WWE SmackDown Results – August 15, 2014

Miz TV to open the show. Miz’s guest is Roman Reigns. Reigns keeps talking and Miz is being obnoxious. Reigns superman punches Miz from his chair and talks about Randy Orton.

Match #1
Dean Ambrose vs Cesaro

Ambrose and Cesaro trade strikes back and forth to start the match. Ambrose reverses a fallaway slam and clotheslines Cesaro out of the ring, then dives on him. Cesaro slams Ambrose onto the floor. Cesaro continues the attack. Ambrose bites Cesaro. Tornado DDT from Ambrose. Cesaro back in control and hits the Swiss Death for two. Big boot from Cesaro, however Ambrose springs off the ropes with a clothesline. Ambrose hits the Dirty Deeds for the win.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Seth Rollins comes out and talks about the match for Summerslam. Rollins claims that Ambrose is the one that needs to be kept in the ring.

Match #2
Titus O’Neil vs Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler with a splash in the corner but Titus kicks him in the face. Zig Zag from Ziggler for the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Match #3
Luke Harper vs Mark Henry

Mark Henry starts off in control but Harper takes him down. Uppercuts to Henry. Submission on the neck from Harper. Clothesline from Henry. Rowan interferes and big boots Henry.

Winner via DQ: Mark Henry

Match #4
Harper & Rowan vs Big Show & Mark Henry

They restart the earlier match as a tag team match during the break. Big Show starts off beating down Harper. Chop from Big Show. Big Show with a splash in the corner and shoulder block to Harper. Harper dodges a chokeslam. Erick Rowan clotheslines Big Show on the outside. Harper and Rowan tag each other frequently and stomp away at Show. Big Show makes the hot tag to Henry. Splashes in the corner to Rowan from Henry. Worlds Strongest Slam and a KO punch to Rowan for the win.

Winners: Big Show & Mark Henry

Match #5
AJ Lee vs Eva Marie

AJ with a hair toss and a neckbreaker. AJ rips off a part of Eva’s hair extensions. Paige makes her way to the ring. AJ dives out of the ring onto Paige. AJ destroys Paige on the outside but Eva wins via countout.

Winner: Eva Marie

Paige comes in from behind and hits the Paige Turner.

Match #6
Jack Swagger vs Bo Dallas

Shoulder block from Swagger. Bo goes after Swagger’s midsection. Bo dives into Swagger. Swagger locks in the ankle lock for the win.

Winner: Jack Swagger

Rusev and Lana come out and trash talk Swagger & Zeb, hyping up the big flag match for Summerslam.

Main Event
Roman Reigns vs The Miz

Miz uses his cowardice to escape Reigns early. Reigns throws Miz into the barricade. Miz goes for an ax handle smash but Reigns hits him in the stomach. Miz catches a kick from Reigns and slams his leg into the ground. Miz starts working over the leg. Miz locks in the figure four leg lock on Reigns. Reigns gets out. Miz goes shoulder first into the ring post. Reigns hits the diving kick into the face of Miz. Miz leaves the ring and tries to go up the ramp but Ziggler comes out. Miz turns around into a superman punch. Reigns spears Miz in the ring for the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns.

Reigns stands tall to end the show.