WWE SmackDown Results – September 26, 2014

WWE SmackDown Results – September 26, 2014

The show kicks off with Miz calling out Ambrose and Ambrose accepting.

Match #1
The Miz vs Dean Ambrose

Headlock from Ambrose. Ambrose beats around Miz before Miz finds an opportunity and stomps away. Miz escapes and Ambrose chases him. Ambrose tackles Miz. Backbreaker from Miz after a cheap shot. Ambrose fights back and dives out of the ring into Miz. Running crossbody from Ambrose and more punches. Miz with a roll up for two. Tornado DDT from Ambrose. Ambrose goes for a flying DDT but Miz catches his legs and locks in a figure four. Ambrose with the slingshot clothesline. Rollins and Kane come out but Dean hits the Dirty Deeds and wins.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Ambrose begins to brawl with both before escaping, stealing Rollins’ briefcase. Ambrose runs through the crowd with the MITB case.

Very bizarre backstage promo from Goldust & Stardust.

Match #2
Battle Royal for a shot at the IC title

Ryder, Sin Cara and Matadores go out early. Kofi monkey flips Gabriel, Cesaro eliminates Woods. Cesaro picks up Big E over his head but Titus O’Neil saves him. Comes down to the final four of Swagger, Cesaro, Kofi Kingston and Bo Dallas. Kofi uses his feet to kick Bo off the apron. Cesaro wins when he tosses Kofi onto Swagger and they both go out of the ring.

Winner: Cesaro

Match #3 – WWE Tag Team Championship
The Usos vs Stardust and Goldust

Usos dive out onto the Dust Bros early. Usos are dominating until Stardust and Goldust work over one of the Usos in the corner. After a long beatdown, Jimmy makes the tag to Jey and Jey starts cleaning house. Exploder suplex from Jey to Stardust. Running hip attack from Jey. Goldust gets caught in mid air and thrown onto the barricade. Stardust dives onto both Usos. Doomsday Device from The Usos Jimmy hits the splash but Goldust breaks it up with the title belt for a DQ.

Winner via DQ: The Usos

Match #4
Natalya & Rosa Mendes vs Summer Rae & Layla

For some reason Summer is the heel in this feud, which doesn’t make much sense. Nattie goes right after Layla. Summer comes in and Nattie swings away in the corner. Summer dodges and stomps Natalya. Summer and Layla take turns choking Natalya in the corner. Trash talk from Layla. More stomps from Layla and Summer. Guillotine choke from Summer but Nattie makes the hot tag to Rosa. Clotheslines and dropkicks from Rosa. Nattie breaks up a pin and throws Summer out of the ring. Layla rolls up Rosa and holds the tights for the win.

Winners: Layla & Summer Rae

Match #5 – Intercontinental Championship
Dolph Ziggler vs Cesaro

Cesaro and Ziggler try to outdo each other in the opening minutes. Ziggler gets dropped to the outside and then thrown into the barricade. In the ring Cesaro is dominant with the beatdown. Double stomp to Ziggler. Abdominal stretch from Cesaro. 2nd rope elbow drop from Cesaro. Huge dropkick from Dolph to start the comeback. Sunset flip from Ziggler for the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Cesaro expresses anger with the ref because he had the bottom rope during the count.

Main Event
Rusev vs Big Show

Power struggle to open the match. Big Show with a strong shoulder block. Rusev retreats. Chops to the chest of Rusev. Rusev takes out the knee of Big Show. Rusev immediately pounces on Big Show’s leg. Sidewalk slam from Big Show. Rusev with a jumping superkick. Rusev locks in a modified choke. Chokeslam from Big Show. Lana holds onto Show’s leg and drags her into the ring. Rusev hits Big Show with the Russian flag.

Winner via DQ: Big Show

Big Show hits the KO punch to Rusev to end the show on a high note.