WWE Reportedly Got The Reaction They Wanted From Monday’s RAW

There’s no debate that this year’s RAW after Mania was one of the most controversial episodes in the company’s history. With fans universally taking to social media to express their displeasure with the Vince McMahon lead show. However, according to wrestling insider and journalist Dave Meltzer, WWE and it’s new owners at Endeavor are happy with how everything went on Monday.

In a recent Tweet, Meltzer replied to a fan who asked if WWE and/or Endeavor were pleased with the reaction from the WWE Universe following the chaotic episode. The insider noted that all parties were pleased with the reactions online. Furthermore, the company would have been more upset if there was no reaction.

Dave Meltzer stated:

“I promise you, the fact there has been so much discussion they will only see as a positive. If there was no discussion, they’d be shaking their heads thinking what went wrong. If it was a misfire, history will tell us, but right now the reaction is what they wanted.” 

In a follow-up Tweet, Meltzer noted the company doesn’t view any reaction as “negative”.  “…no reaction is negative. Strong positive and passionate negative are both considered positive. By the way, this is so basic stuff that I thought everyone knew.”.

Monday Night RAW ended with The Beast Brock Lesnar turning on The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes, prior to a tag team match between them and The Bloodline.

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