WWE Smackdown Results – August 1, 2014

Show kicks off with Jack Swagger!

Match #1
Jack Swagger vs Cesaro

Swagger has the advantage in the early going before Cesaro thumbs him in the eye and kicks him in the head. Gutwrench suplex from Cesaro. Cesaro overpowers Swagger for a while. Swagger clotheslines Cesaro into the corner but Cesaro throws him out of the ring. Swagger jumps off the ropes and Cesaro catches him with an uppercut. Powerslam from Swagger. Tigerbomb from Cesaro for a near fall. Swagger catches Cesaro in the ankle lock for the win!

Winner: Jack Swagger

Lana comes out and they challenge Swagger for Summerslam.

Randy Orton comes out and talks about his attack on Roman Reigns and announces Reigns vs Orton for Summerslam.

Match #2
Bo Dallas vs R-Truth

Bo starts off in control. R-Truth with a roll up. Bo refuses to break his attack at the referee’s five count and is DQed.

Winner via DQ: R-Truth

Match #3
AJ Lee vs Rosa Mendes

AJ locks in the Black Widow just seconds into the match for the win.

Winner: AJ Lee

As AJ is celebrating at the ramp, Paige attacks her and knocks her off the ramp. AJ is taken off on a stretcher.

Match #4
Kane & Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose

Kane and Ambrose start off. Kane eventually wears down Ambrose and Rollins comes in. Rollins hammers away at Ambrose in the corner. Kane works over the arm of Ambrose. Brutal stomps from Rollins. Ambrose starts fighting back against Kane. Sidewalk slam from Kane. Ambrose clotheslines Rollins out of the ring and sends Kane out after. Suicide dive from Ambrose into both. Ambrose tears apart Rollins in the ring. Ambrose grabs a chair and hits Kane with it. Ambrose hits Rollins with the chair but gets kicked by Kane. Ambrose escapes a chokeslam and DDTs Kane on the chair. Rollins escapes as Ambrose hits Kane with the chair again.

Winners via DQ: Kane & Rollins

We get a wacky Stardust/Goldust promo backstage.

Match #5
Diego (W/Summer Rae, El Torito & Layla) vs Fandango

Fandango beats down Diego but El Torito distracts him. Fandango chases Torito but the girls stop him. Fandango goes back in the ring and the divas start dancing with Torito. Diego hits a backstabber from behind for the win.

Winner: Diego

Match #6
Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler

Del Rio immediately starts on the offense. Ziggler fights back and hits some clotheslines, a dropkick and a splash in the corner. Neckbreaker from Ziggler. Ziggler dodges a superkick and hits a big DDT. Miz grabs a mic and starts talking from the commentary booth. Ziggler gets distracted but kicks out of a roll up and hits a fame-asser for two. Ziggler attacks Miz but Miz gets away. Del Rio hits an enziguri as Dolph is on the apron. Cross Armbreaker gets the win for Del Rio.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Bray Wyatt cuts a short promo in the ring on Chris Jericho.

Main Event
Erick Rowan vs Chris Jericho

Rowan throws around Jericho in the early going. Jericho manages to dropkick Rowan out of the ring. Luke Harper trips Jericho before the ref can see and Harper gets kicked out. Pumpehandle drop from Rowan to Jericho. Rowan beats down Jericho until Jericho counters with some chops. Dropkick off the ropes from Jericho. Enziguri from Jericho for two. Jericho runs through Jericho. Jericho jumps off the ropes and Rowan big boots him for two. Jericho gets tossed around by Rowan in a bear hug. Jericho hits the Codebreaker for the win!

Winner: Chris Jericho
Jericho winning the match means that Erick Rowan is banned from ringside at Summerslam. The show ends with a staredown between Jericho and Wyatt.