WWE Storyline Update on Alexa Bliss’ Character Direction

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Alexa Bliss made a comment last month about not knowing where her character is at and how she’s still trying to change. In recent weeks, there have been subliminal hints of a character change on television.

Bliss defeated Becky Lynch and Nikki Cross, as seen on this week’s episode of WWE RAW, and will take on Bayley the following week. The winner of that match will face Bianca Belair in a match for the RAW women’s championship.

Bliss teased using Bray Wyatt’s Sister Abigail finisher during the contest. After RAW, Bliss cut a promo where she discussed going into the match with Bayley with “newfound aggression.”

“You know, we’ve had a lot of run-ins with Damage CTRL, including Bayley herself. And I think I’m prepared for Bayley this time. Last time I wasn’t really finding my footing, but recently I have this newfound aggression and I think I’m really going to channel that with Bayley. I’m excited for next week.”

You can watch the promo below: