WWE Star Was Told He Would Be “Done” If WrestleMania 37 Storyline Flopped

In an interview with SportingNews.com, Damian Priest talked about teaming up with Bad Bunny at Wrestlemania 37 and how important the match was for his WWE career:

“A lot of people were honest with me and they told me, ‘Listen, you can’t blow this because if you do, you’re done.’ All I said was you’re giving me the opportunity, I’m going to do everything to my abilities to knock this out of the park. I knew I had put in the work, so give me the opportunity and I will do my end. It goes both ways, and I think we both delivered so we brought our audience a product worthy of them being entertained and being happy to watch.”

Priest also commented on his transition from NXT to RAW:

“NXT is a big deal and I remember joining NXT and feeling those nerves and wanting to be accepted. Not just on TV, but in the locker room and by the producers and by everyone. I wanted to belong, and then of course you want to put on the performances and what not. Basically I had to do that all over again on Raw, and Raw is even bigger. There’s a lot more people watching, so the nerves are higher up there. There’s so many hands in the pot, explaining things to you – which way to go and what to do. It was a lot to take in at first, and the transition was the hardest part. Although it’s the same company, it’s a different brand.”