WWE Raw Results – October 28, 2013

WWE Raw Results – October 28th 2013

We are shown a video package of the results of Hell in a Cell last night, including Punk getting his hands on Heyman and Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton.

We are live in Orlando, Florida, and told Shawn Michaels will explain himself tonight as well as a championship celebration for Randy Orton. We are also told we can choose the stipulation for the Ryback and CM Punk match tonight. John Cena is on his way to the ring to kick off the show.

Cena starts the promo off asking if the fans miss him. He understands some people are skeptics of him, but he doesn’t care. He then thanks JBL for motivating him after JBL continuously put his return down. Cena then says he is back for good, as well he is back on Friday Night Smackdown. Cena says he is excited but he doesn’t want to get too excited because Randy Orton has a celebration later tonight. He says because of this he will stop talking now because of that and he finishes off saying he knows Del Rio has a rematch and if Del Rio “wants some, come get some”. Cena is interrupted by Sandow.

Sandow grabs a mic and says the uncrowned champ is here. He says he is not fooled by Cena, and he knows he is still injured. He says he knows Cena is more hurt than he is letting on. Sandow then says Cena sounds so confident because he is afraid he will be cashed in on. Sandow then says he isn’t cashing in on Cena tonight but then begins to ambush him.

Sandow begins to destroy the arm of Cena, hitting it on the ring post, the barricade, and the steel steps. Sandow then attacks his arm with a steel chair. Sandow is cashing in his Money In The Bank contract! We are heading to commercial break with a title defense when we return!

Damien Sandow vs. John Cena

Sandow starts off beating down Cenas arm. Sandow hits an arm breaker for a 1 count. Sandow beats down Cena some more and goes for a roll up. Sandow gets a 2 count. Sandow continues to work the arm of Cena, resulting in another 2 count. Cena begins to fight back with a belly to belly suplex. Sandow hits a nice arm drag however to gain control. Sandow hits a snap suplex for a 2 count.

Sandow hits a couple knees to the chest but Cena hits a back body drop. Both men are down. We head back to commercial.

We return to Sandow and Cena matching blow for blow. Cena hits a shoulder block but with his bad arm. Both men are down. Sandow is up first but gets a big boot from Cena. Cena goes for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle but is hit in the arm by Sandow. Sandow hits a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Sandow rams Cenas shoulder in the turnbuckle as Cena falls to the mat. However, Cena hits an AA out of nowhere! Sandow rolls out the ring however as Cena is checked on by the doctor.

Cena rolls Sandow in the ring and tries to lock in the STF but he can’t lock it in. Sandow goes for another neckbreaker but Cena kicks out again. Cena hits a neckbreaker of his own but only gets a 2 count. Both men are down. Sandow locks in the Crossface out of nowhere! Cena gets out and tries for an AA but is reversed into the You’re Welcome! Sandow goes for the cover but only gets a 2! Sandow brings Cena to the top rope. Sandow tries for the superplex but Cena knocks him down. Cena goes for the cross body but misses! Sandow goes for a piledriver but Cena reverses into an AA. Cena gets the 3 count!


The Shield are backstage. Ambrose says he has to defend hit title tonight against Big E Langston. He says it was a privilege for Big E to be in the ring with him. Dean says he is the only member of the Shield with a title and he will retain, but Rollins and Reigns don’t look to happy about that. Reigns however turns to the camera and says to believe in The Shield. We head to commercial.

We return with Dean Ambrose in the ring. U.S Championship match up next.

Big E Langston vs. Dean Ambrose

The match starts off with Big E hammering Dean in the corner. Ambrose puts his knee up though and begins to take down the big guy. Ambrose hits a couple of punches to the sternum of E, following it with a neckbreaker. Ambrose talks some smack but Big E begins to take control. Big E hits a big clothesline followed by a belly to belly. Big E bounces off the ropes for a splash but Reigns pulls the ropes down and begins to beat him down. The Usos come down and make the save. Maddox comes down and makes this a six man tag match. We head back to commercial.

Big E Langston and The Usos vs. The Shield

We return from commercial with Reigns beating down Jimmy. Ambrose is tagged in and hits a neckbreaker. Ambrose tags in Rollins and Rollins begins to hits multiple kicks to Jimmy. Seth tags in Reigns and immediately goes for a cover for a 2 count. Ambrose is tagged in and hits a running dropkick on Jimmy. Ambrose locks in a headlock as Jimmy tries to feed off the crowd. Jimmy hits a jawbreaker and an enzaguri on Ambrose trying to make a tag. Reigns is tagged in but is caught with a DDT. Jimmy tags in Jey as Rollins is tagged in. Jey cleans house, hitting his comeback sequence. Jey follows this with a spinebuster. Jey goes for the cover but Ambrose saves it. Big E gets involved and takes out Ambrose. Jey and Seth go up but Seth is thrown down. Jey goes for the splash but falls into Rollins knees. Reigns is tagged in and they try for a double suplex, but is caught with double superkicks by the Usos. Reigns however hits a double spear for a 3 count.

Winners: The Shield

Up next, HBK will explain his actions in last night’s main event. We cut to commercial.

We return to Shawn making his way to the ring. Shawn says he owes everybody and explanation. He says more importantly he owes Daniel Bryan an explanation. He asks Bryan to come to the ring, and here comes Daniel Bryan. Shawn says he knows he not happy with what happened to last night. He wants to know what he did was not intentional. He didn’t come to the match to screw Bryan. He said Triple H is his best friend and no matter who doesn’t like Triple H, there friendship means more to him then this business. He said Triple H was with him during his darkest days and Hunter needed him last night, and he was there for him. He says he doesn’t ask Bryan to forgive him or understand him, but to just accept his apology.

Bryan doesn’t accept it and Shawn says if anything he taught Bryan to not trust anybody in this business and says to show him some respect and accept his apology. Bryan refuses and Shawn really lays into Bryan. He says he has backed Daniel Bryan up this whole time and said he is an A+ player but he doesn’t know that and doesn’t care. He said to shake his hand immediately. Daniel does it but locks HBK in the Yes Lock! Shawn taps and Bryan leaves.

We are told Kane is returning tonight. We cut to commercial.

We return to Bryan being interviewed by Renee Young. Renee backs on and The Wyatt’s begin to beat down Bryan. Rowan and Harper throw Bryan into a ladder as Wyatt says the devil made him do it. Bray throws a box at Bryan and knocks him out.

3MB vs. Los Matadores

We go to the ring and out comes Los Matadores with El Torito. All three members of 3MB are out next and they have an extra-large fish net with them. Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre tag to keep Matadores grounded early on. Jinder Mahal comes in for some triple teaming. Drew with a 2 count on Matadores.

The end comes when McIntyre accidentally boots Mahal off the apron. Drew drops one of the Matadores. Slater tries to catch Torito with the fish net but falls on his face. Torito runs under the ring. Slater goes for him but gets sprayed in the face with a fire extinguisher. Torito comes out and goes Slater. Matadores hit a double team move on McIntyre for the win.

Winners: Los Matadores

After the match, they bring Slater back in the ring and catch him with the fishnet. Torito springboards in and takes Slater out before they celebrate some more.

We are told how to install the app on our phones. We head to commercial.

We return with AJ and Tamina heading to the ring. We are told Bryan has been taken to the nearby Hospital.

AJ and Tamina vs. The Bella Twins

AJ and Brie start off this match, with Brie hitting an early dropkick. Tamina is tagged in and Tamina begins the beatdown on Brie. Tamina locks in a headlock on Brie. Brie fights out but is taken down with a headbutt. Brie hits a kick to the head on Tamina and Nikki is tagged in. Nikki hits two dropkicks on Tamina and follows it with a Lou Thez drop. Nikki goes up top and tries for a cross body but is caught by Tamina. Tamina hits a Samoan Drop and tags in AJ. AJ locks in the Black Widow and Nikki taps out.

Winners: AJ and Tamina Snuka

We are told Kane will return up next as he faces The Miz. We head to commercial.

We come back to Kane making his way to the ring.

Kane vs. The Miz

Miz looks to be hurting from last night, as Kane hits an uppercut to start the match. Kane hits a big boot for a 2 count. Miz fights back, hitting a clothesline in the corner. Miz goes for the top rope axe handle but is caught into a chokeslam. Kane covers Miz for a 3 count.

Winner: Kane

Kane grabs a mic and tells Stephanie McMahon to come to the ring right now. Stephanie comes out and stands on the ramp. Kane says Stephanie has been on a power trip and has ruined lives. Kane says this is best for business and the monster is hers to unleash. Kane walks up to Stephanie and removes the mask. He hands it to Stephanie and walks away. We head to commercial.

We return to a video of Otunga telling us that Big Shows lawsuit could cost WWE millions and loss of control of the company.

CM Punk is on his way to the ring. CM Punk grabs a mic and says that it doesn’t look like it, but last night he slept like a baby. He said that is because he finally got his hands Paul Heyman. He says he put Heyman to sleep. He says Paul Heyman is history. The crowd breaks out in a huge CM Punk chant. He said his focus is now Ryback. He said without Heyman, Ryback has zero chance against him. He said he promises to beat Ryback tonight. The match is up next. We head to commercial.

We return to a replay of Daniel Bryan locking HBK in the Yes Lock. Jerry Lawler tells us the match the fans chose was a Street Fight.

Ryback vs. CM Punk (Street Fight)

The match starts with CM Punk being thrown into the corner by Ryback. Punk gets his feet up and hits a cross body. Punk throws Ryback to the outside and goes for a diving cross body but is caught by Ryback. Ryback throws him into the barricade multiple times. Ryback goes and looks around underneath the ring and find a table. Ryback brigns the table in the ring and goes to grab CM Punk. Punk hits him with a Kendo Stick multiple times. Ryback catches Punk in a spinebuster however. Ryback goes for the Meat Hook but it is reversed into a neckbreaker by Punk.

Punk places the Table up but Ryback picks him up for a powerbomb. Ryback throws him in the corner and begins to hit some big blows on Punk. Punk is brought to the top and Ryback tries for a superplex. Punk fights back and goes for a cross body but is caught once again. Punk fights out and kicks Ryback onto the table. Punk hits the elbow throw the table and locks in Anaconda Vice. Ryback taps out.

Winner: CM Punk

CM Punk is celebrating but the Wyatt’s music hits. The Wyatt’s circle Punk and begin to beat him down. Rowan and Harper begin to take out Punk in the corner. Rowan throws Harper into Punk followed by a big boot. Bray gets into the ring. Punk fights back but takes a clothesline by Harper. Wyatt hits the Sister Abagail. Once again Bray says the devil made him do it. We cut to commercial.

We return to a replay of the beat down on Punk by the Wyatt’s. The Real Americans make their way to the ring.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. The Real Americans

Goldust and Cesaro start off the match. Goldust starts with a nice arm drag, followed by another. Cesaro tags in Swagger but Goldust maintains control. Swagger pushes Goldust into his corner and tags in Cesaro. Cesaro throws Goldust into the corner but is laid out with a back elbow. Rhodes is tagged in and hits a knee to the gut of Cesaro. Cesaro locks in a sleeper but it is reversed into a suplex. Goldust is tagged in and hits a running bulldog. Goldust goes for the cover for a 2 count. Rhodes and Swagger both are tagged in, as Cody clotheslines Swagger over the top as we head to commercial.

We return to Cody fighting off Swagger. Swagger hits a wicked clothesline, followed by a belly to belly. Cesaro is tagged in, hits a gut wrench suplex for a 2 count. Cesaro hits an uppercut in his corner, tagging in Swagger. Swagger puts Cody in a headlock. Cody tries to tag in but Swagger fends him off. Swagger throws Cody into his corner and tags in Cesaro. Swagger hits the Swagger Bomb and Cesaro hits the leapfrog footstomp.

Cody tries to make the tag but is hit with a massive uppercut. Cesaro goes for the pinfall but Goldust breaks it up. Cody begins to land some punches on Cesaro, followed by a knee to the head. Cesaro falls out of the ring. Cody crawls to his corner and tags in Goldust. Swagger is also tagged in. Goldust hits his comeback sequence on Swagger. Goldust hits 10 punches in the corner on Swagger. Goldust hits a powerslam on Swagger. Goldust hits a cross body but it is rolled into the Patriot Lock. Goldust reverses into a roll up but only gets a 2 count. Cesaro and Rhodes are taken to the outside, but Swagger locks in The Patriot Lock. Goldust taps.

Winners: The Real Americans

We are reminded Randy Orton will have a championship celebration tonight. We cut to commercial.

We return to a replay of Sandow losing his World Title match. Del Rio is on his way to the ring, with a Mexican flag. Alberto Del Rio grabs a mic and says he doesn’t care what happened with Sandow, because Cena stole his title. Del Rio says he gets his rematch because Cena retained tonight. Del Rio says he will attack the arm until he breaks it. He says that World title belongs to him, but we already know that.

We are now shown a simulation of Goldberg vs. Undertaker in WWE2K14.

Fandango and Summer Rae are making their way to the ring. Summer Rae will face Natalya up next. We head to commercial.

Natalya vs. Summer Rae

Natalya takes down Summer to start off the match, gaining the early control. Natalya hits a shoulder block followed by an attempt of a german suplex. Summer tries for a backslide pin but only gets a 2 count. Summer rams Natalya in the corner, and begins to flaunt and dance. Summer puts her boot in the face of Natalya, going up to a 4 count in the corner. Summer locks in a leg lock in the middle of the ring. Summer goes for a roll up for a 2 count.

Summer hits a splash on Natalya’s leg for a two count. Summer then locks in a submission to the leg of Natalya, but Natty gets out. Natalya then begins to hit a couple of knees to the midsection, followed by a slap to the face. Summer locks in a headlock on Natty, as she tries to fight out. Summer lets go and tries for a pinfall but only gets 2. Summer hits a dropkick and goes for a pinfall but only gets a two count. Summer is distracted by Khali and is put into the sharpshooter and has no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Natalya

The championship celebration for Randy Orton is up next. We cut to commercial.

We return to the entire locker room on the stage. Triple H makes his way to the ring, with Stephanie McMahon. The Shield enter the ring with Triple H and Stephanie. Triple H says a decade ago that Vince asked him 10 years ago who is the future. Triple H says he chose a man who he put in Evolution; Randy Orton. He says he watched him do heinous and horrible things to everyone, including himself. He calls Randy an A+ player, and last night he became the face of the WWE. He says it’s not someone like Daniel Bryan, who is in currently in a hospital. He says it’s with great pride to present Randy Orton to us. Randy makes his way to the ring.

Randy and Triple H shake hands in the middle of the ring, as well as hug. Stephanie says that to all the superstars on the stage that he is also all of their champions. She says they must show him the respect he so richly deserves. Randy says that having the WWE Championship makes him better than everyone, including the entire roster. He says you are either born a success or you are not, and he most certainly is a success. He says he is the face of the WWE and their superior.

Big Show comes down and The Shield beat him down. There is a brawl on the stage leaving Big Show alone. Big Show gets in the ring and Triple H and Orton run out. Big Show says he isn’t going to sit by and do anything about it. Big Show says they don’t get it. His lawsuit will cost them millions. He says he has nothing to lose. Orton hits Big Show with the title from behind. Big Show KO’s Orton and Triple H is stunned. Triple H takes his jacket off but leaves the ring. Big Show wants to fight but Triple H isn’t having it.

Raw goes off the air with Big Show standing tall.

  • dx317

    Yea, there was nothing more certain than that outcome. Sandow was wasted with that MITB contract

  • The Knight of Truth

    Bryan is such a loser. I loved it when the Waytts beat him down. He is not worthy to be in the same ring as Randy Orton!!!!

    • Colton

      Man you are truly The Fact Provider couldn’t agree with you any more!

  • dx317

    I don’t get their booking. They’ve buried 2 top faces in Bryan & Punk tonight

    • The Knight of Truth

      Bryan deserves to be berried. How many times did Bryan slice is face with a blade? Look at Orton vs Foley Backlash 2004 or John Cena vs JBL I Quit match from 2005 and think wheather Bryan would dare to do stuffs like those. Thiss is not CIRCUS, this is WRESTLING, we dont watch wrestling for geeky high flying moves like missile drop kicks. We watch for power housing and brawling. Back in the 80s high flyers were a bunch of jobbers in the WWF, and power houses like Hogan, Andre and Savage dominated the business. It was different in other promotions though, but this is WWF/E……

      • fact provider is dumb

        May wanna look up Bryan when he was in roh….smh

        • The Knight of Truth

          I have been here for like a week, and I am so famous already.

          WWE has been the only promotion for me since I started watching wrestling. I did watch TNA 2010 to 2013, but after that horredeous Slammiversary ppv this year I quit. I am sick of seeing 50+ year old Sting main event. Real talents like Jay Lethal and Amazing Red are long gone, and Kurt Angle is half the man he used to be. Who would have thought one of the Dudleys who was an undercard in the WWE during his whole career there, would be the biggest star of TNA!!!!

          • Colton

            You know what your talking about let haters hate.

          • The Knight of Truth

            You are right and thanx. Their opinion is their opinion, and our opinion is our fact. Let them say what they want, but we dont give a damn!!!!

    • Joe D’Agostino

      What happened to Punk and Bryan was not a “burial”. There is obviously a higher power trying to take out the top faces. Probably Triple H. Relax.

      • dx317

        Fair enoigh

  • Colton

    They need to start an alliance with the Shield, Wyatt Family, Kane, and Orton!

    • The Knight of Truth

      Cool Idea. Corporation 2013 merges with Waytt family and Kane, making the Corporate Family….

      • The Knight of Truth

        I miss nothing as much as I miss the Corporate Ministry,, IMO the greatest stable in Wrestling history….

        • http://www.ring-rap.com/ Jay Ciaravino

          Greatest stable in wrestling history? Are you talking about the stable that was around when RAW was losing the Monday Night Wars to WCW and NWO? Are we forgetting about the 4 Horsemen? The 4 Horsemen for God’s sake! How is the corporate ministry greater than the 4 Horsemen? Or DX? or NWO? or Evolution even?

          • The Knight of Truth

            No, Corporate Ministry was there in 1999 and during the Attitude Era when WCW was on its way to shit! Stars like Undertaker and Rock were in charge…. See the videos and find how awesome and brutal they were. Just a look at Rock vs Mankind I Quit match at Royal Rumbles 1999 will tell you (Though Corporation 1999 and Ministry were still separate then). And I said IMO anyway…….

          • http://www.ring-rap.com/ Jay Ciaravino

            Fair enough. I still say 4 Horsemen have them all beat.

      • Colton

        Glad to find someone who knows good ideas and some who doesn’t suck Bryan and Cena’s dicks. If you wrote for WWE they would be making billions!

        • The Knight of Truth

          Sandow performed much better tonight then Bryan has in his entire WWE run (excluding his match with Cena at SummerSlam and with Sheamus at Extreme Rules 2012)….

          • Colton

            Agreed Sandow is underrated. He great wrestler and so much better on the mic than Bryan.

  • The Knight of Truth

    I am sick of that asshole by the name Khali! How dare he ruin my queen Summer Rae’s night. He is the worst wrestler the world has ever seen, a real life murderer and should be in jail. Summer Rae is a much better girl wrestler than that bi@tch by the name Natalya, who is a shame upon her father and family….

    • Shaun Becker

      How is he a murderer? He fucked up a wrestling move and someone died. It’s called an accident, not murder.

    • http://www.ring-rap.com/ Jay Ciaravino

      Summer Rae isn’t a pimple on Natalya’s ass. Natalya can wrestle her ass off. She just gets put in the ring with a bunch of porn film rejects and is tasked with trying to make a decent match with them. I agree with almost all of the comments that I’ve seen from you, but you are way wrong on this one friend.

    • http://www.ring-rap.com/ Jay Ciaravino

      and if anyone is a shame to the family it would be her drunk ass pill popping dad.

  • Joe D’Agostino

    What did everyone think of Raw tonight? Thumbs up? Thumbs down? I personally think this may have been one of the best Raw’s of the year. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

    • Colton

      Thumbs up for most part!

    • The Knight of Truth

      Since Night Of Champions WWE was going downhill. But things changed tonight on Raw, which was one of the best of 2013 and WWE is back on track. Tonights Raw surpassed the 8th April edition of Raw after WM 29, and is one of the best in recent memory……

    • Jason

      Cena winning ruined it for me, so i changed the channel and didn’t look back

      • Joe D’Agostino

        If there is one way to make a statement when you don’t like the something, thats the way to do it! You did miss one hell of show though! Thanks for reading Jason!

        • Jason

          Yeah i read the live coverage, and i ended up catching the randy orton celebration segment later because RAW doesn’t air here til it ends in real time, I usually check out a website that airs RAW live.. great ending nonetheless

      • The Knight of Truth

        You are prejudice. Cena is a great wrestler and had a great match tonight. It does piss me that he is a 14 times world champion, but having watched WWE for so long and seeing new talents come and go I dont care about them. If they can make an impact like Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus or Dolph Ziggler, maybe,,,, but otherwise not. Either ways its the matches that matter, and I dont care who is on it as long it is a good one……

        • Jason

          How is that prejudice? Just because I have an opinion on a wrestler who to me is stale and ruined a program i grew up watching? Please point out where the prejudice was in my comment?

        • Jack Schmith

          Fact, are you on Cena’s payroll or something? Everything I have read from you is about how great Cena is. He is part of what is wrong with the company. It’s becoming to predictable with him now. How did he earn a title shot being out for so long? If that is the case Sheamus should get one when he gets back.

    • Jack Schmith

      Eh it was the same old same old we have all come to expect lately. Nothing in the wtf factor and nothing that shocked me

    • http://crookedninja.com/ Cody Mix

      More BS Superman Cena. Can’t be beat even with an injury. The product is so stale.

  • Job Buenaagua

    Boo on heel turns!

  • king

    wwe should let Cody rhodes or Dean ambrose to win the MITB rather than Damien Sandow.

  • WWE Fan

    Bray Wyatt said that The devil made him attack Bryan. Did he say it like that or did he hint that the Wyatt Family are actually following someones order?

    • Dolphin1925

      Well you know, Paul heyman referred to himself as the devil at hell in a cell.

  • Deadpoet

    Didn’t anyone notice that John cena has been relegated to the face of smackdown! Instead of shoved back into the mix on raw!
    These are monumental times people!!!

  • Dolphin1925

    Dean ambrose is gonna be the greatest heel in professional wrestling history