WWE SummerSlam Results – August 11, 2019

WWE SummerSlam Results – August 11, 2019


The panel features Jonathan Coachman, Charly Caruso, David Otunga and Beth Phoenix. Otunga said this was his favorite PPV of the year.

Coachman noted Mick Foley would be joining them later.

They ran down the lineup for the show.

They went to ringside where JBL and Sam Roberts were talking. They noted Twitter was asking where they were and how kind Twitter always is. Oh yeah. They discussed Dolph Ziggler vs. Bill Goldberg and aired a video feature setting up that match.

The Miz joined the panel. He said he always has something up his sleeve and whatever is left of Ziggler after Dolph Ziggler wrestles Goldberg, Miz gets to take him out on Raw. He said he heard Ziggler mention Goldberg a few weeks ago and that made Miz say, “Hmmm.” He said Ziggler always says it should be him, but why isn’t it him? He said the fans explode when Goldberg’s music hits but that doesn’t happen when Dolph’s music hits, so now is his chance to show it should be him. Miz said he respect the legends. He said some don’t like when their spot is taken by a legend but if that’s the case, go out and get a bigger pop. Make the fans miss you. He said that he thinks we’ll see a spear and a Jackhammer tonight.

The panel then went to a video package on WWE Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton.

The panel talked about the title bout. Otunga said ten years ago, Kingston wasn’t ready but now he’s matured and learned to overcome. Now, he wants to go back and correct the mistakes of his past.

Sam Roberts said he was in Madison Square Garden a decade ago when Kingston broke through but apparently Randy Orton held him down. JBL said a decade ago, Kofi wasn’t ready. He said Orton has lived up to all the potential he heard about from his father Bob Orton. The match tonight can be a show-stealer. JBL said you weren’t ready, sometimes you aren’t ready. Roberts said Kofi didn’t get a title shot for his entire WWE run and then he won the title at Wrestlemania and is having the best post-Wrestlemania season of any talent. JBL said if Kofi beats Orton, it will be his definitive career moment.

They aired clips of Charlotte Flair and Trish Stratus on The King’s Court a few weeks back on Smackdown Live, setting the stage for their singles bout tonight.

Backstage, Charlotte said that Trish wanted to re-write history and claim she brought about the women’s evolution. She said it was about her era. Trish was never as good as people remember and tonight, Trish is going to bow down to her. The panel discussed their bout.

They then broke down Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt, leading to a video feature on their bout. Sam Roberts said their match was going to be a massacre and wondered what Balor’s ego was like to think he could take out Wyatt. He said that no one has seen an “entity” like Wyatt before and wondered what sort of ego Balor has thinking he can walk out, not as a demon, but a man. JBL said all the big stars have egos, but he’s putting money on Wyatt. We don’t know what to make of him. Balor is an incredible technical wrestler. Roberts said he thinks Balor will disappoint as he has before.

Mick Foley joined the panel. He said he hoped to be part of a “feel good” moment on Raw but he was attacked in an ominous moment that took him time to recover from. They noted that Wyatt used The Mandible Claw and Foley explained how the move worked. He said he used it originally to get in the mind of the Undertaker and now Wyatt is doing that to others. He said opponents has to wonder who they will face. Once you are inside your opponent’s head, the victory is secondary to surviving intact.

They aired a Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon package.

Backstage, Owens was asked if tonight was the biggest night of his career. He said he wouldn’t want to downplay everything else he’s done in his career, but tonight he’s fighting for his career. He’s been asked why he didn’t make sure Shane’s career was on the line as well. Shane’s last name is McMahon, so he can do whatever he wants and he has no integrity. Owens said that’s why Shane ignored Owens’ challenge and put his own career up, making sure he could get Shane in the ring in Toronto. He’s going to take out years of frustration on Shane tonight. Tonight, the marquee might read Summerslam, but tonight is the Kevin Owens Show.

Sam Roberts said that the idea that Smackdown is the Shane McMahon Show is ludicrous, talking up Shane’s big victories. JBL said that Kevin Owens should fight Jimmy Crockett and Ted Turner what it’s like to fight a McMahon. He said Owens is an incredible performer and loves to steal the show. He said that if he’s doing this for the Smackdown fans, he is horribly misguided.

