WWE Raw Results – November 15, 2010

– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with a very retro opening and the WWF logo. “Federation” is marked out with “Entertainment.” And we cut to the RAW opening video and it’s the retro one. The sirens go off in the arena, we get the old school pyro and we’re live from the Giant Center in Hershey, PA. Michael Cole is at ringside with Jerry Lawler. All of the graphics are old school and even the sound sounds flat. We go to the ring and Justin Roberts is doing the announcing tonight, dressed in a bad tuxedo from the 70’s or 80’s. Roberts introduces Mean Gene Okerlund and out he comes.

Okerlund introduces “Cowboy” Bob Orton first and out he comes on a stage to talk with Okerlund. Gene goes to talk about Randy Orton and his dad says he’s not here yet but will be here shortly. Gene asks Bob Orton about the Survivor Series. Orton puts over his son and talks about John Cena. Nexus’ music interrupts as Wade Barrett comes out.

Barrett says he is going to defeat Orton at Survivor Series and be WWE Champion, something Cowboy Bob could never accomplish. Barrett says he owes nothing to the old school, they paved nothing for him. Barrett says he got here on his own. Barrett says he didn’t bring Nexus with him to beat Bob up because he wants him to be conscious on Sunday to see his son get beat. Barrett threatens Gene and The Miz’s music hits. Out he comes with Alex Riley.

The Miz rips on Orton and teases cashing in his Money in the Bank contract. Miz says maybe he will do it tonight when Orton arrives. Miz says then Barrett wouldn’t be able to fight for the WWE Title at Survivor Series and Cena would be in Nexus forever. John Cena appears on the big screen and says Miz ruins everything he touches somehow. Cena says he will make sure Miz cashes in nothing tonight. Cena says he will protect Barrett’s shot tonight, but for his own good. Cena challenges Miz to a match tonight. Riley and Miz converse and Miz accepts the challenge. Miz and Riley walk off as Okerlund hypes tonight’s show. We go to commercial.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Mark Henry
Back from commercial and out comes SmackDown’s Dolph Ziggler, the WWE Intercontinental Champion, for this non-title match. Dolph has Vickie Guerrero at his side. To keep with the old school theme, WWE airs a video of Dolph cutting a promo backstage at the top of the screen as he enters the ring. Out next comes Mark Henry, using his old “Sexual Chocolate” theme song and entrance. Everything is old school tonight rom the fan railing at ringside to the ring ropes and apron, even the chairs the announcers are in.

The bell rings and Henry sends Dolph to the floor early. Dolph comes back in but Henry continues to dominate. Dolph ducks a clothesline and hops on Henry’s back with a sleeper hold. Henry breaks it and puts Dolph on the top. Henry chops Dolph down to the floor and taunts Vickie. Henry tosses Dolph back in the ring. Henry comes in but Dolph kicks his leg out and goes to work with stomps on the mat.

Henry starts to come back with clotheslines and a headbutt. Henry hits a big powerslam but Dolph kicks out at 2. Henry goes for a big splash but Ziggler moves out of the way. More back and forth action. Dolph ends up applying the sleeper and taking Henry to the mat. Henry passes out and Dolph is the winner.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

– We go backstage with The Hart Dynasty. David Hart Smith says his father British Bulldog and Dynamite Kid didn’t always get along but managed to be one of the best tag teams. Tyson Kidd agrees and they head to the ring. They run into Tony Atlas. Atlas rambles on non-stop about his time teaming with Rocky Johnson back in the day. Kidd and Smith eventually walk off while Atlas is still babbling and we go to commercial.

– Back from commercial and Tony Atlas is still rambling on about his team with Rocky Johnson. Yoshi Tatsu is standing there in awe and frustration. Tatsu makes a motion of stabbing himself in the gut.

Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel vs. The Hart Dynasty
We go to the ring where the WWE Tag Team Champions Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel are. Out come their opponents, The Hart Dynasty. Gabriel and Smith start things off. They lock up and go back and forth on the mat. Gabriel attacks with kicks. Smith catches one and drops Gabriel. Slater ends up coming in and they beat Smith down in their corner. Gabriel and Slater take turns tagging in and stomping on Smith.

Slater misses a big splash in the corner and goes down. Smith goes to tag in Kidd. Kidd moves out of the way and hits Smith. Kidd hits a kick to the face on Smith from the apron and lays him out. Kidd walks off laughing at Smith. Gabriel takes advantage and hits the 450 from the top for the win.

