WWE Superstars Vincent McMahon Almost Fired

WWE has captivated a lot of entertainment lovers all over the world. And being the largest wrestling promotion in the world they are mandated to sign the most talented wrestlers that could benefit the organization. This notion is not quite surprising because NXT has played a bigger role in nurturing the talent that is require at WWE level.

However, with more wrestlers they hire, there are also quite a number of wrestlers that have been fired by Vincent McMahon. There are a lot of wrestlers that have been shown the exit door by Mr. McMahon and some almost get fired but they got save by some high influence in the WWE, but now all they do is to play online slot best payouts games because they don’t have much to do.

On that note, let’s take a look on some of the WWE superstars that almost got fired.

John Cena
John Cena is a very prominent and successful wrestler in the WWE universe. His debut on Smackdown against Kurt Angle made the WWE PG era to make billions. However, the following few month upon his debut weren’t that great. And McMahon was considering to fire John Cena because he didn’t live up to his expectations. But a quick turn of event witnessed John Cena being saved from the wrath.
Stephanie McMahon was a top fan of Cena’s work and she came to reasoning with her father and she saved John from losing his job. The 16-time WWE champ went on to produce some scintillating performance like ever before.

Titus O’Neil
O’Neil experience some amazing WWE success as a tag team wrestler. During a Monday Night Raw in 2016 when Daniel Bryan announced his retirement. After the retirement speech Bryan hugged Vince McMahon. And when the boss alongside other wrestlers were heading backstage Titus grabbed the boss’s hand and pulled him behind.

From that moment McMahon suspended Titus for 90 days but he later reduced it to 60 days. Later on Triple H and Joey Mercury convince Vince to reverse his decision on Titus O’Neil.

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