WWE RAW Results – November 18, 2019

WWE RAW Results – November 18, 2019

We are in Boston, Massachusetts and your announcers are Vic Joseph and Jerry Lawler.

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring and she has something to say.

Becky tells Shayna and Bayley that she is right here. If you are in this building come face her champion to champion because you have both been running from one show to another talking about brand supremacy. She says she does not care about brand supremacy. She is right here. We don’t have to wait until Sunday. We can end this tonight. After all, what better place for an Irish person to fight than in Boston?

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay come out and they were not going to stay silent since you mentioned Survivor Series. Billie says they have been left off the Survivor Series team. Peyton says this is an oversight. Bilile and Peyton say that they are the future.

Becky interrupts and she says it was supposed to be her and Charlotte tagging tonight, but why not face both of you right now.

Charlotte Flair comes out and she asks Becks if she wants them to herself. Charlotte says she does not want to tag with her either, but the forces want her to be a team. You aren’t the only one to talk about your match at Survivor Series because she will be the captain of the Raw Women’s Team. Charlotte asks Becks ‘Shall we?”

Samoa Joe interrupts and he makes his way to the stage.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Samoa Joe has joined Jerry and Vic on commentary.

Match Number One: Peyton Royce and Billie Kay versus Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair

Peyton and Billie attack Charlotte and Becky as the bell rings. Peyton and Billie with a facebuster. Billie tags in and Charlotte with an elbow to Peyton. Billie drops Charloote on the top rope and Peyton with a spinning heel kick for a enar fall. Peyton tags in and they connects with back heel kicks and axe kicks. Charlotte with a forearm and Peyton runs Charlotte into the turnbuckles. Billie tags in and Charlotte with a forearm and chops to shut up Billie. Billie with a rollup for a near fall. Charlotte sets for the figure four leg lock and bridges. Peyton tries to break up the hold but Becky with an exploder. Billie decides it is time to tap out.

Winners: Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch

After the match, Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir attack Billie and Peyton. Becky and Charlotte realize what has happened and they return to the ring and go after Shayna, Jessamyn, and Marina. Shayna kicks Bekcy in the leg a few times while Jessamyn and Marina take care of Charlotte. Shayna, Marina, and Jessmayn go through the crowd but Charlotte and Becky follow, but they are stopped by Boston’s finest.

Becky tries to go after Shayna and friends and Becky punches a member of the security detail.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at Becky Lynch showing security how much she likes them.

We go to Charly Caruso in the back with Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins. She reminds us that they earned a tag title match on the European tour. Zack says they have been preparing for tonight.

The Authors of Pain show up and they get in Zack and Curt’s faces. Akam and Rezar attack Curt and Zack. Akam says something before they leave.

AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows have something to say before the next match. AJ wants to tell everyone something. AJ says he would love to defend his United States Championship against Humberto, but Humberto disrespected him last week. Luke agrees with AJ. When you disrespect one member of the OC, you disrespect all of the OC. AJ says that is why Hot Karl is going to beat you Humberto. Karl says they are already the best tag team in the world and they have the trophy to prove it. Tonight, Humberto is going to be taught a lesson.

Match Number Two: Karl Anderson (with Luke Gallows and AJ Styles) versus Humberto Carrillo

Anderson with a forearm and he rakes the eyes. Anderson with an Irish whip and Humberto floats over and hits an arm drag followed by a springboard hesitation arm drag. Humberto with a twisting head butt off the turnbuckles. Humberto goes to the turnbuckles but Luke pulls Anderson to the floor.

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins make their way to the ring to give Humberto some moral support. Carrillo with a plancha onto Anderson, Gallows, and Styles as we go to commercial.

We are back and Karl with a hard Irish whip. Anderson with punches and a slam for a near fall. Anderson with a reverse chin lock. Humberto with punches but Anderson with a forearm and back elbow for a near fall. Humberto with elbows but Anderson pulls Humberto back to the mat. Humberto with punches but Anderson with an elbow. Humberto with a back elbow to Anderson and then Humberto kicks Anderson away and hits a drop kick. Humberto with a clothesline and drop kick to Anderson. Humberto with a back roll into a moonsault for a near fall.

