WWE Raw Results – November 8, 2010

Monday Night RAW
Manchester, UK
November 8th 2010
Commentators: Michael Cole, Josh Mathews
Reported by: David Stephens of WrestleView.com

Have the words “bloody” and “wicked” suddenly entered your vocabulary since RAW is in the UK? Then stop questioning your heart and join me because it is time for Monday Night RAW!!!

Josh Mathews is filling in for Jerry “The King” Lawler on commentary tonight, joining Michael Cole.

John Cena is in the ring to kick off the show. He introduces Wade Barret as he returns home to the UK. The rest of Nexus, along with Wade, make their way down to the ring. Wade proclaims that the prodigal son has returned. He tells Manchester that there is going to be a party tonight, to celebrate as they will after Wade wins the Title. But, before we get to any of that, there is a matter to be cleared up.

We see a video package of David Otunga taking Nexus to Smackdown this past week, and not being very successful at it. Wade tells him that they will deal with it later. Wade then turns to Cena, and questions his refereeing from last Monday Night. Wade reiterates that at Survivor Series, Cena must raise his hand in victory, with the Title, or else he will be fired. Wade now wants Cena to practice telling the world that he is the new WWE Champion. Cena says, “whatever” and is about to oblige, but Orton’s music hits.

Orton comes to the entrance ramp and informs Wade that he’ll never win the Title.

*GeneralMail Alert*
And I quote…

Wade Barret’s Championship win preview has been officially cancelled. Also, to ensure that there is a decisive winner at Survivor Series, the match can only be won by pinfall or submission. The rest of Nexus will be banned from ringside. As for tonight, Team Nexus will take on an army of Orton’s (as chosen by the GM) in the main event. John Cena will be the Special Guest Referee for the match.

After the announcement, Cena isn’t too thrilled and kicks over the Nexus podium in the ring. Cena pushes over Otunga and heads to the back.


3 on 3 Divas Cup Match
Eve Torres & The Bella Twins v. Alicia Fox, Maryse & Tamina

Josh Mathews just said “6 Divas, 1 Cup”. I love this guy.

Tamina and Eve start things off. Eve hits a slow roundhouse on Tamina in the corner. Tamina lifts her into the air for a Samoan drop. Cover attempt, but Eve kicks out. Maryse gets the tag and goes for a cover. Eve kicks out.

“Michael Cole just said he wants to be a cheerleader” – Josh Mathews
Alicia and one of the Bellas get the tags from their prospective side. Bella goes for the cover, but Tamina comes in to make the save. The other Bella tries to run in to help, but the referee keeps her out of the ring. Torres runs over at Tamina and takes her to the outside of the ring. Maryse drops one of the Bellas, but the other Bella runs in and does “Twin Magic”, making the switch. This match is over.

Winners via Twin Magic: Eve Torres & The Bella Twins

In the back, David Otunga is talking to Nexus. Wade Barret comes into the locker room, and Otunga quickly shuts up. Otunga says he was just telling them to step up tonight. Wade says that tonight, David better be ready to go. Otunga will face John Cena on RAW tonight!


The Hart Dynasty v. The Usos w/ Tamina
David starts things off with one of the Usos. Quickly, things begin to spill over and Smith ends up throwing both Usos to the outside. Tyson runs into the ring off a tag and hits a beautiful somersault plancha into a hurricarana to the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Jimmy (maybe?) goes for a splash on Tyson, but catches nothing but air.

“David Hart Smith as the personality of a chalkboard” – Michael Cole

Smith gets the tag, and comes into the ring for a pin attempt. Kick out by Jimmy(?). Smith lifts him into the air for a running scoop slam. Cover attempt, but Jimmy(?) kicks out. Jey(?) runs into the ring to break the cover. Tyson connects with a baseball slide to send him out of the ring. Jimmy is able to get a nice kick on Smith which knocks him down. Jimmy leaps from the top rope with a splash. This match is over.

Winners via Splash: The Usos


Matt Striker is in the back with Randy Orton. Striker asks him if he knows the identity of the RAW GM. Randy says it’s a stupid question to even ask him, the bottom line is that he is just waiting to find out who is on his team. The Miz walks into the shot to inform Orton that he heard from the GM that he is on his team.

Otunga is in the back with a less than thrilled Nexus. He tells them that when he said he was the most talented member of Nexus, he was talking about Cena. David is trying really hard to convince the team that it is all good.


“Take it from me, old guys have no success with young women” – Michael Cole

Goldust v. Ted Dibiase w/ Maryse
Goldust gets caught with an inverted atomic drop. Dibiase follows up with a clothesline, and then goes for the cover. Goldust kicks out. Dibiase goes for a headlock, but Goldust tries to punch his way out. Dibiase drops him to the mat, and goes for the cover. Goldust kicks out.

Maryse grabs the million dollar championship from ringside. That was easy. Goldust plows out of the corner and hits a bulldog. Cover attempt, but Dibiase kicks out. Aksana runs down to the ring, and grabs the title from Maryse! This distracts Ted just enough to allow Goldust room for a quick rollup.

Winner via Aksana going crazy: Goldust


David Otunga v. John Cena
Apparently Otunga had no interest in this match, as he immediately makes a beeline towards the entrance ramp. Cena runs right after him, and brings him back to the ring. Cena hits a nice standing drop kick. Otunga is able to get back to his feet, and backs Cena into the corner.

Cena catches his wits and sets up for the moves of doom. Cena hits two shoulder blocks, followed by a side slam. Cena goes for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, and connects. The Attitude Adjustment connects, but Cena isn’t quite done. Cena locks on the STF and Otunga taps.

Winner via STF: John Cena


In the back, Wade is talking with Otunga. He tells Otunga that he will have a match coming up against Edge. If Otunga loses, he is out of Nexus.

Tea Time with Santino

Santino and Vladimir Kozlov come down to the ring wearing suits and top hats. They even have umbrellas. In the ring, there is a table set up for a classic tea party. Santino talks about the UK, and then welcomes out Sheamus (or as Santino calls him Shay-moose).

Michael Cole points out that Santino is Italian, Kozlov is Russian, Sheamus is Irish, and we are in the UK. That’s a lot of multiculturalism.

Santino invites Sheamus to have a seat, and well, the three all take a seat. Shamus says that he thinks he got Santino all wrong. Santino is really a good guy.

I declare this my “youtube-it” segment of the night. Do it.

“We have Green Tea, Ginger Tea…and we also have an autographed picture of Mr.T!” – Santino

Santino says that Sheamus faults are probably for a couple of reasons. First, because he was the result of a genetic experiment, and second that he was excluded because he was a ginger. Santino says that he will not exclude Sheamus. Hence, the party. Sheamus says that Santino actually makes him laugh, and can’t remember why he even hates him. Santino can’t remember either. Kozlov chimes in and says it is because Santino beat him. A “Kozlov” chant breaks out.

Santino notices that Sheamus is low on tea and looks to give him some. His hand is shaking as he says that Sheamus is making him nervous. As expected, Santino drops the tea on Sheamus. As a result, Sheamus flips over the table.

*GeneralMail Alert*
And I quote…

The time for tea and crumpets has come to an end, it’s now time for action. Clear the ring, and clear Vlad from ringside as well. Santino is going 1 on 1 with Sheamus.



Santino v. Sheamus
“Folks you’re not going to want to miss this train wreck” – Michael Cole

Sheamus apparently had his ring gear on, under his suit. Santino runs out of the ring at the start of this match. Sheamus runs out after him, and Santino jumps the barricade. Santino says that he is not ready and needs to warm up. He starts doing some stretches.

*GeneralMail Alert*
And I quote…

Santino, you have two choices. Get back in the ring and compete, or be immediately suspended.

Santino contemplates his options, but ultimately gets into the ring. Santino starts to pump up the cobra, but Sheamus plows him over. Sheamus stomps on him as Santino pleads for a reprieve. Santino hits a low blow on Sheamus, causing the DQ.

Winner via DQ: Sheamus

After the match, Santino takes time to gloat and celebrate. Sheamus is not thrilled and is able to get to his feet and connect with a Brog kick. Sheamus then lifts him up into the air for the High Cross, but John Morrison runs down to make the save! Morrison connects with a flash kick and rescues Santino.

Wade is in the back with John Cena. He hands him a referee shirt and tells him to do his job right, or be a distant memory in the history of the WWE.


“Stand Up for the WWE” video package airs with second and third generation stars talking about growing up, and looking up to the company. That was really good, and might have gotten me a little bit emotional. But I won’t admit that.

Randy Orton, R-Truth, Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry & The Miz v. Nexus
Gabriel and Bryan start things off. Gabriel hits a spin kick, and tags in Michael. Miz hits a blind tag on Bryan and clotheslines Michael. Miz screams across the ring and connects with a splash. Miz goes for the cover, but Michael kicks out. Orton gets the tag.

Orton drops a knee on Michael, and then lifts him off the mat. Orton throws him into the corner and demands that Wade tag himself in. Wade does not, and instead sends in Slater. Poor Heath is met with a clothesline, and Orton tags in Truth.

Truth kicks Slater in the gut, and then dodges a splash in the corner. He hits a spinning heel kick and goes for the cover. Slater kicks out. Both teams spill into the ring and begin to brawl. Nexus falls out of the ring and tries to regroup.

Otunga walks down to the entrance ramp as we head to the final commercial break of the evening.


Gabriel and Truth are in the ring. Truth is pulled to the corner, and Husky Harris is tagged into the match. Truth runs for the tag and gets Mark Henry. Husky unloads with a series of punches, but just one from Henry drops him. Mark leaps for a running splash, but Husky moves out of the way. Husky charges to the corner, and splashes Henry. Michael is tagged in.

Harris chucks him towards Henry, but Henry moves out of the way. Bryan gets the tag. Bryan backs Michael into the corner, and then hits a series of kicks. Bryan hits a German Suplex, and then follows with a running dropkick. Cover attempt, but Michael kicks out. Michael is whipped into the ropes which allows a blind tag to Husky. Bryan locks the LeBelle on Michael, but Husky comes in to make the save. Bryan is turned inside out by a vicious clothesline.

Wade Barret is finally tagged into the match. He goes for a cover, but Bryan kicks out. Bryan is whipped into the corner, and then hit with a backbreaker. Cover, but Bryan kicks out. Wade wrenches back on the arms of Bryan, placing his boot hard into his back.

Otunga comes down all the way to ringside, distracting Wade and Cena enough to make an impact. Slater runs in to help, but it was for naught as Bryan immediately sends him to the mat. Orton gets the tag from Bryan! Wade is met by Orton, who has one focus in his mind. He hits the suspended DDT on the #1 contender! Wade almost powers out after, but is met with a neckbreaker. Michael breaks the tag.

Truth runs into the ring for the save, but Gabriel hits him with a nice kick. Mark Henry comes in to take out the South African star. Husky and Michael throw Henry out of the ring. Bryan leaps from the top rope and connects with a double dropkick! This has cleared out the ring to where only Wade and Orton remain. Otunga tries to run into the ring, which catches Cena’s attention. Miz and Riley run into the ring. Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale, and Riley assists with the briefcase. Wade picks up the win!

Winners via craziness: Team Orton