WWE Royal Rumble Results – January 27, 2019

WWE Royal Rumble Results – January 27, 2019


The Kickoff Panel are Jonathan Coachman, Jerry Lawler, Booker T and Beth Phoenix. They ran down the lineup for tonight’s PPV.

Charlie Caruso and JBL discussed Royal Rumble memories and moments from the past. Caruso said they were going to make new memories tonight on the road to Wrestlemania.

They aired a video preview on Ronda Rousey vs. Sasha Banks. The panel began discussing the bout.

They began discussing Rusev vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the United States title.

Backstage, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose did a promo backstage about winning the Royal Rumble, promising they would have each others’ backs, until they don’t.

Backstage, Kayla Braxton interviewed Drake Maverick, who announced that as the manager of AOP, he has made a deal with Vince McMahon. Akam is injured, but Rezar still wants to regain the Raw Tag Team Championship. So do The Revival, so Rezar will team with Scott Dawson, against Bobby Roode and Chad Gable and if they win, they will each earn a future title shot. He said that he hopes Scott Dawson will be on board. The implication was that the match would take place tonight, but it was never outright said.

The panel wasn’t so sure the two sides could co-exist.

They aired the annual “By the Numbers” Rumble video.

The panel discussed the Women’s Rumble match. R-Truth and Carmella crashed the panel to announce the ‘breaking news’ that they are each number 30 in their respective Rumbles. Carmella said that after they win the Rumble, they are going to throw the biggest Dance Break in history at Wrestlemania. Carmella said that everyone’s betting on Nia Jax and Charlotte Flair but no one is betting on her – and ‘Mella is money. They get to be the last ones out, so they can watch and study and see what alliances are formed and what to be ready for. Lawler said that statistically, only three stars have won from the #30 position and questioned whether they really thought they could end up headline Wrestlemania. Carmella and Truth said they do.

They aired a quick promo from Alexa Bliss from “earlier today” about returning to the ring for the Rumble.

Backstage, Samoa Joe said he was the perfect combination of size, speed and viciousness. He said he wouldn’t be moved by anyone. He noted that Randy Orton thought it was wise to RKO him, but he’s built to win the Royal Rumble match.

They aired video of Braun Strowman being removed from the Universal title bout, replaced by Finn Balor. The panel discussed the title bout. They noted Braun is now in the Rumble due to John Cena’s injury.

Charly Caruso and JBL discussed AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan. JBL said it was going to be like Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat. They aired a video feature on the WWE title bout. JBL predicted Bryan would retain.

They talked about the Chase Field Rumble burger that was created for this event and went to a Bryan promo in the stands filmed earlier today. He said the stadium will be filled with empty people who are trying to fill their lives with bought products and disgusting calories. He said there will be people cheering for AJ Styles and they will be empty people trying to fill themselves with one of the burgers. He said if this is what they need, he can’t wait to beat Styles. He dropped the burger in disgust and stepped on it as he left. Another good promo from Bryan!

WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Bobby Roode & Chad Gable vs. Rezar & Scott Dawson

This is a non-title match.

A camera man tripped during the champs’ entrance. I didn’t know Titus was doing double-duty!

They are entering from one of the dugouts.

Dawson and Roode started out and went back and forth. Gable tagged in. They double teamed Dawson. Gable nailed a monkey flip for a two count. Dawson gained control and tagged out to Rezar. He chokeslammed Gable and drilled him with crossfaces as he held Gable against the ropes. Dawson tagged out and nailed a Northern Lights suplex for a two count. He locked in a chinlock. Gable hit a sunset flip but Rezar had tagged in. He mauled Gable and sent him face-first into the buckles. Dawson held his boot out and Rezar drilled Gable’s face into it. Dawson covered him for another two count.

Gable was sent into the ropes but when he bounced back, he clunked heads with Dawson. It appeared Gable would make the tag but was cut off by Rezar. Rezar lifted him up but Gable hung upside down over the ropes with an armbar. Dawson tagged back in but Gable broke away from him. Roode got the hot tag. Roode nailed a series of clotheslines. Roode nailed Rezar, then hit a spinebuste. He speared Dawson in the corner and came off the ropes with a Blockbuster on Rezar. Dawson rolled him up and hooked the tights but Roode kicked up. Dawson came off the ropes but accidentally nailed Rezar, who went through the ropes.

The champs worked over Dawson. Roode and Gable used the neckbreaker/moonsault combination for the pin.

Your winners, Bobby Roode & Chad Gable!

OK match. The scenario was silly but the action was fine.

They aired video clips building Asuka vs. Becky Lynch for the Smackdown Women’s Championship.

Charlie Caruso and JBL talked about the tag bout. WWE Intercontinental Champion Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush showed up to push the idea Lashley would win the Rumble.

Shawn Michaels and David Otunga joined the panel. Michaels said the biggest differences with the Rumble now vs. when he was competing is that he felt he had been in the ring with just about everyone who entered the Rumble when he was wrestling, but now there’s no way to prepare since there were so many surprise competitors.

The panel ran down the lineup.

WWE United States Champion Rusev (with Lana) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Rusev had early control over Nakamura, nailing several suplexes. Rusev clotheslined him over the top to the floor. Nakamura was grabbed on the floor and whipped towards the stairs but leapt over them and landed on his feet, then leapt off with a kick on argue U.S Champion.