Anderson sends Humberto to the apron and Humberto with a slap and cross body for a near fall. Humberto with a springboard move but Anderson catches Humberto and hits a spinebuster for a near fall. Anderson goes for a buckle bomb but Humberto counters with a rana. Humberto with a springboard round kick. Styles gets on the apron and Gallows drops Humberto on the top rope. Anderson with an inside cradle but Ford rolls Humberto over and he gets the three count.

Winner: Humberto Carrillo

Charly Caruso is in the back and she is with Seth Rollins. She asks him about what compelled him to put his spot in the Survivor Series against Andrade. Seth says as a leader, he would not back down. He has been here for seven years and he never backed down. He says this city knows about champions. He syas that the Patriots have a quarterback that many people want to see fail. Seth says Andrade is talented and he respects what Andrade has done here and in Mexico. This is not Monday Night Andrade, it is Monday Night Rollins. He will prove it when he burns it down.

Charly says something will be breaking that you will need to see to believe.

Before the match, Lana has something to say. Lana says that today is the happiest day of her life because she filed for divorce. Lana says she has bad news. You will not see her soon to be ex-husband. Lana mentions that Rusev was served with a Temporary Restraining Order in Massachusetts. Rusev cannot come within 90 miles of her. She says 90 days, she means 90 feet from her. Lana says she wants to be with Lashley forever.

Match Number Three: Bobby Lashley (with She Isn’t Really Pregnant Lana) versus No Way Jose

Lashley grabs the hair and Jose with punches. Lashley charges into the corner and Jose floats over and dances. Jose with a punch and side head lock. Lashley sends Jose face first into the mat and hits a spinebuster. Lashley with a full nelson and Jose passes out.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

After the match, Bobby and Lana kiss.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Zelina Vega introduces the man who will lead Team Raw at Survivor Series. He is the greatest in ring technician on the face of the planet. He is Andrade.

Match Number Four: Andrade Almas (with Zelina Vega) versus Seth Rollins in a Winner is on Team Raw on Sunday Match

They lock up and Andrade with a wrist lock. Rollins with a reversal into a hammer lock. Rollins with a wrist lock and Andrade with a reversal. Andrade with a side head lock and Rollins escapes. Rollins with a head lock and Andrade escapes. Andrade with a kick to the midsection and a side head lock take down. Rollins with a head scissors. Rollins rolls through to try to escape the hold but Andrade holds on. Rollins is finally able to escape. Rollins with a side head lock. Rollins with a side head lock and take down after avoiding a chop.

Rollins with arm drags into an arm bar. Andrade with a drop kick and he gets a near fall. Andrade with a kick to the head. Rollins floats over in the corner and Andrade misses a drop kick. Rollins with a drop kick for a near fall. Rollins with a chop and Irish whip followed by a running forearm into the corner. Rollins with an Irish whip and Andrade sends Rollins to the floor. Vega grabs the leg and Andrade sends Rollins to the floor. Rollins blocks a rana attempt from Vega and Zelina is sent to the floor.

Andrade with a double jump cross body as we go to commercial.

We are back and Rollins with Slingblade and Andrade runs into a boot. Rollins with a blockbuster and then he clotheslines Andrade over the top rope to the floor. Rollins with a suicide dive that sends Andrade into the ringside barrier. Rollins with a second suicide dive. Rollins sends Andrade back into the ring. Rollins gets a near fall. Rollins sets for a super kick and he hits a thrust kick but misses Black Out. Rollins with an enzuigiri but Andrade sends Rollins into the turnbuckles when he counters a buckle bomb into a rana. Andrade with a running double knee strike for a near fall. Rollins blocks the hammer lock DDT and Rollins with a rollup and he picks up Andrade for a Buckle Bomb. Rollins with a super kick but Andrade gets his hand on the rope to stop the count.

Rollins with a forearm and Andrade with a forearm of his own. They go back and forth with Andrade getting the advantage. Rollins with a knee and kick followed by a back fist. Rollins with a rolling elbow and Andrade with a kick and back elbow. Almas with the Three Amigos and he gets a near fall. Andrade goes up top and Rollins stops Andrade but Rollins is caught in the tree of woe. Rollins avoids the double stomp. Rollins misses the springboard knee but Rollins with an enzuigiri and Falcon Arrow for a near fall.

Rollins goes up top and . . .

The Lucha House Party push Rollins off the turnbuckles. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Seth Rollins (by disqualification)

After the match, Kalisto, Lince Dorado, and Gran Metalik enter the ring and Andrade goes after Kalisto but Metalik and Dorado attack Andrade. Rollins takes care of the Lucha House Party and The Lucha House Party leaves the ring.

