WWE SmackDown Results – September 16, 2022

WWE SmackDown Results – September 16, 2022

Logan Paul says that he did it again and has a habit of saying some stupid stuff. He addresses the comments he made about Reigns on his podcast before announcing that he has set up a press conference for tomorrow night in Las Vegas. He says that if Reigns is man enough, he’ll meet him face 2 face.

Paul Heyman & The Bloodline without Roman Reigns head to the ring. Heyman introduces himself and his clients before getting in the ring. The rest of The Bloodline stand near the commentary desk. He says that if there was ever anyone outside WWE that could be a Paul Heyman Guy, it’s him. He tells Paul that he managed to hold his own against Floyd Mayweather. Paul says that Heyman wouldn’t be able to fight anyone before Heyman says that he shouldn’t have opened his mouth about Reigns. He says that all he cares about is Paul making the smart decision and tells him to pick a fight with someone else.

Paul says that he knows Heyman knows how great this fight could be and asks what they’re all afraid of. Paul accuses Heyman of being afraid that he’ll challenge Reigns at the press conference for his Undisputed WWE Universal Title and says that it only takes one lucky shot for him to drop the Tribal Chief similar to a sack of potatoes.

Heyman says that he doesn’t like ifs and he doesn’t like him. He says that he has to handle him now, then calls Solo Sikoa into the ring. Paul says that he could quickly knock Heyman out. Sikoa looks to enter the ring, but Zayn gets in the ring and stops him from doing so. He says he’s got this, then tells Heyman he might not be the right man for the job. Heyman throws his mic and exits the ring to join The Bloodline on the outside. Zayn looks to tell Paul how things work in WWE before Paul knocks him to the mat. The Usos charge at him, but Paul exits the ring as Ricochet heads down for his match with Zayn.

Ricochet vs. Sami Zayn

Ricochet & Sami Zayn lock up. Zayn delivers a shoulder tackle then holds up the one. Zayn locks in an arm submission, but Ricochet escapes. Zayn delivers a knee, followed by another shoulder tackle. Ricochet fires back with the headscissors, followed by a chop. He looks for a kick, but Zayn rolls out of the ring.

Ricochet delivers a baseball kick through the bottom rope, then tosses Zayn back in the ring. Zayn delivers several forearms, then sends Ricochet face first into the top turnbuckle. He delivers an elbow off the middle rope, but Ricochet fires back with a hurricanrana. He ascends to the top, but Zayn pushes him off as he lands on the outside and into the barricade that sends us to a break.

Back from the break both men teeter on the top rope. Zayn pushes Ricochet down and goes flying, but Ricochet hits him with a dropkick mid air. Ricochet delivers a few kicks to Zayn’s midsection, followed by a modified hurricanrana. He delivers a diving crossbody, then goes for a pin but Zayn kicks out. Zayn hits a back elbow, but Ricochet looks to fire back with a standing moonsault. Zayn gets his knees up, then goes for a pin but Ricochet kicks out.

Ricochet hits a superkick then heads to the top rope. Jimmy Uso causes a distraction to Ricochet, allowing Zayn to hit the Blue Thunder Bomb. He goes for a pin, but Paul Heyman has the referee distracted when she finally takes notice of the pin, Ricochet has time to kick out. Ricochet gets Zayn on his shoulders, but Jey causes a distraction. Zayn uses the opportunity to roll him up, but Ricochet kicks out. Zayn delivers a half & half suplex, then goes for a pin but Jey Uso slides in the ring and distracts the referee, allowing Ricochet to kick out. Zayn gets in his face and Ricochet takes them all out on the outside. He tosses Zayn back in the ring, then delivers a shooting star press off the top rope for the win.

Winner: Ricochet

Madcap Moss’ music hits and he heads to the ring with a chair in hand to even the odds. The 3 men face off with The Bloodline before The Bloodline retreat.

We get a recap of Karrion Kross attacking Drew McIntyre last week.

Back from the break, we head to a video of Karrion Kross & Scarlett. Kross says that it’s time to choose judgment and says The Chosen One was executed by the newly appointed people’s executioner. He says that while McIntyre fought back, he let it go. Kross says that he lets nothing go and changes timelines. He says McIntyre will be in an endless loop of suffering that he controls and he will never get out.

Max & Maxxine Dupri are in the ring. Max says that they are there to introduce MMM’Back To School Collection. Ma.çé & Mån.sôör come out and show off their outsides before Braun Strowman’s music hits and he heads to the ring. He sends Ma.çé into the barricade, then tosses mån.sôör down the ramp and into the ring. He powerbombs Mån.sôör.Alpha Academy’s music hits and Chad Gable heads to the ring. Otis attacks Strowman from behind, but Strowman knocks him down. He then sets his sights on Gable before Otis saves him. He delivers a splash to Strowman, followed by a World’s Strongest Slam. Strowman gets up right away and stares Otis down. He tells Otis to step up to him, but Chad Gable convinces Otis not to get back in the ring.

We head to a recap of Damage CTRL winning the Women’s Tag Team Titles from Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah this past Monday on Raw.

Damage CTRL then head to the ring. Bayley says that she’s back on SmackDown before Dakota Kai says that they can go to any brand at anytime and do what they want. Bayley says that they put in the work and it paid off. She says that they have the power.

Raquel Rodriguez then heads to the ring. She says that she doesn’t see greatness, but three bullies that hurt her partner and are powerless in stopping her from getting revenge. Damage CTRL then retreat to the outside.

