WWE Raw Review – April 1, 2024

WWE Raw Review – April 1, 2024

Kicking off this week’s Raw with a video of The Rock & Cody Rhodes’ in ring confrontation and the brawl last week.

The Rock says he made Cody Rhodes bleed. He says he took his hands and wrapped it around Rhodes’ little head. He says he rammed it against the production truck and wiped the blood on his hands on his Mama Rhodes weight belt. He says the only thing missing from the weight belt is Mama Rhodes’ tears. The Rock says he’s a man of his word and says he told Rhodes at the beginning of last week’s show that he would make him bleed. He says all the Cody Crybabys didn’t like what he did to Rhodes and he laughed at the Cody Crybabys for crying about their hero being beat up. He then throws it to a compilation of a couple of young fan’s reaction to his attack on Rhodes.

The Rock says seeing reactions like that breaks his heart like many fans who have young kids like him but he’s about to drop some gospel on them. He says there are moments in life where a man has to do what he has to and says there are moments in life where people stick their noses in business where it doesn’t belong. He says Rhodes did such and he had to beat him down for it. He says Brooklyn is feeling the energy because professional wrestling is cool. He says the ratings have skyrocketed because of him and says Brooklyn has set a record for the largest domestic gate in the history of Raw because finally blood was shed WrestleMania is 5 days out and he’s come back to Brooklyn. The Rock then says he didn’t come back to Brooklyn alone.

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns’ music hits and he makes his way down to the ring with the rest of The Bloodline. Reigns tells Brooklyn to acknowledge him then says those who saw his A&E bio already know what his hoodie says: family above all. He says that’s how he’s always operated and he came to Raw to acknowledge his family. He thanks The Rock for giving him the easiest WrestleMania match of his life in his Night 1 Tag Team match against Rhodes & Seth Rollins then says he and the rest of The Bloodline will have their way with Rhodes at Night 2 of WrestleMania. He says if fans didn’t see The Rock’s attack on Rhodes last week, they’ve seen it on social media.

Reigns says he didn’t need The Rock to beat up Rhodes but he still did and put his family above all. He says The Rock showed how to lead and says Rhodes is not fit for leadership. He says Rhodes is a politician and while The Bloodline was making wrestling cool in 2020, Rhodes was off somewhere doing a whole lot of nothing. He says enough is enough and The Bloodline can’t have Rhodes trying to take them off the top of the mountain. He says the mountain belongs to The Bloodline and says it won’t be more crystal clear than it will be on Sunday.

Rollins’ music hits and he makes his way down to ringside through the crowd. He says if The Bloodline wants to attack him, they’ll have to fight the whole of Brooklyn. He says the time for talking is over and he’s ready to fight. He says he wants to fight tonight then says with the biggest WrestleMania of all time, Brooklyn deserves the biggest main event of all time. He then challenges The Rock to a singles match but says since he doesn’t think The Rock is brave enough to do so, he’d be more than happy to face Reigns instead. He leaves it up to The Bloodline to choose who faces him in the main event and tells them to pick what stipulation the match will be.

The Rock says challenging him & Reigns was a mistake then questions if Rollins saw what happened to Rhodes last week. He says Rollins wants none of that and tells him that he won’t be fighting either of them. Solo Sikoa grabs a mic and informs Rollins that he’ll be fighting him instead of Reigns or The Rock & Rollins agrees to face him. The Rock then tells Rollins that the match will be Bloodline Rules.

We see footage of Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley’s appearance on The MMA Hour. Becky Lynch calls into the show and ended up entering the studio and yelling at Ripley about bringing up her daughter. Security held Lynch back while Ripley taunted her.

Cathy Kelley then stands by with Lynch and asks her if she has any comments about her actions earlier today. Lynch says she’ll be in the ring later tonight if Ripley cares to answer the call.

8 Man Tag Team Match
Judgement Day (Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Mr Money In The Bank Damian Priest & Finn Balor, Dominik Mysterio & JD McDonagh) vs. DIY (Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano) & New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods)

DIY & Ney Day attack Judgment Day on the outside then Johnny Gargano gets Finn Balor in the ring and the bell sounds.

Balor fires off right hands on Gargano in the corner then tags in Dominik Mysterio.

Mysterio fires off right hands on Gargano’s midsection then follows it up with 3 Amigos.

Gargano escapes the 3rd one before Balor tags back in.

Gargano & Balor find themselves both down on the mat.

Tommaso Ciampa & JD McDonagh tag in and Ciampa fires off chops on McDonagh.

He levels him with a clothesline then hits one to Mysterio then hits more clotheslines to both me in adjacent corners and hits them with a double clothesline.

Damian Priest hits Ciampa with a big boot but Kofi Kingston flies off the top rope to level Priest.

Kingston hits a crossbody out of the corner to McDonagh then Xavier Woods tags in as Kingston flies to level Balor on the outside and sends McDonagh crashing into the mat.

He goes for a pin but Mysterio breaks the fall.

Ciampa tries taking him down but Mysterio delivers a drop toe hold that sends him crashing into the ropes.

Mysterio looks to dial it up for a 619 but Ciampa catches the kick.

Gargano sends Mysterio crashing to the outside and follows it up with a tope suicida.

Back in the ring McDonagh hits a Spanish Fly to Woods before Ciampa & Priest tag in and Ciampa fires off strikes on Priest. He lands a kick on him then looks to land a running knee.

Priest intercepts him and Kingston looks to fly to take Priest out.

Priest catches him and lands South of Heaven then hits Razor’s Edge to Ciampa for the win.

Winners: Judgement Day

Roman Reigns, The Rock & Paul Heyman were shown watching Solo Sikoa. They agreed that he’s ready. Reigns & Rock shook hands. Rock asked Reigns where he was going. Reigns said he had to write Heyman’s speech. Heyman looked into the camera and declared that Reigns would be inducting him into the Hall of Fame on Friday night.

Footage aired from the WWE Performance Center of Chad Gable coaching Sami Zayn in a film session, in the gym and during an in ring workout. Zayn was exhausted after throwing off multiple opponents.

Gable enters the ring and put him in a move. Zayn taps out and then asked what the hell that was. Gable asked Zayn if he thought Gunther would care if he was exhausted. Gable wanted to run the drill again but Zayn said no and asked if Gable was trying to burn him out a week before his match.

Zayn asked if Gable didn’t think he was good enough. Gable said Zayn was more thang good enough. Gable said Zayn main evented WrestleMania last year but that’s when he had the hunger that is now gone. Gable said he’s trying to pull that hunger out and questioned what was holding Zayn back.

I’m afraid okay? Zayn replied. He said he was afraid of letting everyone down, including his wife and his son. Gable said he understands that better than anyone. Zayn said Gable looked him in the eye and said he didn’t think he could beat Gunther. Gable said he was telling Zayn what he needed to hear and said they needed to prove everyone wrong together. Zayn went back to training and threw Gable off when he put him in a hold again.

Backstage Rhea Ripley spoke with the other members of Judgment Day as Legado Del Fantasma arrived and were greeted by Dominik Mysterio. Priest pulls Mysterio aside and said they agreed to let him face his father at WrestleMania but this was too much. Priest said he was leaving to make a call. Ripley said she would talk to Priest but also reminded Mysterio about communication. Mysterio introduced the 2 factions as Judgment Day were not pleased. Mysterio invited Escobar to play darts.

Sami Zayn vs. Bronson Reed

Match starts off with a lock up before Bronson Reed shoves Sami Zayn into the corner to break the hold but Zayn fires back with a series of chops.

He then rains down right hands on Reed in the corner but Zayn looks to roll Reed up.

Reed stays on his feet and looks to land a senton, but Zayn moves out of the way.

Reed hits a pair of chops to Zayn but Zayn clotheslines Reed out of the ring and flies over the top rope to level him. He gets him back in the ring and ascends to the top rope.

He looks to hit a crossbody but Reed catches him and hits a running powerslam.

Zayn hits a pair of elbows from the middle rope and looks to land a 3rd but Reed catches him with a chokeslam and follows it up with an elbow drop.

Reed gets Zayn on his shoulders on the ropes but Zayn escapes and pulls down Reed with a powerbomb. He looks to get Reed up on his shoulders but Reed stays standing.

He then gets Zayn on his shoulders and hits a Death Valley Driver as we go to a break.

After the break Reed fires off right hands on Zayn before Zayn responds with a tornado DDT but Reed connects with a twisting neckbreaker and a senton.

He ascends to the top rope but Zayn joins him up there. Reed fights him off and looks to land Tsunami but Zayn rolls out of the way and sets up for Helluva Kick.

Intercontinental Champion Gunther appears at ringside dragging out a laid out Chad Gable & Zayn runs up the ramp to check on him.

Gunther takes advantage and attacks Zayn & the match gets thrown out.

Winner: No One (No Contest)

After the match Gunther sends Zayn crashing into the Titan Tron and hitting a chop. He lands a kick on his spine then fires off right hands on him and levels him with a big boot. He then connects with a few chops then steps on Zayn’s chest and stands tall as he holds his Intercontinental Title high. He looks to head to the back but Zayn makes his way up to his feet. Gunther nails Zayn with his title before he makes his way to the back.

We head backstage and see Jey Uso chat with Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne tells Jey that he’ll be at WrestleMania to premiere a new Weezy song.

Tag Team Match
Indi Hartwell & Candice LeRae vs. Maxxine Dupri & Ivy Nile

Candice LeRae & Ivy Nile lock up before Indi Hartwell tags in and locks up with Nile before Nile begins wearing down her arm.

Maxxine Dupri tags in and hits a double ax handle off the middle rope but Hartwell responds with a bodyslam and tags in LeRae.

LeRae shoves Dupri and sends her crashing into the mat then sends her face first into the top turnbuckle and stomps on her chest in the corner.

Dupri rolls up LeRae but LeRae kicks out and fires off right and left hands on her.

Dupri sends LeRae into the middle turnbuckle face first before Hartwell and Nile tag in.

Nile hits a hurricanrana to Hartwell then follows it up with an enzuigiri and a single leg dropkick in the corner.

She ascends to the top rope but Hartwell clocks her with a forearm. Nile fights her off but LeRae shoves Niles off the top turnbuckle.

Hartwell gets in LeRae’s face about what she just did but unbeknownst to her Dupri has been tagged in. Dupri then dropkicks Hartwell’s spine and rolls her up for the win.

Winners: Maxxine Dupri & Ivy Nile

After the match LeRae tells Hartwell that their loss is embarrassing.

Backstage Jey Uso approached Seth Rollins and said he would have his back in the main event if The Bloodline tried anything shady due to the match being fought under Bloodline Rules.

Drew McIntyre was shown standing in front of an open casket in a funeral parlor. He turned and looked at the camera and laughed. The lid was closed and then McIntyre went to a podium. McIntyre said CM Punk has no match in Philadelphia. McIntyre said Punk’s brittle and fragile body failed him just like it did in UFC.

McIntyre said they were left with the thin skinned guy who saw Jared Leto in The Joker and built his entire personality off of him. McIntyre referring to Seth Rollins as Seth Cringe Lord Rollins. McIntyre said Rollins is broken and has one foot in the grave.

McIntyre said Rollins is broken and questioned if he really thinks he can beat him after he faces Roman Reigns & The Rock. McIntyre said Rollins deserves all the beatings that are coming his way from The Bloodline and to have the casket closed on his World Heavyweight Title reign. McIntyre said he would take the broken old workhorse out back and put him down once and for all.

Ricochet vs. Ivar

Ivar runs Ricochet over with a shoulder tackle.

Ricochet responds with a hurricanrana and a dropkick then looks to fly but Ivar ducks out of the way and lands a boot on Ricochet.

He looks to plant Ricochet but Ricochet lands on the apron and looks to fly off the ropes.

Ivar trips him as we go to a break.

After the break Ivar hits a knee to Ricochet’s midsection but Ricochet catches Ivar with a superkick.

Ivar levels Ricochet with a senton out of the corner then sends him crashing into the ring apron spine first and looks to sandwich him between himself and the ring skirt.

Ricochet ducks out of the way and Ivar is sent crashing into the ring skirt and Ricochet then flies over the top rope. Ricochet gets Ivar back in the ring and ascends to the top rope.

He looks to fly but Ivar avoids it as Ricochet lands on his feet before he hits a clothesline off the top rope and hits a running Shooting Star Press.

Ivar levels Ricochet with a spinning back heel kick and a sit out powerbomb then looks to land a running senton.

Ricochet moves out of the way and Ivar collides with the bottom turnbuckle.

Ricochet looks to hit a springboard crossbody but Ivar catches him and plants him with a slam then hits a springboard crossbody of his own and ascends to the top rope.

He looks to hit Doom Sault but Ricochet moves out of the way.

Ivar charges at Ricochet in the corner but Ricochet catches him and hits a powerslam.

He ascends to the top rope and hits a 630 Splash for the win.

Winner: Ricochet

In the Judgement Day clubhouse Legado Del Fantasma played darts while Judgment Day were behind them. Damian Priest complained about his faction not taking care of Ricochet yet. Dominik Mysterio said JD McDonagh would take care of Ricochet but he had just the guy for the job just in case he did not.

Andrade enters the room and went face 2 face with Priest for a moment. Mysterio introduced Andrade to Santos Escobar. Mysterio told Andrade they would make him a full member of the crew if he took care of Ricochet. Andrade asked if they needed him. Judgment Day said no. Andrade finished by asking if they needed him to take care of business. Mysterio said he wanted him to. Andrade agreed and shook on it. Priest asked Mysterio if LDF were using his darts as we go to a break.

After the break Becky Lynch says The Man has come around to Brooklyn then says she came looking for a fight. She says she started a fight on The MMA Hour earlier today and they don’t have to wait until WrestleMania 40. She calls Rhea Ripley down to the ring.

Adam Pearce then makes his way down to the ring and tells Lynch that they aren’t doing this tonight. He calls out several security guards to join him then tells Lynch she has to wait to WrestleMania to get the fight she wants. He asks Lynch to wait until WrestleMania.

Ripley’s music hits and Pearce tells her the same thing he told Lynch. Ripley breezes right past Pearce and the guards then begins brawling with Lynch in the ring. Security tries separating them but they both keep breaking free and brawling.

Damage CTRL were shown backstage & Dakota Kai told Bayley that Damage CTRL is the future.

After the break we head backstage and see Lynch & Ripley continue brawling backstage as security and Pearce try to keep them apart. Dominik Mysterio manages to drag Ripley away.

We get a recaps Damage CTRL’s issues with Jade Cargill, Bianca BelAir & Naomi on Smackdown.

6 Woman Tag Team Match
Damage CTRL (Women’s Tag Team Champions Kairi Sane & Asuka & Dakota Kai) vs. Shayna Baszler, Zoey Stark & Tegan Nox

Damage CTRL wastes no time going after Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark & Tegan Nox.

Dakota Kai fires off stomps on Nox in the center of the ring then tags in Kairi Sane.

Sane tags out to Asuka and Kabuki Warriors double team on Nox.

Sane tags back in and tags out to Kai and Damage CTRL looks to triple team on Nox.

Baszler & Stark come to Nox’s aid and hits a triple German suplex to Damage CTRL.

They follow it up with a triple running knee then continue working together to beat them down on the outside as we go to a break.

After the break Baszler hits a kick to Sane and tags in Stark & Stark clotheslines Kabuki Warriors then hits a German suplex to Asuka.

She hits a forearm and a back elbow to Sane then hits a shoulder to her midsection in the corner and a dropkick off the top rope.

Kai & Nox tag in and Nox fires off right hands on Kai. She follows it up with a chokeslam and a headbutt then delivers a knee to Kai’s head and follows it up with a running kick.

She then hits a running senton in the corner and goes for a pin but Asuka breaks the fall.

Baszler locks Asuka in a Kirifuda Clutch but Sane grabs Baszler’s ankle to distract her.

Asuka escapes and hits Baszler with a kick but walks into a kick from Stark.

Sane dumps Stark onto the apron but Stark looks to fly off the top rope.

Kai catches her with a kick and Nox tries taking advantage but Kai kicks out and Nox looks to land a running senton.

Kai avoids it and delivers a running kick then tags in Asuka.

Asuka tags in Sane and holds Nox in place as Sane ascends to the top rope and hits In Sane Elbow for the win.

Winners: Damage CTRL

After the break Cathy Kelley caught up with Seth Rollins backstage and asked him why he took on the match with Solo Sikoa. Rollins said he has only 1 gear and it’s pedal to the metal. Rollins said he always has a Plan B. After Rollins walked away from Kelley, he encountered Drew McIntyre as he smiled at him. Rollins told McIntyre that he’s not dead yet. Yet McIntyre replied as Rollins walks away.

Non Title Bloodline Rules Match
World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins vs. Solo Sikoa

Seth Rollins clocks Solo Sikoa before he can get in the ring then hits a suicide dive then lands a pair of chops.

Sikoa charges at Rollins but Rollins moves out of the way and Sikoa is sent crashing into the ring steps.

Rollins sets up for Pedigree but Sikoa avoids it and sends Rollins’ face bouncing off the announce table.

He then dumps him into the timekeeper’s area but Rollins hits a jawbreaker to Sikoa off the barricade and tosses several chairs in his direction to level him.

He grabs one of the chairs and hits Sikoa in the midsection with it before he cracks it across his spine and lands a DDT on him on top of it.

Rollins grabs a table form under the ring and sets it up in the ring.

Sikoa then gets Rollins on his shoulders and looks to send him crashing through the table but Rollins escapes and superkicks Sikoa.

He hits a 2nd one that gets Sikoa on the table then ascends to the top rope.

Sikoa escapes and joins Rollins on the ropes then gets Rollins up on his shoulders and sends him crashing through the table with a Samoan Drop as we go to a break.

After the break Sikoa sends Rollins’ head bouncing off the ring steps on the outside and charges at him. Rollins moves out of the way and Sikoa is sent crashing into them.

Rollins then grabs one of the ring steps and clocks Sikoa with it then grabs another table from under the ring and sets it up in the center of the ring.

Sikoa lands a headbutt on Rollins and sits him on the top rope then lands an open palm strike and gets him up on his shoulders once again.

Rollins escapes and powerbombs Sikoa through the table.

Rollins hits a Curb Stomp to Sikoa but Jimmy Uso appears out of nowhere and superkicks Rollins. Jey Uso’s music hits and Jimmy meets him on the top of the ramp.

He brawls with him to the back but is tossed back onto the ramp as The Rock emerges from the back.

The Rock sends Jey crashing into the barricade and throws him to the back then marches down to the ring. He slides inside and stares down Rollins as Rollins smiles back up at him.

Cody Rhodes’ music hits and he runs down to the ring & he fires off right hands on The Rock then clears the announce table with Rollins.

Rhodes gets The Rock on top of the announce table and Rhodes looks to send him crashing through it.

Roman Reigns appears and pulls Rhodes off the announce table but Rollins comes to Rhodes’ aid and begins brawling with Reigns.

Reigns sends Rollins crashing into the ring post then does the same to Rhodes.

He hits a Superman Punch to Rollins in the ring and Reigns tosses Rhodes into the ring.

Reigns lands a Spear on Rhodes then hugs The Rock.

The Rock & Reigns then get their hands on Rhodes’ weight belt and crack it across Rollins and Rhodes’ spine.

Sikoa holds Rhodes in place and The Rock continues using the weight belt to attack Rhodes.

Reigns then holds up the Undisputed WWE Universal Title and The Rock holds up Rhodes’ weight belt.

Winner: No One (No Contest)

WrestleMania 40 Card (April 6th & 7th)

Night 1 (April 6th)

Tag Team Match
The Bloodline (Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns & The Rock) vs. World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins & 2024 Royal Rumble Winner Cody Rhodes (If The Bloodline wins the Night 2 Match under Bloodline Rules & if Rollins & Rhodes win The Bloodline is banned from ringside)

Women’s World Title Match
Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Becky Lynch

Intercontinental Title Match
Gunther (c) vs. Sami Zayn

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles Fatal 6 Way Ladder Match
Judgement Day (Mr Money In The Bank Damian Priest & Finn Balor) (c) vs. DIY (Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano) vs. Awesome Truth (The Miz & R Truth) vs. New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) vs. A Town Down Under (Austin Theory & Grayson Waller) vs. New Catch Republic (Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate)

Jey Uso vs. Jimmy Uso

Tag Team Match
Latino World Order (Rey Mysterio & Dragon Lee) vs. Dominik Mysterio & Santos Escobar

6 Woman Tag Team Match
Damage CTRL (Women’s Tag Team Champions Kairi Sane & Asuka & Dakota Kai) vs. Bianca BelAir, Jade Cargill & Naomi

Night 2 (April 7th)

Undisputed WWE Universal Title Match
Roman Reigns (c) vs. 2024 Royal Rumble Winner Cody Rhodes

World Heavyweight Title Match
Seth Rollins (c) vs. Drew McIntyre

Women’s Title Match
Iyo Sky (c) vs. 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble Winner Bayley

LA Knight vs. AJ Styles

United States Title Triple Threat Match
Logan Paul (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens

6 Man Tag Team Philadelphia Street Fight
The Final Testament (Karrion Kross, Akam & Rezar) vs. Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) & Bobby Lashley