WWE Survivor Series WarGames Results – November 26, 2022

WWE Survivor Series: WarGames Results – November 26, 2022

WWE Survivor Series War Games aired live from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

– The show opened with a video package focusing on the War Games match with an appearance from Ozzy Osbourne.

Women’s War Games Match
Bianca Belair, Becky Lynch, Asuka, Alexa Bliss & Mia Yim vs. Damage CTRL, Nikki Cross & Rhea Ripley

Bianca Belair and Dakota Kai were the first participants to enter the cage. Bianca got the upper hand early, tossing Dakota across the ring. Dakota avoided a powerbomb and pulled Bianca face first into the ropes. Dakota grabbed the wall to stop a power move before  receiving a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Dakota tripped Bianca in the corner and blasted her with a running boot into the cage. Bianca clocked Dakota with a forearm strike, setting up a vertical suplex. Dakota caught Bianca with a scorpion kick, only for her to respond with an inverted powerbomb. BIanca tossed Dakota into the cage walls before powerbombing her into the wall.

Iyo Sky entered the cage next, knocking Bianca down with a dropkick. Sky knocked Bianca with a headscissors takedown, trapping her in between the rings. Dakota and Sky beat Bianca down in the corner, with Sky botching a double knee strike. Bianca managed to take both women down with a double suplex, but they recovered control soon after with a missile dropkick from Sky. 

Asuka entered the cage next, nailing Dakota with a German suplex before having a face-off with Sky. They traded and evaded several moves, until Asuka surprised Sky with a series of spinning strikes and a sliding knee. Bianca stopped Dakota on the top turnbuckle, throwing her into the cage wall. Meanwhile, Asuka knocked Sky off her feet with a missile dropkick.

Nikki Cross introduced several weapons into the ring before entering the cage. Cross smashed a trash can lid on Bianca’s back, followed by a Tornado DDT. Cross took Asuka down with a fireman’s carry slam before whipping her entrance jacket on both of her opponents.

Alexa Bliss entered the cage next, immediately knocking Dakota with a dropkick into a trash can lid. Alexa knocked both Cross and Sky down, setting up a tag team bulldog into a trash can lid on Sky. Alexa took Dakota off her feet with a hurracarrana on top of the trash can lid. Bianca saved Alexa from kendo stick shots from Cross before splitting the stick on her knee. Everyone started exchanging kendo stick strikes, allowing Cross to climb to the top of the cage. Cross dove off the top of the cage, knocking everybody down with a high crossbody.

Bayley introduced a couple of ladders and a table before entering the cage. Bayley slammed Bianca into the corner with a sunset flip bomb. Damage CTRL drove a table into Bianca’s ribs in between the rings. Bayley and Dakota launched Sky into a moonsault on Alexa, followed by a suplex and a double stomp on Asuka.

Yim tossed a few trash cans into the ring before entering herself. Yim nailed Dakota with a trash can mid-air before slamming Sky’s throat into a trash can lid. Yim tossed Dakota into the cage wall, setting up a basement rana onto the trash can lid. Cross climbed Yim’s back with a sleeper hold, but was taken out quickly, allowing Yim to hit Bayley with a suicide dive from one ring to the other. All eight women fought separately on four different corners, setting a series of superplexes on the heel team.

Rhea Ripley entered the cage, blasting Asuka with a dropkick, Yim with a headbutt and Alexa with a pump kick. Rhea dropped Bianca with a German suplex before catching Alexa’s high crossbody and suplexing her. Rhea trapped Asuka in an inverted Cloverleaf, allowing Sky to clock her with a running basement dropkick. Yim tossed a trash can into Rhea on the corner before crashing through both with a cannonball. Damage CTRL knocked Yim out with a series of trash can lid strikes to the head and a diving double stomp.

Becky Lynch entered the cage as the match was made official. Becky knocked Dakota, Sky and Cross down with leaping kicks. Nikki accidentally smashed a trash can on Sky’s head, allowing Becky to take her out with a diving leg drop using the trash can. Becky and Bayley started exchanging strikes, with The Man quickly getting the upper hand. Becky turned around to have a face-off with Rhea. Rhea blasted Becky with a headbutt and the Riptide, but Asuka broke the pin on time. Asuka blinded Rhea with the Green Mist, setting her up for a DDT from Becky. Bayley dropped Asuka on the top turnbuckle, only to be rolled up by Becky for a two count. Bayley nailed Becky with the Roseplant on the steel plate between the rings, but Asuka broke the pinfall attempt.