Nakamura tossed Rusev back into the ring and nailed several knees to the chest. Nakamura placed Rusev atop the turnbuckles and nailed a knee strike to them mid-section. He drilled Rusev in the mouth and cinched in a front facelock. Rusev made a comeback with a Fall Away Slam and a spinkick for a two count.

Nakamura fought back but Rusev caught him with a kick to the head for a two count. Rusev went for the Accolade but Nakamura slipped out and nailed a kick to the side of the head, then another to the side of the face for a two count. Nakamura went for a running kick but was nailed with a lariat that sent him upside down. Rusev nailed a Machka Kick. He went for another but was caught in a cross armbreaker. Rusev was trapped in a triangle choke but powered up. He was caught deeper in the choke. Rusev finally powered him up but was caught in a hanging front guillotine.

Rusev finally turned it into Jackhammer and scored a two count. They battled to the ropes. Rusev was knocked off. Nakamura nailed a Landslide for a two count. Nakamura was frustrated he couldn’t get the job done. Nakamura channeled George Steele and began working over one of the turnbuckle pads, trying to remove it. Lana got on the apron and argued with Nakamura over his attempt to cheat. Rusev charged Nakamura, but he sidestepped, and Lana was bumped off the apron. She immediately grabbed at her ankle.

Rusev got distracted and went to check on her, but Nakamura nailed the Kinshasa from behind and scored the pin.

Your winner and new WWE United States Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura!

I don’t think anyone saw that coming, so this was a bit of a surprise.

Good, competitive bout.

They aired a good, maniacal backstage promo with Nikki Cross in front of a fence, about being in her first Rumble.

They aired a video recap of last night’s excellent Takeover PPV. Shawn Michaels said the NXT roster tore it down, as they always do, and said it really all unfolded after the main event. They showed the footage of the post-show confrontations and brawl that Triple H broke up. Shawn Michaels announced they would be in a six-man tag team bout next Sunday broadcast as Halftime Heat on the WWE Network.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy vs. Kalisto vs. Hideo Itami vs. Akira Tozawa

Everyone battled with. Murphy and Itami ended up alone in the ring. They slapped and struck each other Murphy was knocked out of the ring. Itami and Kalisto battled. Murphy came from underneath for a powerbomb. Itami hit a dive to the outside. Kalisto was knocked down but caught Murphy with a rana as he went over.

Itami tossed Tozawa and Kalisto back into the ring and worked them over. Murphy returned to the ring but was dumped back out by Itami. Kalisto sent Tozawa out of the ring onto Murphy. He nailed a kick on Itami and slammed him for a two count.

Tozawa returned with a big missile dropkick and a running leg lariat on Murphy for a two count. He went to the top rope but Itami nailed him and crotched Tozawa on the top. Tozawa took out Itami and nailed a dive to the outside. Kalisto nailed a springboard moonsault to the outside. Murphy nailed a big flip dive to the outside. Kalisto worked over Murphy and scored a two count with a rana that drove the champ’s head into the mat.

Murphy drilled Kalisto with a superkick in the corner and nailed a sit-down powerbomb for a two count. Tozawa and Murphy battled back and forth. Tozawa nailed a bodypress but Murphy rolled through. Tozawa nailed an inverted rana for a two count. They all went into a series of two counts. Kalisto scored one with Salina del Sol on Itami.

All four competitors were down and spent. They recovered and battled back and forth, brawling. It came down to Tozawa and Kalisto battling back and forth. Tozawa nailed an enziguiri but was drilled with strikes by Murphy. Tozawa nailed a big jab but was nailed by Murphy, who then nailed Kalisto. Itami and Murphy battled. Murphy nailed a big knee strike and drilled him with Murphy’s Law for the pin.

Your winner and still WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Buddy Murphy!

A really damn good, fast paced bout. A nice representative for the 205 Live brand.

Backstage, Drew McIntyre said lots of men lie about the pain and what they are willing to endure. He said he’s endured pain his entire life. He asked where The Shield, Dolph Ziggler, John Cena and Kurt Angle are, because he can’t see them. He said he was going to win the Rumble and then go on to win the main event of Wrestlemania, because he’s the king of the Raw jungle.

The panel discussed the Men’s Rumble bout as they closed out the Kickoff Show.


WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Asuka vs. Becky Lynch

HUGE pop for Becky.

They circled each other before Lynch grabbed a side headlock. Asuka tried to fight her way out and was sent into the ropes, where she shoulderblocked Lynch down. Lynch and Asuka jawed with each other. Asuka missed a spinning backfist and then a dropkick. Lynch dared her to fight her. Asuka went after her but Lynch grabbed the champion from an attempted Disarmher. Asuka avoided it and nailed several kicks to the hamstring. She went for another, but Lynch caught the leg and peppered her with forearm shots.

Lynch sent Asuka into the ropes and drove her down to the mat. The Champion went to the floor for a breather. Lynch followed but Asuka rolled into the ring. Lynch went to follow but was blasted off the apron with a hip attack. Asuka went for a kick but Lynch avoided it, then drilled her with a big boot across the apron.

They battled on the floor, where Asuka slammed Lynch into the ring apron. Lynch regained control when they returned to the ring. Lynch controlled her arm. Lynch worked over her arm and locked on the Disarmher in the ropes and then in the buckles, wearing down the champ. Lynch came off the ropes for a move but was drilled with a knee in the face.

Lynch worked over Asuka, who fired up. Lynch met her with a series of knees and sent her into the corner. The champ bounced up to the buckles and nailed a missile dropkick. Asuka nailed a big hip attack and a backfist before snapping Lynch over with a German suplex. Asuka followed up with another hip attack for another two count. Asuka went for a missile dropkick off the top but missed. Lynch covered her, but the champ kicked up at the last second.

Lynch went to pull up Asuka but got snapped into a cross armbreaker, then pulled into an attempted Asuka Lock. Lynch was able to fight to the ropes to escape the submission before Asuka could completely trap her. They battled back and forth with forearms on the apron. Asuka attempted to nail a German suplex off the apron to the floor but Lynch escaped. She then went for an exploder on the apron. Asuka attempted a Perfectplex on the apron but they ended up crashing off the apron down to the floor. It looked like they may have clunked heads as they hit the floor. Ouch!

They were nearly counted out. Asuka made it in at seven. Lynch made it in at nine. Asuka snatched her into a pinfall combination but Lynch kicked out. They fired back and forth with slaps and punches. Asuka scored with a combination of punches and slaps. Asuka drilled her with a spinkick for a close two count.

They battled to the corner, where Becky nailed an exploder off the top into the ring for a close two count. That was great. Asuka went for the Asuka Lock, then cinched in Lynch’s own finisher, The Disharmher. Becky turned it into an Asuka Lock. Asuka nailed her with a kick but Lynch rolled through and caught her in the Disarmher. She didn’t get it as deep as she wanted. Asuka escaped a rollup and locked on the Asuka Lock. Asuka turned that into a version of Bryan Danielson’s Cattle Mutilation and Lynch had no choice but to tap.

Your winner and still Smackdown Women’s Champion, Asuka!

A hell of an opener. They fought their asses off and had lots of great near falls and submissions. I don’t think anyone expected Lynch to be the one tapping here, so this certainly makes one wonder if Lynch is going to enter one of the Rumble matches. That’s right, I said one of – she is the Man, right?

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Bar vs. Shane McMahon & The Miz.

Miz and Shane greeted Miz’s dad at ringside before the bout.

Shane went right after Sheamus at the bell, chasing him out of the ring. Miz then controlled Cesaro early. Sheamus knocked Shane off the apron, allowing him to get control over Miz. Cesaro snapped Miz’s throat on the ropes as the referee admonished Sheamus. They attempted to put Miz through a table on the floor. Shane made the save and placed Cesaro on one of the announcers’ tables. Shane went to the top for the flying elbow but Sheamus attacked Miz, who was holding Cesaro down and drilled him into the ringpost. Shane dove off the top onto Sheamus. Cesaro nailed him with a big uppercut.

Cesaro tossed Shane into the ring barrier. The Bar worked over Miz in the ring and scored a pinfall. Miz was worked over by Sheamus, trapped in an overhead hammerlock. Miz tried to fight his way out, but Sheamus blocked a suplex attempt. Miz was positioned on the apron and beaten across the chest with clubbing blows by Sheamus.

Cesaro tagged in and scored a two count on Miz. Cesaro worked him over with a chinlock. Miz tried to fight away for a tag but was brought back to the Champions’ corner, where Sheamus tagged in and was stomped over and over. Miz tried to steal a pinfall with a rollup but Sheamus kicked out and drove Miz back into submission with a hard blow. Cesaro came off the top with an axehandle as Sheamus held him but Miz again kicked out. The Bar continued to beat down Miz.

Miz finally made the tag. Shane cleaned house and teased Coast to Coast on Sheamus. Cesaro nailed him and did the big swing. Shane trapped him out of nowhere with a triangle choke and it appeared Cesaro was going to go down but Sheamus made the save. Miz returned to the fray but was clotheslined on the floor.

Sheamus tagged in and The Bar nailed a double-team White Noise with Cesaro coming off the ropes to add to the momentum. Shane kicked up. Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick but Miz interfered and Cesaro was nailed. Miz took out Sheamus. Shane came off the top with a shooting star press and scored the pin. Move over Jushin Liger!

Your winners and new WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions, Shane McMahon & The Miz!

A good back and forth match. I thought some of the offense Shane kicked out of was ridiculous, but they like to present the McMahons like meta-humans, so it is what it is. Miz’s work as the babyface in peril was really good here and The Bar were great.

Shane and Miz celebrated with Miz’s dad at ringside. Dana Warrior was also ringside and hugged them.

Sasha Banks was interviewed backstage. Nothing has ever been handed to her. Ronda Rousey may be a UFC Hall of Famer but Banks is going to make her tap out tonight. They noted Banks’ birthday is today.

WWE Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey vs. Sasha Banks

Banks shocked Rousey with an armbar takedown early. Rousey responded in kind. They were each showing swagger early on. Rousey nailed several suplexes and went for another, mocking Banks always using the Three Amigos. Banks blocked it and went for the Bank Statement only to be stopped by Rousey. Banks stepped to Ronda but was kicked out of the ring to the floor. Ronda followed and worked over her but missed a punch and nailed the ringpost, hurting her arm. Banks nailed a dive to the outside and brought the champ back into the ring. Banks worked her over on the mat and drilled her with several knees to the back. They started out hot, but are now slowing down a little.

Banks nailed Rousey with a double running knee strike in the corner and followed up with more knee strikes for a two count. You could hear dueling chants coming from the crowd. Rousey fought back and sent Banks into the corner, only to be caught with a boot as she charged. Rousey came back with an elbow for a two count. Banks continued the attack of Rousey’s injured arm and nailed another running knee. Banks scored another near fall.

Rousey made a comeback and went for Piper’s Pit, but Banks turned it into an armbar submission on the injured arm. Banks was even biting her fingers. Rousey tried to turn it into a pinfall combination, but Banks turned it into a Bank Statement. Rousey fought for the ropes and finally broke it. She nailed the Piper’s Pit and then locked Banks in an armbar in the ropes.

Rousey went to the top. Banks nailed her to prevent the Champion from executing a move. Banks appeared to be going for a suplex but was fought off. She rebounded with a knee that stunned Rousey and nailed a superplex for a close two count. Banks snapped her right back in an armbar. Banks went for another dive but Rousey caught her and locked in a submission on the floor outside, Banks tapped but obviously, it didn’t count.

Back in the ring, Rousey worked her over with strikes and punches. Banks connected with one but Rousey drilled her to the mat. Banks sent her hard into the buckles. Banks locked in the Bank Statement. Rousey fought to escape. Banks turned it into a Fujiwara armbar. Banks began manipulating the fingers. Rousey rallied and picked up Banks, then rudely slammed her to thge mat. Rousey nailed Piper’s Pit and scored the pin.

Your winner and still Raw Women’s Champion, Ronda Rousey!

A hell of a back and forth match. Banks was absolutely great here and Rousey was right there with her. A really damn good match.

Rousey showed Banks respect on the floor after. Banks raised the Four Horsewomen fingers, pointed at herself and walked off.

They showed Finn Balor preparing for his title bout.

They showed Paul Heyman going into Brock Lesnar’s locker room.

30 Woman Royal Rumble Match

Beth Phoenix joined the commentary team.

Lacey Evans drew #1. Evans took the mic and said, “Tonight, ya’ll will witness history.” She introduced herself and said she was the one and only true lady of WWE. She said she was here to clean up the entire women’s division.

Natalya drew #2.

They faced off and Lacey went for a hiptoss. Natalya blocked it and they faced off. They each went for a dropkick at the same time, missed, and faced off. Evans shoved Natalya. Lacey was clotheslined over the top but landed on the apron and made her way back into the ring, jumping over Natalya’s back. Natalya was caught on the top rope. Evans went for a powerbomb, but Natalya turned it into a rana. Evans missed a moonsault.

Mandy Rose was #3. She nailed a clothesline on Natalya and peppered her with forearms. Mandy tried to toss Natalya over but was fought off. Evans went for a kick but Natalya caught it and slammed her down. Natalya placed them both in the Sharpshooter at the same time. That is such a great spot.

Liv Morgan was #4. She charged Natalya but was backdropped over the top to the floor.

Liv Morgan is eliminated.

Morgan and Mandy double-teamed Natalya but Mandy was quickly turned on. Evans drilled both Mandy and Natalya in the corner.

Mickie James was #5. Mandy kicked down Evans. Mickie hit the ring and clotheslined everyone. She laid out Natalya with a kick. Mandy charged her but Mickie drilled her and hung herself over the ropes with an armbar. She saved herself from elimination, then tossed Mandy over the top. Mandy saved herself from being eliminated but was hit with a Lou Thesz Press.

Ember Moon was #6. Moon nailed a bodypress on James and Natalya. She drilled Evans with a Gourd Buster. Moon worked over Rose in the corner. She tried to toss Rose over the top but Mandy held on. Everyone battled.

Billie Kaye was #7. She refused to get in the ring and instead walked around ringside. She told the announcers that she was waiting for Peyton Royce to come out. Moon nailed a hip attack on Lacey in the corner. Everyone else tried to toss each other over the top.

Nikki Cross was #8. She got a nice pop. She attacked Kaye on the floor, then went to the top and hit a bodypress on everyone battling in the ring. She tossed Lacey over the top but Evans saved herself. Cross nailed a big splash in the corner on Mickie. Mandy confronted her but Cross broke free and nailed an inverted DDT. Kaye finally entered the ring but was tackled by Cross. They brawled on the mat.

Peyton Royce was #9. She charged the ring and attacked Cross. The IIconics worked over Cross. Moon snapped Peyton over with a rana. She tried to toss Peyton over the top but Billie made the save. They worked over Moon. Mickie battled with Lacey. Mandy and Cross battled in the ropes. Moon was tossed over the top but pulled herself through the middle rope to save herself.

Tamina was #10. She attacked everyone, dishing out Samoan Drops. Nikki drilled her with a running forearm. Tamina didn’t move. Cross loved that and they battled. Cross tackled her through the ropes. Tamina returned and nailed a superkick. She went to the top and nailed the Superfly Splash on Cross. Tamina was kicked away as she approached James. James nailed a Thesz Press off the ropes. Everyone battled. Mickie was sent over the top. She fought to get back in the ring but was superkicked off the apron by Tamina.

Mickie James is eliminated.

Xia Li from WWE NXT was #11. She went right after Tamina and nailed her with a spinning kick. She scored with kicks on everyone. She and Tamina battled. It was a little rough but Li drilled her with a version of Trouble in Paradise to take down Tamina.

Sarah Logan was #12. She attacked Natalya and then drilled both of the IIconics with knees. She slammed Moon down, then dumped her over the top. Moon was saved by her boots catching the bottom of the ropes as she hung upside down. Cross was dumped by the IIconics.

Nikki Cross is eliminated.

Charlotte Flair is unlucky #13. Everyone went after her as she hit the ring and she fired away with chops. Lacey Evans dumped both of the IIconics.

