WWE Raw WrestleMania Revenge Results (4/17/13) – Ahoy, Rotterdam

Results by Bryan, PWMania.com reader:

Yesterday marked the 1st day of the 2013 WWE European Tour which opened with
WWE RAW live in Ahoy, Rotterdam (Netherlands).. Here are the results:

Zack Ryder def. Heath Slater
(midway through the FANDANGO theme was being chanted and stayed alive
troughout the entire show)

R-Truth def. Antonio Cesaro
(crowd was loud for Truths WHATS UP)

William Regal def. Michael McGillicutty
(Regal was way over)

The Funkadactyls & Kaitlyn def. Bellas & Tamina

Dolph Ziggler def. Daniel Bryan (for World Heavyweight Championship)
(absolute the best match of the night, very loud YES YES YES chants for
Bryan, Ziggler played the crowd and won via Zig-Zag)


Brodus Clay & Sweet T def. Team Rhodes Scholars

Big E vs Kane went to a no-contest due to interference of Ziggler and Bryan.

Vicki came out and restarted the match as a tag team match:
Team Hell No def. Big E & Dolph Ziggler

Main event TABLES match: John Cena def. Ryback (for WWE Championship) –
Ryback attempted a shellshock and was reversed into AA by Cena. After the win
Cena left the ring and arena pretty fast.