WWE RAW Results – November 28, 2022

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WWE RAW Results – November 28, 2022

Tonight’s episode of WWE RAW aired from the Norfolk Scope Arena in Norfolk, Virginia.

– The show opened with a video package recapping both War Games matches.

– Becky Lynch made her way to the ring to tell the fans that she’s missed them. Becky jumped over the barricade and greeted the fans personally. She mentioned all the new and returning faces, and how she would smack all of them. As she mentioned her win at War Games, Bayley interrupted, insulting the fans and telling Becky to shut up. Bayley said the fans haven’t appreciated her putting herself through several grueling matches. Becky reminded Bayley that she lost all of those matches before daring Bayley to fight her. Before Becky could run down to the ring, Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky attacked her from behind, starting a brawl through the crowd. They reached the concession area where Becky managed to knock all members of Damage CTRL down, as security guards arrived to separate them.

– A video package recapping Rhea Ripley & Mia Yim’s brawl from last week aired.

Rhea Ripley vs. Mia Yim

Yim managed to take Rhea down with a pair of arm drags, forcing her to retreat to ringside. Rhea blasted Yim with a knee to the midsection, followed by a few shoulder strikes on the corner. Yim kicked Rhea away before trapping her in the Tarantula using the ropes. Dominik distracted Yim, but she was still able to nail Rhea with an elbow strike. Rhea smashed Yim’s head into her knee before knocking her down with a clothesline. Rhea Irish whipped Yim into the corner twice before dropping her down with a delayed vertical suplex. Yim knocked Ripley off her feet with two kicks to the chest and a shotgun dropkick. Yim nailed Rhea with a Tornado DDT, but she kicked out at two. Rhea blocked Yim’s Eat Defeat, only for her to counter the Riptide with a DDT. Yim pulled Dominik into the ring before he could interfere, but Rhea attacked her from behind. Rhea beat Yim down as Dominik watched from inside the ring, leading to AJ Styles running down to the ring to tackle him. 

Winner: No Contest

– The rest of the OC and Judgment Day joined in the fight, with AJ’s team standing tall. AJ called out the Judgment Day before they could leave, challenging them to an eight-person tag match.

The OC vs. Judgment Day

They all started brawling in the ring before the bell could even ring, with AJ knocking Finnoff his feet with a slingshot forearm strike. AJ and Finn started the match officially, with Finn blasting AJ with a basement dropkick. AJ nailed Finn with a backbreaker, followed by a snap suplex from Gallows. Each member of the OC attacked Finn while he rested in the corner before he reached Priest for the tag. Priest nailed Gallows with a series of elbow strikes and kicks before exchanging roundhouse kicks. Gallows took Priest down with a flapjack, but he was able to respond with a spinning kick after a distraction from Dominik.

Each member of Judgment Day beat Gallows down, but he was able to avoid Dominik and tag Anderson in. Priest tried to take Anderson down, but he nailed him with a leaping kick, followed by a spinebuster on Dominik and a senton on Finn. Priest smashed Anderson with a lariat before trapping him in a lock. The Judgment Day clocked Anderson with a leg drop and backbreaker combination before he managed to take Finn down with a neckbreaker. Dominik hit Anderson with an off-looking Three Amigos, but he kicked out at two. Finn stopped Anderson from tagging out by planting him with an elbow drop, only for AJ to break the pin.

AJ got the hot tag, smashing FInn with a clothesline and a sliding lariat. Gallows took care of Priest with a spinebuster onto the announce table, while AJ hit Dominik with a knee strike. AJ nailed Finn with a moonsault into a reverse DDT, but Rhea broke his pin in time. Yim and Rhea entered the ring next, with Yim taking Rhea down with several kicks, a cannonball and a suicide dive. Dominik saved Priest from the Magic Killer, allowing Priest to knock Gallows down with a chokeslam. AJ blasted Priest with the Phenomenal Forearm, only to be thrown out of the ring. Yim body slammed Finn and tried to attack Dominik, but Rhea made the save with a Riptide for the three count.

Winners: Judgment Day

– Earlier today, Byron Saxton interviewed the Street Profits, with Ford mentioning several changes that took place while they were gone. Gable interrupted and said RAW has been better without them before announcing he requested a tag match against them.

– Sami Zayn, Solo Sikoa & the Usos made their way to the ring, with Jey putting over their victory at War Games. Jimmy announced that there were no cracks in the Bloodline and Kevin Owens is mad that Sami is not his dog. Sami thanked Jimmy for having his back for the past few months before acknowledging Jey’s hug after winning War Games. Sami offered Jey a handshake, but he declined and instead hugged him. Jimmy joined in the hug, but before Solo could join in too, Kevin Owens interrupted.

– Kevin said he understood why Sami turned on him, especially based on all the times he stabbed Sami on the back. Kevin said he doesn’t want anything to do with Sami, only for him to respond that he doesn’t need Kevin anymore. Kevin said he’s happy the fans are finally appreciating Sami before reminding him that he will never be their real blood. Jey said that if he messes with Sami, he messes with Main Event Jey Uso. Kevin challenged Jey to a match for later tonight which he accepted.

– At backstage, Candice LeRae got interviewed, saying she would take Dakota Kai out tonight.

– At backstage, Byron Saxton interviewed Elias and Matt Riddle. They mentioned their victory from last week and desire to win the tag team titles.

Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy

Ford got control early on with a wrist lock, but he managed to turn the hold around. Ford evaded a corner splash from Otis before taking Gable down with a headlock. Gable evaded Dawkins’ moves, until he clocked him with a running lariat, followed by a dropkick. Ford sent both Alpha Academy members out of the ring before crashing onto them with stereo Topes con Hilo alongside Dawkins, as RAW went to commercials.

Back from break, Ford broke from Gable’s wrist lock, surprising with a sunset flip pinfall, missed by the referee. Gable countered a slingshot move with a Northern lights suplex, only for Ford to respond with a DDT. Otis missed a spear into the ring post, allowing Dawkins to get the hot tag. Dawkins blasted Gable with an enzuigiri and the Silencer, but Otis broke the pin in time. Gable caught Dawkins with the Chaos Theory German suplex, only for Ford to stop the pinfall. Ford planted Otis down with a body slam, while Dawkins knocked Gable out with a punch. They finished Gable with a spinebuster and a Frog Splash.

Winners: Street Profits

– A recap of Austin Theory winning the United States championship aired.

– Austin Theory arrived to gloat about his win at Survivor Series. Theory said everyone is jealous of him and his era has begun before getting interrupted. Rollins told Theory to let the crowd sing, while reminding that RAW still belongs to him. Rollins called Theory a kid before challenging him to a fight. Theory accepted the fight, but said he would do it in his time before leaving the ring.

– A WWE Investigates vignette aired, recapping the story between Miz and Lumis.

– At backstage, The Miz tried to fake a hand injury to avoid the match, but Adam Pearce told him he would still compete.

Anything Goes Match

Dexter Lumis vs. The Miz

The Miz tried to escape while carrying a money bag, but Pearce stopped him from leaving ringside. Pearce took Miz’s money bag, allowing Lumis to clothesline Miz and throw him in the ring. Miz managed to hit a DDT on Lumis and asked for the bell to be rang. Lumis immediately got up, smashing Miz’s into the apron and barricade. Miz blocked a move from the announce table before being tossed onto the barricade, as the show went to an ad break.

Back from break, Miz tried to squeeze Lumis’ head with a vice grip, but he didn’t flinch, throwing Miz out of the ring. They brawl over the barricade where Lumis smashed Miz’s head onto a TV. Lumis crashed onto Miz with an elbow drop through a table before returning to the ring. Miz tore off a turnbuckle pad while getting away from Lumis. Miz tripped Lumis into the exposed turnbuckle, followed by a roll-up, but he managed to kick out. Lumis caught Miz with an arm-and-head Triangle to pick up the win via submission.

Winner: Dexter Lumis

– After the match, Lumis signed a WWE contract while taking Miz’s money bag. Lumis gave away money to kids in the crowd, until Miz attacked him from behind. Gargano knocked Miz out with a superkick before celebrating with Lumis on his way out.

– Dakota Kai made her way to the ring for her match against Candice LeRae, right before an ad break.

Dakota Kai vs. Candice LeRae

Back from break, the match had already started with Dakota already on top and Damage CTRL were getting ejected from ringside. Dakota stomped Candice down before tossing her out of the ring. Candice nailed Dakota with a flipping facebuster, followed by a jackknife pinfall, but she hastily responded with a pump kick. Dakota missed a running kick into the corner, but was still able to hit a pump kick on the apron. Both women blocked suplexes on the apron, until Candice caught Dakota with a flatliner on the apron. Dakota stopped a suicide dive from Candice with an enzuigiri, as RAW went to a commercial break.

Back from break, Candice attacked Dakota with several palm strikes and stomps. Candice surprised Dakota with a bridging suplex for a two count, only for Dakota to catch a diving move with a kick. Candice knocked Dakota down with a basement dropkick, but missed a follow-up Lionsault. They traded strikes, until Dakota nailed Candice with a Scorpion Kick, followed by a Detonation Kick for a nearfall. Candice stopped Dakota on the top turnbuckle, only to be knocked out with an avalanche swinging neckbreaker.

Winner: Candice LeRae

– A lengthy recap of both War Games matches aired.

– At backstage, Bianca Belair, Asuka & Alexa Bliss got interviewed. Belair talked about ending her rivalry with Damage CTRL, while putting over her teammates. Asuka enthusiastically agreed, while a seemingly bored Alexa also agreed.

Kevin Owens vs. Jey Uso

Starting the match, Kevin got the upper hand, beating Jey down and chopping him. Kevin blasted Jey with an elbow strike, followed by a shot into the barricade and a senton. Kevin gotdistracted with Solo at ringside, allowing Jey to knock him off the apron with an enzuigiri as RAW went to commercials.

Back from break, Kevin nailed Jey with a DDT, only for him to block a Swanton bomb with his knees. Jey cracked Kevin with a backbreaker, causing further damage to Kevin’s back. Kevin failed to do a suplex due to the back pain, allowing Jey to hurt Kevin’s back with an Irish whip into the corner. Kevin managed to hit Jey with a cannonball, but couldn’t capitalize immediately. Jey flipped Kevin inside out with an Irish whip into the corner, getting a two count. Jey smashed Kevin with a hip strike into the corner, as RAW went to its final ad break.

Back from break, Jey laid Kevin out with a pop up neckbreaker. They traded slaps in the corner, until Kevin managed to regain control with a clothesline. Jey stopped Kevin on the top turnbuckle, only for Kevin to complete the avalanche fisherman neckbreaker. Kevin crushed Jey with a Frog splash, but Jey was able to kick out in time. Kevin slowly lifted Jey for a follow-up attack, but was knocked down with a superkick. Jey caught a running move with a jumping superkick, but Kevin kicked out at two.

Jey blocked the Stunner, finding space to hit another superkick on Kevin for another two count. Kevin blasted Jey with a superkick of his own, but his hurt back didn’t allow him to hit the Pop Up powerbomb, leaving him vulnerable to yet another superkick. Kevin knocked Jimmy off the apron with a superkick, but Solo swept him while the referee wasn’t watching. Kevin evaded Jey’s Uso Splash, finishing the match with a Stunner.

Winner: Kevin Owens

– Kevin immediately rolled out of the ring to celebrate on the ramp, away from the Bloodline, as the show came to an end.