WWE Star Changing Names?, Latest News On NXT and FS1

Mike Johnson of PWInsiderElite.com noted the following about Chad Gable:

“The future of Chad Gable might be obscured a bit. There was a promo that they released after SmackDown with Shelton Benjamin talking about King of the Ring and Chad Gable was standing next to him. He said, ‘hey Shelton what’s up?’ Shelton looked at him and said, ‘Shorty!’ and walked away.”

“We noted a couple weeks ago that WWE has copyrighted the name ‘Shorty G’ for a potential character. If Chad Gable is going to be ‘Shorty G,’ if that’s where they’re going with it — I don’t sense a bunch of upward mobility in his future with his character.”

Johnson also commented on FOX to FS1 talk:

“There has been a pitch to do NXT Live from Full Sail every Wednesday. Possibly starting it October, possibly starting in November.”

“They just don’t have a deal done and I’m not saying the deal will ever get done but there has been enough talk in the company about this what we’re going to do and this is what the plans will be. But people that you would think would know, ‘yes this is a done deal’ don’t. It’s still something that’s being discussed.”