WWE SmackDown Results – May 30, 2014

The show kicks off with The Shield coming down to the ring and hyping the Payback match between them and Evolution. The Shield claim that Triple H will be stuck in a 3 on 1 against The Shield.

Match #1
Kofi Kingston vs Cesaro

Cesaro takes control for the beginning of the match, hitting uppercuts on Kofi. Roll up from Kofi but Cesaro kicks out. Kofi jumps off the ropes and Cesaro hits him with uppercut for the win.

Winner: Cesaro

Cesaro hits the Neutralizer after the match.

Match #2
Paige vs Tamina

Alicia Fox is walking around with Paige’s title. Superkick from Tamina. Paige with a bunch of elbows to Tamina. Paige Turner, followed by the PTO and Tamina taps.

Winner: Paige

Match #3
Xavier Woods vs Bo Dallas

Bo Dallas takes control and locks Woods in a headlock. Clotheslines from Woods. Bo Dallas hits the Bo Dog and gets the win. Bo acts all inspirational after.

Winner: Bo Dallas

Match #4
El Torito vs Jinder Mahal

Torito misses the springboard elbow to Jinder. Atomic drop from Jinder. Torito hits the moonsault on Jinder and wins.

Winner: El Torito

Match #5
Sheamus vs Bad News Barrett

Lots and lots of strikes between the two in the early going. Barrett stomps away at Sheamus in the corner. Running senton from Sheamus. Barrett works over the head of Sheamus. Winds of Change from Barrett. Barrett goes for the Wasteland, Sheamus rolls out and hits a Brogue Kick for the win.

Winner: Sheamus

Jimmy Uso is interviewed by Renee Young, hyping up the last man standing match between himself and Bray Wyatt tonight.

Lana comes out and cuts a promo before Big E’s match.

Match #6
Big E vs Titus O’Neil

Big splash from Big E after some strikes. Big Ending from Big E after he stares down Rusev.

Winner: Big E

Match #7
Adam Rose vs Jack Swagger

Rose taunts Colter outside and Swagger chases him. Back in the ring Rose rolls up Swagger immediately and wins.

Winner: Adam Rose

Swagger and Colter lose their minds in the ring.

Main Event
Bray Wyatt vs Jimmy Uso – Last Man Standing

Bray Wyatt is in control in the early going but Jimmy fights back. Chops to Bray. Bray taunts Jey as he methodically beats down Jimmy. Bray runs at Jimmy but Jimmy drapes the rope and Bray flies over. Superkick from Jimmy. Running cross body by Bray to Jimmy. Crab walk from Bray. Jimmy knocks Bray off the ropes and hits the flying splash. Bray makes his feet at eight. Jimmy Uso hits the hip attack into barricade. Harper/Rowan attack Jimmy and Jey brawls with them. Superkick to Bray from Jimmy. Jimmy tries to do the hip attack to Bray on the steps but misses. Bray hits Sister Abigail on the outside for the win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Bray taunts as the show ends.