WWE Superstar Rankings 2023

The world of professional wrestling features several names that have shaken up the industry. The professionalism these athletes display, among other factors, determines their rankings. This article will highlight the succession of wrestlers in 2023. 

Without further ado, let’s get straight into it. 

Sami Zayn

2023 has been Sami Zayns’s year. He entered the scene and has had a captivating few months. He has featured in several big-time matches, including Elimination Chamber, WrestleMania, and Night of Champions.

Sami Zayn is an interesting character because of his passion and intent. His eloquence with the mic also increases his popularity. In his recent matches, he has scored wins against big wrestling names, including Roman Reigns, in a tag team match. 

With support from fans, Sami Zayn continually displays his prowess in the sport. The closest title run Zayn has had is when he clashed with Roman Reigns in Canada and took a swing for the Universal World Title. If he continues with the drive he showcases, he will catch the whole fanbase by storm. 


The Austria wrestler also features on the list for the achievements he has accumulated in his fights. He holds the title for lasting the longest during a royal rumble against 30 other contenders. 

Previously a welterweight, Gunther has proceeded to outdo himself in his battles. He won the NXT UK Championship title, which he held for 870 days, an impressive feat. 

Gunther recently broke a huge WWE record as the longest-reigning Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion. Gunther’s rank will rise with his growing fanbase and aggressive showmanship.   

Seth Rollins

Ardent WWE fans understand the gravitas the name Seth Rollins bears. This performer has featured in WWE rosters for years and is always a dependable athlete. 

Seth Rollins’s ability to fight despite suffering multiple fractures makes him monumentally awesome. His charm, charisma, and ability to connect and understand the audience also feature him on the list. 

He has been declared the world’s number-one wrestler by Pro Wrestling Illustrated severally. Despite being a scripted sport with the outcome already set, Seth Rollins is a wrestler you can bet on when it comes to WWE betting

Roman Reigns

The tribal chief, the undisputed world champion, features in the list for his exhilarating performances. Roman Reigns has twice been number one on Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI).

He recently battled Sami Zayn in Canada, putting the World Title on the line. After pulling a few tricks, Reigns emerged victorious despite Zayn’s fierceness. He also won against Cody Rhodes, proving his prowess in the game. 

Cody Rhodes 

Cody Rhodes, another fan favorite in the wrestling scene, is a fast-rising superstar in WWE. Cody has displayed his skills in the ring after participating in the Royal Rumble, with fans rooting for him to beat Roman Reigns.

His understanding of the fans through engaging with the mic makes him more popular in the sector. He has also fought with prominent fighters like Brock Lesnar. While initially number six on the PWI 500 list, he clocked number ten this year. He is still working on rewriting his narrative to regain his glory. 

Rhea Ripley

Women’s wrestling has witnessed several stars over the decades. Rhea Ripley shakes up the scene and has dominated the scene since her entrance. She participated in one of 2023 significant events, Wrestlemania 39, where she defeated her opponent, Charlotte Flair. 

She has also beaten several prominent names, including Natalya and Zelina Vega. Her paradigm shift has similarly scored her points with her fanbase. She is the current World Women’s Champion; her reign is not likely to get obstructed soon.

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is a prominent name in the wrestling industry. This year, he has participated in several spectacular showdowns. He is in peak condition, as displayed by his fight with stars like Cody Rhodes and Bobby Lashley. 

Lesnar has participated in all pay-per-view matches this year, scoring him points with his fanbase. However, his performance at Wrestlemania was unconvincing, though still decent, making stars like Omos look better prepared. 


WWE rosters keep changing, and players often must outdo themselves to get top ranks. This year has featured several athletes who stand out, including Sami Zayn, Gunther, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns. We will likely see a change in this list with more upcoming matches.