WWE SmackDown Results – August 20, 2019

WWE SmackDown Results – August 20, 2019

We are live from Sioux Falls, SD and your announcing team is Tom Phillips, David Otunga and Byron Saxton

Randy Orton comes out to start the show while the announcers run down the nights upcoming events. The events of Orton and the Revival’s beatdown of the New Day is recapped. Xavier Woods is not medically cleared to be in attendance tonight. Orton begins by calling Kofi Kingston stupid. Orton brags about making Kofi watch the destruction of Xavier’s leg. Orton declares Kofi to be a failure and will prove it again.

New Day music comes on and Kofi from behind with a Trouble in Paradise. Kofi grabs a chair from ringside and wraps Orton’s ankle in it. Kofi with slaps to Orton’s face. The Revival come in for the save. Kofi fights them both off but Orton escapes. Kingston fired up as Orton and the Revival run for cover.

The announcers discuss the attacks on Roman Reigns and whether Daniel Bryan will keep his promise to reveal the attacker. A full video recap if the events of the last two weeks are shown. We go the ring for our 1st match:

Andrade w/Zelina Vega vs. Apollo Crews

Before the match, we go to Shane McMahon warning Kevin Owens to behave himself. Owens tells him he’s not going to make things worse and just wants to concentrate on his King of the King match. Owens seems contrite and asks Shane to understand the consequences of a $100,000 fine and asks Shane to reconsider. Shane says he’ll take it under consideration.

Announcers seem to be hyping Crews heavily. Crews comes out of the gate with running clothesline. Crews misses a charge into the corner. Andrade with a double knee drive for a 2 count. Inside cradle by Crews for 2. Andrade works into the ropes and applies an armbar. Andrade off the top rope into high dropkick from Crews. Action spills to the outside and hits a hurancanrana into the steps as we go to commercial.

Action goes back into the ring and Andrade with a series of forearms, driving Crews into the corner. Andrade slows things down with an armbar. Crews back to his feet and Andrade with 2 vertical suplexes. Andrade to the top rope but Apollo knocks him off. Apollo with chops in the corner followed by a superplex attempt that Adrade fights out of. Andrade off the top, caught by Crews and Crew hits a double knee drop. Back and forth punches. Pump kick by Apollo. Olympic Slam by Crews for 2. Crews charges the corner and is hit by a dropkick. Andrade with a drop toe hold into the corner. Crews avoids the double knee into the corner. Pump kick and enziguri by Apollo into a standing moonsault for 2. Crowd is giving this an ovation, can’t blame them. Back elbow by Andrade after a distraction by Vega. Andrade with a hammerlock DDT for the pin.

Winner: Andrade (advances in the King of the Ring Tournament)

Announcers break down the brackets.

Daniel Bryan and Rowan have a suspect covered in a black hood. Bryan mocks the suspect. Bryan threatens him if he moves from the room.

Elias is walking in the back strumming his guitar. He finds a referee and makes the ref point out where “he” is. Elias opens a storage container to reveal Drake Maverick. Elias has a note from Shane declaring the 24/7 rule is suspended for the night so Elias can concentrate on his match with Owens later tonight. Maverick, meanwhile, says he just wants to consummate his marriage as we go to commercial.

It’s time for a Moment of Bliss with special guest Charlotte Flair. Alexa and Nikki are out together. Alexa brags about their success and the two strike a pose and welcome Charlotte to the show. Interesting to note that none of the women are dressed in ring gear. Charlotte wants to sit on the KOTR throne. Bliss opens by asking if her victory over Trish Stratus was a passing of the torch. Charlotte says she took the torch, nothing was passed. Alexa asks about Bayley and her status as champion. Charlotte says Bayley may be champion, but the Queen is a brand. She brags that it’s her, not Bayley that goes to red carpet events and is the face of WWE.

Out comes Bayley and says that at the end of the day, she is champion, which makes her the best and she knows that eats Charlotte alive. Charlotte brags that she’s the one all the WWE universe is talking about and challenges Bayley to a match at Clash of Champions, which Bayley gladly accepts by shoving Charlotte off of her stool. Charlotte appears shaken as we go backstage to Buddy Murphy.

Roman Reigns comes in to confront Murphy and wants to talk man-to-man. Murphy tells him he’s “pretty sure” he saw Rowan at the backstage area when Roman was attacked. Roman with threats if he finds out Murphy is lying again.

Daniel Bryan vs Buddy Murphy

Bryan grabs the mic and confronts Murphy about his ever changing story. Bryan calls him a cowardly liar. Once again, Bryan declares he’ll reveal the culprit tonight and insinuates that Murphy had something to do with it. Murphy with a running knee for 2 and stomps in the corner. Bryan with kick in the corner. Back and forth chops. Bryan bites Murphy on the forehead. Bryan yelling at Murphy that he’s a liar. Bryan with uppercuts and rams Murphy into the corner. Bryan with chops, Murphy chops back. Murphy with a clothesline sends Bryan out of the ring. Murphy connects with a dive as we go to commercial.

Murphy with a dropkick off the top rope. Back to the top and a double knee stomp for 2. Bryan with a kick into a LaBelle Lock in the center of the ring. Bryan turns it into a rings of Saturn then back to a LaBelle Lock. Murphy reaches the ropes. A “let’s go Buddy” chant starts. Yes kicks by Bryan. Bryan yells at Murphy to stay down, Murphy keeps getting up. Bryan ties Murphy in the Tree of Woe. Yes kicks and a dropkick. Bryan plants Murphy on the top rope and hits an amazing belly to back superplex for 2. Yes kicks into the corner. Murphy is taking a beating but reverses an attack into a running powerbomb for 2. Back and forth punches, kicks by Murphy. Uppercuts by Bryan. Murphy with a backslide for 2 and a brainbuster but Bryan gets his foot on the rope by 2. Rowan to the apron, kicked off by Murphy. Murphy with a knee and a Murphy’s law for 3!

Winner: Buddy Murphy

We go back and see Bryan’s black clad suspect. Otunga reveals that a lawyer friend of his told him Daniel Bryan hired a forensics expert to investigate.

Post match interview with Murphy leads to an attack by Rowan and Bryan. Rowan with a choke slam on to a trunk.

A recap of Kofi’s attack on the Revival is shown. Dawson cuts a promo on the New Day calling them cowards and decidedly not championship material. Wilder talks about Xavier not being able to walk. The Revival challenge the New Day for a title match at Clash of Champions

The Revival vs. Heavy Machinery

Revival both have ribs taped up from the earlier attack. Wilder and Tucker start. Tucker with a bearhug, tags in Otis who applies a bearhug of his own.. HM with a double suplex on both Dawson and Wilder. Double clotheslines send the Revival to the outside. The Revival gain control on the outside and double team Tucker. Legdrop and elbowdrop by Dawson for 2. Wilder with a choke from the outside with Dawson distracts the referee. Rear chinlock by Wilder on Tucker. Wilder with a hairpull to keep Tucker away from Otis. Tag by the Revival and Dawson misses an elbow off the top. Wilder tries to cut the corner but Otis with the hot tag. Otis with a clothesline. Otis with a caterpillar, broken up by Wilder. Tucker tags in and hits a senton, immediately rolled up for the pin.

Winners: The Revivial

Chad Gable with a backstage interview. Shelton Benjamin in the background putting up a sign making fun of Gable’s height.

Black-clad suspect still being held captive backstage.

Miz comes out in a 3 piece suit for MizTV.


We get welcomed by our host and he brings out his special guest Sami Zayn. Zayn with his usual strut to the ring. Miz welcomes Zayn. Zayn says he doesn’t care about MizTV but needs to get things off his chest. Miz mocks Zayn’s losing streak. Zayn says he had an epiphany, and that it’s the trap of greed, selfishness and ambition. Zayn laments he needs redemption through altruism, helping others. Zayn says a lot of people need his help and he brings out the man he’ll be helping, Shinsuke Nakamura. Miz asks why Nakamura needs help. Zayn berates Miz for not speaking Japanese to him. Zayn says there’s a bond between he and Nakamura and that Sami will be speaking for him from now on. Nakamura with a kick from behind followed by a Kinshassa. Nakamura with strikes in the corner on Miz and they leave together after another Kinshassa..

Daniel Bryan and Rowan return to their suspect. They told the suspect they’ve summoned Rowan. The suspect seems pretty calm.

Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens back in the locker room. Shane demands an apology and Kevin gives him one, actually seemed contrite. Shane is considering dropping the fine. Shane tells him if he ever hits an official, he is fired.

Elias vs Kevin Owens in a King of the Ring 1st Round Match

Headlock by Owens reversed by Elias. Shoulder block by Elias for 2. Another headlock followed by and elbow & clothesline by Owens. Elias to the outside. Owens follows and they trade blows. Elias throws Owens into the barricade. Back in the ring they go where Owens reverses a whip into the corner. Owens with a cannonball for 2. Out comes Shane McMahon as we go to commercial.

We’re back and Elias with a headlock. Shane watches intently at ringside. Owens powers out and kicks Elias. Knee to the face by Elias. Elias attacks in the corner. Powerslam by Elias for 1. Back to a headlock. Owens counters with a DDT. Owens with a senton. Elias counters a pop up powerbomb and uses a spinout powerbomb. Elias chops Owens in the corner and tries to set up a superplex. Owens knows him off. Senton off the top met by knees from Elias. Elias to the outside and Owens with a running cannonball. Shane gets between them and reveals that he’s wearing a referees shirt. From behind, Elias rolls up Owens and Shane with a VERY fast 3 count.

Winner: Elias

Backstage Roman confronts Bryan. He unmasks the subject revealing a Rowan lookalike. The double Rowans’ stare down Roman as we go to credits.

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