Billie Kaye and Peyton Royce are each eliminated.

Xia Li was drilled with a big boot and crashed to the floor.

Xia Li is eliminated.

Charlotte and Tamina chopped each other as everyone else battled.

#14 was Kairi Sane.

Charlotte clotheslined Tamina over the top to the floor.

Tamina is eliminated.

Charlotte and Sane choped back and forth. Moon and Rose battled in the corner. Lacey and Natalya battled. Natalya nailed a back suplex on Sarah Logan. Kairi drilled her with the Insane elbow. The crowd chanted “NXT!”

Natalya and Sane double teamed Logan and tossed her out.

Sarah Logan is eliminated.

Kairi went to high-five Natalya but was kicked in the gut instead.

Number 15 was Maria Kanellis. Kanellis tried to get Lacey and Flair to listen to her but they instead attacked her. They argued with each other, allowing Maria to nailed a double bulldog on them. She attacked Moon and set up for the Bronco Buster. Flair speared her and told her she didn’t belong in this ring, but before she could dump her, Evans attacked her again and they battled away into the corner.

Number 16 was Naomi. She attacked Mandy, as you would expect and tried to suplex her out of the ring to the floor. They battled on the apron. Naomi caught her with a kick and tossed her off the apron to the floor.

Mandy Rose is eliminated.

Mandy went under Naomi and tried to powerbomb her off the apron. Naomi twisted her body so her hands hit the floor, kicked Mandy away, then pulled herself onto the ring barrier. She walked across the barrier and did a huge leap to the ring steps. That was damn impressive. As she walked up the steps, Mandy attacked and pulled her to the floor.

Naomi eliminated.

Naomi and Mandy battled on the floor, until security broke them apart.

Number 17 was NXT star Candice LaRae. She and Moon battled back and forth. Everyone battled.

Number 18 was Alicia Fox. She nailed several dropkicks. She went for Maria, who instead tried to get her to agree to an alliance. They went after Kairi and sent her into the corner, with Fox nailing another dropkick. Maria went to give Alicia her captain’s hat but Alicia offered it to her to wear. Maria wore it, then stomped on it. Alicia lost it and had a temper tantrum over the hat. Maria tried to run away but Fox pulled her back from the ropes and sent her into the corner. She finally tossed her out.

Maria Kanellisa is eliminated.

Number 19 is former American Ninja Warrior star Kacy Catanzaro. She whipped out all sorts of cool gymnastic manuevers, including tossing Alicia over the top. Alicia saved herself and nailed

Number 20 is Zelina Vega. She hit the ring and went right after former NXT rival Candice LaRae. LaRae nailed a dropkicked and worked her over in the corner. Zelina nailed a double knee strike. Catanzaro was worked over by Sane. Everyone battled.

Number 21 is Ruby Riott. The other members of the Squad came out with her. They pulled Flair out from under the bottom rope and worked her over. Riott entered the ring but was caught with a rana that drove her into the mat. Fox was also pulled under the ropes and worked over by the Squad. Vega pulled out a Jimmy Hart, going to the floor and hiding under the ring. Riott tossed Alicia Fox.

Alicia Fox has been eliminated.

Candice battled Ruby but was pulled off the apron and powerbombed into the barried by Logan and Morgan. They tossed her back in the ring, where Ruby dumped her to the floor.

Candice LaRae has been eliminated.

Number 22 is Dana Brooke. The Squad pulled her from under the ropes and worked her over. Ruby Riott smashed Kairi Sane over the top to the floor.

Kari Sane has been eliminated.

The Squad continued to beat down Sane on the floor.

Number 23 is Io Shirai. They challenged her as she came to the ring. She went right after them and hit a moonsault off the top to the floor on them. Shirai officially entered the match and tried to toss over Riott. Riott caught her with her legs and pulled her over the top to the apron. Moon drove down Catanzaro with a backbreaker.

Number 24 is former NXT UK Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley. She cleaned house on everyone with forearms and boots.

Dana tossed Catanzaro, who landed on her rear with her feet in the air. She did a handstand and walked to the ringpost, then American Ninja Warrior-ed her way back into the ring. She went for a bodypress on Rhea, who caught her and went to slam her, but Kacy turned it onto a series of rotations and landed in a front guillotine choke. Ripley powered out of it and manhandled her, tossing Kacy to the floor. Kacy looked GREAT.

Kacy Catanzaro has been eliminated.

Number 25 is Sonya Deville, who looked good.

Rhea tossed Dana Brooke out.

Dana Brooke has been eliminated. When she crashed to the floor, Zelina popped out from underneath laughing at her. Next to her popped out HORNSWOGGLE. Zelina freaked out and he chased her around ringside and into the ring, where she was smashed and eliminated by Ripley.

Eliminated is Zelina Vega. Swoggle chased her all the way to the back.

Number 26 is Alexa Bliss. She laid out Ember. Then, she caught Flair with a front facelock. Everyone battled. Bliss eliminated Deville.

Deville is eliminated.

Number 27 is Bayley. Nice pop for her. She took the fight to everyone. She eliminated Rhea Ripley and Ruby Riott. The crowd was loving this. Everyone battled.

Number 28 is Lana. Lana was limping out from the bump she took off the apron early and took her time walking down the aisle. The announcers said medical staff were checking on her. You could hear a big “We want Becky” chant. Everyone battled. Lana never made it to the ring.

Number 29 was Nia Jax. She saw Lana in the aisle and attacked her, then stomped on the ankle. Lana was sent into the ring barrier, so no Lana. Nia kicked Shirai out of the air and began wiping everyone out Shirai went for a moonsault but was caught and dumped to the floor.

Io Shirai was eliminated.

Natalya tried to deadlift Nia over the top but was overpowered and tossed over the time.

Natalya was eliminated. She was in the ring 56 minutes.

Number 30 was Carmella. She nailed a rana on Nia, then a leaping kick on Moon. Nia charged and wiped her out. Alexa went to attack Nia.

Becky Lynch came out as they were checking on Lana. She argued with Fit Finley and demanded to be added to the match. He finally agreed. The place went NUTS.

Becky battled with Charlotte and they brawled. Lynch was tossed over the top but saved herself. Nia tossed her over the top and saved herself again. She nailed a missile dropkick on Nia. Moon and Bliss battled in the center of the ring. Bliss used Moon’s hair to pull her over the top to the outside. They battled on the apron. Moon drilled her with a hard shot. Bliis tried to force her off the apron and finally nailed a STO on the apron and Moon bounced off to the floor.

Moon is eliminated.

Carmella attacked Bliss and nailed the Bronco Buster on the corner. She and Bayley worked over Bliss Bayley nailed a bucklebomb. Bliss was dumped over the top by Bayley and Carmella and was eliminated. The crowd booed that.

Nia grabbed Becky and teased punching her in the face again but Charlotte attacked her from behind.

It’s down to Becky, Nia, Carmella, Bayley and Charlotte.

Carmella nailed a flying bodypress off the top but Flair rolled through and slammed her. Flair went to the top but was rocked by a Carmella right. Carmella went for a handstand headscissors but was shoved over the top. Carmella was tossed over the top but fought Flair off on the apron. Nia was on the apron and Carmella fought her off but was kicked off by Flair.

Carmella has been eliminated.

Bayley attacked Flair and almost eliminated her. She nailed Nia and drilled Flair with a neckbreaker. Nia caught her and had her in a Samoan Drop position. Flair hit a big boot on Nia, who dropped Bayley, who crashed over the top to the apron and then to the floor.

Your final three are Nia, Becky and Charlotte.

All three circled each other. Lynch was knocked through the ropes to the floor by Nia.. Flair told Jax to stay out of it but she didn’t listen. She nailed Flair and tried to toss her over the top to the floor. Flair deadlifted her but lost her and dropped her. Flair got Nia over the top. Lynch, on the floor, knocked her off.

Nia has been eliminated.

Becky and Flair faced off. Flair waited for her to enter the ring but Nia blasted Lynch off the stairs to the floor. Lynch grabbed at her knee immediately. The idea was she couldn’t put weight on the leg. Officials came out and tried to check on her. One of the officials went to raise Flair’s hand but Lynch dove into the ring and stopped that, screaming she can go and no one was taking this from her and this was her life.

Flair attacked her knee and began beating the hell out of it. Flair tied Lynch to the tree of woe for a moment and worked her over. Flair tired to muscle her over the top and then slammed her down. Lynch nailed Flair and sent her over the top to the apron. She drilled Flair with a right but was kicked in the leg and went down. Flair returned to the ring, saving herself from elimination. Flair was nailed and sent over the top, then hit the apron and Lynch kicked her off.

Your winner, going to Wrestlemania, Becky Lynch!

A GREAT Royal Rumble! Lots of great moments and performances and a great story with Becky coming from nowhere to win. So many great moments here and lots of inspired performances. Really fun.

WWE Champion Daniel Bryan vs. AJ Styles

They had some really good back and forth wrestling early on. They seemed to be pacing themselves slowly early on. Bryan was trying to stall a bit. Styles worked him over with a chinlock. Bryan sent him into the corner and then to the floor, where Styles was selling he hurt his arm. Bryan capitalized on that, running him shoulder-first into the ringpost.

Back in the ring, Bryan continued working over Styles’ arm, trying to get the submission. Bryan worked over Styles with a series of right hands. Styles nailed a big standing dropkick to stun Bryan. He nailed a running forearm in the corner, then drilled him with a big backbreaker Styles followed up with a Neckbreaker for a two count. It looked like Styles might be bleeding from the nose. Bryan nailed a drop toehold inton the corner and followed up with a series of kicks. He nailed a running kick in the corner. Styles caught him going for another but Bryan slipped behind him and nailed Dragon suplex for a two count.

They battled to the floor, where Styles hit his moonsault into his inverted DDT on the floor. Styles brought Bryan back into the ring and went for a springboard 450 splash. Bryan pulled his knees up and locked on the LeBell Lock in the center of the ring. Styles was able to escape and scored a two count, then locked in a Calf Crusher.

Erick Rowan showed up at ringside, wearing a flannel shirt. So, he’s going to be associated with Daniel Bryan, I guess playing Luke Gallows to his CM Punk.

The referee got bumped by Bryan. Styles hit the Styles Clash. Rowan entered the ring, placed a claw on Styles’ head and slammed him to the mat. Bryan scored the pin.

Your winner and still WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan!

This was OK. The match was good, but then the ending just turned it into a TV angle.

Rowan held Styles up for Bryan to nail with a running leg lariat.

They pushed the Halftime Heat special for next Sunday.

WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar vs. Finn Balor

Balor went right after Brock and attacked him in the corner. Brock cast him aside, sending him over the top to the floor, but Balor continued to attack. Brock finally caught him with a big belly to belly suplex overhead that sent Balor to the floor.

Lesnar attacked Balor on the floor and worked him over, sending him to the barricade. Lesnar tossed Balor, who crashed to the floor. Brock set up the announce table for destruction but Lesnar was smashed into the table by Balor, driving his mid-section into the corner of the table. Balor was able to do that a second time. Lesnar cut him off with a knee but sold that he was hurt.

Balor attacked him and began working over the mid-section. Lesnar sent him flying into the buckles and drove his shoulder into Balor over and over. Brock nailed a big overhead suplex but was selling his ribs or mid-section was injured. He drove Balor again into the corner and drilled him with another suplex.

Lesnar charged but was kicked away and nailed with a Slingblade. Brock fired back with a clothesline that wiped a charging Balor down with authority. Brock went to nail a back suplex but couldn’t lift Balor. He went for an F-5 but Balor countered and turned it into a DDT for a close two count. Balor began stomping away at the injury and Lesnar rolled to the floor. Balor nailed a flip dive to the floor. He nailed another one. Balor waited for Brock to return to his feet and nailed a third one.

Balor nailed a dropkick in the corner and hit the coup de grace. The building was shocked by this. Balor covered him but Brock kicked up at the last second and cinched in the Kimura. Balor tried to fight out of it, but tapped out.

Your winner and still Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar!

It was a really well put together match in terms of making the audience think Lesnar was truly on the ropes and was in danger of losing, only to have Balor’s victory snatched away and snuffed out.

Lesnar attacked Balor and began whipping out back suplexes after the match. He nailed Balor with the F-5.

30 Man Royal Rumble Match

Number one was Elias, who did his guitar and mic work.

Number two was WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett, who came out in his complete old 1990s Double J gimmick. The fact Jerry Lawler was calling this cracked me up. Jarrett did his old mic work. Elias said he gets interrupted all the time, but rarely through someone who has something to bring to the table. Elias said it is fate they are together. He suggested Jarrett do a duet with Elias. Jarrett asked if the crowd wanted a duet to kick off the Rumble. Phoenix was into it and chanted “Yes!” Elias said the people have spoken. Oh man, I hope Honkytonk Man is number 3.

He asked Jeff to spell his name. Jeff started but Elias nailed him. Elias stomped the heck out of him and complained he’s been compared to Jarrett his entire career. Jarrett made a comeback with a series of rights. Elias nailed him with the guitar and tossed Jarrett out.

Jeff Jarrett has been eliminated.

Number three was Shinsuke Nakamura, doing double duty. Elias went right after him but was nailed with a leaping kick. Nakamura looked good. Elias walked the ropes and nailed Nakamura. He clotheslined the United States Champion over the top but he landed on the apron.

Number four was WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle. He whipped out German suplexes on Elias and Nakaura. He tossed Elias over the top and stomped him. Elias returned to the ring and battled with Angle.

Number five was New Day’s Big E. He nailed Nakamura with a big overhead belly to belly suplex. He nailed a big splash on Nakamura. Angle and Elias battled in the corner. E sent Nakamura over the top but Kurt grabbed him for an Angleslam. Nakamura sent Angle into the ringpost shoulder-first. He sent Kurt over the top and drilled him with a knee to knock Angle off the apron to the floor.

Kurt Angle has been eliminated.

Number six was NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano. He nailed a rana on Elias and drilled Big E with a tornado DDT. He nailed a slingshot spear into the ring on Elias. The crowd chanted NXT. Everyone battled.

Number seven was Jinder Mahal. He was quickly dispatched by Gargano.

Jinder Mahal has been eliminated.

The Singhs tried to get involved but were beaten off by Elias and Big E. Gargano, Big E and Elias sized up Nakamura as the countdown for the next competitor came down.

Number eight was Samoa Joe, who was making his Rumble debut. The crowd chanted his name. He attacked everyone. Gargano tried to come off the ropes but Joe stepped out of the way. Big E went after Joe but Joe overpowered him and tossed E to the floor.

Big E has been eliminated.

Number nine was Curt Hawkins. He didn’t last long as Joe choked him out. Elias nailed Joe from behind. Hawkins rolled to the floor to catch his breath. He went underneath the ring like Zelina did earlier.

Number ten was Seth Rollins. He hit the ring and cleaned house on everyone. Elias was sent over the top and run into the ringpost. He held onto the post but Seth smashed his hands and Elias crashed to the floor.

Elias has been eliminated.

Number eleven was Titus O’Neill. He played up his entrance for laughs and made it to the ring without fail. Hawkins looked up at him from under the ring. Titus gave chase under the ring. He chased Hawkins into the ring but Hawkins ducked down and held the ropes. Titus crashed over the ropes to the floor. Joe then dumped Hawkins.’

Hawkins and O’Neill have been eliminated.

Number 12 was New Day’s Kofi Kingston. Everyone battled. Joe tried to toss Kofi, but he scrambled back into the ring. Joe drilled him with a knee. Rollins and Nakamura battled in a corner.

Number 13 was Mustafa Ali. He went right after Joe and nailed a Facebuster. Everyone battled. Ali and Nakamura battled. Ali dropkicked him off the ropes and Nakamura crashed to the floor.

Shinsuke Nakamura has been eliminated.

Ali nailed Gargano with a tornado DDT but was attacked by Joe.

Number 14 was Dean Ambrose. Seth was waiting for him and they brawled in the center of the ring. Ambrose knocked Kingston over the top and sent him to the floor. Kofi’s feet appeared to hit but they acted like they really hadn’t. He was able to roll himself over to the stairs and re-enter the ring.

Gargano was eliminated.

Number 15 was No Way Jose, who came out with a massive conga line. Jose hit the ring and was immediately clotheslined over the top to the floor. He danced all the way to the back with the conga line. Okaayyyy.

Number 16 was Drew McIntyre. He beat up Jose and a few members of the Conga Line. He then hit the ring and laid out everyone with the Claymore Kick until he found Samoa Joe. They brawled until Drew wiped him out with a Claymore Kick as well. Drew tried to toss Rollins over the top.

Number 17 was New Day’s Xavier Woods. Kofi was tossed but saved by Xavier, who got him back in. Drew then clotheslined them over the top to the floor.

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston have been eliminated.

Number 18 was UK Champion Pete Dunne. I like it! Dunne starts laying waste to everyone with kicks and strikes. He goes after McIntyre and brings him to his knee manipulating his arm. He tried to toss Seth over the top but Rollins holds on. Dean tried to toss Dunne.

Number 19 was Andrade. He hit the ring and went right after Dunne and tried to toss him out. Andrade smashed Dunne, flipping him inside out. Everyone brawled.

Number 20 was Apollo Crews. Everyone battled. Drew was almost eliminated by Rollins.

Number 21 was Aleister Black, who got a big pop. Big NXT chant. Black worked over everyone until he came across Drew. They battled back and forth. Ali tried to hit a move off the ropes but Black kicked him out of the sky. Ambrose attacked him and drilled him with right hands. Black came back with a big kick that sent Dean over the top to the floor.

Ambrose eliminated.

Number 22 was Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin showed some good athleticism.

Ali tossed Joe, which treated like a big shock.

Samoa Joe has been eliminated.

Baron Corbin was number 23. Corbin nailed Deep Six on Ali and sent him over the top but he held on. Apollo was tossed over.

Apollo Crews has been eliminated.

Number 24 was Jeff Hardy, who got a big pop. He hit the ring and nailed the Cruncher legdrop on Black. He nailed a jawbreaker on Ali and the Twist of Fate on Benjamin. He was sent into the corner by Corbin but fought his way out and nailed a twisting moonsault into everyone. Dunne attacked Black’s fingers and nailed an enziguiri. Drew drilled Dunne with a big kick. Baron tossed Black out.

Aleister Black has been eliminated.

Pete Dunne grabbed Baron’s hand but Drew smashed him with the Claymore Kick and tossed him to the floor.

Pete Dunne has been eliminated.

Number 25 was Rey Mysterio. He nailed Corbin wth a kick and nailed a bodypress into the ring, only to be caught and driven down over Corbin’s knee with a backbreaker. Everyone battled. Andrade powerbombed Rey. Drew tried to eliminate Hardy. Rollins and Corbin battled.

Number 26 was Bobby Lashley. He went right after Seth and ended up eliminated almost immediately. He lost it and attacked Rollins and slammed him from one announcers’ table through another.

Number 27 was Braun Strowman. He battled with Corbin and sent him over the top to the floor.

Corbin is eliminated.

Strowman tossed Shelton Benjamin over the top to the floor. He was eliminated. Everyone battled.

Jeff Hardy was tossed over the top and has been eliminated.

Number 28 is Dolph Ziggler. Braun nailed Drew, which allowed Ziggler to superkick him. He then tossed Drew over the top.

Number 29 is Randy Orton. He tried to RKO Braun but Braun was too powerful and tossed him off. Braun went after Andrade who was trying to superplex Mustafa Ali. Andrade lifted him up while on Braun’s shoulder. Rey came off the top with a a bodypress on everyone. Orton smashed Braun into the ringpost and he went through the ropes. Orton rolled to the floor and was holding his arm as if it was injured.

Number 30 was R-Truth, who did his song..,,,until Nia Jax arttacked Truth and beat the hell out of him. Jax went to the ring to join the match!

Jax laid out everyone with clotheslines. She headbutt and eliminated Ali. Orton went to hit the RKO out of nowhere but she turned around. They faced off. He went for the RKO but she shoved him off and hit a big shoulderblock. They set him up for Rey to go for a 619 but she grabbed him and was going to toss him. Ziggler nailed her with a superkick. Rey nailed her with the 619. Randy nailed her with the RKO. Rey and Randy tossed her over the top. She landed on the apron, but Rey kicked her off.

Nia Jax has been eliminated.

Randy nailed Rey with the RKO and tossed him. Andrade tossed Orton.

Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton have been eliminated.

Ziggler and Andrade battled back and forth. Remember, Seth and Braun are still out on the floor. Strowman returned and blasted them. He smashed Andrade in the corner, then Ziggler. Rollins finally got to his feet but Braun saw him coming and laid him out on the floor. He tossed Seth back into the ring. Everyone began nailing their big moves on Braun, trying to take him down. Rollins went to the top and nailed a frog splash.

Andrade was eliminated. Braun clotheslined Ziggler and Strowman over the top. Ziggler was knocked off the apron and was eliminated.

Rollins was fought off by Strowman, who returned to the ring. Seth was picked up for a powerslam but Rollins, when he went over the top, grabbed a front guillotine and pulled him over the top. Braun was sent into the ringpost and then kicked off by Seth.

Your winner, Seth Rollins!

Credit: PWInsider.com