WWE Wrestlemania 30 Results – April 6th, 2014

WWE WrestleMania 30 Results – April 6, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the PWMania.com coverage of Wrestlemania 30. We still kick things off with the coverage of the pre-show that is available on the WWE Network.

The pre-show begins with the video from last night’s revealed of the Wrestlemania 30 set with HHH and Stephanie McMahon.

Josh Matthews welcomes us to the Pre-Show with a panel that includes Mick Foley, Booker T, and Shawn Michaels.

The panel begins with a preview of the WWE Tag Team Championship Match that will be included in the 2nd hour of the Pre-Show, exclusively on the WWE Network.

Renee Young is in the WWE Social Media Lounge, encouraging the WWE Universe to get Twitter and tweet who will win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

The panel begins to discuss the Battle Royal as “Wooooooooo” and “Yes!” chants begins to fill the arena as the WWE Universe fills the Superdome.

A hype video for John Cena’s match with Bray Wyatt is shown.

The panel begins to discuss John Cena vs Bray Wyatt but as they do, they are interrupted by The Wyatt Family who cut a promo. Bray talks about a friend that he couldn’t “save” because he was a danger to others around him. Bray says, “The flames were beautiful” and begins to sing, “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands”

The panel talked about Mountain Dew’s energy drink before going back to discussing Bray vs Cena.

A video is shown for The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar.

The panel quickly discussess The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar before going to Byron Saxton who is backstage hoping to get some questions from Brock. Paul Heyman interrupts him and talks about how his client is ready to defeat The Undertaker.

The panel discusses The Undertaker’s entrance which was voted the greatest entrance of all time by the WWE Universe.

A video package is shown celebrating the 30 year history of Wrestlemania.

Alex Riley is outside with with the WWE Universe and he interviews a young Daniel Bryan fan, which leads to a YES! chant outside of the arena.

Renee Young is back in the social media lounge where she reveals some tweets from the WWE Universe. Dolph Ziggler, The Big Show, and Sheamus’ name is brought up as potential winners of the Andre Battle Royal.

Mick Foley has left the panel and he has been replace my Shawn Merriman who talks about some of his favorite Wrestlemania moments.

A hype video for Daniel Bryan is shown, talking about his journey from international star, to NXT Superstar, to World Champion.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan is talking about how he will be in two matches and talks about how he owes it to the WWE Universe to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and he will not let us down.

The pre-show panel discuss Daniel Bryan’s match with HHH.

There is a video shown about how you can order the WWE Network, featuring The Bella Twins.

The pre-show panel discusses the main event Triple Threat Match before going to an interview conducted earlier with Batista by Booker T. Back from the interview, the panel talks about who will win the Triple Threat Match if HHH or Daniel Bryan is the one in the match

They show a video of the Andre the Giant trophy being taken out of Wrestlemania Axxess and making it’s way to Wrestlemania.

A video hyping Hulk Hogan’s return to WWE is shown.

The second hour of the pre-show begins with a preview of the Tag Team Championship Match. “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart
has joined the panel.

Backstage, we once again join Renee Young in the Social Media Lounge who shows us a tweet from the Wrestlemania Social Media Ambassador, Hugh Jackman.

A video is shown highlighting the career of the late great Andre the Giant.

Breaking News: The WWE Tag Team Championship Match is now an Elimination Fatal Fourway.

A video is shown hyping the Daniel Bryan vs HHH match.

The panel begins a rundown of the Wrestlemania 30 card.

Alex Riley has joined the panel, replacing Shawn Michaels. The panel begins to talk about what they are looking forward to the most.

The crowd pops in the background as the lovely Lillian Garcia makes her way down to the ring as they go to an interview with John Cena from earlier in the week.

The arena is nearly full and in the background Jerry “The King” Lawler back his entrance as the Pre-Show panel talks about Bray vs Cena.

Backstage, The Shield talk about their upcoming match against Kane and the New Age Outlaws.

A hype video is show for the new Ultimate Warrior DVD.

The eternally beautiful Trish Stratus joins the Pre-Show panel and talks about Lita’s induction into the Hall of Fame. The panel talks about the Divas Invitational.

In the ring, Zeb Colter asks the Real American’s in the crowd to get of their feet and say, “We the People”

The Real American’s Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro make their way to the ring, followed by Ryback and Curtis Axel.

Los Matadores come down the ring with El Torito in tow. The Usos are out last with the Tag Team Championships around their waists.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Fatal Fourway Tag Team Elimination Match

Curtis Axel and Jey Uso start things off in the ring as the crowd chants, “We The People.” Jey and Curtis are trading knife edged chops. Axel hits a dropkick on Jey and tags in Ryback. Ryback facewashes Jey before he gets slapped by Jey. Ryback hits a big boot but Diego makes a blind tag. Jimmy gets tagged in by his brother. Diego calls for an Ole and Fernando tags himself in. Jey hits a jawbreakers and it is now Swagger vs Fernando. Swagger hits a clothesline and gets a quick two count. Soon all of the competitor are laid out on the outside after the Matadores hit a double team springboard dive to the outside. The Matadores and El Torito hit a Triple Team move, laying everyone out on the outside. Swagger has Fernando in the Patriot Lock and he taps out.

Los Matadores have been eliminated

Curtis Axel and Jey are the legal men. Jey gets nailed with a huge knee from Axel before tagging in Ryback. Ryback nails a big suplex and a splash off of the middle rope. Axel is back in and gets a two count. Rybaxel slam Jey into the corner and Ryback begins to work him over in the ring, locking in a necklock. Jey tries to get to Jimmy in the corner but Ryback slams his shoulder into the steel. Jimmy is in for the hot tag and he begin to kick to Axel before hitting a Samoan Drop followed by the Hip Smash. Swagger makes the blind tag and hits a belly to belly suplex for two. He misses the Swagger Bomb. Ryback hits Swagger with the Meathook Clothesline. Cesaro tags himself and he hits Ryback with the Very European Uppercut and the Neutralizer to eliminate Rybaxel

Rybaxel has been eliminated

The Usos and The Real American’s trade punches in the middle of the ring. The Usos hit stereo flying splashes on the outside. Back inside, Jey gets hit with an elbow by Cesero but he comes back and takes out the Real Americans with Whisper in the Wind. Swagger has Jey in the Patriot Lock. Everyone is down after The Uso’s hit a Samoan Drop and Cesaro hits a big elbow. Cesaro gets hit with a superkick by The Uso’s and they both splash Antonio after they send Cesaro into the Swagger to take him out of the picture.

The Real Americans have been eliminated

WINNER and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: The Usos

Back in the ring, Swagger begins to yell at Cesaro. Swagger locks Cesaro into the Patriot Lock but Zeb pulls him out. Zeb demands that he apologizes. Cesaro doesn’t accept his apology and gives Swagger the Big Swing. It appears that The Real American are done.

The pre-show panel discuss the WWE Tag Team Championship match before they go to a video about the upcoming Divas Invitational

The Wrestlemania Pre-Show is now off of the air and it is time for the Granddaddy of the All, Wrestlemania!

The opening video for Wrestlemania 30 begins to play and we are welcomed to the show by Michael Cole who is joined by JBL and Jerry “The King” Lawler as the pyro begins to go off.

Hulk Hogan starts the show off and Hulkamania is running wild in the Superdome. Hulk call’s the Superdome, the Silverdome, and things are off to great start. Hogan begins to talk about his Wrestlemania history until the Glass Has Shattered and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is making his way down to the ring! Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin are in the same ring together at long last. Austin takes a jab for at Hogan for the “Silverdome” thing and he talks about Hogan’s history with a loud, “What!” chant. “If You SMELLLLLL…” The Rock makes his way down to the ring after soaking in some moments on the stage. The Rock takes a mic and does his “Finally…” catchphrase. The Rock takes a shot at Hogan for the “Silverdome” thing before he starts talking about Austin and Hogan and his matches with the two of them. The Rock talks about John Cena and Daniel Bryan before all three of them deliver their catches phrases to a delighted audience.

A video is shown featuring the feud of Daniel Bryan and HHH. Their match will kick off the action tonight at Wrestlemania 30.

Stephanie McMahon is in the ring in a business suit and a pair of leather shorts. She introduces HHH, he comes out on his “King of Kings” throne. HHH comes out with a golden mask and shoulder pads on. He has a trio of sexy ladies take off his costume before his usual theme music starts.

Daniel Bryan makes his way down to the ring as the Yes Movement fills the Superdome.

The Winner Added To Wrestlemania Main Event
HHH w/ Stephanie McMahon vs Daniel Bryan

HHH has a cocky smile on his face while Daniel Bryan is all business. HHH offers Daniel Bryan his hand. Daniel Bryan kicks it away and gets a one count. Daniel takes HHH into the corner for a couple kicks but before he goes to the head kick, HHH rolls out of the ring to recover. Collar and Elbow tie up in the ring and HHH begins to work over Bryan arm but Daniel Bryan is able to take him over with the headlock and slow down the pace. Shoulder tackles takes down Bryan but he goes down low and hits HHH with the Kitchen Sink before taking HHH down with a another headlock. Daniel Bryan hits a several European Uppercuts but HHH takes Bryan into the corner and hits him with several shoulder thrusts. Daniel Bryan with a series of elbow but HHH takes him down with an armbreaker. Daniel Bryan hits a Tornado DDT to HHH on the outside as Stephanie looks on in shock.

Daniel Bryan gets back into the ring and hits a rolling senton off the top rope. Back in the ring Daniel gets a two count and he goes back to the top. HHH’s crotches him on the top rope and levels him with a big fist, taking him to the outside. HHH begins to demolish the announce table. HHH goes for a pedigree on the table but Bryan reverses only for HHH to slam Bryan’s arm down on the edge of the table. HHH begins to work over Daniel’s arm in the middle of the ring. Daniel gets to his feet but HHH hits him with the knee. HHH is taken to the outside by Bryan who goes for a suicide dive but HHH hits him with a massive right hand. HHH back suplexes Daniel on the apron and he goes for the countout. Daniel Bryan is able to get back in the ring but HHH locks in a Crossface Chickenwing. HHH takes Bryan to the mat and locks in a Crossface while Stephanie taunts on the outside. HHH wrenches Bryan’s arm and slams him to the mat. HHH takes Bryan into the corner and levels him with a series of fists. Daniel Bryan begins to fight back and hits a running forearm. Daniel Bryan with a German Suplex but only gets two. Daniel hits another German and gets two.

HHH goes for the Crossface again but he is able to toss Bryan back with a Tiger Suplex for two. HHH puts Bryan on the top rope and goes for a Superplex only for Daniel Bryan to block it and send HHH to the mat. Bryan hits a Sunset Flip Powerbomb and they both are down. HHH gets up in the corner and gets up with two running dropkicks by Bryan but when he goes for a third, HHH hits up with a clothesline that sends Bryan inside out. HHH goes for the Pedigree but Bryan gets a jacknife cover for two. Daniel kicks HHH in the skull and goes to the top rope. Bryan goes for a Headbutt but HHH gets his knee up and locks Bryan in the Crossface again. Daniel Bryan reverses it into the Yes Lock. HHH is clawing his way to the ropes and he gets there. HHH goes to the outside and he gets hit with two suicide dives by Bryan who goes up top and hits a missile dropkick. Bryan kips up and hits HHH with his signature kicks to the chest and then a kick to the head for two. HHH hits Bryan with a Double A Spinebuster and a Pedigree but Bryan kicks out. Bryan with a roll up and gets two. HHH drags Bryan to the corner and begins to punch him in the face. HHH sets up for the Pedigree but Bryan blocks it and gets hit with several knees to the head of Bryan. HHH goes to hit Bryan with a back suplex but he reveres it and nails the Running Knee for the win!

WINNER: Daniel Bryan

Stephanie gets into the ring and slaps Bryan and this allows HHH to come up from behind attack Bryan. He slams Bryan’s arm with a steel chair while it’s up against the ring post. Stephanie taunts Bryan before she and HHH make their way up the ramp.

The New Age Outlaws make their way to the ring but they are interrupted by The Shield’s entrance. Kane makes his way out to the ring wearing slacks.

Kane and The New Age Outlaws vs The Shield

Kane and Dean start things off by trading punches with each other. Dean hits the rebound clothesline and he takes in Roman who nails Kane with Samoan Drop. Roman hits the Superman Punch on Road Dogg but Rollins comes in and takes out Kane with a knee and a roll over the top rope. Bill Gunn is alone in the ring but Road Dogg pulls him out and allowing Dean and Seth to hit a Stereo Suicide Dive. Rollins pins Billy Gunn after a Double Triple Powerbomb on The Outlaws.

WINNERS: The Shield

Backstage, Hacksaw and Sgt. Slaughter are playing with some toys when Ricky Steamboat and Ted Dibiase come in and break things up. Ron Simmons gives us a “DAMN!”

The Superstars are in the ring with the Battle Royal. The Big Show and Sheamus are the only ones to get entrances.

1st Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
Yoshi Tatsu is the first man out. Kofi and Cody battle while they skin the cat. Brad Maddox has been eliminated. Brodus Clay and Khali are taken out. Zack Ryder has been eliminated. Darren Young is done with Mark Henry takes out Drew and Jinder and Heath Slater. The Big Show takes out Mark Henry. Titus O’Neil is eliminated and Santino tries to bring out the Cobra. Santino takes out the Miz but Santino is taken out by Alberto. Damien Sandown is taken out by The Rhodes Brothers. Big E. takes out Justin Gabriel. Fandango takes out Big E. Fandango does some posing on the apron but Sheamus comes up and clobbers him to eliminate him. R-Truth is done. Tyson Kidd is out along with Goldust and Cody. Rey hits the 619 on Alberto but he is eliminated by Cesaro. Kofi does his signature high risk save. Cesaro swings Kofi who is eliminated. Dolph Ziggler is taken out and the crowd boos. Sheamus and Alberto eliminate each other leaving Cesaro and Show left. The crowd is on their feet as Cesaro eliminates The Big Show after slamming him over the top rope!

WINNER: Cesaro

Afterwards, Cesaro and The Big Show shake hands.

A hype video is shown for Bray Wyatt vs John Cena

There is a voodoo priestess doing a dance before Bray Wyatt makes his way down to the ring with Harper and Rowan in tow.

John Cena makes his way out to the ring to a chorus of boos, no special entrance.

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt w/ Harper and Rowan.

Bray starts on his knees and begs for Cena to “finish him.” Bray gets to his feet and begin to attack but Cena takes him down with a side headlock take down. Bray begins to punch Cena, taking him off of his feet. Bray delivers a series of headbutts before hitting a crossbody take down. Bray continues to headbutt John before Irish Whipping him into the corner. Bray goes for a big splash but John explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. John begins to hit Bray with a series of punches but Bray is just laughing. Harper and Rowan get up on the apron but get down on the orders of Bray. John knees Bray in the corner and bring him out to send him to his feet with a massive punch. John Cena is beginning to lose control. Bray Wyatt hits a suplex but John Cena comes back with a dropkick until Bray locks in a sleeper hold. John Cena with the shoulder tackles and spin out powerbomb. Cena goes for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle but Bray gets up with a Spider Walk to freak Cena out. Cena is distracted by Rowan and Bray goes on the attack.

Bray nails a big splash in the corner but Cena comes but with a Tornado DDT for two. Cena goes for his top rope leg drop but Bray catches him with a huge powerbomb for two. John Cena with another Spin Out Powerbomb and hits the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. Bray is about to counter an AA with a Gutbuster. Cena goes for the AA on the apron but Wyatt reverses into a DDT. Wyatt drags Cena back into the ring and gets a two count. The crowd is singing “He’s Got The Whole World in His Hands” as Bray puts Cena on the top rope and goes for a Superplex. Cena pushes him away and nails a cross body to Harper and Rowan on the outside. Bray attack Cena on the outside and goes to get the ring steps but Cena stops him. Cena has the steps but tosses them to the side. Bray with another crossbody on the inside for two. Bray goes for a Senton and misses allowing Cena to hit the AA but Bray kicks out. Harper hits a drive by while the ref is distracted and Bray hits his Senton for a two count. John Cena spears Harper through the time keepers area. Bray goes to Sister Abigail but Cena reserves into the STF but Bray gets to the ropes. Bray hits Sister Abigail for a two. Bray goes to the outside and grabs a chair. He gives the chair to Cena and challenges him to hit him as the crowd sings for Bray. Cena hits Harper with the chair and nails Bray with a AA for the win.

WINNER: John Cena

John Cena goes around the ring and hugs his family as The Wyatt’s drag Bray off.

A recap video is the Hall of Fame is shown.

Howard Finkel is in the ring and he introduces the Hall of Fame Class of 2014. The Ultimate Warrior comes out, no face paint, and receives his a nice pop.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan is being treated by WWE Doctors.

A hype video for The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar is shown. It is The Beast vs The Streak, NEXT!

Brock Lesnar makes his way down to the ring with his advocate Paul Heyman.

A series of Caskets with the numbers of names of the conquered victims of The Undertaker’s streak are shown. You hear the Gong and it is ON! The Undertaker makes his way down to the ring. The casket with Brock Lesnar’s name on it opens and explodes.

Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs The Undertaker

Lesnar and Taker comes back to face in the ring and the referee calls for the bell. Lesnar is taken to the corner with a series of punches but Lesnar hits a Belly to Belly. Lesnar begins to knee The Deadman’s midsection. Taker goes back to punching Lesnar before sending him shoulder first into the post. Lesnar’s head gets slammed into the post and The Undertaker pulls him back into the ring and goes for Old School but Lesnar stops him. Lesnar whips Taker into the corner but Lesnar slams his shoulder into the post again. Lesnar and Taker trade punches on the outside and Takers boots him in the head. Taker goes for his apron leg drop and nails it. The Undertaker hits Snake Eyes and goes for the Chokeslam but Lesnar reverses and tries for the F-5 but Taker reverses it. On the outside Lesnar begins to hammer The Undertaker with a series of rights. The Undertakers goes for a boot but Lesnar grabs his legs and slams him to the mat. Back in the ring, Lesnar begins to work over the leg of The Deadman. Lesnar hits a big suplex and he goes to work on The Undertaker’s midsection with a series of knees. Lesnar hits a series of punches to the midsection as the Undertaker looks dazed on the ropes.

The Undertaker comes back and hits a DDT to buy some time. The Undertaker clotheslines Lesnar twice in the corner and hits Snake Eyes followed by a Big Boot. Taker hits a leg drop for a two before going for the chokeslam and nailing it for two. Brock Lesnar nails the F-5 for two. The Undertaker locks in the Hell’s Gate after baiting Brock Lesnar. Lesnar powers up and slams The Undertaker to the mat to break the hold. Lesnar gets trapped into the Hell’s Gate again but Lesnar gets out of it the same way he did before. Brock Lesnar locks The Deadman in the Kimura Lock but The Undertaker reveres it with a Kimura of his own. Lesnar gets to the ropes but he is taken down with a boot by The Undertaker who goes for Old School but Lesnar reveres into an F-5 but Taker kicks out again. Lesnar hits 2 German Suplexes as Paul Heyman screams on the outside to encourage Brock. Lesnar goes for the 10 Count Punches but The Undertaker hits The Last Ride but he doesn’t go for the cover. The Undertaker nails the Tombstone but Brock Lesnar kicks out at two. The Undertaker gets hit with another F-5 and Brock Lesnar gets the win.

WINNER: Brock Lesnar

The crowd is in disbelief as we all have witnessed the greatest travesty in sports entertainment. As The Undertaker gets to his feet, the crowd gives him a standing ovation.

The WWE Divas are in the ring as AJ Lee makes her way down to the ring.

WWE Divas Championship Match
Vicki Guerrero Divas Invitational

The Divas begins to pounce on AJ Lee and Tamina as the crowd begins to boo this match. Natayla tries to lock in the Sharpshooter but it is broken up. Summer Rae tries to attack AJ but she is able to reverse it. Emma hits the Emma Sandwich but Alicia hits her with the Axe Kick. Layla is taken down by Aksana. Eva Marie pushes Tamina to the mat and the Bella’s double team AJ before hitting a Suicide Dive to all of the Divas on the outside. The Bellas begin to attack each other. Alicia and Natalya are in the ring but they are taken out by Tamina. She goes up top for the Superfly Splash but Naomi stops her. AJ locks Naomi in the Black Widow and she taps out.

WINNER and STILL WWE Divas Champion: AJ Lee

Backstage, Mean Gene Okerland is with Hulk Hogan when Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff followed by Mr. T.

Rev Theory is live doing Randy Orton’s theme as he walks up with his championships in each hand. Batista makes his way out to a loud chorus of boos. Daniel Bryan is the last to come out and the crowd begin to come back alive after having the life sucked out of them with The Undertaker’s loss. In the ring, Justin Roberts gives the trio their championship introductions.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Randy Orton vs Batista vs Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan goes right after Randy Orton but Batista comes out and tries to Batista Bomb Daniel. Randy Orton hits his signature backbreaker on Batista. On the outside, Orton is send into the barricade by Batista. Orton is driven into the Steel Steps by Batista. Batista gets sent end over end onto the Steel Steps. Orton begins to work over Daniel Bryan before making his back back over to Batista, sending him back first onto the barricade with a suplex. Back in the ring, Orton begins to stomp on Batista’s arms and legs. Daniel Bryan gets to his feet and hits a Double Missile Dropkick on his challengers. Daniel Bryan hits his signature midsection kicks to Orton and Batista. Orton hits Bryan with a T-Bone Suplex. Daniel hits his running drop kicks onto Orton and Batista. Bryan puts Orton up on the top rope and hits a Hurricanrana for two. Orton goes for a Superplex onto Batista and nails it. Bryan hits a Headbutt onto Orton. HHH comes out and pulls the referee out of the ring. Batista hits the Batista Bomb but Daniel Bryan kicks out. Daniel Bryan hits the crooked ref that HHH brought out in the head. Daniel Bryan takes out HHH, Stephanie, and the referee with a Suicide Dive. HHH brings out the Sledgehammer but Daniel Bryan gets it and hits HHH with it. Daniel Bryan goes for a cover on Batista but Orton breaks it up.

Orton and Batista begin to double team Daniel Bryan. Orton has the steel steps and he nails Bryan with them. Orton and Batista take the covers off of the announce tables. The crowd chants for CM Punk as Batista nails Bryan with a Batista Bomb as Orton hits a Reverse RKO through the announce table. The trainers come out and look on Daniel Bryan, trying to bring him of the carnage as Batista and Orton continue to fight. Daniel Bryan is being wheeled out as Orton goes for the Viper DDT and nails it on the outside. Orton picks up Bryan and slams him into the Steel before rolling him into the ring. Orton begins to stalks Daniel Bryan with an RKO but Bryan counters with the Yes Lock. Batista breaks up the hold but gets caught in a Yes Lock of his own until Orton breaks it up. Orton goes for the RKO but Batista counters only to get caught with the 2nd attempt at the RKO for two. Orton is going for the Punt on Batista but Bryan hits the Knee on Orton. Batista tries to steal the win but Orton kicks out. Bryan locks in the Yes Lock after nailing Batista with the Running Knee. BATISTA TAPS OUT! DANIEL BRYAN IS THE NEW WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!


The confetti rains down on Daniel Bryan as he celebrates a win for the ages!

Wrestlemania 30 comes to an end with the leader of the Yes Movement on his knees in the ring with his championships the his followers chant, “Yes!” while they are showered in confetti.