Winners: Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel

– We go backstage with Randy Orton, Bob Orton and Gene Okerlund. Orton talks about Cena, Barrett and Survivor Series until R-Truth comes in. Truth gives Orton his advice on the situation and calls it the truth. Orton says there’s one way he can make sure Cena don’t screw him at Survivor Series – by punting him in the head tonight. Back to commercial.

– We go to the ring where Justin Roberts introduces Hall of Famer Howard “The Fink” Finkel. Fink introduces The Brooklyn Brawler, accompanied by Harvey Whippleman. Brawler takes the mic and says the fans don’t respect old school. Brawler says he wants a standing ovation when his match is over. Whippleman says that Brawler wants to challenge anyone from the new school right now.

The Brooklyn Brawler vs. Ezekiel Jackson
Brawler walks around the ring and waits on his opponent. The music hits and out comes Ezekiel Jackson. The bell rings and Zeke takes Brawler down. Brawler tries to mount an attack but Zeke knocks him off his feet. Jackson hits a big clothesline in the corner and lays him down with the finisher for the quick win.

Winner: Ezekiel Jackson

– Lawler and Cole hype Cena vs. Miz for later tonight and we go to commercial.

– We’re backstage with Nexus, minus Wade Barrett. David Otunga says he stepped up last week on SmackDown and now someone else needs to. Otunga says R-Truth is becoming a problem he says and someone needs to take him out. Otunga calls himself a leader. Barrett comes in and says the person who will take Truth out is Otunga. The e-mail alert goes off and it’s announced Barrett will face Truth tonight and Otunga will compete in a special challenge match. John Cena comes in. Barrett wants Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty to follow Cena to the ring to look out. Cena says he doesn’t need that. If Randy Orton wants some, he can come get some. We go to commercial.

John Cena vs. Alex Riley
Back from the break and out comes John Cena to a big pop. Out next is The Miz, with Alex Riley. Miz grabs the mic and announces that Alex Riley will be taking his place in the match. The bell rings and Cena locks up with Riley. Cena gets the best of Riley, frustrating him. Miz provides some distraction and Riley turns the match around on Cena.

They go back and forth. Cena misses a big charge in the corner and Riley stomps on him some more. Riley with a 2 count. Cena counters Riley and drops him with a big backdrop. Cena comes back with shoulders off the ropes and the usual slam. Cena taunts The Miz and hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Riley. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment and nails it. Cena locks the STF on Riley and makes him tap out in front of Miz.

Winner: John Cena

– After the match, Randy Orton runs down and attacks Cena. Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty come to attack him but he sends them out to the floor. Cena and Orton face off in the ring. Cena strikes first and they trade right hands. Referees come in and try to break them up. Officials hold them apart when the e-mail alert goes off. Cole announces that Cena and Orton will be guests on Piper’s Pit with Roddy Piper. The retro RAW theme hits as we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and we go to the ring with Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik, introduced by Howard Finkel. Nikolai starts singing the Soviet National Anthem as the crowd boo’s. Santino Marella’s music hits and out he comes with Vladimir Kozlov. Kozlov starts singing with Volkoff as Sheik salutes and holds his Iranian flag. Santino starts laughing at their attempt at singing. Santino introduces Slick, who comes out dancing to the ring. Sheik is babbling something on the mic about Hulk Hogan. Sheik yells about Hulk Hogan and Hulkamania, everyone knows the history there. It sounds like they cut his mic. Out come The Usos with Tamina. It’s announced that Jimmy Snuka, Tamina’s father, will be in their corner. Snuka’s music hits and out he comes for this #1 contender’s match. We go to commercial.

#1 Contender’s Match: The Usos vs. Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov
Back from the break and one of the Usos is in the ring with Santino. Usos make a tag and double team Santino for a 2 count. Santino makes a comeback of sorts and tags in Kozlov. Kozlov catches one of the Usos in mid-air and hits a big overhead throw. Kozlov with shoulder thrusts in the corner. Santino is tagged back in and Kozlov uses him as a battering ram in the corner. Santino with a 2 count.

Kozlov comes back in and works over the Usos. They make a tag and work on Kozlov’s leg. A big splash is good for a 2 count. Jimmy hits a side suplex or a 2 count. More back and forth action. Kozlov knocks Jimmy out of mid-air. Jey comes in and knocks Santino off the apron. Santino rushes the ring and distracts the ref, causing the Usos to double team. Usos with another near fall after a splash in the corner. Chaos at the end of the match. Santino hits the Cobra to get his team the win.

