WWE Raw Results – September 30, 2013

WWE Raw Results – September 30, 2013

RAW opens with a live shot as Michael Cole welcomes everybody to Raw, C.M. Punk comes out to cheers. They play video of the attack by Heyman against Punk. Punk does a promo about Predictability and how he expected what Heyman would do in his hometown. Punk says he will get his hands on Axel, then Ryback, then when there is nobody to save him, Paul Heyman. Punk says he is in a fighting mood and will wait all night if he has too.
Raw General Manager Brad Maddox interrupts C.M. Punk. Maddox says Punk getting his hands on Axel and Ryback isn’t best for business. C.M. Punk says he wants to take out his aggression and out comes Big E Langston. Big E ambushes Punk in a ruthless attack. Maddox signals for a ref and the Opening Contest is Big E Langston vs C.M. Punk.

(1) C.M. Punk vs. Big E Langston.
We are back to the action as Punk and Big E fight on the outside. Punk rolls E back in the ring to a false 2 count. Big E attempts another to a two. E tries to get punk to submit but it fails. E body check punk into a pin for a 2 count. Big E does another attempt to finish punk but that fails too. CM attempts a pin to a fail. Punk tries a GTS but E counters. Pink does a swinging neck-breaker and does a high knee corner clothline. Punk sets up the elbow and hits it. Punk signals for the GTS and hits it.
1,2,3 and punk wins.


They play back a video package of the Rhodes vs WWE showdown as they promote the Family Summit for tonight’s Raw.

(2)Kofi Kingston vs Fandango.
They have a back and forth match but untimately Kofi wins with the Trouble in Paradise.

WINNER Kofi Kingston.

Bray comes out and cuts a promo about life then they go to commercial.

We are back as it is announced that Dolph Ziggler will face Damien Sandown during the pre-show to Battleground.

Backstage Randy Orton is seen talking to the Bella Twins saying that Daniel Bryan wont be able to walk down the aisle. We then cut to Renee Young who interviews Paul Heyman. Heyman says that C.M. Punk was a nobody until he became a Paul Heyman guy. Paul says that he isn’t the one setting the traps, it is Punk. Paul challenges Punk to set a trap tonight. We then see a Los Matadores vignette as it is announced that they will debut NEXT!!

we are back Live and 3MB are in the ring. Los Matadores come to the ring with a little bull.

(3)3MB vs Los Matadores
Diego starts the match with Mahal and does a bunch of moves and money flips him out of the corner. Fernando left Mahals tag in Slater and the Matadores double team him. Slater tags back in Mahal as he does a suplex into a false 2 count. Mahal curb stomps a matador and tags in Slater. Slater body slams Fernando to boos and Fernando does Tilt-a-whirl from the ground. Fernando runs a clinic on 3MB and double team them. Los Matadores do a double team powerbomb into a pin and win.

WINNERS Los Matadores

We are back live with a Susan G. Komen for the cure promo.

Next up is the Rhodes vs WWE showdown. Triple H is now in the ring and summons the Rhodes family. Dusty has to decide “which job gets their son back”. Triple H says they gave them chance after chance but all 3 failed. With Opportunity number 4 it is a chance on Sunday to in a match for The Rhodes Brothers, it is to face the Shield on Sunday for their jobs, if they lose they can not work for the WWE again and Dusty is included. Stephanie says that Dusty is itching for a fight then the Levesque’s leave/ the ring. The Shield blind side the Rhodes Family and they all get demolished. .

The shield stand triumph in the ring as we go to commercial.

We are back live with R Truth coming to the ring. Axel then follows down to the ring with Paul Heynab.

(4)R Truth vs Curtis Axel w/ Paul Heyman
Curtis body-slams Truth as Truth tries to regroup. Lock up against the ropes as Truth kickS aXEL. T mounts A in the corner for punches but A counters. They go back and forth and a does a dropkick. Axel has Truth in a choke and elbows him. Truth does a clothesline . Truth then does the lie detector for the 2 count. Truth misses ands Axel gains control. C.M. Punk’s music hits and it distracts Axel. Truth hits the lie detector and wins.


Brie Bella and Nikki are then seen backstage making their way to the ring. Brie vs Alicia Fox is NEXT!.

We are back live as a Brie Bella and Bryan Danielson package airs promoting their wedding.

(5)Brie Bella vs Alicia Fox
Brie dominates the opening of the match. Fox kicks Brie out of the ring then she gets back in. Fox attempts a 2 count but fails. Fox does a scissors and Brie gets out. Another Attempt for a 2 fails for Fox. Brie executes a string of offensive moves and Fox leaves the ring. Fox comes back in the ring, Brie disorientates her with a slap and pins her.

Winner Brie Bella

It is then announced that tonight it will be Ziggler and The Usos vs. The Shield later tonight as we go to commercial.

We are back live with Heyman trying to calm Axel down with the C.M. Punk threat, Ryback suggest that they call out Ryback but Heyman dismisses the thought. Heyman says he will propose to Ryback tonight!

We then see a rewind from last Monday’s MizTv segment. Rene Young then interviews Big Show. They play the Triple H/Big Show encounter from last Friday. Big Show says he can’t do the right thing and has to choose the lesser of the two evils. Show says he has done everything Triple H wanted and says he can’t take it anymore. Big Show declares he will knock Triple H out as we go to commercial.

We are back live with Truth demanding a U.S. title match to Maddox. Big Show interupts loocking for Triple H. Show threatens Maddox to find Triple H.

We are back in the ring as Zack Ryder will take on Alberto Del Rio.

(6)Zack Ryder vs Alberto Del Rio
The mathes starts up in the corner where ADR gets the upper hand. Zack gets in a few moves and sends the champ out of the ring. Ryder attempts a high risk move and fails. ADR gains the upper hand and goes for the pin with a 2 count. Ryder goes for a pin with a 1 count. ADR puts Ryder in a choke hold and Ryder gets out. ADR gets face planted into the mat the succeeds at a dropkick. Ryder goes for the Broski Boot, attempts a pin, and fails. ADR counters a rough Ryder and goes for a pin to a 2 count. ADR then goes for the cross arm breaker and wins.

WINNER Alberto Del Rio.

Up next it is Paul Heyman with a proposal to Ryback.

We are back live with a WWE APP promo for battleground. We then see the event that transpired between the Levesque’s and Rhodes’.

Ryback and Heyman make their way to the ring. Heyman says that Punk had to be put down by the great dictator inf ront of his home town. Heyman plays the attack on Punk form last week. Heyman then talks up Ryback and hands him the Microphone. Heyman says that he wants a more meaningful relationship with Ryback after he saved his life. Heyman then commits that no matter what Ryback will be made an honest man from Heyman. Heyman then gets on one knee and proposes to Ryback to be a Heyman Guy. C.M. Punk breaks up the beautiful moment and comes to the ring. Punk comes through the crowd and slips and hurts his knee. Punk gets up to cheers but his knee is still bothering him. A trainer then checks to see if Punk is OK and Heyman comes to see also. Punk then grabs a Kendo Stick and attacks Ryback and Axel with it. The game was played and Punk set the perfect trap. Punk then hits the GTS as his music hits.

Big Show is then seen backstage waiting for Triple H in his office as we go to commercial.

We are back live with The Shield in the Ring, their match is next.

(7)The Shield vs The Usos and Dolph Ziggler
Dolph starts off vs Ambrose. Ziggler runs a series and attempts a pin. Ambrose tags in RolLins and Ziggler tags in Jimmy. Jimmy attempts a pin to a 1 count. Jimmy then flips Roliins into a 2 count. Jimmy then works on Rollins arm. Rollins gets out then tags in Ambrose. Anbrose gets in a few punches and tages in Reins. Reins does a few stomps in the corner and tags in Amborse. Ambrose does a few moves then tages in Rollins then Irish Whip him into the ropse as Jey gets tagged in. Jey superkicks Reuins, Ziggler clothelines him to the outside. The usos gang up on the tag team champions and throw them out of the ring. Usos go high risk and take them out on the ringside as we go to commercial.

We are back live as The Shield takes control with Jimmy in the ring. Reins tags in Ambrose and takes out Jey. They lock up and before Jimmy can get the advantage, Ambrose tags reins back in. Reins tauts Jimmy, does an elbow drop and attempts a pin to a 2. Reins has him in a choke hold and The Uso gets out. Reins counters again and attempts at a 2 count. Jimmy knocks Roman to the outside. he gets the superkick and they are both left in the middle of the ring. Rollins attacks Jey so he cant get tagged in. Dolph gets the tag in and goes for Ambrose. Dolph gives him 7 punches in the corner. and gives him the heart stopper in the middle of the ring. Rollins interferes which gives Ambrose the upper hand but Ziggler counters and gives Ambrose the famouser into a pin for a 2 with a Reins save. A flying Uso was landed by Ambrose, the other Uso, hits Ambrose who then hits the other Uso who then gets tagged out by Rollins who then gets floored by Ziggler. Riens then spears Ziggler for the win.

WINNERS The Shield.

We now go backstage to Big Show waiting for Triple H in his office as we go to commercial.

Big Show almost gets arrested and punches a wall instead of Triple H.

RVD is then interviewed and showcases a YouTube video of “Extreme RVD- WWE Top 10. RVD then cuts a promo on ADR to promote their World Title match at Battleground. We then see Santino making his way to the ring with Kahli and Hornswoggle for his match as we go to commercial.

It is announced that Big Show will Face The Shield in a handicap match on Smackdown! as we come back from commercial.

Zeb is in the ring with The Real Americans. Zeb gets cheap heat and mocks the state and the citizenship of those in attendance. Santino vs Cesaro is next.

(8)Cesaro w/Colter and Swagger vs Santino w/Hornswoggle and Kahli
Santino does some Strongman moves while Cesaro tries to counter him. Cesaro does an uppercut and then irish whip into the corner with another move and Cesaro is dominating. Cesaro attempts the spin but gets countered. Santion does the splits, headbutts then Cobra fails. Cesaro does his patented spin. Cesaro grabs the snake and throws it out the ring. Santino gets the roll up and wins.

WINNER Santino

Randy Orton and Bryan are now in the ring going head to head verbally. All Hell Breaks loose and they fight all around ringside. Brie comes out and attempts to save Bryan but she fails and Daniel is left laying their lifrless ans Randy dismantles the announce table. Randy puts Daniel through the taple as Brie tells him to stop. Raw goes off the air as brie is crying over Daniel Bryan’s lifeless body. Will he make it to Sunday?

Find out from here Sunday before Battleground!