Bayley vs. Raquel Rodriguez

Raquel Rodriguez sends Bayley into the corner before Bayley rolls out of the ring. Rodriguez chases her back into the ring and delivers a splash. Rodriguez delivers a spinning slam, then goes for a pin but Bayley kicks out. Bayley delivers a cutter off the ropes, then tosses Rodriguez out of the ring. Rodriguez gets back in and Bayley fires off several forearms. She sends Rodriguez into the corner, then delivers a shoulder to her midsection. Rodriguez knocks Bayley to the mat before Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky cause a distraction. Bayley takes advantage and sends Rodriguez’s knee off the ring post. Bayley continues to target Rodriguez’s knee as Rodriguez fights back. Bayley hits a sliding lariat to the back of her neck, then goes for a pin but Rodriguez kicks out.

Rodriguez sends Bayley into the corner and hits a clothesline. She follows it up with a headbutt and a lariat. She delivers two fallaway slams, then ascends to the top rope. She hits a flying elbow, then gets Bayley up. Sky rakes Rodriguez’s eyes, allowing Bayley to hit the Rose Plant for the win.

Winner: Bayley

After the match Damage CTRL attacks Rodriguez. Shotzi Blackheart runs down to the ring to make the save.

Back from the break, we head to Kayla Braxton & Ronda Rousey backstage. Rousey says there will be no controversy this time before Smackdown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan walks in and asks for a moment alone with Rousey. Morgan says that Rousey doesn’t respect her and she is the only person on the planet to beat her twice. Morgan says that she will earn her respect by beating her once more at Extreme Rules. She challenges Rousey to an Extreme Rules match and Rousey accepts, saying it will be her funeral.

Back at ringside, Drew McIntyre heads to the ring and stands on the commentary desk. He says that Karrion Kross has his attention and isn’t man enough to face him. He tells Kross to grow a set and step up to him. McIntyre says time is running out for him and the only countdown he needs to worry about is 3-2-1.

We then head backstage to the Gorilla Position The Bloodline as they hype up Solo Sikoa. He tells Jey to stay backstage before inviting Sami Zayn to ringside with him.

NXT North American Title Match
Solo Sikoa (c) vs. Madcap Moss

Match begins with both men locking up. Solo Sikoa beats Madcap Moss down before delivering a headbutt. He follows it up with a chop, but Moss fires back with a shoulder tackle. He knocks Sikoa out of the ring with a lariat to his back, then sends his head careening off the commentary desk. Sikoa delivers a clothesline to Moss, then sends him into the barricade. He tosses Moss back in the ring, then delivers a spinning heel kick.

Sikoa whips Moss into the corner, then follows it up with a belly-to-belly suplex. He delivers a hip attack, then goes for a pin but Moss kicks out. Sikoa hits several right hands, followed by several stomps in the corner. Moss hits a chop block, followed by a series of forearms. He delivers a clothesline, then sends him to the mat. He delivers two shoulders to Sikoa’s midsection, then looks for the Punchline. Sikoa blocks it and delivers a back elbow, followed by a headbutt. He hits a Samoan Drop, then goes for a pin but Moss kicks out. Moss manages to roll Sikoa up, but Sikoa kicks out. Moss delivers a Fallaway Slam, then charges at Sikoa but Zayn pulls him out of the ring. Moss goes after Zayn and chases him around the ring before Sikoa intercepts him with a super kick. He delivers a spinning Rock Bottom for the win.

Winner & Still NXT North American Champion: Solo Sikoa (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Title #1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way Match
Brawling Brutes vs. New Day vs. Hit Row vs. Imperium

Butch & Ludwig Kaiser starts us off & they go at it with several right hands. Butch delivers an enziguri before they spill to the outside that takes us to a break.

Back from the break, Kaiser sends Butch into the middle rope and delivers a knee. He goes for a pin, but Kaiser kicks out. Butch sends Kaiser straight to the mat, then goes to work attempting to break his fingers. He stomps on his hand, then follows it up with a dropkick. Holland tags in and delivers an assisted delayed vertical suplex. He goes for a pin, but Kaiser kicks out. Giovanni Vinci tags in and delivers an arm drag to Ridge Holland. He delivers an uppercut, followed by a pair of chops and a double underhook suplex.

Top Dolla tags in and Holland hits him with an uppercut. Top Dolla fires back with a suplex before tagging in Ashante The Adonis. Adonis fires off several forearms before Kofi Kingston tags in. He delivers the Boom Drop to Adonis, but Vinci tags in.

Back from the break, Kaiser fires off some elbows on Kingston’s back. Kingston dumps Kaiser to the outside, then makes the hot tag to Xavier Woods. Vinci tags in and Woods takes him down with several rapid fire offense moves. He delivers a side Russian leg sweep, then goes for a pin but Vinci kicks out. Vinci delivers a clothesline before Butch tags back in. He hits Woods with the double knees, then takes out all the other competitors. Top Dolla puts a stop to his momentum, grabbing him & New Day before sending them all careening down to the mat. Holland manages to hit Top Dolla with a spinebuster before tagging Woods in.

Adonis gets in the ring and Woods hits him with a forearm and a superkick. Kingston tags in and delivers a splash to Adonis’ back. He goes for a pin, but Butch breaks it up. Vinci tags in and rolls Kingston up. Kingston reverses it, but Vinci kicks out. Vinci hits a spinebuster before Kaiser hits a knee. Kaiser tags in and they deliver the Imperial Bomb. Holland makes the blind tag and pins Kingston for the win.

Winners & #1 Contenders To The Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles: Brawling Brutes

Next week’s Smackdown

Braun Strowman vs Otis

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Title Match
The Usos (c) vs. Brawling Brutes

Extreme Rules Card So Far (Oct 8th)
Smackdown Women’s Title Extreme Rules Match
Liv Morgan (c) vs. Ronda Rousey