WWE Super Smackdown Results – November 29, 2011

Super Smackdown opens with fake snow superimposed over a shot of Charlotte. Josh Matthews hypes Foley being the host tonight, and that leads to Mick coming out, dressed as Santa Claus, to a big pop from the crowd.

Foley heads in the ring and grabs a mic. He says Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, even though it’s still November. Foley says he’s a Christmas fanatic. He listens to Nat King Cole year round, visits Santa’s Village multiple times a year. What JR is to BBQ sauce, and the Ultimate Warrior is to arm tassles, he is to Christmas, so what better way to celebrate than having a special right here in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Foley reaches into his bag of tricks and pulls out a World Championship match between “Tiny Tim”, Daniel Bryan, and Mark Henry. He also points out that match will be inside a steel cage, which is hanging above the ring. He hypes a couple of other holiday themed matches, including a battle royal where the winner gets their wish from Santa Clause. Foley says he knows he promised there was going to be no Michael Cole, but Cole has a good legal team and he’s bound by contract to be here. Foley says what the contract doesn’t dictate is how he’ll be dressed as per the request of the GM for the evening.

Cole comes down the entrance ramp dressed in a reindeer costume complete with red nose, while “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” plays over the PA.

Cole makes his way over to commentary where Matthews is dressed as an elf. Cole isn’t happy about his costume, but Matthews seems to be in good spirits. Foley then introduces Booker T, who also comes out dressed as Santa Clause with a huge long white beard.

Booker makes his way into the ring on his way to the announce table and grabs a mic. Foley says he knows Booker isn’t into the spirit of the holidays just yet, but he wants this Smackdown to be inclusive, so he was hoping for the Jewish members of the audience, he’d be able to make like a dreidel, and do a spin-a-roonie. ”Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel” plays, and Booker drops down to do the spin-a-roonie, losing his wig and hat. Booker comments about how the suit is hot, but also says he can dig the holiday spirit. They’re interrupted by the music of Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes says in the past he would have sat back and let this farce continue, but now that he’s no longer wearing a piece of plastic he’s seeing a little more clearly, and he’s seeing a lowly announcer indulging in childish antics, taking time away from people like Cody who still have the skills to compete. Booker says he doesn’t know what his problem is but he doesn’t have beef with Cody. He doesn’t want to throw hands, but Booker can still handle business in the ring. Booker wants to tell Cody something. Cody interrupts to shush Booker. He says Booker lies and does have a beef with him. He says it’s probably because he’ll never hold something like the IC title ever again, he’ll never be able to call himself Champion ever again.

Foley stops Cody and says he’s talking about a legend. A man Foley respects, and a five time WCW Heavyweight Champion. Foley says Rhodes is distracting him from enjoying the holidays, so he wants to give Cody Christmas early, and a match with Booker T!

Cody says he’s looking forward to it. Foley asks Booker if that’s cool and Booker says yeah. Foley kicks things off with a special Diva’s match, and a ton of Diva’s come out from the back. This leads us right into commercial break.

Foley is on the ramp and he says this is a very special Misletoe match. Whoever climbs the pole and grabs the misletoe can cash in on a prize between now and Christmas.

Mistletoe on a Pole Match

Things break down and all of the Diva’s begin brawling with each other immediately. It looks like just about everyon is involved in the match except for Beth Phoenix. One of the Bellas smashes the other into the turnbuckle, climbs over her sister and grabs the misletoe

Winner: Brie Bella

The announcer says Brie wins a shot at the Diva’s title, but Foley says instead what she won, was the opportunity to kiss any superstar she wants to between now and Christmas.

We get a recap of Big Show assaulting Mark Henry with a chair at Survivor Series before we get a quick graphic for the main event between Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry later tonight. This takes us right into another commercial break.

Back from break and Justin Gabriel is already in the ring. He’s announced and gets a nice pop from the crowd. Jinder Mahal is out next, and he’s got a mic in hand. Jinder says what’s wrong with this country is people buy gifts with money they don’t have for people they can’t stand. He says everyone is living a lie, before getting into the ring.

Jinder Mahal vs. Justin Gabriel

The bell rings and Gabriel goes right for Mahal’s arm. Mahal fights him off with a couple of clubbing blows before burying his knee in Gabriel’s gut and tossing him around the ring. Mahal suplexes Gabriel into the top ring rope before choking Gabriel with his knee using the ropes for leverage. Mahal sends Gabriel into the corner, burying his shoulder in Gabriel’s midsection, and he’s interrupted by Ted Dibiase who comes out with a bag full of gifts and Santa hat on. The distraction is enough for Gabriel to slam Mahal down to the mat. Gabriel goes to the top and hits a 450 splash, goes for the pin, and gets the three count.

Winner: Justin Gabriel

Ted Dibiase hands out gifts on his way to the back.

Mick Foley is backstage with the Uso’s who are showing him their entrance dance. Roddy Piper walks in and Foley says he was great on Raw last night. Hornswoggle is there pouring punch. Dusty Rhodes walks in, and asks Horny something about if he wants a Lady Gaga picture. Rhodes says there are weird people here, and turns right around to see Goldust. The camera pans back to Foley who’s talking to the Uso’s again. Piper is talking to Trent Baretta telling him how to pull a prank on someone. David Otunga says that isn’t a good idea as it’s against the rules. Otunga says he’s got a message from Lauranaitis. He says the only music that can be cleared is music in the public domain. Foley says that Otunga is on Smackdown and he’s technically Smackdown talent, so tonight he’ll be in the Miracle on 34th Street Fight against Randy Orton. We go to break as Otunga doesn’t look to happy about those developments.

We get a Kane Return promo when we come back from break.

We also get a recap of Cody Rhodes getting in Booker’s face two weeks ago and splashing him with a bottle of water. Cole lauds Rhodes, saying it’s about time announcers were taking to task, and tonight Cody will take out Booker and they won’t have to deal with them ever again. They show a simulation of the match using the WWE ’12 video game.

Matt Striker is backstage with Booker T. Booker says he doesn’t know what Rhodes’ problem is, but after tonight- Booker is attacked from behind by Rhodes. Booker is laid out, grabbing his arm. A referee is in to check on him as we fade back out to commercial.

Back from break, and Kofi Kingston makes his way out to the ring to a nice reaction from the crowd.

Tyson Kidd is already in the ring, and he’s announced right after Kingston.

Kofi Kingston vs. Tyson Kidd

The bell rings and Tyson tries to tie up Kingston but Kofi turns it around into a roll up. Kofi tries for a monkey flip but Kidd holds on to the ropes and Kingston crashes into the mat. Kidd follows up with a big kick to the chest, then a back elbow. Kidd locks in a front face lock, but Kingston fights out of it. Both men connect with clotheslines and both go down. Both get up and Kingston hits Kidd with strikes and kicks before hitting the boom drop. Kofi sets up for trouble in paradise, but Kidd rolls to the outside. Kofi chases him to the outside, ducks a clothesline and hits a nice single leg dropkick. Kofi jaws with Michael Cole, telling him he looks absolutely ridiculous, but it allows Kidd to get in a cheap shot. Kofi is able to shove Kidd into the ring apron before sending Kidd back into the ring. Kofi takes the rudolph hat and nose from Cole’s outfit and climbs to the top rope, flying off with a big cross body block. Kofi pins Kidd for the three count, and this one is over.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Backstage, Hornswoggle is putting ornaments on the tree. One of the Diva’s says ‘Swoggle should wish to be taller for Christmas. Sheamus is talking with Teddy Long, he asks what was up with the Diva’s battle royal earlier. Long says this is Foley’s doing, but whatever he’s got planned is sure to be good. They’re interrupted by Aksana, who comes in with misletoe. Aksana asks what you do with misletoe, and Teddy says she should do what’s natural. She eats some, and says it tickles her tonsils.

Randy Orton is shown backstage walking toward the arena for his match with Otunga, which will be up next after this commercial.

Back from break and Randy Orton makes his way out for the Miracle on 34th Street Fight. Orton gets a nice reaction from the crowd as he makes his way down to the ring.

The ring is surrounded with lit up Christmas trees and there are wreaths hanging from the ring posts. Just thought I should note that. David Otunga is out next, and he doesn’t really get any kind of reaction out of the crowd.

Miracle on 34th Street Fight: Randy Orton vs. David Otunga

The bell rings and both men circle each other before locking up. Orton locks in a side head lock. He’s pushed off but comes right back with a big shoulder block. Otunga boots Orton in the stomach but Orton is quick to retaliate, clotheslining Otunga over the top to the outside. Orton follows, slamming Otunga’s head into the apron before whipping him into one of the ringside Christmas trees. Orton whips Otunga into another tree and big wrapped box. Otunga comes back, ramming Orton back first into the ring apron twice before hitting him with a couple of rights. Otunga goes to slam Orton’s head into the announce table, but Orton blocks it and slams Otunga’s head down instead. Orton eats a cookie from the table, then picks up the tray and slams it into Otunga’s back. Orton wraps a wreath around Otunga’s head and slams him into the ring steps and yet another Christmas tree. Otunga is able to respond by whipping Orton into the steps and suplexing him on the arena floor. Otunga goes under the ring and grabs a cane with candy cane striping, but Orton doesn’t allow him to use it, instead slamming him to the ground. Otunga tries to run from Orton, but Orton picks up a box and throws it at Otunga’s head. Orton takes Otunga up the entrance ramp and throws him into an even bigger Christmas tree set up at the top of the ramp. Orton picks Otunga up and hits him with a right that sends him rolling down the entrance ramp. Orton rolls Otunga back into the ring but grabs him by the head and does the suspension DDT from the apron to the arena floor.

Wade Barrett comes from out of nowhere and attacks Orton, sending him crashing into the ring post and barricade before sending him back into the ring. Barrett sends Otunga into the ring too and Otunga goes for the pin but Orton kicks out at two. Otunga gets to his feet and stomps at Orton in the corner before burying his shoulder in Orton’s midsection. Orton is able to fight back, peppering Otunga with a couple of right hands before hitting a snap powerslam. Orton drops to the mat and psyches himself up before popping up and hitting the RKO. Orton pins Otunga for three.

Winner: Randy Orton

Orton celebrates, posing for the crowd on the turnbuckle while we get highlights of the match.

We go backstage where Mark Henry is with the trainer. Teddy Long comes in and asks if Mark is in the Christmas spirit. Henry says he wouldn’t be in this match tonight if it weren’t for Teddy, and he wouldn’t be in a boot if it weren’t for Big Show, but tonight he’s still in the spirit of giving, because he’ll be giving Bryan the beating of his life. He says it’ll be Bryan’s nightmare before Christmas before he shouts at Long to leave, now!

We get a recap of Last Friday’s Smackdown when Big Show knocked out Mark Henry and Daniel Bryan (fake) won the World Heavyweight Championship before having to give it back. We get another graphic for the Main Event, and I have to say I can’t wait!

Back from break and the ring is filled up with Superstars for another Battle Royal where the winner gets a Christmas wish. Hunico is introduced and he makes his way to the ring. Sheamus is out next and he gets a big pop from the crowd.

Hornswoggle’s music hits, and it looks like he’ll be in this one as well. ’Swoggle makes his way down to the ring, but instead of getting in, he heads under the ring.

Christmas Battle Royal

Things break down as soon as the bell rings and Sheamus eliminates Darren Young, then one of the Uso’s. Everyone is simply brawling and trying to eliminate each other. JTG is eliminated by someone, didn’t catch who. Curt Hawkins is launched from the ring by Ezekiel Jackson. Zeke and Sheamus eye each other and start brawling in the center of the ring. Sheamus gets the best of him, but when he goes to toss him out, Zeke hits him with a big clothesline. Sheamus ducks another clothesline, sending Zeke over the top with a back body drop before eliminating Johnny Curtis. The other Uso and Kofi Kingston are also eliminated, as is Yoshi Tatsu, by Tyson Kidd I think. Kidd eliminates Ted Dibiase but he’s pulled out by Hornswoggle and Kidd is eliminated right as we go to commercial.

Back from break and we’re down to seven men in the ring. Justin Gabriel is pushed to the floor and eliminated by Jinder Mahal. Titus O’Neal dominates, hitting a huge spinebusted on Tyler Reks, but he’s clotheslined over the top by Sheamus. When Sheamus turns around he’s attacked by Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater, who choke him. Sheamus comes right back, taking them out and Hunico to for good measure. Tyler Reks gets in a shot at Sheamus, but Sheamus mounts him and hits him with repeated rights. Sheamus and Reks leave the ring through the ropes and everyone follows after them. Everyone gangs up on Sheamus and throw him into the barricade hard, taking him out. Everyone gets back into the ring, and Mahal points out that Hornswoggle is still under the ring. The heels go out and go under the ring to look for him. Mahal finds him and everyone gets back into the ring. Slater shoves ‘Swoggle down to the mat, then so does Hunico. Everyone kicks at Hornswoggle. Mahal and Reks picks him up by his arms and legs, but Sheamus is back in and cleans house to prevent it. Sheamus eliminates Reks, then Hunico, then Mahal before kicking Slater over the top rope. It’s down to Sheamus and Hornswoggle.

‘Swoggle tells Sheamus to bring it on. Sheamus tells Hornswoggle to leave the ring, but ‘Swoggle refuses, instead telling Sheamus to leave. Sheamus looks amused, but then Hornswoggle kicks him in the shin. He goes to do it again but Sheamus grabs him by the throat. Sheamus tries to eliminate Hornswoggle, but ‘Swoggle grabs on to the top rope and won’t let go. Sheamus goes out to the apron, and ‘Swoggle eventually lets go. Sheamus tells Hornswoggle to get down. ’Swoggle asks Sheamus for a hug first, but he pushes Sheamus from the apron down to the floor, winning the match.

Winner: Hornswoggle

Sheamus doesn’t look too happy, but he’s a good sportsman, raising Hornswoggle’s arm and putting him on his shoulder to celebrate his victory.

We get a recap of the events last Friday that led to Daniel Bryan getting his match against the World Heavyweight Champion tonight. We get another graphic, and it looks like this match might be coming up after we get back from break.

Back from break and the backstage party is still going on. Ricardo is getting nowhere with the Bella twins. Roddy Piper and Dusty Rhodes are talking but they’re interrupted by Santa Claus. Santa asks what he might be able to do for Hornswoggle. Santa makes a couple of mistakes, but it looks like Hornswoggle wants the ability to talk. Santa says ‘Swoggle just needs a hug. ’Swoggle says thank you, and he’s talking! He goes around naming things, calling Vickie Guerrero ‘Grandma’. ’Swoggle’s super excited about talking. Mick Foley walks in, wearing a Cactus Jack shirt, and asks how ‘Swoggle learned to talk. When the camera pans, Santa is gone!

Daniel Bryan is shown warming up backstage. One of the Diva’s I’m sorry but I’m not sure who, comes up to give Bryan a kiss for good luck. Striker comes up to ask Bryan a question. Bryan says he held the belt for a couple of seconds last week and it was great. He knows Henry isn’t 100%, and sooner or later everyone taps. He says tonight his dream becomes reality.

The cage is shown lowering toward the ring, and Josh Matthews begins hyping up the cage match which will be taking place after this commercial break.

Back from break and the cage is assembled and we’re ready to begin. This match can be won by pinfall, submission, or escaping the cage.

Daniel Bryan is the first man to make his way out to the ring, carrying his briefcase even though he doesn’t need it for this match. Bryan gets a great reaction from the crowd.

The Champion, Mark Henry is the next man to make his way out to the ring, and he’s got his foot and ankle taped up.

We get formal ring introductions for both men, and it looks like we’re ready to begin things here tonight.

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Mark Henry vs. Daniel Bryan

The bell rings, and Bryan goes to escape the cage right away but Henry pulls him down. Bryan goes to escape again, but Henry pulls him down once more. Bryan avoids Henry, kicking away at him, but Henry shoves him off. Bryan kicks at Henry’s injured leg, but Henry throws Bryan into the side of the cage, then splashes Bryan against the cage wall. This leads us right into hopefully the last commercial break.

Back from commercial and Henry is continuing to dominate Bryan, beating him down with big clubbing blows. Henry locks in a nerve hold, trying to wear down the challenger. Bryan is able to fight his way out of the hold, but he’s taken right back down to the mat by Henry. Henry goes to exit the cage door, but he’s stopped by Bryan. Henry tosses Bryan off, then connects with a massive clothesline. Henry pins Bryan, but Bryan is able to kick out at two. Henry goes for the cage door again, but Bryan grabs on to Henry’s injured leg. Bryan works over Henry’s ankle, punching it, then stomping on it. Bryan begins climbing the cage, but he’s stopped and crotches on the top rope by Henry, who then clotheslines Bryan and sends him crashing down to the mat.

Henry limps to the door again but Bryan grabs on to the injured leg again. Henry stomps his foot down but it looks like that hurts him too. Henry hits Bryan with another big clothesline. Henry continues to favor the ankle. Henry picks Bryan up to his feet and tries to shoulder him, but Bryan fights out and clotheslines Henry’s leg. Bryan struggles to lock in the LaBell lock, and he’s able to get it locked in. Henry fights it off, but Bryan goes for the ankle, locking in an ankle lock. Henry is screaming and Bryan is wrenching. Henry is able to kick Bryan off to break the hold. Bryan begins climbing the cage but Henry pulls him off and back into the ring. Henry goes to climb up in the corner, but he can’t. Bryan climbs over Henry and makes it to the top of the cage but he’s stopped by Henry. Bryan fights Henry off and he’s able to climb over the top but Henry won’t let go of Bryan’s arm. Henry holds on to Bryan and delivers a World’s strongert slam from the middle rope. Henry pins Bryan and this one is over.

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Mark Henry

Henry celebrates with his title in the ring while Bryan holds on to his ribs in a heap on the mat. The show ends with Henry holding his title up and screaming in triumph.