WWE WrestleMania 35 Set To Break Record, Triple H Comments On Chyna

– Wrestlemania 35 could be the first live event in WWE history to top $20 million in revenue, according to Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com. With increased ticket prices at Metlife Stadium, Wrestlemania 35 is expected to easily surpass Wrestlemania 29’s 68,900 paid fans with $12.3 million in revenue. Wrestlemania 29 at Metlife Stadium had 80,676 as the announced attendance figure and the belief is that WWE will announce a number slightly higher than that.

– In an interview with CBSSports.com, Triple H commented on Chyna going into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of D-Generation X:

“It’s awesome. I’m thrilled for her as the human being that I knew, for her family and for her sister, who I knew. There is probably not a woman who has ever made as big of an impact as she did. Somebody that transcended the business on her own and I’m sure will be in the Hall of Fame sometime on her own. I think it’s fitting she is in there with DX in the beginning because it’s how she started, and I think it’s what it should be.”

“I’m thrilled that it’s this year, partly because finally the time has passed where everything can just happen and it can be right for her where the moment of putting her in the Hall of Fame for this manner is about her accomplishments and not about anything else. That was always my bigger point of this. You can’t do it when [the negative] becomes the conversation. The conversation needs to be about her accomplishments and what she did here.”