WWE Raw Results – September 27, 2010

This week’s taped RAW starts with video of Miz and Riley’s attack on Bryan last week.

Music and pyro.

Miz out with Riley in tow, both in ring gear. On his way to the ring Miz says Bryan challenged Miz and Riley in a Tag Match tonight. Didn’t he learn last week? Miz thought he was the smart one. He’s like the guy who wins the lottery and keeps playing thinking he’ll win every time. It’s Monday night, and that means Bryan’s beat down because he’s the Miz and he’s – Bryan cuts him off with his music. Miz commented on Bryan’s ‘Superman music’. Who does Bryan have who can stand up to the Miz? Because he’s the Miz and he’s – Morrison’s music cut Miz off this time. Morrison and Bryan into the ring together.

Daniel Bryan & John Morrison Vs. The Miz & Alex Riley

Bryan rushed the heel corner and Miz dropped off. Riley in and takes a huge clothesline, then a knee to the face for two. Morrison tags in, but takes a knee to the gut. Morrison out of a scoop slam and nails a standing drop kick to Riley for two. Riley into a corner, then telegraphs for a kick, but then hangs Morrison up on the top rope.

Miz tags in and stomps Morrison in the heel corner. Miz distracts the ref and Riley chokes Morrison from outside. Miz slams Morrison up into the bottom rope as Bryan tries to get the fans going, but can’t. Morrison reverses the Miz for two, but Miz right back on him. Riley tags in and slams Morrison face first into a corner, then stomps him. Miz showboats in the corner while Riley scoop slams Morrison for two. Cheap shot to Bryan, then Morrison back into the heel corner.

Miz tags in to “you tapped out!” chants. Miz pins Morrison for two. Submission hold on Morrison, but he gets free and nails a snap mare on Miz. Morrison does everything in his power to get to Bryan and Miz fights with all he has to keep Bryan out of the match. Bryan tags in and sends Riley flying from the apron, then suplexed Miz. Bryan got two, but then went for his submission hold. Miz sent Bryan slamming into Morrison on the apron. This gave Miz the chance to hit his SCF.

Winners – Miz & Riley

Miz made the ref raise his hand. Miz was about to leave, but then stopped and kicked Bryan in the ribs. Morrison on Miz and they fly out of the ring. They fight outside. Bryan flies out taking both out. Bryan on Miz with punches. Morrison pulls Bryan off and Bryan attacks Morrison! Morrison on Bryan with punches. Bryan sends Morrison flying over the barrier! Miz back to work on Bryan hard! Morrison flies back in taking Miz and Bryan out.

Ding-Ding! Cole gets heat. “I’ve decided that this Sunday at Hell In A Cell, Daniel Bryan will defend the US Championship against both John Morrison and The Miz, but it will be defended in a match that I just defended. A Triple Threat Submissions Count Anywhere Match.”

The camera zooms in on Morrison’s face, Miz’s face and Bryan’s face to see their reactions.

Backstage Natalya, Kim, Melina, Bellas and Eve are all dressed in ring gear and are heading out together.

– Commercial

Justin in the ring with the Divas for a Diva Battle Royal. Before the match could start, Lay-Cool came out in matching hooded, belted gray mini-dresses. They went to announce.

Diva Battle Royal – Nikki Bella Vs. Brie Bella Natalya Vs. Gail Kim Vs. Eve Vs. Melina Vs. Alicia Fox Vs. Jillian Vs. Maryse Vs. Tamina

Tamina went after Natalya, but couldn’t get her out of the ring. Eve on Maryse in a corner. Tamina eliminates Melina. Tamina and Kim fight on the apron, but are able to get back in. Tamina back on Gail. Gail with Tamina’s head in a vice, she gets free but hung up top hard. Kim eliminated by Tamina. Tamina gets Eve up, but Tamina is the one sent flying out. Tamina argues with the ref.

Lay-Cool babbled like a brook and said nothing nice. The Bellas on Jillian hard. Jillian and Fox sent onto the apron by the Bellas, but the Bellas were eliminated by diving after them. Eve eliminates Maryse, then Fox eliminates Eve! Both left laying side by side on the floor. Jillian, Fox and Natalya left in the ring. They go after Natalya and try to eliminate her, but she lands on the apron. They celebrate, then Fox on Jillian. Fox eliminates Jillian, then realizes Natalya’s still on the apron. King tells Lay-Cool it might be time to change the air in their heads. Natalya is able to eliminate Fox forcefully!

Winner – Natalya

Lay-Cool immediately start to verbally attack Natalya. Natalya poses, then looks over at Lay-Cool and smile. She then poses in a couple corners.

Video of Cena doing the obligatory press tour for his new movie. He did all the TV and radio talk shows to promote. He pushed the script and storyline and tried to rap, but failed badly. Jimmy Fallon talked up Cena in a big way. Cena says he plans to make each movie better than the last and that will be hard as Legendary is quite a movie.

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WWE Slam Of The Week – R-Truth sent Ted flying from the ring and went out after him. In the ring Eve hit a neck breaker on Maryse and got the three. After the match a love note came up on the tron, but for whom?

Maryse was tweaking about Eve costing her the Battle Royal. Ted says she lost them the match last week. They argue, but a knot at the door stops them. No one’s there, but a note. She reads it “Next week, you will be mine.” She slams it into his gut and walks off.

Sheamus out to the ring. He poses in the ring and looks a bit stressed. Sheamus gets good heat and says there’s an old tale we might have heard of called the Fiery Red Hand Of Ireland. It’s a great old tale of two princes who tried to lay claim to the throne of Ireland. When no heir could be decided, there was a race. The first prince to lay his hand on the kingdom would become the new King. The race was on and the younger realized he was about to lose, he cut of his hand and threw it. He was badly injured but won the race and kingdom of Ireland. That’s for Orton because he’s willing to cut of his hand to win back his Title. Orton’s underestimated him, so he should go talk to HHH, the master of the HIAC – Sheamus ended his career with his own two hands. When he gets Orton in that cell, he’s going to have the time of his life. Right now, he calls out any WWE Superstar with a set of tires to face him right now. If they do they’ll find out why he’s the future three time WWE Champion, but he’s also the fiery red hand of the WWE.

– Commercial

Sheamus is still in the ring ranting that it’s not a shock no one’s man enough to take him on, nobody! But then the music starts and out come Khali and his brother Singh.

Sheamus Vs. The Great Khali w/ Ranjin Singh

Sheamus stares up at Khali. He pushes Khali, then yells. Khali backs him in a corner and chops him. Sheamus kicks Khali’s knee, works him over, then sends him from the ring. Outside Sheamus stomps Khali, then pulls the front from announce. Sheamus threw King’s chair at Khali, then Cole’s chair at him. The bell.

Winner – Khali via DQ

Sheamus backed into a post, but then Khali took a kick to the head. Sheamus kicked Khali in the head again, then showboated by screaming.

– Commercial

“In Your Corner” (like “Did You Know”) – More than 60,000 teens are expected to participate in this year’s WrestleMania Reading Challenge. (I have teens and love wrestling, but I’ve never heard of this!)

Edge out to the ring looking really pissed off. He says they have a first, as his guest on the Cutting Edge they have the RAW GM. The fans give no pop and very little heat for this. Edge says despite their acrimonious relationship, he appreciates the GM agreeing to appreciate him being a guest on his show. As he understand it, this computer has been electronically transmitting his voice and it will continue to do to keep this person a secret. Edge asks why the GM is such a spineless coward? The GM asks why Edge is such a moron. If people knew who he was, it would ruin everything. Edge says the voice is terrible, but he thought the GM was Austin, or the Rock or HBK, or Bob Baker. Judging the GM’s decision making, he’s Lindsay Lohan after a bender. This got some reaction. Edge says whoever the GM is, they’re a big, fat liar. The GM says he’s tried to make peace, why does Edge surprise him so? Edge asks why he’s so into his business, then asks why he’s arguing with a computer? They’ve gone from Stone Cold stunning Mr. McMahon to Edge arguing with a computer. Edge says he’s going to go ask Jericho who the GM is. The GM says Jericho’s bluffing, but the GM knows a lot, like Edge opponent right now. Ha, ha, ha. Edge says he doesn’t have an opponent and is sick of talking to an overgrown Speak ‘N Spell. The GM says he scheduled Edge in a match against this man. Out came Cena.

– Commercial

Edge Vs. John Cena

Nexus watches this match on a monitor backstage. Side headlock takeover on Edge. Cena keep the hold on as he’s backed into a corner. He finally lets go when the ref forces him. Edge on Cena with punches in the corner. Dueling “Let’s go Cena” and “Let’s go Edge” chants. Edge looks around at the chants that are much louder for Cena. Edge stomps Cena in the corner. Cena goes for the STF, Edge sends Cena flying from the ring. Cena crawls back to the ring and his feet. Cena takes a low standing drop kick under the ropes from Edge. Edge outside and throws Cena shoulder first into the stairs. Edge rolls in to break the count. Edge grabs Cena by the head and rolls him back into the ring. Edge in and pins Cena for two. Edge looks annoyed.

Cena gets Edge up for the AA, but Edge counters for two. Edge punches down on Cena as Cole reads quote from the locker room about how great it will be if Nexus disbands. But who will carry the torch if Cena has to join Nexus? Cena manages to fight back and gets a shoulder block on Edge, but Edge ducks the second and so predictable shoulder block. Cole says they know each other so well, both 9 time Champions. Edge pins for two as King wonders who could lead RAW if Cena loses. Punches to Cena in a corner. Cena whipped hard. Edge taunts and showboats, making faces at the camera. Cena fights back with a suplex. Both are down.

Both up by four. Cena gets Edge up for an AA, Edge counters for two. Edge punches and stomp on Cena. More dueling chants for them both. Cena slams Edge down on the mat and then puts Edge up top. Cena climbs, gets Edge up for an AA, but Edge gets free. Edge is whipped, but moves so Cena slams into a corner. Edge spears Cena for three.

Winner – Edge

Ding-Ding! “Edge, you need to play by the rules. Cena’s foot was clearly under the bottom rope. See for yourself.” Picture of Cena’s foot. “Therefore this match will continue.”

Edge on Cena with punches to the head. The ref backs Edge off from Cena. Cena to his feet. Edge goes for another spear, but Cena locks on the STF. Edge is almost to the ropes, so Cena gets up, pulls Edge back into the center of the ring and locks the hold on again. Edge can’t do anything but tap out.

Winner – Cena

Video of the ‘high’ points of the match. Edge to his feet in the center of the ring. He grabs the top rope, then slides out slowly. He looks deranged. “Edge, you lost fair and square. Don’t look at me like that.” Edge stops as he gets to the laptop. “Just walk away.” Edge stops, turns and looks crazy. “What are you doing Edge?” Edge walks up to the laptop. “You’ve got the crazy eyes. I’m warning you!” Edge pushed the podium over, then grabbed a chair. “Cole, stop him! Cole!” Edge grabs the laptop and breaks it in two, then slams it with a chair a couple times, head butts it, punches it, slams it into his head a couple and punches it some more. Edge gets up and walks away from the destroyed laptop that was obviously a much cheaper and older laptop than they had been using as the GM previously. Edge limps away, then up on the lower level of stairs (the top had been knocked off when Cena slammed into it earlier) to look around.

– Commercial

Video of Edge’s abusive tirade on an old craptop.

Nexus – all of them – out to the ring, even though it’s only Slater and Gabriel wrestling. Evan and Mark Henry out to face them.

Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel w/ Nexus Vs. Mark Henry & Evan Bourne

Slater and Evan started. Slater with a knee to Slater’s gut, then into the heel corner. Gabriel tags in and pins, but Evan’s leg on the ropes. Knee drop on Evan for two. Slater stomps Evan’s back then pulls his arms with a knee in his back. Evan up and kicks Slater. Slater punches back. Evan into a corner. Slater flies at him, but eats the corner. High knee to Slater and both are down.

Gabriel and Henry both tag in. head butt then punches on Gabriel. Gabriel sent into a corner, then Slater rushes in but is pushed off hard. Henry pulls Gabriel over and Evan tags and climbs, but Slater rushes in chop blocking Henry, then taking Evan down. Gabriel up, but Evan moves out of the way of the 450. Gabriel’s feet to Evan’s kidneys. Evan climbs hits his SSP and pins Gabriel. Slater leans in and pushes Gabriel over. Gabriel pins Evan for three.

Winners – Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel

Outside the ring the rest of Nexus on Henry. They send him into the stairs. Into the ring Otunga pulls Evan into a clothesline. Tarver punches on Evan, then Slater from behind takes Evan down. Wade gets Evan up and hits his finisher. Gabriel up and hits his 450. Wade calls for a mic.

He says that they’ve said from the very beginning that your either Nexus or you’re against us. After HIAC, Cena will no longer be against us. Cena will be property of Nexus. Cena will serve a purpose. He will bring them to the upper echelon. Cena will help them demoralize the entire WWE. Just to show Cena that being part of Nexus won’t be all bad, so they’ve decided to take a little trip. Otunga says this Friday they’re invading SD! Unlike RAW, they’re giving them proper warning, so they should consider themselves warned. Tarver takes the mic and says the bad news is, they are the bad news! Forget a warning because none of them can stop them! Tarver got the most heat of the three who spoke. Next poses in the ring. Video of them taking apart Evan.

Backstage Drew and Cody are heading for the ring. Cody stops to admire himself in a mirror like the narcissist he is.

– Commercial

Next week Johnny Knoxville will be the Guest Star of RAW!

The Hart Dynasty out to the ring. Natalya is all smiles after winning her earlier match. Cody and Drew out to King’s disgust, but Cole absolutely loves them. Video of Cody and Drew cheating to beat Hart Dynasty on SD!

WWE Tag Team Championship Match – Hart Dynasty w/ Natalya Vs. Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre

Kidd and Cody start a test of strength, but then Kidd is kick to the mat. Kidd sent to the apron, then flips over onto Cody and pins Cody for two. Cody bounces off the second rope to kick Kidd in the face. Cole says Cody calls this his ‘beautiful disaster’ kick. Drew tags in and they both slam Kidd into the heel corner. Drew then stomps on Kidd and throws him around. Cody tags in, does nothing, tags Drew in. Cody sends Kidd into Drew’s clothesline. Drew pinned for two. Kidd out of a suplex and kicks Drew. Both down, then both tag out.

Smith on Cody with clotheslines, then a high knee. Big clothesline in the heel corner to Cody, then a suplex on Cody, but Drew breaks the pin attempt. Drew sent outside. The Dynasty set up for their double team, but Drew pushes Kidd off the top rope and Cody nails Smith with his finisher.

Winners – Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre

After the match Smith argues with Kidd about how the finisher is supposed to happen. Natalya tries to stop them, but Smith stomps off.

Split screen of Jericho and Orton heading for the ring from backstage.

– Commercial

Backstage R-Truth in to see Cena. R-Truth says no matter what happens on Sunday, he has Cena’s back. Cena says not to worry, he’s the one to go to. He’s not worried. He said he’d take out Nexus and will. R-Truth told him to be careful. Cena says he’s always careful. R-Truth says Cena’s the most reckless and crunk he knows. Cena says he does get crunk. Cena says Nexus is at SD!, so he should be there, maybe HIAC starts early. R-Truth said being careful doesn’t matter? Cena says that’s the truth.

King and Cole then go through the matches slated for Hell In A Cell.

Jericho out to the ring. He grabs a mic and says when he wins this match tonight he’ll be number one contender and will go on to win the WWE Championship. Orton’s a great competitor and a dangerous man, but he’s not worried. Event hough he’s changed from that fresh face upstart that he was when he came here to the deranged demented lunatic it take to be Champion. He is a viper, you can see it in his eyes. He moves like a snake and thinks like a snake when he hit’s the RKO. Much like Orton used to call himself the Legend Killer, he’s going to call himself the Viper Killer. He’ll cut the head off the serpent right here. Orton will join the list of great champions and HOF’ers who have been defeated by Jericho. Austin, Rock, HHH, Kane, HBK, Eddie, Rey, JBL, Big Show Edge, Taker who he beat twice, might he add. MVP, CM Punk –

– Commercial

Vader 1, and Vader 2, Villano 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Juvie, Apolo Dantes, Ray Mendoza Jr. (also known as Villano 4), The Great Muta, Mashiro Choto, Funaki, Chavo, Gato, Yoshi Tatsu, Perry Saturn, Dean Malenkov, Lex Luger, Sting, Ric Flair, Bill Goldberg, Booker T, Stevie Ray, Scott Norton, Buff Bagwell, Flash Flannigan, Flash Funk, Kevin Nash , Diesel (aka Kevin Nash), Oz Scott Hall, Razor Ramon (aka Kevin Nash), American Starship Eagle – Orton’s music FINALLY cut Jericho off! Orton came out to the ring with a slight smirk on his face. Orton posed in a corner, the strap high over his head.

Chris Jericho Vs. Randy Orton

Jericho kicks Orton in the gut, then punches on him. Orton into a corner with more punches. Orton whipped but comes out with a clothesline. Punches onto Jericho, then another on the mat. Orton outside and punches on Jericho, then an upper cut, both on the apron. Back in Orton nails an upper cut in a corner. Jericho punches back once which incenses Orton. More attacking Jericho, but Jericho comes back with a bitch slap that drops Orton. A kick to Orton’s gut, then another. Punches to Orton’s head and Jericho yells at him to get up. Kick to Jericho’s gut, then punches backs Jericho off. Jericho runs the ropes, but holds on to stop himself. Orton clotheslines Jericho from the ring with that. Jericho looks shocked. Orton out, but Jericho reverses a whip into the barrier. Orton laid out.

– Commercial

Orton stomp Jericho in the ring. Sheamus walks out and part way down the ramp. Orton sees Sheamus standing there. Sheamus walks further down the ramp. Orton turns and avoids Jericho, but then eats an enziguri. Jericho tries to put his feet up on the ropes, but is caught by the ref who asks Jericho, “Are you out of your mind?” Jericho slingshots Orton up into the bottom rope, then kneels on Orton’s head on the bottom rope. Jericho chokes Orton on the second rope. Jericho showboats, then runs to land on Orton who moves out of the way. Sheamus just stares. Jericho whips Orton, but Orton moves and Jericho lands shoulder first. Orton tries for an RKO, but is countered with a backslide for two. Standing drop kick to Orton for two.

Chinlock in the center of the ring on Orton. Orton to his feet and punches out. Orton runs into another standing drop kick for two. Jericho taunts Orton, then drops a knee. Jericho pins for two. Cole talks about Taker sending Foley flying off the top of the cell into King’s lap. Chinlock on Orton. “RKO” chants. Orton to his feet and suplexes free. Orton turns and clotheslines Jericho a couple times, then his sick fast scoop slam. Jericho is whipped and gets a foot up in Orton’s face. Running bulldog on Orton. Jericho goes for his lionsault, but lands on his feet as no one’s home. Orton hits his back breaker and Jericho is staggered. Jericho pushes out of the RKO and nails his lionsault for two.

Jericho kicks Orton in the ribs, then they both jockey for position. Orton is about to DDT Jericho through the ropes, but Jericho counters and is able to lock on the walls. Orton tries for the ropes but can’t get there, Jericho pulls Orton back. Orton slithers through and kicks Jericho off and from the ring. Orton nails his through the ropes DDT. He pounds the mat, readying himself, then ducks Sheamus. A punch to Sheamus, then Orton DDTs Sheamus through the ropes.

Winner – Orton via DQ

Huge “RKO” chants. Orton rushes Sheamus to punt his head off, but Jericho grabs Orton and nails a code breaker. Jericho leave the ring and grabs a chair. Back into the ring Jericho keeps telling the Viper to get up. Jericho swings but Orton ducks. Jericho eats an RKO. “Punt” chants from the front row and the fans are wild. Orton punts Jericho’s head of with a sickening thud.

The camera closes in on Orton’s scary glare. Orton turns to look at Sheamus. Orton walks over to the side of the ring and glares down at Sheamus who’s bleeding slightly from the side of the bridge of his nose. Video of the punt to Jericho’s head. Paramedics out with a back board and stretcher. Orton stands in the ring, head slightly rolled back, eyes lidded as he listens to his music, the fans or maybe the voices in his head.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat