X-Pac Addresses His Work At The WWE Performance Center

During his recent podcast, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman commented on his work at the WWE Performance Center with young talents:

“Here’s the thing, going down there on a regular basis and building a relationship with the talent. And when you build that relationship, that’s when you could really get through to them, and that connection. And you’re comfortable saying things to each other and giving feedback, giving honest feedback without worrying about hurting feelings, things like that. And it’s just — and that relationship, you build that relationship with them, and then when you see them go out there and f**king kill it in a match and you had something to do with that. It’s just really, it’s the next best thing. I was mentioning this in some newspaper interview I did, and we’re talking about the things that you miss. Like, how hard it is when you’re done wrestling because you don’t get that instant gratification of going out there and knowing you did a good job immediately, as opposed to putting out an album, or a movie, or even a TV show where you gotta wait till the show comes out or the album comes out, or the movie comes out to get feedback. So you can know how you did, or at least how the people think you did. So anyways, this is where you get that instant feedback … it’s the next best thing, that’s what I was telling [the interviewer] in this newspaper interview I did, it’s the next best thing to actually getting it yourself. We live vicariously through the guys that we’re helping. And it’s great.”