WWE Raw World Tour Results From Brisbane, Australia (8/30/12)

Thanks to PWMania.com reader Brendan for sending in full results from Thursday’s WWE Raw live event in Brisbane, Australia:

Match 1 – Brodus Clay defeated Jack Swagger. Had the kids up afterwards, security was actually helping the kids over the fence.

Match 2 – Zack Ryder defeated Daniel Bryan, awesome match, Bryan really playing the NO/YES chants to the crowd. Pity he botched and tripped getting back into the ring before he was hit with the Ruff Ryder. After this, Tensai comes out (no Sakamoto), lays out Ryder and screams for a fight – he will keep coming out until he has his fight from anyone in the “Locker Room”.

Match 3 – Miz defended his IC title against Alex Riley, really good match, Riley looked in better form then Miz, but Miz played really well with the crowd before the match (“Really Really Really?” “YES YES YES” “Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie?” “OI OI OI” – you people are just puppets, and so on – you get the jist).

Match 4 – R Truth and Kofi defended their tag team titles against Epico & Primo (w/ Mendes), AJ made an appearance to restart the match after E&P were thought to have won the titles, however Mendes threw Kofi’s foot off the bottom rope in their pin count and AJ saw it, Kofi and truth nailing their finishers respectively. Little Jimmy was the star in this match with Epico playing nicely with him then hitting him over (truth unloaded like hell on him after this!)

15 Minute intermission (to buy my sweet Cenation chain)

Match 5 – Layla defends her title against Rosa Mendes, terrible match though the crowd popped nicely for Layla, this match was literally botch city – both girls missing a lot of their spots and having to wait for one another to hit them properly. Layla didn’t even nail her popular finisher, just opting for a 3 count off a headkick.

Raw Rebound from 2 weeks ago showing Cena challenging Punk for Night of Champions, Punk kicking Jerry in the head in ring too.

Match 6 – Santino beat Otunga in a gimmicky match seeing Santino joking around and Otunga flexing for 10 minutes or so. Santino nailed cobra for the win.

Tensai comes out again and lays out Santino, AJ skips out and says if he wants a fight he gets one. Impromptu fight seeing Clay, Ryder, Truth, Kingston and Santino all nailing finishers on Tensai.

Main Event match – 3 Way for WWE title with Big Show, Cena, Punk. Cena got a huge pop, with Punk not too far off it himself. Grumpy Big Show pretended to throw shirt to audience but threw it on the ground next to the ring to taunt them. (its okay – he took a bump to the outside of the ring at one stage and quickly threw it into the crowd). Punk ends up hitting Cena with title after Cena AA’s Show, and Punk steals Cena’s PIN and retains, running off with the title like a typical heel.

Out of nowhere, Johnny Laurinitis comes down to the ring with a chair and nails Cena in the ribs with it. Goes for a second shot but Cena counters and we see another AA. The night ended with typical Cena inspiration (I would make this flight 100 times a year if I could) and thanking the crowd.

All in all a fantastic show and a big moment in my life as i have waited 10 years to see WWE in action!