Winners and New #1 Contenders: Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov

– After the match, Sheamus rushes the ring and takes out Kozlov and the Usos. He goes after Santino but John Morrison runs down. Sheamus flies to the floor when Morrison ducks an attack. Morrison kicks Sheamus back down. Morrison takes the mic and says he’s been doing this because Sheamus is a bully. Morrison says if Sheamus wants a fight, he’s right here. Sheamus looks like he’s going to the ring to fight but goes up the stage, staring at Morrison. We go to commercial.

Kofi Kingston vs. David Otunga
We go to the ring where David Otunga is coming out. His opponent is Kofi Kingston from SmckDown. The bell rings and Kofi taunts some. They lock up and Kofi applies a headlock. Otunga catches Kofi in the air and slams him. Otunga with a body slam. And another for a 2 count. Otunga with a headlock now. Otunga with a big elbow on Kofi and another 2 count.

Kofi tries to come back and unloads on Otunga in the corner. Big dropkick by Kofi. They both go for a clothesline at once and go down. We see George “The Animal” Steele walking down to the ring, green tongue and all. Steele crawls in the ring and starts eating the turnbuckle pad. The referee gets Steele to leave the ring. Otunga looks confused. Kofi comes from behind and slams Otunga into the exposed turnbuckle. Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

– We go backstage where Arn Anderson and Gerald Brisco are congratulating John Morrison for standing up to the bully Sheamus. Sheamus runs in out of nowhere and lays Morrison with a big kick to the face. Sheamus says to tell Morrison when he wakes up that he accepts a match for Survivor Series.

– Back from commercial. Backstage segment with Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Aksana. Aksana thinks she sees her mother but it’s Dusty Rhodes in a wig. Dusty was working with Goldust and Kelly Kelly, and they trap Aksana under a net. Goldust snatches the Million Dollar Title from her and hands it over to Ted DiBiase Sr., who walks up with IRS. Cody Rhodes comes up and interacts with his brother. The segment ends with Hacksaw, Dusty, Kelly and everyone else dancing to Dusty’s American Dream music. Tatanka even made an appearance and danced around.

– We see Eve Torres and R-Truth headed to the ring as we go back to commercial.

R-Truth vs. Wade Barrett
R-Truth and Eve are out first followed by Wade Barrett. The bell rings and they go at it. Barrett with offense early on. Truth sends Barrett out to the floor and flies over the top rope after him. Truth goes to the top but misses. Barrett catches him with a big slam. More offense from Barrett. Barrett hits a big elbow from the top rope for a 2 count.

We see Orton and Cena watching from their lockerooms backstage. Barrett with another 2 count on Truth followed by a headlock. More back and forth action. Truth drops Barrett on his face for another 2 count. Barrett with a big boot to Truth’s face. Barrett hits the Wasteland for the pin and the win.

Winner: Wade Barrett

– Lawler and Cole plug tonight’s Piper’s Pit as we go to commercial.

– Back from commercial and Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer is in the ring. He is interrupted by WWE Legend Tito Santana. Tito says we’re going to do it his way tonight and he introduces Del Rio. Alberto comes riding in. His car is driven by WWE Legend Chavo Classic. Classic and Del Rio embrace as he heads to the ring. Del Rio takes the mic and thanks Santana & Classic. Alberto introduces himself to the fans and begins to insult them. Del Rio says the other Legends here tonight should follow Classic & Tito’s example and show respect to him. Sgt. Slaughter’s music hits and out he comes.

Slaughter tells Del Rio you don’t mess with two things – Legends and America. Slaughter tells Del Rio to earn respect, by facing him right now. Slaughter calls him a scum, slime and a maggot. Del Rio calls for a referee and we’ve got a match.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Sgt. Slaughter
The bell rings as the crowd chants for Slaughter. Del Rio beats Slaughter down. Slaughter counters a hip toss and locks on the Cobra Clutch. Del Rio makes it to the ropes and the hold is broken.

Del Rio drops Slaughter with a big back elbow and takes control again. Slaughter locks on the Cobra Clutch again but Del Rio breaks out of it. Del Rio throws Slaughter in the corner and hits a big kick to the back of the head. Del Rio covers Slaughter for the pin and the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

– After the match, Del Rio applies his armbar on Slaughter, who is out. MVP runs down to the ring and makes the save. Del Rio leaves up the ramp smiling as MVP has words for him. The crowd chants for MVP as he helps Slaughter to his feet.

– Back from the break and we go to Mean Gene Okerlund. He introduces Mae Young, who comes out with The Bella Twins. Gene takes us to a video package with highlights from Mae’s WWE career. Michelle McCool and Layla interrupt. They come out and mock Mae and how old she is. They keep going on. Gene asks Mae if she has anything to say. Mae calls them sluts and bitches. She wants a No DQ match. LayCool start laughing at Mae as she goes after them. The bell rings. LayCool argues about who’s going to pin Mae. Melina, Natalya, Eve and Gail Kim come out and stand behind Mae. They attack LayCool. Mae puts her boot on Layla’s chest and pins her for the win. The Divas all celebrate with Mae as we go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Howard Finkel introduces the special commentator for the next match – it’s Jim Ross! JR comes out to the Boomer Sooners music and they play up on the tension between JR and Michael Cole.

Daniel Bryan vs. Jack Swagger
We go to the ring and out comes WWE’s United States Champion Daniel Bryan. Bryan’s opponent is Jack Swagger, representing SmackDown. The bell rings and they go to the mat with Swagger taking control first. Lots of back and forth action on the mat here with submission attempts. Bryan goes for a big kick but barely hits it.

Ross is pretty much ignoring anything Cole says on commentary. Bryan drops Swagger with a dropkick but only gets a 1 count. Bryan with a series of kicks in the corner. Swagger sends Bryan to the floor as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Swagger has Bryan down with his face in the mat. Swagger goes to the floor and works over Bryan on the apron. Swagger charges Bryan but he ducks. Swagger ends up on the floor. Bryan runs the ring and hits a baseball slide, knocking him back into the barrier. Bryan hits a big knee drop in the air off the apron, knocking Swagger back into the railing again. Back in the ring, Bryan hits a huge missile dropkick for a 2 count.

More back and forth action and near-falls between Swagger and Bryan. Swagger hits the big splash coming out of the corner. Swagger grabs Bryan for the gutwrench powerbomb but Bryan counters. Bryan counters and goes for the LaBell Lock. Swagger counters that with a backbreaker. Swagger goes for the gutwrench again but Bryan kicks him hard in the jaw for the pin and the win.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

– After the match, Ted DiBiase rushes the ring and attacks Bryan. Ted unloads on Bryan and lays him out. Ted goes ringside and grabs Daniel’s US Title belt. Ted brings it back in the ring and holds the belt above Bryan before laying it across him. Maryse comes down and walks with Ted backstage.

– Back from commercial and all of the Legends are brought on the stage and introduced.

– Roddy Piper comes out next to host The Piper’s Pit with Randy Orton and John Cena. Piper enters the ring that’s all setup for his trademark segment. Piper starts to talk but the fans start chanting for him. Piper says old school is about a time when you had to man up and stand up to the plate. Piper talks about attacking Captain Lou Albano and Jimmy Snuka back in the day and goes on about old school. Piper calls John Cena out first and here he comes.

Piper tells Cena that he’s a big fan. Piper says he’s been competing for 30 years and has never been WWE Champion. Piper talks about other Legends who never won the WWE Title. Piper says if Cena gives Barrett the WWE Title, he will be spitting in all those Legends’ faces. Piper tells Cena to do the right thing. Cena says it’s not that easy anymore knowing what’s right and wrong. Cena says he doesn’t care anymore, he’s going to call the match down the middle at Survivor Series. Wade Barrett comes out and interrupts.

Barrett reminds Cena he is fired if Barrett doesn’t win the belt at Survivor Series. Piper tells Barrett to shut up. Piper says if Barrett wins that way, he won’t be a real Champion, he will just be a joke. Barrett reminds Cena this is his final RAW as a part of Nexus. Barrett presents Cena with a Nexus t-shirt and tells him to put it on or else he’s fired. Cena hesitates but finally puts the Nexus shirt on. Cena says he’s going to turn Barrett’s face into mush after Sunday, win or lose. Barrett goes on about Cena until Randy Orton’s music hits and out comes the WWE Champion.

Orton says he’s been thinking about punt kicking Cena since last week. Orton says he’s thought of a better option though. Orton turns around and decks Barrett, laying him down. Orton with a big scoop slam. Orton drops to the mat to prepare for an RKO but Cena steps in front of Orton and Barrett. Orton gets up and drops Cena with an RKO. Barrett charges Orton but Orton throws him out of the ring. Orton goes for a punt on Cena but he moves. Cena drops Orton with the AA.

Barrett comes back in the ring, smiling at Cena. They go to raise their hands in the air but Cena lays out Barrett with an Attitude Adjustment. RAW goes off the air with Cena heading to the back.