WWE Raw Results – March 19, 2018

WWE Raw Results – March 19, 2018

Welcome to WWE Monday Night Raw. There is a recap video of last week’s episode of Raw. Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring. He welcomes everyone to Raw.  Kurt says he has some bad news. Roman Reigns’ suspension is still in effect and he will not be in the building tonight.  Kurt says that Brock Lesnar is not at the building yet, but he will be here tonight.

Kurt turns his attention to the tag team battle royal from last week.  Braun entered without a partner last week and he won. Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring while Kurt was talking about the tag team situation. Kurt wants to know why Roman is here and Kurt tells Roman he is trespassing. Roman says he does not care.  Roman says Brock was not here the last few weeks and someone has to represent the main event of Wrestlemania. Kurt says Brock will be here.  Roman says he wants to know where Brock is.  Kurt says that Brock has promised he will be here.  He tells Roman he has to do it outside the building tonight because he is suspended.  Roman wonders what he was suspended for.

Kurt tells Roman that he will be able to get his hands on Roman in three weeks.  Kurt tells Roman to be patient because it will happen.  He will have Brock in the palm of his hands at Wrestlemania.

Roman says he understands but he still does not care.  Roman says this is Dallas and he made a whole bunch of memories in here.  He will not leave the ring until he makes one more.  Roman tells Kurt to go back and tell whoever is in the back that he is not leaving his ring until he faces Brock Lesnar tonight.

Kurt leaves the ring and Roman has a chair and sits down in the ring.

Some US Marshals make their way to the ring and one of them has handcuffs while the other reads Roman his rights.  Roman is handcuffed and he starts to leave the ring until one of the Marshals puts his hands on Roman.  They start to be forceful with Roman and then Roman attacks all of them.

Brock Lesnar’s music plays and he skips his way to the ring and Roman is still handcuffed.  Roman misses with the chair and then he hits a German suplex.  Lesnar hits Roman with the chair.  Roman with another German suplex.  Brock returns to the chair shots to the back.  Roman with another German suplex.  Brock gets the chair again and he hits Roman a few more times.

Brock leaves the ring and starts to go to the back but he decides to return to teh ring and he hits Roman with the chair again and gives Roman another German suplex.

Brock stands by Paul, but he does not think that he is finished and he goes back to the ring to give Roman an F-5.

Brock goes to the stage with Paul while a stretcher goes past him to take what is left of Roman to a local medical facility and the crowd chants “You Deserve It”.

Roman is put on the stretcher and Brock’s music plays again and he pushes the stretcher over.  Brock pulls the stretcher away from the ringside barrier and then he goes to the back with Paul.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at what happened when Roman Reigns assaulted law enforcement and Brock Lesnar’s response to Roman’s actions.

We see Roman being put into the ambulance.

We have a video package for tonight’s Alexa Bliss versus Asuka match and the revelation that Alexa was stringing Nia Jax along to do her dirty work.

Alexa has something to say before her match, and she is joined in the ring by Mickie James.

Alexa says she said some things about her best friend, Nia Jax, that were hurtful and wrong.  She did not know there was a world wide audience or that Nia was listening, but that is no excuse.  She was joking around with Mickie.  It was just girl talk.  Alexa says she knows that she got carried away in the moment and said some things she shouldn’t have.  Alexa says that she is sorry.  Alexa says she sincerely apologizes . . . that she didn’t speak the truth sooner.

Alexa says she is not going to apologize.  The word ‘sorry’ does not fit in her vocabulary.  She says she did not lose any sleep over this.  Nia was embarrassed in front of the whole world and she loved every moment of it.  Alexa says she never liked Nia, she used Nia.  Does Nia think that someone like Alexa would be friends with her.  Alexa says she feels so much better now that she got this off her chest.

Alexa says she got a weight off her shoulders and she dropped 300 pounds of pathetic loser.  Alexa tells everyone to save their pity boos on someone else.  Now that she does not have Nia dragging her down, she can end Asuka’s streak.

Match Number One:  Alexa Bliss (with Mickie James) versus Asuka in a Non Title Match

The match is joined in progress and Alexa sends Asuka face first into the mat and then chokes her in the ropes.  Alexa with a forearm but Asuka with a kick.  Alexa chokes Asuka in the ropes.  Mickie gets in a shot on Asuka while Alexa distracts the referee.  Alexa kicks Asuka and chokes her in the corner.  Alexa sends Asuka to the floor and Mickie with a kick while the referee deals with Alexa.  Alexa sends Asuka into the apron and Alexa gets a near fall.

Asuka with punches but she misses a leg sweep when Alexa jumps over Asuka and hits a drop kick for a near fall.  Alexa sends Asuka’s face into the mat again.  Alexa with a reverse chin lock.  Asuka with punches but Alexa with a knee.  Asuka sends Alexa into the ropes and then Asuka with a hip attack.  Asuka with a hip attack into the corner.  Asuka with strikes followed by a pop up knee and a Shining Wizard for a near fall.

Asuka goes to the turnbuckles but Mickie distracts Asuka.  Mickie with a punch to Asuka followed by a knee that sends Asuka to the floor.  Mickie with a fist drop to Asuka on the floor when the referee cannot see her.  Alexa sends Asuka back into the ring and she gets a near fall.  Alexa with a rear chin lock.  Alexa with punches to Asuka and she gets a near fall.  Asuka is sent to the floor again.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Alexa goes up top but Asuka with a forearm to stop her and Asuka sets for a superplex.  Alexa blocks the superplex and Alexa with a head butt.  Alexa with Code Red off the turnbuckles for a near fall.  Alexa throws a fit in the ring.  Asuka misses a back fist and Alexa with a kick.  Alexa with a knee drop but she misses the second knee drop.  Asuka gets a near fall.  Asuak goes for the Asuka lock and Alexa drops down.  Asuka with a rollup for a near fall.  Asuka with an ankle lock.  Alexa tries to escape and Asuka rolls through and pulls Alexa back into the center of the ring.

Alexa finally gets to the ropes and Alexa goes to the floor.  Alexa holds her ankle and Mickie gets Alexa’s belt and checks on her.  The referee continues his count while Mickie escorts Alexa to the ramp.

Winner:  Asuka (by count out)

After the match, Nia Jax’ music plays and she runs to the ring and knocks Mickie James down.  Nia grabs Alexa and Alexa is able to get away for a moment but Nia grabs Alexa as she gets into the crowd.  Mickie sacrifices herself to allow Alexa to escape into the crowd.  Nia sends Mickie into the apron and the she screams at Alexa.

Nia goes into the crowd and chases Alexa to the back.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kurt Angle is on the phone.  Alexa Bliss enters the office and she says that Nia is out of control and she should be suspended or arrested.

Kurt says he saw what Nia did and he also heard what Alexa said.  Millions of young girls saw what Alexa said.  The women’s champion should be a role model.  Kurt says that he will give Nia a match against Alexa for the Raw Women’s Championship at Wrestlemania.


Braun Strowman makes his way to the ring.

Braun says last week he won the Tag Team Battle Royal by himself.  Braun says he is going to Wrestlemania.  Earlier tonight, he was informed by management that he needs to have a partner.  Braun says he does not think he needs a partner.  He knows he can win those tag titles by himself.

Sheamus and Cesaro interrupt and Sheamus tells Braun to hold on a second.  He says Braun is out of his mind if he thinks he can beat them by himself.  You won last week by yourself, but throwing people over the top rope is different than beating the greatest team in the WWE.

Cesaro you don’t become a tag team overnight.  It takes time to build chemistry with your partner.  You have to train together, eat together, drive together, sleep together.

Sheamus clarifies what Cesaro meant by ‘sleep together’.

Sheamus says it does not matter who your partner is, you don’t stand a chance because they are going to walk in and walk out as the tag team champions.

Braun tells them to shut up.

Sheamus asks Braun if he thinks he is tough.  They have beaten every team on Raw and Braun and his partner will have the same fate.  What Brock did to Roman is nothing compared to what they will do to them.

Braun says he has a partner and he gets to have a match against one of them right now.

Sheamus and Cesaro both get on the apron and Cesaro is the one to face Braun.

