. The problem with last year was he was too nice. Every now and then he let his guard down. He actually hesitated before kicking Jericho in the skull. It’s a new year and he’s resolved to the fact that nice guys finish last.

The cage is coming down on the ring.

– Commercial

Video highlights of the match between Miz and JoMo that started the show. Miz ended up retaining.

Number 1 Contender Cage Match – Sheamus Vs. Wade Barrett Vs. Randy Orton

King Sheamus out to the ring in all his royal garb. Wade out to the ring. Cole announce that Cena might possibly return to action live, next week! Sheamus hands his garb out to a ref. Orton out to the ring to HUGE pop and many screaming women. Josh says he didn’t see any human compassion from Orton this year, but he is one of the best. Cole talks about how Orton’s not been able to live with how he lost to Miz.

They all circle each other, moving slowly. Wade starts to climb, but Sheamus and Orton grab him, pull him down and stomp him. Blows from Orton and Sheamus starts climbing the other side. Orton rushes over, grabs his ankle pulls him down. Blows to Sheamus, but then Orton is whipped. Orton comes out with a clothesline to Sheamus, but a big boot from Wade hits Orton from nowhere. Wade pulls Orton onto his shoulders, about to hit wasteland. Josh says this is the move that injured Cena (and a few others not named, but Mark Henry does come to mind). Orton wiggles free with an elbow. Orton up top then one leg over the top. Both Wade and Sheamus work to pull Orton back. They both hit Orton, beating him down into a corner. Sheamus chokes Orton while Wade stomps. “Randy!” chants fill the arena. Sheamus continues to stomp, then Wade tries to go over the top! Sheamus grabs him and a kidney punch drops him down, a clothesline makes him hit the mat.

Sheamus starts climbing, but very slowly to give Orton the chance to stop him. Sheamus tries to send Orton face first into the cage. Orton stops himself with his hands, but Sheamus doesn’t see this. Orton turns and hits a clothesline on Sheamus, but it looked as though Sheamus was a bit off his spot and Orton had to cover for that. Clothesline to Wade, then Orton to the door, but then stops. He drops down to the mat, staring up at both of them. “RKO!” chants.

– Commercial

Orton’s sitting atop the cage, one leg over. He hammers away at Sheamus. Orton slides over, Orton is left hanging by his neck – in Sheamus’s arm – and one of his arms up top. Wade up and grabs Orton’s tights. Before Orton got an uber wedgie, he swings a leg up. Sheamus and Wade are both sitting up top, Orton laying between then on his stomach. They push Orton down inside. Strangely both Sheamus and Wade went back into the cage rather than trying to win themselves. Orton kicks Sheamus in the gut, then flings him over the top rope into the cage. Orton then sends Wade face first into the cage. Orton turns back to Sheamus and drop kicks Sheamus, already on the apron, back into the cage. Orton sets Sheamus up for his sick DDT through the ropes, but Wade is climbing the cage behind them.

Orton reacts to the fans, rushes over and pulls Wade down. Orton then sends Wade through the ropes into the cage. Orton sets up to double DDT them, but is unable. He pull Sheamus into the ring, but Sheamus counters with a back body drop, sending Orton into the cage, sliding down to the floor. Sheamus stomps Orton, then hit’s a back elbow. Sheamus starts climbing, but Orton up and grabs his leg. Wade up, knocks Orton aside. Sheamus and Wade double suplex Orton to the mat. Wade smiles, but then dicks a Sheamus clothesline. They pound away at each other. Head butt to Wade. Wade reverses a whip and Sheamus hit’s the mat hard. Wade sees Orton and Sheamus down, so he climbs. Wade to the top, but Orton stops him, pulls him down to the top of the corner. Standing up on the top of the corner Orton hit’s the move many believe his father created, the superplex, on Wade.

Orton kicks Sheamus and sets up for the RKO, but Sheamus reverses into a back breaker. Sheamus grabs Wade sending him into the cage, back and forth, over and over, then slams him to the mat. Sheamus heads for the door. He starts to head out but Orton stops him. Holding Sheamus’ ankle, Orton just holds on. Sheamus stomps Orton to get free, then goes for the side of the cage. Wade stops him. Wade sends Sheamus into the side of the cage over and over. Wade kicks Sheamus in the chest, then slams Sheamus to the mat. Orton up with blows on Wade. Wade counters with a side slam that had his head hitting the mat. Wade climbs, but Sheamus up with forearms to his back. Wade back to standing on the top ropes. Sheamus sent flying backward to the mat. Rather than climbing, Wade decides to fly. Wade, elbow out tries to take out Sheamus, but Sheamus gets his knees up thwarting Wade’s great plan.

Wade rolls around on the mat, screaming in pain. Sheamus works to his feet, stalking Wade. Orton to his feet and clotheslines Sheamus a couple times, then that sick scoop slam. Wade then eats one of Orton’s scoop slams! Angle slam from Orton to Sheamus. Through the ropes DDT to Wade in what Cole calls ‘vintage’ Orton. Orton then runs into a big boot from Sheamus. Sheamus climbs, gets up top, but Orton drags him back in. Both standing on the top rope and Wade kicks it out from under them! Sheamus slams down hard, right in the slats. Orton holds on, dangles a bit, then slowly slides down, no where near as injurious to his boy parts.

Big boot from Wade to Sheamus, then to Orton. Wade, holding his ribs tightly, then he starts to climb. He gets to the second rope, holding his ribs. Punk runs down, scales the cage. Sitting atop the cage Punk extends a hand. Punk asks what other choice does he have? Wade reaches, but Punk rips Wade’s Nexus arm band off, then kicks Wade in the head a couple times so he falls back to the mat.

Brogue kick to the side of Wade’s head. Sheamus heads for the door and it opens. Suddenly up and Orton hits an RKO on Sheamus. Orton semi-casually walks out of the ring to win the match!

Winner – Randy Orton

Orton stares back at the ring as the show goes off the air.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat