WWE RAW Superstar Developing A Bad Reputation Backstage?

Lio Rush is reportedly developing a bad reputation backstage in WWE. Here is what Mike Johnson of PWInsiderElite.com said following the Elimination Chamber PPV:

“It appears Lio Rush is done with Bobby Lashley. I can tell you behind the scenes there were not a lot of people surprised at that and not a lot of people surprised that Lio took the pin. There are times Lio has a reputation for rubbing people, including other workers, the wrong way. Whether that was being held against him and that was part of the reasoning for him losing or whether it was just a decision to protect Lashley and shift the belt to Finn Balor, I guess we’ll have to see based on how Lio is presented in the weeks and months to come.”

As seen on RAW, Lio was back to being teamed up with Lashley for the time being.