Andrade and Rollins have some words.

We are told by Vic Joseph that due to the attack by Authors of Pain, Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins are not cleared to wrestle.

We see Buddy Murphy in the back and he goes to Aleister Black’s door and he tries to open the door. Then he remembers that he has to knock and he says that he is here to pick a fight with Alesiter Black. Buddy says you must be all talk and he walks away.

As Buddy walks down the hall, Aleister opens the door and wonders who it is.

We go to the garage and there is a three vehicle motorcade and Triple H emerges from the front vehicle. He walks into the building while everyone else waits.

We go to commercial.

We are back and in case you missed it, CM Punk is now on WWE Backstage, Tuesdays at 11 PM Eastern on FS1.

We go to comments from Akira Tozawa. He says he has a message for Buddy Murphy and it is in Japanese.

Match Number Five: Akira Tozawa versus Buddy Murphy

They lock up and Murphy with a wrist lock. Tozawa with a reversal. Murphy with a reversal. Tozawa with a chop and Murphy misses a chop. Tozawa with a chop. Murphy misses a knee in the corner and Tozawa wtih chops. Murphy sends Tozawa high into the air and face first to the mat. Tozawa with a rana and then he knocks Murphy off the apron with a baseball slide. Murphy catches Tozawa on a suicide dive and hits a delayed vertical suplex. Murphy gets a near fall. Murphy with an abdominal stretch and Tozawa tries to escape but Murphy holds on. Murphy and Tozawa block hip tosses and then Tozawa hip tosses Murphy over the top rope to the floor. Tozawa with a super kick as Murphy gets back into the ring.

Murphy sends Tozawa to the apron and Tozawa with an enzuigiri. Tozawa goes up top for a missile drop kick and a running bicycle kick into teh corner. Tozawa misses an enzuigiri. Tozawa with a German suplex for a near fall. Tozawa with a Shining Wizard for a near fall. Tozawa pulls Murphy into position for the back senton but Murphy gets up and Tozawa leaps over Murphy. Murphy with a knee and Tozawa with a jumping kick to stop Murphy on the turnbuckles. Murphy pushes Tozawa off the turnbuckles and Murphy gets Tozawa in the turnbuckles and Tozawa with a kick and reverse rana and suicide dive flying head butt. Tozawa goes up top for the back senton but Tozawa has trouble on the turnbuckles. Tozawa with a kick and then he hits a back senton with Murphy hanging in the ropes but Tozawa can only get a near fall.

Murphy with a pump knee and Murphy’s Law for the three count.

Winner: Buddy Murphy

Erick Rowan is looking at his friend in the cage and he is playing peek-a-boo.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Buddy Murphy walks down the hall and he sees Aleister Black’s door again. Buddy calls for Aleister and Aleister walks into the hallway.

Buddy and Aleister have an awkward staring moment.

Match Number Six: Alex Malcolm versus Erick Rowan

Before the match starts, The Singhs and R Truth run around the ring and Erick Rowan clotheslines The Singhs. Truth backs up and then goes to the back.

Rowan presses Malcolm over his head and slams him onto the Singhs. Rowan with a running cross body onto all three men. Rowan with a claw slam for the three count.

Winner: Erick Rowan

Rowan takes his pet and goes to the back.

Charly Caruso is with Randy Orton in the back. Charly asks Randy about whether he can be a teammate with people he might not like. Randy says he has proven for eighteen years he does not play well with others unless it benefits him. Randy says the Viking Raiders are looking for a fight and Randy says he will be in the ring looking for a fight with a partner of his choosing that will benefit him.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Seven: Kevin Owens versus Drew McIntyre

Owens with a chop and forearms. Drew with a chop. Drew with an Irish whip and Owens with an elbow and drop kick. Owens with a punch and chop. Owens with shoulders in the corner and then Drew sends Owens into the turnbuckles. Drew with a chop and punches. Drew stretches Owens. Owens with a chop and Drew with a kick. Drew with an Irish whip but he misses a shoulder into the corner when Owens moves. Owens with a cannonball. Drew escapes a stunner attempt and Drew goes to the floor. Kevin follows Drew to the floor and connects with a forearm. Drew with a kick and punches. Drew avoids being sent into the ring post and he connects with an elbow. Drew puts Owens against the ring post and Drew runs into a boot. Drew blocks a kick and press slams Owens into the ringside barrier.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Drew stretches Owens. Owens gets to his feet but Drew with a forearm. Owens with a chop and Drew slaps Owens. Drew with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Drew with an arm bar and chin lock. Owens with a kick and he sends Drew to the floor. Owens with a punch and he sends Drew to the floor. Owens with a cannonball off the apron. Owens sends Drew back into the ring and Owens goes up top but Drew goes to the apron. Drew with a head butt and Owens is staggered. Owens with a super kick on the apron. Drew with a Death Valley Driver onto the apron.

Owens is able to power up and get back into the ring right before the ten count. Drew with a sit out power bomb for a near fall. Drew with a chop to Owens on the turnbuckles and Drew sets for a superplex but Owens blocks it and he punches Drew. Owens with punches and Drew falls to the mat. Owens with a frog splash for a near fall. Owens with a kick but Drew avoids the stunner. Drew with a clothesline. Owens with a pop up power bomb. Owens goes back to the turnbuckles and goes for the swanton but Drew gets his knees up. Drew and Owens struggle to get up and Drew sets for the Claymore but Owens wih a super kick. Drew avoids the stunner and Drew with a Claymore and Owens gets his foot on the rope to stop the count.

Drew sets for the Future Shock DDT but Owens with a jackknife cover. Owens with a stunner. Drew gets his foot on the rope to stop the count. Owens sets for a super kick but Drew blocks and Drew with a Future Shock DDT but Owens kicks out. Drew shows his frustration and then he goes up top and leaps over Owens. Owens with a stunner but Owens is unable to take advantage.

Triple H comes out and we go to commercial.

We are back and Triple H asks for water while we see The Forgotten Sons, Damian Priest, and Dominik Dijakovic on the floor.

Hunter gives Owens the water and then he talks about how he trained in Malden with Killer Kowalski. Then he wrestled at the Boston Garden many times. Magic happens in Boston. Hunter says we have the chance to make some magic. He says he is here for the same reason as Seth Rollins, but different. Seth wears his passion on his sleeve. Kevin, you are different. You are the guy that when he brought him to NXT, he would turn on his best friend to win the NXT Championship. You had the guts to walk down the aisle with the NXT Championship to challenge John Cena to a fight. He says Owens legitimized NXT. You were taken from NXT and you probably didn’t want to leave NXT. You were taken by people who didn’t understand you and then they didn’t want you. You were too talented, too smart, and didn’t fit the mold.

Kurt Angle fired you. Shane McMahon fired you. They looked you in the eye and told you that you don’t belong here. Hunter says he sees a guy with a great in ring IQ. He sees a man who is as good as he thinks he is. He sees a guy who doesn’t fit the damn mold and he loves it. You look at those guys and you wonder why they are here. This is not an ultimatum. It is just to ensure that they can have this conversation. They are not here to attack you. Isn’t it ironic that these guys came here for you so we can have a conversation. Everyone in the back, your teammates are in the back and are any of them out here to help you? They don’t give a damn about you.

That’s only half of it. The other reason is if they came out, they would get their asses handed to them. They will prove that they are no longer the A brand.

Members of the Raw brand come out and fight with the men on the ramp.

The Undisputed Era attack Kevin Owens from behind and Cole has some words for HHH.

Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, and AJ Styles make their way to the ring and the members of NXT scatter.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Charly Caruso announces that next week, AJ Styles will defend the US title against Humberto Carrillo.

Charly asks Humberto about this chance. He says he is humbled and excited about this chance.

Charly sends it to Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman introduces himself and he says he was asked to talk about the main event of Survivor Series, but you know the story. Brock imposed his will on Rey Mysterio, victimized his son, took by force the WWE Title from Kofi Kingston, but Rey Mysterio brought back the ghost of Brock’s past, Cain Velasquez. This pissed off Brock and that is why Cain got a title match at Crown Jewel. Brock conquered Cain but then Rey Mysterio attacked Brock on the next Raw. There is talk about Brock’s condition. Paul says Brock is just fine and will be at 100% on Sunday. There are wild rumors that Brock is injured and vulnerable to Rey. Paul suggests a No Holds Barred Match. No Disqualification. One beast wins and one legendary luchador loses. The spoiler is that Rey pulls off the upset and avenges his family’s honor or will you will Brock massacre Mysterio in a beating so heinous that words cannot describe it. It will be pulled from the WWE archives. Sunday at Survivor Series . . . miracle or massacre.

Rey Mysterio with his rebuttal. Rey brings Humberto over and Rey says he is so happy for his success and what he is doing for the Latinos. Rey wishes him luck.

Rey says Brock made the mistake of a lifetime when he laid his hands on his family and when he made this a No Disqualification Match. Rey says he accepts. Rey says he showed what he can do with a little help from his friend and his friend will be with him on Sunday. Do you think this stipulation will be to your advantage or his? You attacked him and his son. What would you do? Rey says he will hunt down Brock and make him pay. The Old Rey would be out here demanding an apology but you are not one to apologize. Rey says he is not coming for an apology, he is coming for the WWE Championship. Rey says this is for Dominic.

Match Number Eight: Asuka (with Kairi Sane) versus Natalya

They lock up and Natalya with a wrist lock. Asuka with a reversal. Natalya with a single leg take down and Asuka escapes. Asuka offers her hand and pulls it away. Natalya with a kick and side head lock. Natalya with a shoulder tackle and Asuka tells her to do it again. They collide and neither goes down. Asuka goes for a hip attack but Natalya catches Asuka. Asuka with a victory roll for a near fall. Asuka with a back fist for a near fall. Asuka kicks Natalya in the head and applies an arm bar. Asuka with an octopus and Natalya escapes but Asuka with a sunset flip. Natalya rolls thorugh and hits a drop kick. Natalya with a back elbow and kick. Natalya with a suplex and punches.

Asuka with an Irish whip but she misses a splash. Asuka blocks the slingshot atomic drop. Natalya with a German suplex. Natalya with a discus clothesline for a near fall. Natalya with a waist lock and Asuka with elbows. Asuka goes to the floor and Natalya follows. Natalya knocks down Sane on the floor and Asuka with a baseball slide. Natalya sends Asuka into the ringside barrier. Natalya with kicks and she sends Asuka back into the ring. Asuka with a round kick for the three count.

Winner: Asuka

We go to commercial.

Match Number Nine: Randy Orton and Ricochet versus Erik and Ivar in a for the Raw Tag Team Championship

Erik and Ricochet start things off and Ricochet with a chop. Erik with waist lock take downs. Ricochet with a handstand head scissors and drop kick that sends Erik to the floor. Orton makes the tag and Erik catches Ricochet on a plancha. Orton his Erik and then he gives Ivar a forearm as Ivar goes for a suicide dive. Erik with a forearm. Ricochet misses a moonsault off the post and Erik with a knee.

We see Smackdown wrestlers attacking Raw wrestlers in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and Orton with a front face lock on Erik. Erik with a forearm and both men are down. Ivar and Ricochet tag in and Ricochet leaps over Ivar and Ivar flips over Ricochet. Both men with cartwheels and Ricochet with an enzuigiri. Ivar with a handspring back elbow. Orton tags in and Ivar knocks Orton off the apron and then he sends Ricochet to the floor. Ivar with a suicide dive onto Ricochet and Orton. Ivar sends Ricochet into the ringside barrier. Orton kicks Ivar and sets for the IEDDT and hits it. Orton looks around and twists to the mat to set up for the RKO.

Smackdown’s theme music plays and they attack Orton and Ivar as the referee calls for the bell.

No Contest.

It is a sea of blue in the ring as they attack Ricochet and Ivar. Erik tries to help and they pull some members of the Smackdown roster and send them into the ringside barrier. The many on four attack continues and Erik, Ivar, Ricochet, and Orton stand together in the ring.

The NXT roster attack the Smackdown roster on the floor. NXT lays out the members of Smackdown.

More NXT wrestlers make their way to the ringside area and then Orton with an RKO. Ricochet with a Recoil and Orton with an RKO. More wrestlers make their way into the ring to go after Orton, RIcochet, Ivar, and Erik. More Raw wrestlers make their way to the ring, led by Seth Rollins.

The brawl continues and Roderick Strong with a jumping knee to AJ Styles.

Triple H says this is the beginning of the end. In six days, they will show that NXT is the A brand. Wednesday night is an open door. Raw and Smackdown are welcome to be on NXT.

We get more brawling and Keith Lee tosses Humberto Carrillo onto the Raw wrestlers on the floor.

We go to credits.

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