Asuka tried to stop Sky from climbing the cage, but Damage CTRL stopped her with trash can lid shots to the back. Almost everyone else joined on the top turnbuckle, but Cross stopped Bianca from completing a huge Tower of Doom. Cross knocked Alexa with a swinging neckbreaker before Bianca hit a rough powerbomb on Bayley. Sky dove off the top of the cage onto Bianca and Yim with a gigantic moonsault.

Cross tried to handcuff Alexa to the wall, but she got cuffed herself before being dropped onto a trash can. Asuka dropped Rhea with a Codebreaker, but she caught the follow-up hip strike, tossing her into the wall. Yim evaded the Riptide and trapped Rhea in a sleeper hold, only to be driven through a ladder in the corner. Bianca, Becky and Damage CTRL had a face off before starting a big brawl. Becky and Bianca knocked Dakota and Sky with the Manhandle Slam and the KOD respectively. Bianca laid Sky and Dakota on top of a table, while Becky climbed to the top of the cage. Bianca took Bayley out of commission with a KOD onto the cage wall. Becky finished the match with a diving leg drop off the top of the cage on Dakota and Sky through the table.

Winners: Bianca Belair, Becky Lynch, Asuka, Alexa Bliss & Mia Yim

– A recap of Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens & Jey Uso’s interactions from SmackDown aired.

– At backstage, Jey Uso warned Roman Reigns about not trusting Sami Zayn and costing them the advantage. Roman told Jey to focus on the match and be the right hand man, while he would be the Tribal Chief. After Jey left the room, Roman ordered Paul Heyman to bring him Sami Zayn.

AJ Styles vs. Finn Bálor

They started the matchup trading waist locks. Finn cornered AJ and tried to get a cheap shot, but AJ knocked him off his feet and blasted him with strikes to the leg. AJ dropped Finn down with a backbreaker, followed by a knee breaker. Finn tried to recover control with a few elbow strikes, but he responded with headbutts. Finn caught AJ off-guard with a roll up, setting up a series of stomps and knee drops. AJ tried to pin Finn with a sunset flip, but he immediately countered with a basement dropkick.

Finn targeted AJ’s back with an abdominal stretch and a couple of forearm strikes. AJ tried to make a comeback, but Finn blocked a hip toss attempt with another abdominal stretch. AJ managed to finish the hip toss, nailing Finn with a sliding forearm strike and fireman’s carry backbreaker. Finn missed a jumping double stomp, but stopped AJ on the apron with a series of knee strikes. AJ crushed Finn’s leg with a dragon screw into the ropes, but he wasn’t able to capitalize after Dominik swept him off the apron. The OC, Priest and Dominik started a brawl at ringside, spilling off into the crowd and away from the ring.

Finn and AJ exchanged pinning combinations, until Finn managed to hit a sling blade. AJ blocked the shotgun dropkick with an enzuigiri, followed by a suplex into the corner for a two count. Finn evaded AJ’s attempt at the Calf Crusher and cracked him with a jumping double stomp. AJ caught Finn with a series of spinning strikes, but he stopped him with a reverse DDT. AJ stopped Finn’s attempt at a Styles Clash before both men knocked each other down with Pele kicks.

Finn caught AJ before a springboard move and nailed him with a gutbuster for a nearfall. Finn hit fireman’s carry backbreaker on AJ, but he responded quickly with the moonsault into a reverse DDT. AJ went for a 450 splash, but Finn moved out of the way, knocking AJ down with a shotgun dropkick soon after. Finn hurt his leg after missing the Coup de Grace, allowing AJ to lock in the Calf Crusher. Finn managed to break the hold by smashing AJ’s head onto the mat. As they barely got back up, they exchanged strikes and chops. AJ knocked Finn down with a forearm strike before finishing with the Phenomenal Forearm.

Winner: AJ Styles

– A short vignette for January’s Royal Rumble aired.

SmackDown Women’s Championship
Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Shotzi

Ronda immediately took Shotzi off her twice before trapping her in an Ankle lock. Shotzi managed to break the hold and crash onto Ronda with an inverted cannonball. Shayna pushed Ronda out of the way, receiving Shotzi’s suicide dive. Shotzi kicked Shayna off the apron before taking Ronda down with a clothesline. Ronda managed to counter a diving splash with a belly-to-belly slam before kicking Shotzi down. Ronda countered Shotzi’s double leg drop with an Ankle lock, but she responded with a Rewind kick. Ronda trapped Shotzi in a head and leg lock, but she managed to escape it.

Shotzi knocked Ronda down with a right hand on the apron while avoiding a knee strike. Shotzi took care of Ronda with an off-looking DDT on the apron, followed by a Slice Bread on Shayna at ringside. Shotzi launched both Ronda and Shayna over the barricade before crashing onto them through a row of fans with a high crossbody. Ronda knocked Shotzi off the top turnbuckle with a powerslam, followed by the Piper’s Pit and the Armbar for the win.

Winner & Still SmackDown Women’s Champion: Ronda Rousey

– At backstage, Sami Zayn met Roman Reigns in his locker room. Roman asked Sami about Kevin Owens, with Sami admitting he talked with him prior to the match. Sami said that he lied to Jey Uso to keep his mind on the War Games advantage match. Sami revealed to Roman what Kevin had to say about turning on the Bloodline. Roman asked Sami if he was with them, or if he would stab them on the back. Sami said that he won’t let the Bloodline down tonight or any other night. Roman smiled at Sami before hugging him with a solemn look on his face.

United States Championship
Seth Rollins (c) vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Austin Theory

Lashley immediately clotheslined Theory outside of the ring, before Rollins also clotheslined Theory out of the ring. Lashley knocked Rollins down with a swinging neckbreaker, only for him to block a vertical suplex. Rollins knocked Lashley with an elbow strike, but Theory tossed him into the barricade. THeory tried to trick Lashley and beat him down, but was dropped down with a delayed vertical suplex by Lashley, followed by an Xploder on Rollins. Lashley squashed both Rollins and Theory with a series of corner strikes before hitting a DDT and a flatliner at the same time. Lashley drove Theory into Rollins before sending both out of the ring.

Lashley sent Theory into the barricade and tried to drive him into the ring post, but Rollins clocked him with a diving knee strike. Theory blasted Lashley and Rollins with the steel steps at ringside, setting up a rolling dropkick on Rollins. Theory nailed Lashley into the barricade and the announce table, only to get caught in an inside cradle. Rollins recovered control with a series of chops, a sling blade and a thrust kick on Theory. Rollins crashed into both of his opponents with a sequence of suicide dives and a Tope con Hilo. Theory went for a rolling dropkick, but Rollins countered it into a powerbomb for a two count. Lashley saved Theory from Curb Stomp, setting up a spinebuster and the Hurt Lock on Rollins. Lashley dropped Theory out of the ring, breaking a sleeper hold, but turned around into a Pedigree from Rollins for a nearfall.

Theory tossed Rollins out of the ring after he missed a Phoenix SPlash before knocking Lashley down with a rolling blockbuster. Theory countered Lashley’s Hurt Lock into a pinfall, but Rollins broke it with a frog splash out-of-nowhere. Rollins and Theory exchanged elbow strikes, until Lashley caught both men in one Hurt Lock. Lashley missed a Spar and hit the post, allowing Rollins to take both men down with elbow strikes. Rollins nailed Lashley with a Curb Stomp off of Theory’s back, but Theory stopped him from making the pin. Rollins superplexed Theory, but Lashley Speared him before he could hit the Falcon Arrow, making Theory land on top of Rollins and pick up the win

Winner & New United States Champion: Austin Theory

– At backstage, Jey Uso confronted Roman Reigns about Sami Zayn. Jey asked Roman if Sami lied to him, but Roman simply said that he heard all that he needed to.

Men’s War Games Match
The Bloodline vs. The Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre & Kevin Owens

Jey Uso and Butch were the first participants to enter the cage. Butch dared Jey to face him, quickly taking him down with a shoulder tackle, followed by a stomp to the elbow. Butch drove Jey into the wall, but he responded by throwing Butch over the ropes. Jey nailed Butch with a pop up neckbreaker and an armbreaker. Jey drove Butch shoulder first into the cage wall, but he managed to stomp Jey’s fingers in between the rings. Jey broke a guillotine and slammed Butch.

Ridge Holland entered the cage next, knocking Jey down with a pair of shoulder tackles. Ridge dropped Jey with a tilt-a-whirl powerslam, followed by a series of corner splashes. The Brawling Brutes turned Jey inside out with a High-Low combination. Butch pressed his knee on Jey’s hurt fingers while Ridge held his legs.

Jimmy prepared to enter next, but Roman ordered Sami Zayn to go instead. Sami slowly approached the cage, allowing Jey to toss Butch into a wall. Sami attacked Ridge from behind and stomped him down in between the rings. Jey saved Sami from the beatdown before immediately starting an argument, allowing Butch to crash onto them with a top rope moonsault. Ridge planted both men down with a delayed double Xploder, but missed a spear into the wall soon after.

Drew McIntyre entered the cage next, throwing Jey into the wall several times. Drew tossed Sami across the ring with two release belly-to-belly suplexes, followed by a spinebuster on Jey. Sami tripped Drew off the top turnbuckle, only to be driven into the wall by Ridge. Drew caught Jey with a belly-to-belly suplex off the top turnbuckle and Sami with the Future Shock DDT.

Jimmy Uso introduced a couple of tables, as Jey and Sami recovered control. Jey and Sami started shoving each other, but Jimmy separated them before the argument could escalate. The Bloodline stopped the Brutest from making a comeback, tossing them into the walls. They set up a table on the corner , but Drew knocked Sami and Jimmy with Glasgow Kisses before they could put him through it.

Kevin Owens introduced a couple of chairs, smashing them on the Usos back as soon as he joined in. Kevin crashed onto Jey with a corner cannonball, followed by a Swanton bomb. Sami and Kevin had a short face-off, but Jimmy and Ridge attacked them from behind. Drew dropped Sami down with a delayed vertical suplex while Butch tried to take down the Usos. Kevin put Jimmy through a table with a back suplex, as the Brutes and Drew stomped Sami down.

Solo Sikoa entered the cage next, turning Butch inside out with a lariat and nailing Ridge with a samoan drop. Kevin and Solo started a hockey fight in between the rings before Kevin nailed him into the wall to no effect. Kevin cracked Solo with a series of thrust kicks, but he blocked a powerbomb with a back body drop on the steel plate. Solo knocked Drew off his feet with a thrust kick, but he hit him back with a jumping Glasgow Kiss.

Sheamus tried to enter the cage next, but Sami kept the door closed. Sheamus slammed the door on Sami’s face before blasting Sami and the Usos with clotheslines and a body slam. Sami attacked Sheamus with a few right hands, only to be thrown into the wall shortly after. The entirety of the Brawling Brutes started beating Sami and the Usos down as they laid under the ropes. Both Sheamus and Solo blocked power moves, until Sheamus was able to crush Solo with a diving White Noise.

Roman Reigns slowly entered the cage as the match officially started. Both squads had a face-off across the two rings before starting a big brawl. Roman clocked every opponent with an uppercut before knocking Sheamus down with a Superman Punch. Sheamus blocked the Spear with a kick, setting up the strikes to the chest, but the rest of the Bloodline stopped him. The entirety of the face team caught the Bloodline in the ropes and hit stereo strikes to the chest in the middle of the cage. Roman nailed Sheamus with two uppercuts, but he clocked him with a pump kick. Solo took a Brogue Kick for Roman, allowing him to hit the Spear on Sheamus, but Butch broke the pin in time. Sami beat Butch down, until accidentally receiving a superkick from Jey.

The Usos cracked Butch with an avalanche 1D, only for Ridge to break the pinfall. Jimmy and Jey clocked Ridge with a double superkick, setting him up for a Spear from Roman through the table. Solo saved Roman from a powerbomb, driving Drew through a table with a Spinning Solo. Kevin nailed Solo with a Stunner, but Roman pulled him away from the pin, starting a hockey fight between the two.

Kevin and Roman evaded each other’s signature moves, with Kevin managing to hit the Pop Up Powerbomb and the Stunner, only for Sami to stop the referee’s count. Kevin blocked a superkick from Jimmy, setting him up for Sami to hit him with a low blow. Sami checked on Romans before decimating Kevin with a Helluva Kick. Sami dropped Kevin on the mat, allowing Jey to finish him off with the Uso Splash.

Winners: The Bloodline

– After the match, Sami and Roman hugged as the rest of the Bloodline hugged. Jey ran into Sami before giving him a hug to celebrate their victory. The Bloodline stood tall as the show came to an end.

You can watch the Survivor Series WarGames Kickoff show below: