WWE RAW To Remain On USA Network Through The End Of 2024

WWE RAW will remain on USA Network through the fourth quarter of 2024 before moving to Netflix.

As previously announced, WWE RAW will be available on Netflix in January 2025. However, with RAW’s contract with USA Network expiring in the fall of 2024, it was unclear how the show would air until it premiered on Netflix.

On May 8, TKO announced their earnings for the first quarter of 2024. Among other announcements in the release, WWE reached a $25 million agreement with NBCUniversal. This will keep RAW on the USA Network through the fourth quarter of 2024. In other words, RAW will continue to air in the United States through December 2024.

This means that RAW and SmackDown will both air on USA Network from September to December, with SmackDown joining the network in September.