WWE Star Reminds Fans About Personal Privacy

The term “fan” is short for “fanatics.”

People will occasionally go too far with their favorite celebrities, including professional wrestlers. For decades, there have been reports of stalking and other incidents involving wrestlers.

Cora Jade discovered this and is now reminding people that there is a way to do things without crossing the line. Jade is currently out of action and will be sidelined for several months, if not a year.

Her match against Lyra Valkyria for the Women’s Title was cut short due to an injury in the main event of an NXT live event in January. The top star sustained a knee injury, forcing the match to be halted. The referee and doctors checked on her before assisting her to the back. She’s on the shelf with a torn ACL.

Jade was not pleased when fans discovered her personal home address and sent mail to it, so she reminded them to send it to the Performance Center instead.

She said, “I love and appreciate all fan mail, but if you are going to send it, please refrain from sending it to my personal address or, more importantly, my parents’. “All fan mail can be sent to the PC addressed to me :)”