WWE stars who love gambling

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Our lives are filled with thrills, and it is a journey spanning highs and lows. At every juncture, we find newer twists and turns and entertainment. This immense urge leads to people all globally developing a tremendous interest. In spite of the sport being a show, the wrestlers put in tedious work hours to deliver a performance that stands on all grounds in WWE history. Impeccable storytelling, high profile risks and technical prowess inside the ring has made it a fan favourite. World Wrestling Entertainment has been the prime choice of this over the decades, and their superstars have lived up to the expectations at every stage.

In a globe outside professional wrestling, these superstars have a knack for taking risks. Their love for the sport and pulling off the unthinkable has often led to them deliver interest in the industry of high stakes. For long there was a rumour about wrestlers fearing gambling. The article discusses a few legends who have been active in the online scene and have aced them as they do inside the ring like the erstwhile Chris Benoit.

WWE Wrestlers That Love to Gamble

John Cena

John Cena has been one of the most prominent faces of the company over the last two decades. His instant ability to connect with the audience has made him one of the most recognised faces in the industry for a long time now. He burst onto the scene with his iconic catchphrase of “Ruthless Aggression” and has been a people’s favourite since then.

The WWE Superstar has headlined multiple Wrestlemania and is known for his fierce energy and competitive temper during any match. The superstar has brought this temper into the gambling world. He is at times compared to safe online casino technology. He’s been an active player, where you can hide your life. The celebrity wrestler turned actor has taken on his catchphrase of “You Can’t See Me”. His finishing move called the “Attitude Adjustment” is another mere reflection of how he loves to have a stage to win at the grandest occasions with high stakes, from the field of wrestling to gambling.

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy has been known as the thrill seeker over the years in the field of professional wrestling. He has built his legacy based on the dangerous stunts of jumping from ladders and crashing through tables. The pro wrestler has been famous for his no control attitude, and this seek for thrill led him to be associated with online betting. Like his games, where his focus is to entertain the audience by defeating his opponents, Jeff Hardy could be a prominent star in the gambling world, even helping his fans with advice on which game to invest in to get the best payouts. He could play top online casino, which you can easily find through reviews, because it is the best and most profitable option for any player. His iconic ladder match over the years and experience of surviving through the various injuries at every stage of his career have made him a veteran. His finishing move, “Twist of Fate”, is synonymous with luck in sports betting.

CM Punk

For the longest time, CM Punk was dubbed as the “Best in The World” throughout his career. His popularity soared due to his immense mic skills suitably backed by tremendous in-ring capabilities. He was one of the longest possible champions in the company’s history and even put in one of the finest matches with the legendary Undertaker at WrestleMania, one of the best stories portrayed during that year.

CM Punk was always one of the finest risk-takers in the business, and could also reflected in its selection of the best gambling. During his tenure as a WWE star, he was always in the headlines for his qualities and abilities to connect with his storylines and putting up incredible matches. He can go undercover and never shied away from his potential love for mobile casino. This love has added to his immense fanbase, and he is still popular for his moves. CM Punk also followed a career in MMA after he left WWE. The superstar’s interest in casino boxing & MMA venues is primarily out of his immense love for the sport.

John Morrison

Another legend, John Morrison has been widely known globally as one of the most agile athletes and pro wrestlers. He began his career under the name of Johnny Nitro, and over the years, changed his ring name to Johnny Mundo, Johnny Impact and Morisson. Morrison has been a star for various companies winning championships at different stages of his career as a singles’ wrestler and a tag team partner. He is known for his extreme style sense and agility inside the squared circle. His finishing move of “Starship Pain” is one of the most complicated moves in the industry and very rarely possible by someone else.

Similarly, he could be one of the rare performers who takes an interest in gambling outside professional wrestling and has made it his hobby. Good options would be to play roulette, poker or blackjack, but he is very responsible. Just like his wild control in a match, he is one of the finest in the realm of the casino as well and can manage money.

Mick Foley

Mick Foley is a legend in history with multiple Wrestlemania moments to his credits. He is widely popular for his hardcore wrestling style involving other pieces of equipment like thumbtacks, chairs, tables, which are bound to harm or injure you. His persona and charisma are widely revered globally due to his fighting spirit and passion for taking risks. Mick Foley has been involved in physically demanding matches throughout his career, including falling off the top of a steel cage and jumping into flaming tables. In his career, the superstar had a flair for doing the unthinkable and even led to him losing an ear once. Throughout his years in the business, he appeared in various personas This love of risk could lead him to the realm of gambling, where he could play successfully. Playing safe and secure establishments is very important.


The arena of professional wrestling has been a source of entertainment over the decades. Many people idolise them for their persona and charisma inside the ring and outside it. Their personal stories of overcoming difficulties and making it big on the grandest stage are inspiring for many. The superstars have over the years been the face of the sport for taking uncanny risks and pulling them off smoothly. They often love to gamble as the winning stakes are always high, just like they keep their audience on their feet when they perform inside the ring!