The panel began breaking down Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon. Otunga said Shane wasn’t going to put his career on the line before it made no sense from a business standpoint. Otunga said Owens may have put his career on the line, that is valiant, but he might be watching valiantly from home. Mick Foley said that he put his career on the line and lost it to Triple H and cost him some of his best years and that might be where Kevin Owens’ ends up. He said that the next day, you wonder what have you done. Shane is going to take the fight to Owens.

Backstage, The O.C. encountered Finn Balor. They said they have been busy making sure the world knows they run the show. They said AJ Styles was going to take out Ricochet. Styles said he’s been getting good luck wishes all week but maybe Finn Balor needs them. Balor said he’s ready to play Bray Wyatt’s mind games. Styles said that if he needs their help, just say when. They held up the “Too Sweet” sign offering it to Finn before walking off, leading Balor to ponder their offer.

They aired a video package on AJ Styles vs. Ricochet for the United States title.

JBL and Sam Roberts discussed the bout. Coachman said that perhaps Ricochet won the title too early in his career but now has been baptized into knowing what the business is all about. Otunga said that The O.C. may be one of the most powerful units in the WWE.

They aired a video package on the recent attacks on Roman Reigns. The panel pondered who could be responsible.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak vs. Oney Lorcan.

Gulak attacked Lorcan immediately at the bell and went after his arm. Lorcan fought his way out and they faced off. Gulak took him to the mat and locked in a hammerlock, tying the challenger up on the mat. Lorcan escaped a two count but was trapped in the hammerlock again. Orcan backed Gulak into the corner and chopped away at him in the corner. Gulak battled back and slammed him hard into the ropes. Gulak continued to work over Lorcan’s extremities, trying to force a submission while grinding him down

Lorcan tried to fight his way out, attempting to power out. He finally did so and nailed a series of thick chops to Gulak’s chest. He nailed a gutbuster for a two count. Gulak escaped to the floor, but Lorcan followed and nailed a series of chops on the floor. They returned to the ring, where Gulak shocked him with a Dragon Sleeper. Lorcan used his leg to reach the ropes, forcing a break on the submission. They continued back and forth, escaping move attempts until they nailed the other with a clothesline in stereo, crashing down as the referee counted them down on the mat.

Gulak began drilling a series of strikes. Lorcan broke free but Gulak snatched him in another Dragon Sleeper. Lorcan turned that into a cover for a two count, Lorcan worked over Gulak and pulled him into the ring. Gulak pulled the ring apron into the ring. As the referee fixed that, Gulak punched Lorcan in the throat and hit the Cyclone Crash for the pin.

Your winner and still WWE Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak!

A very good bout where everything looked believable and featured some strong striking and wrestling. The only problem was the promotional push for Summerslam taking all the momentum from the match.

Jerry Lawler and Booker T joined the panel for the second hour of the Kickoff Show. Drake Maverick showed up and wanted them to discuss the WWE 24/7 Championship, noting he failed to win the title over the weekend at a Summerslam Meet & Greet and is looking for R-Truth. He wanted them to let him know if they have seen R-Truth. Meanwhile, Truth and Carmella were hiding under the glass of their set, unbeknownst to Maverick. After he left, Truth said they would be here all night watching NXT.

Maverick returned with a referee. Truth threw popcorn at him. Carmella tripped Maverick. She and Truth took off. Maverick chased them off into parts unknown.

The panel ran down the PPV lineup.

They ran a video piece on Becky Lynch vs. Natalya.

Natalya was interviewed backstage. She said Becky is all over the place dragging her, but when she gets locked in the Sharpshooter tonight, Becky will be the one being dragged. She promised to walk away the Raw Women’s Champion.

Jerry Lawler said that he goes all the way back to Natalya’s grandparents and he ended up in the Sharpshooter during his issues with Bret Hart more times than he can remember. He said it was the most painful hold he had ever been placed in. Booker said the past is the past. They talked the title match.

Apollo Crews vs. Buddy Murphy

Murphy started out strong, hitting several kicks to the back before locking in a rear chinlock. A lot of the commentary was dedicated to the Roman Reigns storyline and Murphy’s revelation that it was Rowan who was responsible. Apollo nailed an enziguiri and followed up with a pump kick. He nailed another enziguiri. Murphy fought back and came off the ropes but was caught in mid-air and slammed backwards in a Samoan Drop. Crews nailed a standing moonsault for a two count. Crews pressed Murphy over his head but Murphy escaped and nailed Crews on the ropes. Murphy nailed a sit-out powerbomb off the ropes for a two count.

They battered each other with forearms and punches. Crews nailed a big knee strike. Murphy drilled him with one of his own but was drilled out of the ring. Crews went for a moonsault off the apron to the outside but Murphy grabbed him and slammed him into the stairs. Murphy nailed a big dive over the ropes. Before he could capitalize, Rowan attacked Murphy on the floor, beating him and throwing the Australian star into the ringside barricade.

Rowan went for a Beel Toss on the floor, but didn’t really get it, then speared Murphy down on the floor. He powerbombed Murphy into the ring post. He told Murphy to keep his name out of Murphy’s mouth. They showed Daniel Bryan silently watching the beating on a monitor backstage.

Elias performing was up next. He said it was the biggest show of the summer and he’s been here all week long, signing autographs and performing concerts. Toronto is a special place and he wants to perform a song. He knocked Toronto, but out came Edge. He came to the ring, faced off with Elias and speared him. That might be the first physical interaction Edge in WWE has had since he retired, so that was a bit of a surprise. Toronto really liked seeing Edge.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. The IIconics.

The IIconics are ridiculously charismatic. Alexa and Billie started out. Peyton tagged in. Cross made the tag and was worked over. Peyton failed at preventing Bliss tagging in. Bliss nailed a STO on Royce but Kaye nailed a big pump kick. She and Cross battled to the outside. Bliss nailed Royce with a KO forearm shot and Royce crumpled to the mat. Bliss went for Twisted Bliss. Kaye tried to prevent it but Cross knocked her off the apron. Bliss nailed the move and scored the pin.

Your winners and still Champions, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross!

Good but short match.

They aired a video feature on Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar.

WWE Summerslam 2019

They brought pyro back for the opening of the show.

They aired a video package on Becky Lynch vs. Natalya.

WWE Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs. Natalya – Submission Match

They locked up with Natalya trying to showcase her power. The crowd chanted for Becky. Lynch went Natalya into the corner and nailed an exploder out of the corner. Dueling chants. Lynch nailed another suplex and went for the Disarmher.

Becky went for a triangle choke with her legs. Natalya lifted and slammed her down but Becky held on. They made it clear you cannot use the ropes to break the holds. Natalya lifted her again but Becky nailed a rana and tied up her legs in a grapevine.

Natalya went to the floor. Becky followed. Lynch was sent into the barricade and drilled her leg. Natalya drilled her with some shots and brought her back into the ring. Lynch was selling her leg. Natalya attacked her left knee, playing off Lynch’s previous issues. Natalya drilled her with a kick to the gut.

They noted Bret Hart was in the house and surprised Natalya by showing up today. Well, that was the story. They missed out on the obvious of having Bret watching from ringside in my opinion.

Becky was sent outside to the apron. Natalya went for a shoulderblock but Lynch moved and went for a kick. Natalya avoided it and sent her into the ringpost, then applied a Sharpshooter while in the ropes. That’s a pretty cool spot.

They ended up back on the floor, where Natalya was sent into the announcers’ table, then the ring steps. Natalya’s left arm was hurt, so the story is they have picked their spots and are working towards their submissions. Becky went to the top but was caught with a superplex into the ring.

Natalya tried to follow up with a basement dropkick but Lynch avoided it and placed Natalya into a Sharpshooter, trying to beat her with her own move. Natalya survived and kicked Lynch off, sending her into the buckles. The crowd chanted, “This is awesome.”

Lynch tried to springboard off the ropes with a kick but was caught and sent to the mat. This time, Natalya locked a Disarmher on Becky, using her submission. Lynch escaped and went for a Sharpshooter but Natalya blocked and reversed it in the center of the ring. Lynch fought her way to the ropes but Natalya pulled her back to the center of the ring. Lynch again pulled herself to the ropes and to the outside of the ring but was trapped in the hold, hanging halfway off the apron.

Natalya dragged her to the center. Natalya tried to re-position but Becky grabbed her in a Disarmher. Natalya, trapped, finally tapped.

Your winner and still Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch!

A really good submission match with the crowd reactions making it seem even bigger. Some really nice submission variations here, especially the Sharpshooter in the ropes. This was the best showcase they’ve given Natalya in the ring in some time and Lynch was really great as well. A good way to open the show. It was smart to place this first so the crowd would be receptive and hot for the submissions.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Trish Stratus. Stratus said she feels great, nervous and excited about performing in front of her family and friends in Toronto. The hardest part has been the waiting for her music to hit for her to face Charlotte Flair. Flair said the women of today are the greatest but the pioneers are often overlooked by those who don’t realize how lucky they are She is going to prove that Flair can’t walk a mile in her boots. If Flair is the Queen, she is the Queen of Queens. Good promo.

Goldberg vs. Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler told the crowd they were looking at the best thing that could happen to this show and WWE. He said he was the best damn thing that has ever happened to pro wrestling. He said, “We’ve all seen it before. Legends come and legends go, but old DZ is here, stealing the damn show.” He said that he wouldn’t be shocked to see Goldberg show up because we know Goldberg doesn’t show up for matches. He said Goldberg fears Ziggler and dared anyone with the guts to come out. Goldberg’s music played. They did the entire walk through the back with security. His head wasn’t busted up from psyching himself out.

They did all the Goldberg pyro and he came out. Goldberg didn’t seem to have the usual intensity coming out but got a big reaction with the crowd chanting his name.

They faced off. Ziggler superkicked him out of nowhere and scored a one count. Ziggler nailed another and scored another near fall. He celebrated but was speared into the Arctic Circle by Goldberg. The crowd lost their mind for that and chanted for Goldberg. He nailed the Jackhammer and scored the pin.

Your winner, Goldberg!

This was exactly what it needed to be.

Ziggler took the mic and told Goldberg not to walk out on him. He told Goldberg he didn’t have the guts to fight him man to man. Goldberg returned to the ring as Ziggler was still down on the mat. Ziggler got to his feet and Goldberg speared him again.

Goldberg walked out again. Ziggler demanded the mic. He said, “Goldberg, anybody can get lucky twice.” He told Goldberg he didn’t have the balls to face him man to man. He said Goldberg was a laughing stock in this business while Ziggler is the best in the business. Goldberg returned and deadlifted Ziggler up, acted like he was going to walk off, then rebounded off the ropes and speared him again.

They aired a promo for the Clash of Champions PPV, which sounded somewhat like the Stranger Things theme, for 9/15.

Backstage, The New Day cut a promo. Big E said tonight was the Viper vs. the Black Mamba. They said they had someone for Kofi and introduced Drake. Instead of the hip hop (and Degrassi High) star, it was Drake Maverick dressed in hip hip regalia. Kofi was not impressed. Drake left. Kofi said he’s been waiting for tonight. Randy Orton was trying to hold him down. Tonight, he shows Orton that he failed and that Kofi cannot be held down.

WWE United States Champion AJ Styles (with the O.C.) vs. Ricochet.

They introduced the international announcing teams and among them was R-Truth and Carmella pretending to be a Canadian announcing team. Lots of Cosplay tonight. That was pretty funny. Drake Maverick showed up looking for Truth and Carmella but they were long gone.

Ricochet had a full body costume that appeared to be a tribute to DC Comics’ Nightwing. He started off strong, including leaping off the apron and running across the shoulders of Gallows and Anderson to leap off and nail a dropkick on Styles. Styles catches him on the ropes and drilled him into the ring. Ricochet fought him off but was kicked in the bad leg and crashed to the mat. He was worked over for a long time, but began to mount a comeback, including a springboard, using only his good leg, into a flying legdrop for a two count.

Ricochet nailed a neckbreaker for a two count, the followed up with a standing shooting star press for another two count. Styles went to the ropes but was caught with a sunset flip style rollup off the ropes for another two count. He finally nailed Ricochet in the bad leg and sent him to the floor. Styles nailed a sliding kick to the outside to Ricochet’s face. Styles brought him back to the ring and went for the Styles Clash. Ricochet avoided but was drilled across Styles’ knee.

Ricochet came back with a shoulderblock in the corner. He nailed a series of rights but was kicked in the chest as he charged Styles in the corner. Ricochet went for a somersault into a move but his knee gave out. He rebounded with an enziguiri to the head for a two count. Ricochet went for a suplex, which made no sense given his knee was hurt and sure enough, it gave out. Styles snatched him in the Calf Crusher but Styles transitioned it into an Anaconda Vice. Ricochet nailed a Northern Lights suplex and then drilled Styles for another two count.

Ricochet went to the top. Styles nailed him but Ricochet fought him off. Anderson tried to get involved but was knocked off. Ricochet came off the top with a flip but Styles caught him in mid-air and hit the Styles Clash. The finish looked great.

Your winner and still WWE United States Champion, AJ Styles!

The match was good but it didn’t feel like the blow-off to the story.

Styles was annoyed Ricochet returned to hit feel while the O.C. were celebrating so he ordered Anderson and Gallows to nail the Magic Killer.

The Street Profits were hyping up the show when Ric Flair strutted in. They started doing all of his trademark lines and everyone started wooing. It was hilarious and great in all the right ways.

WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley vs. Ember Moon

Bayley found herself taking a lot of nice looking Moon offense early on as she really took the fight to the Champion. Moon locked Bayley in a modified bow and arrow, trying to wear down Bayley’s back. Bayley went for a neckbreaker but it was blocked. Moon failed with a bodypress off the ropes and was nailed with a clothesline for a two count.

Moon controlled the match until Bayley caught her in the ropes and was sent into the buckles. Bayley snapped her in the buckles. Bayley tied her to the tree of woe and nailed an elbowdrop for another near fall. She locked in an inverted Boston Crab, trying to force a submission.

Moon caught Bayley and swung her into the ropes. Moon went for a dive but was drilled as she hit the ropes. Bayley ascended to the top but Moon nailed her and hit a rana off the top rope into the ring. Moon nailed a double knee strike to the face for another two count.

Bayley went to the ropes. She went to kick off an advancing Moon but was pulled off into a powerbomb into the ring. Moon went to the ropes but Bayley tried to stop her. Bayley was knocked off but returned to catch Moon with a Bayley to Belly suplex off the top for the pin.

Your winner and still Smackdown Women’s Champion, Bayley!

A solid wrestling match, but the finish seemed to come out of nowhere.

Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon – Owens Must Leave WWE if he Loses

Elias was an outside the ring referee.

Shane McMahon stalled early. Elias and Owens argued at ringside and Owens was almost counted out. Owens returned to the ring, where he decked McMahon and hit a big cannonball in the corner. Shane went to the floor, but when Owens went for a dive, Elias blocked his path.

Shane nailed Owens and slammed him through the ropes into the ringside barricade. Shane worked over Owens. The crowd chanted, “Shane you suck” and “You can’t wrestle.” Owens made a comeback but was caught with a DDT after Shane escaped a pop-up powerbomb for a two count.

Shane locked Owens in a Sharpshooter but Owens escaped and nailed a pop-up powerbomb. Elias got on the ring apron, distracting the referee and preventing the pinfall. Owens had words with Elias, leading Shane to rolling him up for a two count.

Owens ended up with a chair and teased hitting Shane, but didn’t because it would mean the end of his career. Owens got in Elias’ face. Shane went to nail him from behind but Owens moved and he knocked Elias off the apron. Owens superkicked Shane and nailed a swanton. He went for a cover but Elias pulled the referee out. They had words. Owens came off the top with a swanton to the floor and wiped out Elias and the referee.

Owens began beating Elias with the chair and tossed him into the timekeeper’s area. Owens looked to use the chair on Shane but the referee had recovered so Owens stopped. The referee took the chair away, allowing Owens to kick Shane in the groin and score the pin.

Your winner, Kevin Owens!

This told the story you’d expect and it hit all the sweet spots.

They recapped The Roman Reigns storyline.

Charlotte Flair vs. Trish Stratus

Stratus got a nice reaction coming out. So did Flair.

They locked up aggressively with Flair backing Stratus into the ropes. Stratus kicked her off as she charged and nailed a Thesz Press. She used the ropes to springboard into a rana. Flair went for a figure four but Stratus kicked her off and sent her into the corner. The crowd chanted, “You still got it.”

Stratus advanced but was kicked in the gut. She went for a powerbomb but Stratus escaped and used a lucha style armdrag. Flair ended up outside the ring where Charlotte nailed a Thesz Press off the apron. Flair gained control and tossed Stratus into the barricade.

Flair brought Stratus back into the ring and smashed her face into the ring apron several times. She locked her in a modified surfboard, pulling on her hair for additional pressure. Charlotte tied up Stratus in the ropes, working her over. She continued trashing Stratus, mocking her verbally as she did it.

Stratus exploded with punches working over Charlotte, having had enough. Flair dumped her over the ropes, landing on the outside on her feet. Stratus was nailed with a big boot, crashing to the floor. Stratus recovered on the floor and was almost counted out but Flair dragged her back into the ring.

Stratus absorbed some punishment and finally fired back with a series of chops. She went for her handstand into the rana in the corner but was caught by Flair. Stratus pulled herself up and they battled on the top until Stratus caught her with a rana off the top rope into the ring.

Flair nailed a big boot for another pinfall. She began working on Stratus’ leg to set up the figure eight. Stratus rolled her up for a two count and locked in a figure four leglock of her own. Stratus then bridged up into the figure eight leglock on Flair, locking her in her own finishing maneuver. Flair made it to the ropes.

They faced off. Flair went for a spear but was caught and nailed with the springboard bulldog for a two count. They went back and forth until Stratus hit the Chick Kick for a close two count. Stratus went for another but was hit in the face with a big boot. Charlotte cinched in the figure eight in the center of the ring. Stratus finally tapped.

Your winner, Charlotte Flair!

A really great, well fought match with Stratus leaving it all in the ring and going out on her shield via the clean submission. If this was it for Stratus, she finished up with a great finale bout and Flair looked great as usual.

Flair left the ring. Stratus got a long, extended standing ovation. She went to the corners and saluted each side of the arena. She made her way to the top of the entrance ramp and bowed to the crowd.

This was, in my opinion, the best thing on the show thus far.

Backstage, a taped up Seth Rollins was preparing for his main event. Bret Hart showed up and wished him luck. Rollins thanked him. Well, now we know why he didn’t show up with Natalya.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton.

Orton mocked Kofi by trying to hand him a pancake. Kofi got upset and fired up. They locked up and ended up in the corner. The referee separated them. They ended up in the corner again and this time, Orton got control. They spilled to the floor, where Orton dropped him across a table. Orton kept working over Kofi, who came back with a dive off the stairs into a bodypress.

Kofi gained control until missing a dive. Orton again scooped him up and dropped him across the top of an announcing table. Orton worked over Kofi and set up for a superplex. Kofi fought him off and came off the ropes with a tornado DDT for a two count.

Kofi began drilling Orton with hard, drilling chops. He nailed the Boom Drop on Orton and set up for the Trouble in Paradise, but Orton cut him off and nailed a backbreaker. Orton was knocked to the floor and Kofi hit the Trust Fall off the ropes to the outside. Kingston hit a big flying bodypress for a two count. Orton cut him off and nailed the draping DDT off the ropes for a two count.

Orton set up for the RKO but Kofi shocked him with a backslide for a two count. Kofi went to the top but was caught with an RKO in mid-air. Orton began laughing, knowing he had the title won. Kofi rolled to the floor as Orton took too long to make the cover.

Orton went to the floor. They were right in front of Kofi’s kids. Orton was going to do something in front of the family, so Kofi exploded and attacked Orton as they rang the bell . The crowd hated that and began chanting, “Bullsh**.” Kingston went under the ring and got a kendo stick and began beating the hell out of Orton with the stick.

Orton rolled back into the ring. Kofi followed and continued beating him with the stick. Kofi waited for Orton to get to his feet and nailed a Trouble in Paradise.

The non-finish was lame, especially since the entire story was built on the idea that Kofi was going to have the chance to exorcize some demons from the past and that didn’t happen. It let the air out of the balloon with the crowd, even with Kofi laying into Orton with the stick.

They never announced what exactly the finish was, so my guess is it’s a double countout. This was fine inside the ring but nothing that felt like a big-time memorable clash on one of the biggest shows of the year.

Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt

Balor is not the Demon.

Wyatt had an entirely new entrance, a harder-edged version of his theme music and all sorts of graphics. He had a new lantern to carry to the ring, created to look like a human head of the “old” Bray Wyatt with the light shining out of its extended open mouth. I am guessing special effects legend Tom Savini, who’s team made Bray’s mask and all the Firefly Funhouse stuff, created it. The crowd loved it and changed “Holy sh**!” Thanks to Martin Stuzebecher for his help.

Wyatt grabbed Balor and slammed him down to the mat, then began beating and kicking Balor. he brought Balor into the corner. Balor fought out but stopped, puzzled, by Wyatt hanging backward out of the corner. Balor was beat down. Wyatt grabbed Balor as if he was Zeus in No Holds Barred and snapped his neck. Wyatt began looking at his gloves, then grabbed at his face. He went for Sister Abigail’s Kiss but Balor escaped and nailed a Slingblade. Balor nailed a double stomp and a dropkick into the buckles. Balor went to the top for the Coup de Grace but Wyatt caught him with the Mandible Claw and that was it for Balor, who was rendered unconscious and pinned.

Your winner, Bray Wyatt!

Wyatt stood in the center of the ring with a strobe effect as the camera closed in on him and then he disappeared.

The crowd chanted, “That was awesome.”

An extremely successful re-introduction inside the ring for Wyatt. If WWE can consistently do this, they’ll build their best supernatural-tinged character in decades. Someone needed to be sacrificed to make it work, and Balor did a nice job in that role.

WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins

Rollins went right after Lesnar, who kicked him in the ribs and began beating on his back. Lesnar lifted up Rollins and drove him hard into the buckles. Rollins came back with a kick to the jaw and scored with the stomp for a two count. The crowd was shocked at that. They showed Paul Heyman extremely concerned.

Lesnar went to the floor. Rollins came off the ropes with a flying knee. Lesnar was brought back to the ring and went for a German suplex but Rollins rolled through and nailed a pair of kicks. He went after Brock, but was caught and hit with an F-5. Lesnar grabbed him by the rib tape, spun and sent him flying across the ring.

Lesnar began nailing his German suplexes. Rollins rolled out. Brock nailed him with a German suplex on the floor. Lesnar stomped away at Rollins. He suplexed Rollins hard. Brock drilled him back into the turnbuckles. He trapped Rollins in an inverted bearhug, working on the injured ribs. Seth made it to the ropes but Brock drilled him in the middle of his back.

Rollins was drilled hard into the turnbuckles. Lesnar went for another charge but Rollins moved and Brock hit the ring post shoulder-first. Rollins nailed a leg lariat to Brock’s face, knocking him off the apron to the floor. Seth nailed several suicide dives but on a third attempt, Lesnar caught him and drove him backwards HARD into the ring post.

Lesnar began clearing a table as Heyman told him to “get rid of” Seth. Rollins exploded and kicked Lesnar onto the table. Rollins went to the top of the ring post and nailed a frog splash, putting Lesnar through the table.

Rollins nailed a big splash off the top on Lesnar, who was now in the center of the ring. Rollins set up for the stomp and nailed it but Lesnar kicked up at the last second. Lesnar came back and went for the F5 but Rollins escaped, nailed the stomp and scored the pin.

Your winner and new WWE Universal Champion, Seth Rollins!

Damn entertaining match.

Rollins was in tears when he was handed the championship belt.

The show went off the air with Rollins holding aloft the WWE Universal title belt as pyro went off.

Credit: PWInsider.com