Match Number Two:  Braun Strowman versus Cesaro (with Sheamus)

Braun sends Cesaro into the turnbuckles and then Irish whips Cesaro into the turnbuckles.  Braun with an Irish whip and splash.  Braun with another Irish whip and Cesaro goes over the top rope to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Strowman backs Cesaro into the corner but Cesaro jumps back onto Strowman’s back.  Strowman gets Cesaro off of him again.  Cesaro with a series of kicks and punches.  Strowman blocks a suplex attempt but Cesaro avoids a suplex from Strowman.  Strowman goes over the top rope when Cesaro moves and then Cesaro with a baseball slide.  Strowman hot shots Cesaro onto the ringside barrier and then Sheamus decides that Cesaro is good without his help.

Strowman backs Sheamus up and that allows Cesaro to try to attack Strowman from behind but Strowman catches Cesaro off the steps and sends him into the ringside barrier.  Strowman misses a charge into the corner and hits the ring post.  Cesaro with a drop kick to the back followed by European uppercuts.  Strowman blocks a Gotch Style Neutralizer and Strowman sends Cesaro to the floor.  Cesaro with a springboard corkscrew European uppercut.  Strowman with a punch and splash into the corner.  Cesaro gets out of the power slam when Sheamus distracts Strowman.  Strowman goes to the floor and he tries to hit Cesaro with a running shoulder tackle but Cesaro moves and Sheamus goes down.

Strowman misses a splash into the corner and Cesaro tries for a rollup but Strowman does not go down.  Cesaro goes to the turnbuckles and Strowman catches him when he comes off and Strowman with a power slam for the three count.

Winner:  Braun Strowman

We go to footage from earlier today at the Hardy Compound.  Matt says he has invited the WWE Universe to watch since it needs to be documented.  Matt says he is doing this for his progeny.  Matt tells Vanguard 1 to monitor the Hardy property for intruders.  Matt tells Senor Benjamin to prepare the battlefield for ANNIHILATION.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three:  Titus O’Neil and Apollo (with Dana Brooke) versus Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson

Wilder chops Titus but Titus sends Wilder into the corner and chops him.  Titus chops Dawson and then Wilder clips Titus when he goes for Clash of the Titus.  Dawson tags in and they hit a double team leg drop on Titus for a near fall.  Dawson with kicks and Wilder tags in and he kicks Titus.  Titus kicks Dawson away and Apollo tags in and Apollo with kicks to Dawson and Wilder and follows with a flying clothesline on Dawson.  Apollo with a standing moonsault for a near fall.  Dawson and Apollo with forearms.  Apollo with an inside cradle for a near fall. Wilder pulls Titus off the apron and sends him into the apron.  Apollo with a pescado onto Wilder.

Apollo with a cross body and Dawson rolls through for a near fall.  Apollo with an enzuigiri and he sets for the toss power bomb and Wilder tags in.  They hit Shatter Machine on Apollo for the three count.

Winners:  Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

After the match, Dawson and Wilder are asked about their path to Wrestlemania.  Dash says that is a good question because there is no tag team on Earth more qualified than them to challenge for the Raw Tag Team Titles.  Scott says they are going to go into Braun’s world and they will be the first tag team to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

We have the announcement that Mark Henry will be the newest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Sasha Banks has something to say before her match.  She says she was taught that when you have a problem, you don’t walk away from it or talk about it behind someone’s back.  You confront them.  Sasha says they are best friends and she wants to fix their issues.  At Elimination Chamber, it was every woman for themselves.  She wasn’t trying to betray her friendship, she was trying to win the title.  She will try to win the battle royal at Wrestlemania.  Bayley was not trying to win anything two weeks ago when she refused the tag and then did not help last week.

Sasha says she can be the bigger person and forgive Bayley.

Bayley gets a mic and she was angry and acted impulsively in their tag match.  Bayley reminds Sasha that she helped Sasha win last week.  Bayley went to the back after the match was over.  She says she cannot get over what Sasha did to her at the Elimination Chamber.  It is not about what you did, but how you did it.  Bayley says she knows that Sasha does what she has to in order to win her matches.

The look in your eyes hurt her to her core.  She saw Sasha smile when she kicked Bayley from the pod.  Bayley says she cannot get that picture out of her head.  Why was knocking her down so easy if they are best friends?

Paige’s music interrupts and she says she is sorry if you are trying to find some answers or resolution.  Paige says her ladies are going to show how real women settle the score.

Match Number Four:  Sasha Banks and Bayley versus Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose (with Paige)

Sonya and Sasha start things off and Sasha backs Sonya into the corner and connects with shoulders.  Sasha slaps Sonya and sends her into the corner.  Sonya with a forearm to knock Bayley off the apron and then Sasha is sent to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Mandy with a reverse chin lock on Bayley.  Bayley with elbows and she sends Mandy into the turnbuckles.  Bayley gets a near fall.  Sasha makes the tag and tells Bayley to stop with her cover and Sasha gets a near fall.  Sasha with a double knee strike in the corner but she misses a second one and Mandy sends Sasha to the mat and gets a near fall.  Sonya tags in and kicks Sasha.  Sonya with a snap mare and sliding knee to the back for a near fall.  Sonya with a body scissors.

Sonya gets a near fall.  Rose tags in and connects with a knee for a near fall.  Mandy gets another near fall.  Mandy with an abdominal stretch.  Sasha escapes and hip tosses Mandy.  Mandy with a drop kick and Sonya tags in.  Sonya with kicks in the corner.  Mandy tags back in and she kicks Sasha.  Sasha with a thrust kick and she goes to the corner to make the tag and Sonya stops Bayley from having to choose about making a tag.

Bayley tags in and clotheslines and kicks Sonya.  Bayley sends Sonya to the apron and hits a cutter followed by a Saito suplex and a back elbow from the turnbuckles for a near fall.  Sasha battles with Mandy and Bayley with a backslide but the referee was out of position.  Bayley argues with Sasha about the distraction but they hit a double elbow on Mandy.  Sonya sends Bayley into Sasha and Sonya with a round kick for the three count.

Winners:  Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville

We go to commercial.

John says this is not your typical Raw.  Everything is bigger in Texas.  Last week he put out a Wrestlemania challenge to the Undertaker.  He gave him a choice of yes or no.  Tonight, we all find out the Undertaker’s response.  John says it is amazing that the Undertaker is in hiding so long because he is embarrassed.  John says Undertaker feels that he no longer belongs here.  John says that is absolutely ridiculous.  As long as there is a WWE, the name Undertaker has meaning.

 John says the crowd went to its feet last week at the mere mention of the Undertaker.  John says before we get to the Dead Man’s response, he wants to know how Dallas feels about it.  John says the Undertaker’s response is . . .


It was silence, not a yes or a no.  It was nothing.  That is the biggest mistake the Undertaker has ever made.  John says he does not mind going to Wrestlemania as a fan.  He would love to go to Wrestlemania as Undertaker’s opponent, but it is disrespectful to John that he won’t get off his ass to answer him.  It is also disrespectful to all of the fans.  After all of these people have given you everything they have, you can’t find it in you to give them a yes or a no?

If you are retired, say no and tell us you are retired.  We will all understand.  If you are not retired, say yes and give us what everyone wants to see.  You should not sit in hiding.  You have become a coward.  The Undertaker is a coward.

John tells him to prove him wrong.  Give him a yes or a no.  John tells him to do the stupid stuff he does like roll a casket to the ring or use some lightning.  Do something.

John says that was the exact moment you let everyone down who believed in you.  You are not a God and you can barely call yourself a man.

Kane’s music plays and Kane comes out.

John says that Kane has been sent here by his brother for the decision we all want.  Is it yes or is it no?

Kane grabs John by the throat and choke slams Cena and leaves the ring.

We take a look back at Brock Lesnar brutalizing Roman Reigns earlier tonight.

We are given an update on Roman’s condition and he will not be released from the local medical facility at this time.

Miz makes his way to the ring with Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas.

We are back with more footage from the Hardy Compound.  We see Matt seeking advice from George Washington.

Miz has a mic and he says we are three weeks away from Wrestlemania and he gets no respect.  Miz says he is not on the posters or magazines.  He says he is going to be the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion and he cannot even get on the magazine.  That is no respect.  Miz says that AJ Styles and Brock Lesnar are on the cover and they have singles matches.  Miz says he does not even have to be pinned to lose the most prestigious title in WWE.  Miz asks if he is the bad guy.

Because you buy the action figures of Finn Balor and Seth Rollins, does that make them heroes?  Miz says while Curtis and Bo were too busy last week, he proved that Seth and Finn were frauds.  He will take Tyler Black and Prince Devitt and send them back to the bingo halls to TOO SWEET all of the indie fans.

Before the match can start, Seth Rollins makes his way to the announce table to watch the match.

Match Number Five:  Miz, Curtis Axel, and Bo Dallas versus Finn Balor, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows

The match is joined in progress and Gallows gets a near fall on Axel.  Balor tags in and he hits a double sledge off the turnbuckles.  Balor with a chop followed by an Irish whip and chop.  Balor with another Irish whip but he runs into a boot.  Dallas tags in and Finn with arm drags into an arm bar.  Miz tags in and he punches Balor.  Balor with punches but Miz with a knee to the midsection.  Miz with punches and he sends Balor into the turnbuckles and kicks him.

Axel tags in and he snap mares Balor and hits a leap frog neck snap for a near fall.  Axel with a reverse chin lock and he takes Balor to the mat.  Balor with a back body drop.  Dallas tags in and Balor with punches.  Dallas with an Irish whip and splash into the corner.  Bo with kicks and then MIz chokes Balor while the referee deals with Bo.  Axel tags in and he mocks Balor along with Miz.  Bo joins in and Balor with forearms to everyone.  Axel keeps Balor from making the tag and runs him into the turnbuckles.

Axel misses a splash and Anderson tags in and clotheslines Axel and follows with a flying boot.  Axel misses a splash into the corner and Anderson with a boot to the head.  Anderson with a neck breaker off the turnbuckles for a near fall.  Anderson knocks Dallas off the apron and then goes up top for a cross body and he gets a near fall.  Anderson runs into an uppercut and Miz tags in.  MIz with a boot and DDT to Anderson for a near fall.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Anderson with a spinebuster and Balor and Bo tag in.  Balor with a forearm followed by a double leg take down and double stomp.  Balor clotheslines Axel over the top rope to the floor.  Balor with a plancha onto Bo and Curtis.  Balor goes up top and Miz distracts the referee and that allows Axel to crotch Balor.  Miz tags in and he sets for the Skull Crushing Finale but Balor with a victory roll.  Balor with an elbow to Miz and a forearm to Axel.  Miz with a rollup for a near fall and Balor sends Miz into Axel and then Balor gets the three count.

Winners:  Finn Balor, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows

After the match, Miz, Dallas, and Axel attack Balor and they hold Gallows and Anderson at bay.  Miz signals for Axel and Dallas to get Balor set up.  Seth Rollins comes to the ring and he attacks Axel and Dallas and then he hits a thrust kick to Miz followed by Black Out.

Balor and Rollins stand face to face in the ring as they stand over Miz.

We go to the Lake of Reincarnation where Matt is in his dilapidated boat.

We go to commercial.

We are back and next week, John Cena will face Kane.

We have a video package for Ronda Rousey.  Kurt says Ronda is tough, intense, and very talented.  She is also a bad ass.  Ronda says she always wanted to be respected.  She wants to be respected by the ones she respects.  She was taught by her dad to be the best.  She did what an athlete was supposed to do but she did not get the respect from everyone.  She decided to talk a lot of s*** and be able to feed her dog.  She says she knew she could beat up any woman on the planet.  She is not arrogant because she knows she is the best.  People need to stop being intimidated by the confidence of a woman.

Ronda says she thought God hates her after her last fight.  She says she had nothing left in her.  She says her husband is amazing and he brought her out of some tough times.  He told her that she is more than fighter and that is not a bad thing.  It is something she should embrace.  Ronda says she is not afraid to care any more.  It has all led to this.  She realized that she has always been on this path.  She says this is the dream come true.

Kurt says all eyes will be on her.  The fans will want to see her succeed or fail.

Ronda says there is a lot of pressure on her, but that is what she lives for.  She thought the gold medal was all she was going to care about.  Then it was UFC.  Now it is winning at Wrestlemania. She says she has been accumulating the skills to be the best.  She was meant to be at Wrestlemania.

We are at the Hardy compound and Bray is there with his lantern.  The gates open and Bray enters.

Vanguard 001 identifies Bray and Matt’s hologram welcomes Bray to the Hardy Compound.  He tells Bray to follow the music.

We see the ring where Matt is waiting for Bray to appear.  Rebecca is playing the piano.

Matt tells Bray that he knew he would come.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Michael Cole says what you are going to see is obnoxious and surreal.

Ultimate Deletion:  Matt Hardy versus Bray Wyatt

Matt and Bray laugh but Matt says the time for laughter is over.  They lock up and Vanguard 001 calls for attack mode.  Matt with punches to Bray.  Matt with boots to Bray followed by a side Russian leg sweep.  Matt removes his jacket and he starts to announce a deletion.  Bray sets for Sister Abigail but Matt blocks it.  Bray with a clothesline.  Bray tells Matt that he is a God.  He says he apologizes for not giving Matt a housewarming gift.  Bray pulls a steel chair from under the ring.  Matt tells Vanguard to initate.

Bray wants to know what Vanguard is initiating and we get fireworks that shock Bray.  Matt gets the chair and he hits Bray with the chair.  Matt hits Bray in the back with the chair.

They leave the ring and fight onto the property.  We go to Dilapidated City and Wyatt with a kick.  Matt asks Bray if this reminds him of something and we see memories of The Wyatt House being burnt by Randy Orton.  Matt hits Bray with a kendo stick but Bray blocks Matt and he hits Matt with the kendo stick.  Bray sends Matt into the house wall.  Bray has flashbacks and it enrages him.  Bray wants to know where Matt is going.

We go to the Land of Obsolete Men and Matt says he is over here.  Bray goes after him with the kendo stick but he misses him.  Matt runs away while Bray hits the symbols.  Bray tells Matt that he is coming.

Matt ambushes Bray but Bray sends him into a tree.  Bray kicks Matt in the ribs.  Bray gets a tree branch and hits Matt from behind and gets a near fall.  Matt is sent into the metal door of the Dome of Deletion.  We see a rocking chair and piano.  Bray kicks Matt.  Bray with a uranage attempt through the piano but Matt escapes.  Matt sends Bray into the piano and then sends him into the ring post.  Matt grabs a ladder and he prepares to hit Bray with it and he runs it into Bray’s ribs.  Matt hits Bray a second time.  Matt welcomes Bray to the Dome of Deletion and he hits Bray in the back with the ladder.  Matt then hits Bray in the chest with the ladder.

Matt sees the chair of wheel and mower of lawns.  Matt grabs the mower of lawns and starts the engine.  Matt prepares to mow Bray but Bray with the crab walk and he has regenerated.  Bray with a boot and Matt is sent into the mower of lawns.  Bray sends Matt into the ring but Matt drops Bray on the top rope.  Bray with a thrust kick and a DDT onto the apron.  Bray gets a near fall on the floor.  Bray with punches and he tells Matt that he told him.  He says this is not his ultimate deletion, it is Matt’s.

Bray tells Matt it is time to go home to finish it.

We see Vanguard 001 searching for Matt and Bray and it finds Bray carrying Matt and they are by the Lake of Reincarnation.  Matt calls for Skarsgard.  Bray sets for Sister Abigail but Vanguard 001 tries to attack Bray.  Bray grabs Vanguard 001 and he says he will deal with him later.  Bray turns over Skarsgard and it is Senor Benjamin and he tosses a globe to him and he sings He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands and Jeff joins for a duet.

Matt with a Twist of Fate for the three count.

Winner:  Matt Hardy

After the match, Bray says it is not over.  Matt knocks Bray into the Lake of Reincarnation.  Matt asks for Senor Benjamin to come post haste to retrieve Bray’s carcass from the Lake of Reincarnation.  Senor Benjamin says he is not in there.

Matt says the Great War is OVER and Bray Wyatt has been DELETED.

Credit: PWinsider.com