WWE Teasing Sexual Tension Between AJ Lee & Paige?, News On Edgier WWE Angles Expected

The idea behind WWE’s ongoing storyline between AJ Lee and Paige has definitely been to tease sexual tension between the two. There was a creative decision made last weekend that they want to go further with the angle. No word yet on what they may have planned but nothing risky was done on this week’s RAW and it appears the same goes for last night’s SmackDown tapings.

With the AJ vs. Paige storyline and a few other incidents like more adult language being used and Rosa Mendes being exposed on Main Event, it would appear that WWE may want to do more risqué angles because they need buzz to push the product. However, WWE is still working with Mattel and have promised sponsors they won’t ever go back to how they were. It was speculated in a recent issue of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that we’ll likely see more slip-ups and minor adult language on WWE TV but not enough that it will attract attention past the wrestling audience.

(Source: PWInsider)