WWE Releases Two Writers, The Rock’s Daughter Speaks Out

– ProWrestlingSheet.com is reporting that SmackDown co-lead writer Steve Guerreri and in-office lead writer for RAW Steve Oppenheim were released from WWE last week.

Oppenheim had reportedly been with WWE since 2011 and Guerreri began working with WWE in 2012. It’s believed that neither Paul Heyman or Eric Bischoff had a role in the writers being let go.

– In a recent interview with the Swerve City podcast, The Rock’s daughter Simone Johnson commented on her biggest fears with training to wrestle:

“Never meeting expectations that I have on myself, I think that would probably be the biggest one. And just, like, not living up to the legacy. But then, when I think about that, I also feel like that’s, in a way, comparing myself. So I feel like probably just never falling into that trap of comparing myself.”

“When I look at myself, I look at myself obviously as my parents’ child, but I also just look at myself as me.”